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The Reluctant Lesbian


Jackie waits at the bus stop for the next bus. She's going to be late for work again because it was the earlier bus that she needed to catch in order to be on time. She has just dropped her infant son off at her mother's house after another attempt at breast feeding him. She loves it so much when he suckles on her but she isn't producing enough milk for him and she always ends up having to give him a bottle on top of her own milk to properly feed him. This in turn has made her late again.

A tear comes to her eye as she starts to miss Butch again. Things were so much easier when Butch was alive to help with him, but ever since the car accident, Jackie has had to do it all herself. Not to mention she's horny as all hell. A finger or two can only do so much to satisfy her. And she's had no time to date anyone new. Not that she hasn't had offers she muses. Guys love blonds and Jackie's hair is a natural golden blond. And her ass could always give J-Lo's a run for its money. Pregnancy has only enhanced her shape by making her tits bigger, a full 36C now, up from a 34B. This all helps her ego but not her state of horniness one iota.

Just as she starts to wonder how she is going to explain her lateness again a car pulls up and honks its horn. "Jackie, need a ride?" Jackie peers into the car and sees Sheila, her work partner waving her over to the car.

"Sheila, you're a life saver." Jackie says as she hops into the car. Sheila too is a single woman who has just had a kid. But that and the fact that her parents watch her kid are the only two things they have in common. Jackie has always marveled at this mountain of a black woman. At 6' 1", Sheila is 10 inches taller and out weighs Jackie by 80 lbs. Yet Sheila has very little fat on her. She has a large, muscular ass and Jackie has caught herself several times staring at the massive mounds of flesh that spill out of her too tight bras, which Sheila pretends not to notice. As Jackie slams the car door shut, Sheila reaches across Jackie's body and pins her to her seat with her tits.

"Safety first" she says as she grabs the seat belt and buckles Jackie in. Jackie is use to Sheila's aggressive behavior from work and handles it by basically ignoring it. She knows Sheila has fucked every man at work, twice, and figures this is just something Sheila does to keep her off balance." Jackie, you know I drive by here every day. I could drive you to work if you want?" Jackie doesn't answer right away because she's glancing at Sheila's tits pressed up against the steering wheel.

"Uhm, that would be great Sheila if you could."

"Sure no problem. But remember, ass, grass or gas, no one rides for free!"

Over the next few weeks, Sheila picks Jackie up at the bus stop and they start to become friends. Sheila has made a ritual of buckling Jackie up and to her surprise; Jackie actually starts looking forward to it. She's so horny now any physical contact at all is welcome. Sheila invites her over to her house a few times for drinks and talk. At work, Jackie has begun to flirt with a few men. One of her favorite things to do is bending over in front of her target showing off her ass. On one occasion when she does this she attracts Sheila's attention. Sheila licks her lips and slaps Jackie's ass as she walks by her. Jackie is startled but again says nothing.

After a few months Jackie has become quit reliant on Sheila and her car for many things. The two women have also shared some personal details about their lives. "Sheila, I just don't understand it. I just can't produce enough milk for my son." Jackie says as Sheila buckles her in yet once again.

"What do you mean, like nothing?"

"No, it's not that. It starts off fine but after a few minutes, nothing. And I love it so much. The sensation, the closeness."

"You just need to work at it more."

"That's not it either. After I stop, the poor kid sucks at me for up to another 30 minutes with no result. So I have to give him a bottle. I feel so bad and inadequate."

"You know what it might be? Maybe your baby isn't sucking hard enough to get it out? I have heard some kids have that problem."

"Maybe your right," Jackie says. "Come to think of it my nipples are never sore when he's done."

"Child, I tell you, in the beginning, my tits were so sore I couldn't touch them. Now I'm so used to it, it doesn't hurt at all. What does hurt is my kid doesn't take enough milk. And it isn't his fault. I produce enough for 4 kids. I have an industrial strength breast pump and my fridge is filled with breast milk"

"Maybe you could give me some of your extra milk and solve both are problems." Jackie chuckles. Sheila didn't say a word and just smiled at Jackie as they drove home.

A few nights later after working over time, Jackie and Sheila were the last two to leave the parking lot. Jackie leaned back in her seat so Sheila could buckle her in. Sheila leaned over but something was different this time. Sheila lingers longer than normal pushing Jackie into the seat with her tits when Jackie realizes the first difference. Sheila had no bra on and the black Led Zeppelin t-shirt she was wearing was the only thing between Jackie and Sheila's tits. The second thing she notices was Sheila is rubbing her full breast into Jackie's chest instead of returning back to her side. "What are you doing Sheila!! Get off me NOW!!!"

"Just relax and let Sheila take care of everything. I wash your back you wash mine. We both have a milk problem and I think we can help each other out."

Sheila continued to rub her tits into Jackie as Jackie tries to fight her off with no success. The rubbing and Jackie's struggles combines to make Sheila's nipples hard. And it takes a moment for Jackie to realize what the two hard, thumb sized bumps are, that are pushing into her chest. When she does realize, she feels a bolt of excitement race through her body despite herself. But after her moment of shock wares off, she redoubles her effort to free herself as Sheila's last sentence sinks in. My God she's going to rape me and there is nothing I can do about it. Jackie thinks. But Sheila has other ideas for Jackie. She dosn't want this to be a one time deal, so she has to "make" Jackie want it and come back for more. And she has a plan.

Sheila is able to slowly shimmy Jackie's shirt up on the right side exposing her right bra cup. Jackie's left arm is pinned under Sheila and her right arm is unable to reach her shirt to pull it back down. "Cut it out Sheila, I'm not playing"

"I know, neither am I." Sheila said in a husky voice which scared Jackie. Sheila now yanks Jackie's bra cup off her nipple exposing it to the night air. Sheila could see the effect the coolness of the air was having on it as it hardens before her eyes. "My God Jackie, your tits are perfect. Just looking at them makes me wet. Sheila leaned her head into Jackie's chest, opened her mouth as wide as she could, and devours more than half of Jackie's breast into her mouth without touching her nipple at all. Jackie was in shock and didn't know how to react and just sat there motionless for a second as Sheila starts sucking her breast into her mouth while pushing her head into Jackie's chest forcing more breast in. Almost immediately Jackie could feel a pleasant pressure building up in her mammary, very similar to what her baby produced while trying to feed. If she were to admit it, it was actually quit nice. But her mind said that this was wrong in so many ways. Any form of lesbianism was taboo in her mind. It had always disgusted her just thinking of it. And no woman wanted to be forced sexually. The fact that it was a friend and another woman just made it worse. Finally, the milk was for her baby and no one else.

Jackie began to cry and said "Sheila, why are you doing this to me? I thought we were friends?" Sheila didn't answer her and just sucked harder. Sheila was starting to get turned on by what she was doing to Jackie. Being so much bigger than most girls, Sheila had always been a natural bully. Like all bullies, she was excited by dominating and intimidating weaker people. Jackie's tears just made it hotter.

Jackie started to feel wetness on her chest. It was Sheila's straining nipples leaking their milk through the Zeppelin t-shirt. Jackie began to cry harder and shudder as she started to shut down mentally. Just then Sheila sucked harder still and it brought Jackie out of it as she felt her pussy starting to stir despite of what her brain said.

Sheila pulls her mouth away from Jackie's breast. Looks her in the eye and says "We are the best type of friend honey. We are friends in need." She hesitates a second and then dives onto Jackie's tit. But this time her large, warm, firm, puffy lips encircle Jackie's swollen nipple and only the nipple and sucks. Hard! Jackie felt an electric shock race from her tit straight into her pussy and a low moan escapes her lips as her hips involuntarily roll upwards. Sheila releases the nipple and says "I new you would like it honey, but it gets better, Oh so much better." Jackie wondered what Sheila was talking about; she hated it and was disgusted by it. Sheila drew the nipple into her mouth again a little deeper and a little harder and for a longer period of time then let go. Over and over Sheila repeats this as Jackie's hips rolled up with each new suck as the rest of her body fought vainly to get away. "Come on baby; give it up, Give Sheila your milk." It felt like two moist pillows pulling on her tit and releasing, until finally Jackie felt a tingle in her nipple and a release of pleasure into Sheila's mouth as her milk started to flow. It caught Sheila by surprise and some spilled out from between her lips.

That first splash of sweet, warm mother's milk into Sheila's hungry mouth sent so much blood racing to Sheila's huge clit so fast and suddenly, she very nearly came before the milk reached her throat and it sent Sheila into a sucking frenzy as she lost control of herself. A thick throaty groan escaped her mouth as Sheila started rolling her pelvis to the rhythm of her sucking. Sheila could feel her pussy getting drenched. Her mouth and lips were ravishing Jackie's nipple. The poor defenseless tit was being stretched and pulled in all direction by the tremendous suction generated by Sheila's mouth. Sheila didn't care about what she was doing to Jackie's nipple. All she knew was her clit wanted more breast milk, as each fresh taste sent another jolt of excitement to her clit. Not much milk was actually coming out now, just two little constant streams and after the initial burst, not nearly enough to sate Sheila's desires. Sheila had almost cum from that first gush of milk and thought she still might if she could get some more in greater quantities.

"Oh honey, your milk tastes Sooo good sliding down my throat, so warm, so sweet, I have to have more baby, please give me more. I want all you can give me. Do you have more for me, to make mama happy? I think you do" Sheila said as she plunged down again on Jackie's battered tit, redoubling her efforts to get even more milk to feed her orgasm.

Sheila was sucking so hard now to get more milk, Jackie's nipple started to painfully distort. Sheila felt the nipple actually get much longer and fatter than it should be able too inside her mouth and new she might be disfiguring her but in her lust she didn't care. All she cared about was more milk to fuel her orgasm and she sucked even harder on the swollen tit. Sheila was so lost in her own world, at first she hadn't felt Jackie feebly pounding on her back. But when she did old memories suddenly resurfaced and she became angry as her pleasure shut down.

When Sheila started to suck her tit deep in her mouth Jackie actually started enjoying having her breast sucked. She was starting to think this wasn't so bad. Maybe it will help with my son. And when Sheila sucked that first gush of milk out her nipple, she knew she liked it. That much milk had never come out at once before and it mad her whole body deliciously tingle especially her clit. But right after Sheila groaned, everything changed for the worst. Sheila started sucking her nipple and mashing her face into her breast so hard it was painful. Jackie could feel the flow of milk slow a lot like it always did and Sheila sucked even harder. "Sheila stop it hurts." Jackie knew Sheila wouldn't get much more any way; it always stops after a bit. She started to cry again and get really scared when Sheila pulled up and said how she wanted to get more milk And when Sheila returned to her breast, she sucked so hard her nipple exploded in deep throbbing pain and she started to bang on Sheila's back to no effect.

Finally just as Jackie thought her tit would be sucked off. Sheila pulled away angrily saying "No one hits me bitch!" and spit the little milk she had into Jackie's face as she sat back in her seat pouting.

Jackie pulled her shirt down and said "Take me home now! "

"Alright, I'll take you home. But remember I'm your ride. And I don't know why I should help you since you won't help me. I suggest you think about that while I go take a piss."

Sheila stormed out the car slamming the door and walked away into the night leaving Jackie alone with her thoughts. She had slept with men before for a place to live so she started to justify there was no real difference between that and this. And she really did need Sheila to drive her. Also Sheila said it was only to relieve the milk. So they weren't really going to do other stuff. And it did feel nice when Sheila sucked on her nipple, until she turned into a wild woman that is. Her nipple was throbbing and very painful. She decided she would do it but there would have to be ground rules. No more ruff stuff or no deal. Jackie actually had deluded herself into think she was in control. So even though she didn't want to do it, Jackie took the easy way out and relented, as usual.

As Sheila walked away from the car she had to think. She may have just blown it with Jackie. She knew Jackie would be very reluctant but she also knew Jackie was a lesbian in waiting even if Jackie didn't. Sheila just had to help make her see that. From past experiences with other women, after the initial forcefulness, once she sensed the other woman's reluctant arousal start to grow to Sheila's expert attention, that's when Sheila was to slowly release the woman and let the woman's natural, secrete desire take over and take the encounter as far as the other woman wanted to go. When done for the day, Sheila would make the other woman peruse her, making the woman hornier for her as she played hard to get. Once Sheila relented the other woman was hers. Obviously, this only worked with woman with lesbian tendencies but Sheila was very good at telling which women these were.

Jackie was clearly getting hot from Sheila's skills. Her mind was still saying no but her body was responding in all sorts of ways to Sheila. Erect nipples, hip wiggling, the aroma of arousal starting to come out of her pores all signs that she was relenting.

But something had happened this time that had never happened before. Sheila had lost control. As she pondered, she attributed this to several factors. Most of the woman Sheila had been with were larger black women, some even larger than herself. But Jackie was so much smaller than her, the minute she sensed Jackie's inner lesbian, it made Sheila's clit hard at the thought of being with a smaller white woman. Lesbian Jackie wasn't hard to spot either. The way Jackie was always peeking at Sheila's tits. The way she would bend over in front of her, showing Sheila that marvelous ass. The final test was if Jackie would let her lean her tits into her in the car. Jackie didn't even notice the goose bumps she got, or how Jackie's chest and neck flushed each time Sheila did this. But Sheila sure did.

The main force behind her losing control though was the taste of Jackie's breast milk. Sheila had no idea why it had this effect on her. She had tasted her own and liked it but nothing like this. The way her clit instantly got hard at the first swallow was beyond belief. Normally her clit got very big, fat and hard but only after a few minutes of stimulation. She also suspected that forcefully taking a smaller woman's milk had something to do with it. Sheila loved physically and mentally dominating someone and Jackie's sobbing and struggles were getting her wet long before she tasted her milk. Her clit started getting hard again as she stared to think about sucking Jackie's tits dry. She did feel a little bit bad about what she did to her nipple but she just couldn't help herself. And when Jackie started hitting her she completely lost it. She actually felt an apology might be in order.

Sheila also sensed that Jackie wanted to be forced to do stuff and be dominated. How she always wanted to please people no matter how bad they were to her. How she was always putting herself in compromising positions of having to depend on people. The way she always relented under pressure to do something no matter how much she didn't want to do it was a key clue. This was Sheila's best hope to salvage the situation as she returned to the car. That Jackie's need to please, depend and compromise, would over ride her common sense.

After about 10 minutes, Sheila returned in a huff and said "Well! What have you decided?" Sheila had decided to continue being indignant about Jackie's selfishness in wanting rides but not wanting to please Sheila. A little guilt never hurt.

"Please Sheila, I will do it if I have to but I don't want to. You hurt me so much."

"I'm so sorry Jackie for what I did to your nipple. It's just that when I tasted your delicious milk it sent me into a frenzy. I'm not normally like that but your body and milk put me over the edge."

A hidden flame started to kindle inside Jackie as she thought about how much her milk had turned Sheila on. She secretly liked the fact that her milk had made Sheila lose control but she wasn't ready to admit that to herself, yet, and it really scared her how much Sheila had hurt her. "I don't know Sheila, how can I trust you after what you did?

"I don't know what to say Jackie, what I did is so unlike me. I'm sorry" Sheila whined as she hung her head and hitched her voice. After a moment Sheila lifted her head and said "I suspect that maybe your milk ducts are clogged or blocked or something like that and that's the reason you stop giving milk so quickly. When I got that first squirt in my mouth, I thought I had opened them up. So I started sucking harder to get more. As I started getting less I started sucking more not even thinking what I was doing to your nipple. I was so into it and helping you over come your problem I never realized how much I was hurting you." Sheila never mentioned what had happened to her clit. Shyly, Sheila said "I was also hoping that if I got you to milking better, you might return the favor and milk me. Mine ache so bad all the time and I need someone other than the baby to take some milk. Can you forgive me?"

Jackie thought about all that Sheila had said and it seemed to make sense. Especially to someone who wanted to be convinced. "My breasts always do that. They release some milk then stop. I'm so frustrated by it I could scream. You want to try it again?" Jackie said very reluctantly.

Like a little puppy dog, Sheila enthusiastically explained what she did wrong. "If you will let me I do. I think my mistake was I didn't take my time and I tried to force your breast instead of letting it do it on its own pace. That and when I became rough, your nipple naturally shut down."

"Ok, but if we do this, you have to stop if I tell you to for any reason. If I don't think any more milk is coming or you're hurting me, you must stop right away. And no promises if I'm going to do you. OK?"

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