tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Regular Ch. 01

The Regular Ch. 01


Amanda frequently took a cab back home, although she could easily have walked. But that day was exceptionally hot, and while she wore a miniskirt and a camisole, she had also decided on her black knee high boots - an impractical choice for the weather.

Walking up to the cab stand, she noticed that Jimmy was working. Jimmy liked to hand out lollipops to his fares, and always gave her a few more but she always threw them out. It was simply apparent that he wanted to fuck her. He was married and talked about it enough for her to know that he wasn't getting any - whether he wanted it from his wife or not.

Jimmy was an attractive older man, in his '50s, and about 6'2 and big. Not really fat, although he did have a gut. He was solid.

Amanda wasn't particularly thrilled that she'd be riding with him. She'd begun to feel uncomfortable the last time he

drove her home, when he reached over and opened the back door for her to get in, but didn't retract his hand right away. She couldn't tell if he wanted to cop a feel or if he just wasn't thinking.

As usual, he reached over and opened the door, and she got in as he took some lollipops out of the bag and gave them to her.

"Here you go Amanda. Grape, since those are your favorite."

"Thank you!" she accepted, cheerfully.

He backed out and waited for another fare to get in. "You know, Amanda, I never see you eat those. Do you just take them to make me feel good?"

Amanda didn't quite know how to respond to the awkward question. She admitted with genuine regret, "I always save them for later and put them in my purse, then forget about them. I'm sorry..."

The second fare was walking towards the car now. Jimmy said, "How about this: you eat it now, instead of waiting, and that way you don't waste what I give you."

Amanda smirked at this, but complied. She unwrapped the lollipop and stuck it in her mouth as the other fare got into the car. And they were off.

Amanda sucked on the lollipop, staring out the window as they drove. Jimmy decided to take the other fare home first, out of convenience. He turned the A/C on full blast when the fare requested it.

Jimmy watched as Amanda would intermittently remove the pop from her mouth, and noticed how it glistened with her saliva. Her nipples were now erect from the cold air. His cock twitched at the sight, and he realized they were at their first destination. The passenger hastily exited, leaving them alone.

Jimmy asked, "So Amanda, you like the lollipop?"

"Yes," she replied, smiling. "Thank you."

"I knew you would," he said. "I know what you like."

Amanda met his mischievous eyes in the rear view mirror, and became uneasy.

He drove on, and Amanda realized that he was not going in the direction of her home. He was getting onto the parkway.

"Um...where are you going?" she inquired nervously.

"Oh! We're taking the scenic route. I thought you'd appreciate it."

"Uhh...no...I wanted to go home," Amanda asserted, confused and somewhat annoyed.

"You don't want to come on a little trip with me, Amanda? What's the matter? I thought you enjoyed my company!"

Amanda sighed, annoyed, but remained silent. She shifted her weight, crossing her smooth, bare legs.

"I have to pick up another fare and bring him to the station. You'll be dropped off on the way back, I promise."

Amanda shook her head and said nothing. She noticed a stoplight up ahead, and wondered if she should jump out there and find her way back.

But by the time they stopped at it, Jimmy's cock was fully erect. Amanda was still sucking on the lollipop. She shivered as the A/C blew relentlessly, and rubbed her shoulders.

"Jimmy? Can you turn the A/C off? Please?"

Jimmy turned it off, but kept the windows closed.

"Can I open my window?"


"Why not? What are you doing?"

"Now Amanda," Jimmy started, "I am going to do something you might not like at first..."

"Wha-?" she started, but she was already getting her answer. Jimmy had reached behind him and gently stroked her inner thigh, by her knee. She gasped, and heard him unzip his pants.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" she demanded.

"Oh Amanda...I think you know exactly what I'm doing."

Amanda put her hand on the handle, but he locked the door and the light turned green, and then he hit the gas.

She tried to move his hand, but he moved it back. And she soon realized that she couldn't move anywhere in the backseat to avoid his touch.

She started feeling the butterflies in her womb even as she resisted, and she began feeling ashamed. "You're married! You're twice my age!"

Jimmy laughed and retorted snidely, "Then you'll call me 'Daddy.'"

He pulled over to the side of a dark, quiet highway. Turning around he instructed quietly, "Spread your legs, or I'll do it for you."

She shook her head, and he leaned over and reached for her, spreading her naked thighs with his strong, rough hands. "Now stay like that, you little cocktease!"

He opened his door and got out, then opened hers and got in, his thick, hard, 9-inch cock in plain view. Her eyes widened at the sight, and her pussy started tingling, betraying her mind. He could smell her musky, juicy cunt as he pinned her down. She yelped, "No!" and he smacked her across the face, then ground hard against her pussy with his own thigh.

"I know you like this you little bitch." All she could do was moan out a mixture of shame and arousal. "Take off your top, I wanna see those nice, big tits you've got."

Amanda begged, not wanting to concede, "Why? No!"

He slapped her across the face again and ground into her harder as she shrieked. "Do it. Now." he said through clenched teeth.

She whimpered, and removed her shirt then unclasped her bra, releasing her heaving, 36 DD breasts, her nipples fully erect and aching. A chill went up her spine as the cold air kissed her tits.

"Mmm," he smiled, "I'm going to devour you, and you know what I think? I think you're going to enjoy it."

He slid down, and began sucking on her tits, biting and flicking his tongue against her nipples. She felt his huge cock against her thigh, and felt the moisture in her pussy begin to soak her panties.

He reached down and stroked his cock, and he felt the heat from her cunt. He took his hand and rubbed the outside of her panties. "Well, well... I knew you'd start to like this. You're a little slut, ain't ya?"

She shook her head no, moaning louder, and he slapped her tits hard. She shrieked and replied, "Yes! I'm a slut!"

"Good girl," he replied. He leaned back and pulled her skirt off, then pulled her panties down, revealing her naked cunt. Her labia glistened with her juice. He slid one finger over them, and they willingly parted for him, revealing her engorged, swollen, shining clitoris. He licked his lips.

"Tell me you want me to eat you out, Amanda."

"No..." she turned her head away. He grabbed her chin and made her look at him.

"Tell me you want your pussy licked. You're lying if you say no." He smacked her face and held it firmly, penetrating her eyes with his. "Ask me to eat your pussy."


"-Please what?"

"...Please...please eat my-"

"What did I tell you to call me, slut?" he demanded, still holding her face in his rough grip.

"Please!" she yelled. "Please daddy! Please eat me out!"

He slapped her across the face again and slid down to her now oozing pussy. He tongued her swollen clit first, then slid his tongue down to her twat and began lapping up all the juice he had extracted thus far. He then stuck two fingers inside of her tight, wet hole, and finger-fucked her, while sucking and salivating on her clit.

His cock was throbbing though, and he needed to stick her with it badly. He did not wait for her to cum and left her hanging on the edge as he withdrew. He then took his cock and slid it up and down her succulent cunt. She moaned and thrusted upwards.

"Beg me to stick it in you, you little cunt," he stated quietly and firmly.

"Please -"

"Please WHAT?"

"Please daddy! Please stick your dick inside my pussy! Please fuck me hard, daddy!"

Before she could take another breath he had penetrated her, his throbbing member squelching inside her tight hole.

"Oohhh fuck, I've been waiting so long for this," he said. He pinched her nipples hard and thrusted himself deeper, and she felt him stretching her, and all she could do was moan and yelp as her vagina contracted and her cum flooded around his cock as he fucked her hard and deep.

"Show me how you play with yourself when you think of me," he ordered, slapping her tits and her face. He saw the surprised look in her eyes and said, "You think I don't know it? I can practically smell your cunt when you get in my car."

She moaned and stuck two fingers in her mouth and coated them in saliva, then reached down to her slippery clit and started rubbing it. Her moans grew louder, he wrapped his hand around her neck and started choking her.

He felt her pussy tighten, and watched as her pleading eyes grew wider, as she struggled to breathe. She came hard, pushing his big dick out of her, squirting and gushing her cum all over his body and the car.

He released his grip and stuck his dick back inside her. "You're gonna have to make that up to someone," he said, laughing. He began fucking her hard and fast, her juices still leaking out of her.

"Uuunngg, Amanda," he groaned, "I'm gonna cum all over that pretty face of yours."

She wanted it, and she begged for it as he slapped her again. Then he pulled out and squatted over her, his balls against her cleavage, and held his dick to her lips.

"Suck on it like the lollipop I gave you," he demanded. He stuck it in her mouth and felt her tongue swirl eagerly around the fat head, her wet lips clamped tightly around it.

He fucked her warm, salivating mouth until he couldn't hold back. He pulled away as the first spurt of cum hit her tongue, and sprayed his semen all over her lips and face. He collected gobs of it with his two fingers, and shoved it into her mouth.

"Now," he said, "now you'll have to explain why the upholstery's ruined. . . . And you're going to stay just as you are, for when we get back to the cab stand."

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