tagLesbian SexThe Reluctant Lesbian Ch. 05

The Reluctant Lesbian Ch. 05



It's been a little over four weeks since my step sister seduced me into lesbian sex. While I was at first turned off at the idea of making love to another woman, and in particular with my own sister, I gradually gave into her advances. My parents had hoped time with me would pull her back away from an affair she had at school with an African American girl named Whitney. Instead, Meagan turned her attention on me and within just a couple of weeks my resistance crumbled.

Meagan and I had really begun to explore my darker side. After a nasty breakup with my boyfriend Steve, I found I loved having sex with another woman. Meagan and I had sex nearly every day since that night she broke though my resistance and had me submit to her. Since then we had purchased a variety of toys, fucked each other with strapons and dildos, and even explored my submissive side as she tied me up and had her way with me.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed it when she played with my ass and that became a regular part of our sex life as I licked her sweet pussy and ass with her often fucking my ass as she took me doggie style. I think I enjoyed anal sex as much as when she fucked my pussy and particularly enjoyed when she became a little rougher with me. I'm not certain why but I really got off when she became more descriptive, talking dirty to me, telling me what a slut I had become. When she called me her little cunt and dyke, it made my pussy wet. To think of my little sister using language like that always sent me over the edge.

I had met a slightly older lady, perhaps 36, when Meagan and I went shopping. Maggie was a beautiful woman and like us, a lesbian who seemed instantly attracted to me. One afternoon after work, I met Maggie for drinks and then went back to her apartment where we made love. It was my first experience with another woman outside my sister and I knew then I was hooked on sex with another woman.

But today was the day that I both dreaded and looked forward to – Whitney's arrival. Whitney was my sister's lover from college. I had encouraged Meagan to invite Whitney up for the balance of the summer, at that time hoping she would back off her advances toward me. Instead, she both accepted that invitation and slammed shut her trap on me as she claimed her prize and my lesbian virginity.

I knew what Meagan and I had been doing together was wrong, or at least taboo for most people. Having sex with your sister, even when they are a step sister, was inappropriate. But Meagan had rationalized that we were just two girls attracted to each other whose parents had married. That seemed to make sense, though it would not change the fact we were family.

I think the hardest thing I was dealing with was the feelings I had for her. Not only did I love her as my sister, we had a special bond that only lovers can understand. I knew how much she loved Whitney and was looking forward to the weekend and I wondered how jealous I would become. I was happy for her but at the same time terribly depressed that our time together was coming to a close – at least those were my thoughts!

Meagan had noticed the change in my behavior and went out of her way to shower kisses and hugs on me in the days leading up to Whitney's arrival. I think we both knew it was time for me to explore my new found sexual awareness with others. Meagan had introduced me to a different world but it was time for me to embark on a new chapter in my life. I knew she would always be there, but it was time to move on.

When the doorbell rang, Megan leaped out of her chair and was there in an instant, opening it wide as Whitney stood in the frame. She was every bit as pretty as Meagan had described. She was wearing shorts and a yellow top with little flip flops holding a bag of her belongings. As Meagan had described, her skin was a soft caramel color, with brown hair that fell just to her shoulders.

I was struck at the emerald green eyes expecting perhaps dark eyes which seemed to sparkle as she smiled brightly at her lover in the doorway. Whitney dropped the bag slowly, letting it sink to the ground as Meagan wrapped her arms around her and kissed her long and passionately in the doorway.

I did feel a pang of jealously and my heart hurt a little as I watched the two lovers embrace. I knew I shouldn't be sad but there was a part of me that was crushed. I'm not sure how long they kissed until Meagan finally broke away long enough to pull Whitney inside and introduce her to me. Whitney leaned in and kissed my cheek softly as I smelled her fragrance, both alluring and sweet as I felt her soft warm lips on the side of my face.

"It's so good to finally meet you Cheryl. I feel like I know you already. Meagan's told me so much about you. Thanks for inviting me," Whitney beamed.

"I'm so glad you could come," I said back wondering how much I really meant it.

"Meagan, why don't you help Whitney unpack and I'll get us up something to eat. I'll bet you're starved after your drive up," I asked looking back to my sister's girlfriend.

"Starved, I haven't had anything since this morning, a pack of nabs and a diet coke," she said laughing back in my direction.

I watched as Meagan leaned into her as they walked down the hall together. I headed into the kitchen to prepare some light lunch. It was perhaps an hour or so before my sister and Whitney emerged from the back bedroom. Both had the tell – tale sign they had been in a bout of afternoon lovemaking with Meagan's hair quite disheveled. Whitney was now wearing an oversized t-shirt and nothing else with Meagan in just a pair of panties.

I could see the red marks on Meagan's breasts, evidence that Whitney had been sucking on her nipples, making up for the lost time the two had been apart. Both had a certain glow as Meagan grabbed the two glasses and plates from the cabinet. I informed Meagan that I had made plans to go out for the evening.

She seemed disappointed but I thought it would give all three of us time to adjust to the new arrangements.

I left Meagan and Whitney snuggled up on the couch together as I made my way to the wine bar Meagan and I now frequented. The restaurant was a popular venue for lesbian and gay singles and couples.

As soon as I left the apartment I tried calling Maggie to see if she could meet me there. My call went straight into voice mail so I decided to try back later. Maggie was the lady I was introduced to by Meagan from the women's apparel shop. She and I really hit it off and we had recently gotten together.

I took up a seat on a couch inside the bar. There was a young lady about my age playing the guitar and signing. I asked for a Merlot and was just beginning to chill when Stevie, the girl I met the last time I was there walked up. When Stevie asked if I was with anybody, I was almost reluctant to respond.

Meagan had specifically told me to stay clear of Stevie who she said was a bit on the kinky side. We didn't get into it much other than Meagan certainly didn't feel that was a relationship I should explore. But there was something about her. Something that seemed to allure me and I didn't see the harm in just talking with her.

I suspected Stevie was about my age, although I never asked her. She had short black hair similar to how Demi Moore wore her hair in Ghost. While she was extremely pretty, I was instantly drawn to the tattoos which covered her arms. Stevie had explained in our short conversation last time that she was a tattoo artist. I hadn't paid much attention previously, but couldn't help but notice the designs now that were very obvious.

The tattoos on her arms were what she referred to as half sleeves. They came down just above her elbow. Stevie was wearing a black tank top which exhibited both arms. They were very ornate and colorful. Her right arm had a tiger mixed in with brightly colored plants. It was her left arm though that I got a glimpse of that left my jaw dropping.

It too was brightly colored with two figures mixed in a background of a garden on her shoulder. There were two angels, both female and nude! One angel was directly behind the other, a right hand grasping a breast and the other dipping below to her crotch. The first angel's head was tilted back as the one behind was closing in for a kiss. It was the ultimate picture of submission which made my pussy tingle looking at it.

The more dominant angel seemed to glow a slight red, the other giving off an innocence as her own hand reached down to grasp the hand which now explored her womanhood.

Stevie laughed at my expression. "A picture of good and even better," she laughed.

"Kind of leaves no doubt as to your orientation," I chuckled.

"Well, I've never had a doubt there. I think I've known since I was a teen I was attracted to other girls. Guys never did anything for me," she added.

I noted she had a small diamond stud in her nose as she turned which glistened off the light. I'm not one for piercings, although my ears are pierced, but something about Stevie's tattoos and piercing made an impression on me. She certainly stood out and something about that non-conformity really intrigued me.

"So do you have any?" she asked.

"Any what?," her question catching me off guard.

"Piercings or tats?" she replied.

"No, I guess it's not my thing. Never thought much about it really," I said back still looking at her arms with the colorful art which adorned them. "I take it, you have a few more I can't see?"

"Oh, I'd be happy to show them to you," Stevie smiled seeing me blush slightly at her response. Knowing full well what she meant by it.

I'm not even sure what response I came back with as I stumbled over my words suggesting maybe some time I could and then taking a big gulp of my wine.

We, or rather I, changed the subject which first began as a discussion of the songs the girl was playing on stage but evolved into how we both became involved in same sex relations. Stevie had shared she had always been inclined to women and had never really dated guys. I on the other hand discussed how Meagan had subtly seduced me, at one point threatened to blackmail me into submission.

She didn't seem to be the least bit surprised that is was my own sister who had seduced me and it felt so easy to talk with her as I shared our first times together - the trip to the novelty store, and how I had come to enjoy our toys and in particular anal sex. The conversation and wine seemed to flow and as I studied Stevie's face, she seemed to glow. The more time I spent with her the more I was drawn to her even in light of my sister's warning how wild she was perceived to be.

"So, you didn't answer me," Stevie smiled. "Why don't you come back to my place? I'd love to spend some time really getting to know you," she said as she emphasized the word really.

I was looking for an out, some type of response back. Meagan's words kept going through my mind. "I don't know... maybe some other time," I begged off. I could see a bit of confusion in her eyes. Not really hurt, just slightly puzzled, trying to guess what was my hesitancy. What was holding me back?

"Is there something about me? I mean, we seem to have a chemistry but I detect there's something there, some barrier. I find you very interesting, exciting... and really attractive. I'd love to take you home," Stevie pressed.

I'm not sure if it was the wine or my resistance melting but I found myself explaining that I had heard she was a bit wild, maybe too wild for me. I even used the word kinky and immediately wanted to retract it. It just slid out.

Stevie just stared for a second, looking deep in my eyes, "Well, some might think making out with your sister is kinky." Her words stung but I knew exactly what she meant. I swallowed hard on the remaining wine in a glass and excused myself to the restroom. The excursion was more about getting my thoughts together than having to go to the bathroom.

I walked into the ladies room and stared into the mirror, a slight buzz from the wine. I was thinking about the exchange from Stevie and myself when she walked through the door. Stevie grabbed my hand and pulled me deliberately, although not too forcefully, against the wall.

Her body pressed into me as her warm wet lips closed over mine. My mouth opened willingly as I felt her hot tongue exploring my mouth. Her lips slid over mine, pushing, exploring as I sought her tongue out. I felt her unbuttoning my blouse as she reached in and cradled one of my braless breasts, now exposed to her exploring hands. Her warm touch felt soft as her fingers traced my curves and her fingers and thumb playing with my hardening nipples.

I moaned into her mouth signaling how turned on she had made me. She knew the instant my buds grew erect in her fingers that she had me. My body went limp as she ground her crotch into mine, pinning me against the wall.

She had unbuttoned my shirt as my chest was now completely exposed as she sucked on my neck. My head tilted upwards to the ceiling as I let her ravage my body with her mouth.

I felt her slide down to her knees and knew instantly she intended to have a taste of my dripping pussy. My thoughts ran to the door. Who might come in and see us, but they were fleeting, as I let her have her way with me. Stevie, now resting on her knees, lifted my skirt and gave a moan of approval seeing my shaved pussy.

I had left the house without any under garments which had almost become a rule with Meagan as she said she wanted free access to me at all times. Stevie's breath was hot on my bare skin and I groaned when I felt her lips plant them on my smooth box. Her tongue lightly lapped at my lips before they penetrated me, causing my hands to grab onto her head, pulling her in deeply.

She lapped hungrily, her tongue probing, as she pried my lips apart, trying to work her face as far as possible into my crotch. I groaned as she sucked and licked at my clit, occasionally reaching up to tweak my nipples with her fingers.

My concentration was broken when the door to the ladies room opened and a woman entered. At first taken back by our scene, she smiled and turned toward one of the stalls. I was too far gone to be embarrassed. I was hoping perhaps we might be long gone by the time she came out but that thought too was fleeting as the woman emerged a minute or two later from the stall, walked over to the vanity washing her hands.

I could see the reflection in the mirror the whole time as she studied us. Her gaze never left our bodies as my chest heaved back and forth, Stevie's face buried under my skirt as I clutched her head tightly.

The woman who appeared to be in her mid to late forties turned in our direction toward the door. A slight smile on her lips as I was totally frozen, unable to stop what was happening had I wanted to. The woman stopped and then turned toward me. Stepping in, she kissed me on the lips, her hand slipping around my breast as she held it in her hand. Her tongue pushed between my lips.

I felt myself kissing her back, my tongue rubbing against hers in a dance. My body tingled all over as my new lover ate my pussy and this stranger kissed me deep. Her lips sliding over mine until she pulled back staring into my eyes. An unspoken look of my complete submission to them both.

As she turned and went out the door, I couldn't help thinking how totally uninhibited I was becoming. Meagan had encouraged, if not required me to remain nude in the apartment when we were together. Going so far as to change my dress to more revealing outfits and here I was allowing another woman to have me in a public restroom.

I was just on the verge of an orgasm as Stevie, perhaps sensing it, slid back up my body, her lips trailing kisses up my belly to my breast and then searching out my hungry mouth. Stevie's lips slid across my face to my ear, breathing heavily, she bit at my ear.

"Get dressed, we're going back to my place. I'll settle our tab," she said directly as she kissed me again and then left me exhausted, leaning against the wall, my breasts hanging out of my shirt.

Stevie was just finishing with the check as I walked up. Taking my hand in hers, we walked out of the Wine Loft. I could feel the stares of other women on me. Obviously knowing I was headed back to Stevie's place for whatever she had on her mind. My eyes searched the room, looking for the attractive woman from earlier who had stolen an embrace in the restroom.

As we walked back to her car, still hand in hand, people walking down the sidewalk took notice. If I was closeted before in my new sexual orientation, I was now officially "out" as I made no secret of my affection for Stevie. As she opened my door to her car, she kissed me again outside, her kiss lingering, as soft and sensual as any kiss I ever had.

Stevie lived in a converted mill. At one time functioning as a textile mill, the building had been converted to apartments. While there was an elevator, we took the steps to her third floor loft. She had no sooner unlocked and opened the door, when she again pressed me to the wall and began disrobing me.

I thought she was going to rip the buttons off my blouse as she unbuttoned it and pulled it off my shoulders, unzipping my skirt and sliding it down my legs. I slipped off my flip flops leaving me totally naked with this girl I had just really met that evening.

Stevie's fingers roamed down to my wet pussy, still soaked from her assault minutes before as she kissed me passionately. I wanted her so bad. I wanted her to take me – to finish what she had started at the bar. My pussy ached for her touch, her tongue.

She guided me over to her couch and pushed me down and then straddled my lap facing me. Her soft lean legs on the outside of mine. She pulled her top over her head exposing her chest to me for the first time. My mouth dropped as I took in a vision that I can't adequately describe.

While she was still wearing a pair of jeans, she had a tattoo of a tree, whose trunk ran the left side of her body with leaves of green and red which ran around her left breast. The breast itself larger than mine, round and full. Both nipples were pierced and a small gold hoop hung from each. As she leaned forward, I took the nipple and the hoop into my mouth, licking, exploring with my tongue.

I instinctively let my tongue try to squeeze between the hoop and the soft pink flesh of her nipple, then pulling on it, wondering just how much pressure to use. How sensitive were they? Stevie groaned her approval as I grabbed her right breast with my hand and rubbed lightly, taking the nipple in my fingers, pulling on the jewelry which ran through her little bud.

I had seen pierced nipples in magazines and remembered seeing a photo of Janet Jackson's from the infamous wardrobe malfunction. But this was the first real piercing I had ever seen besides my girlfriends from college who often had their navels pierced.

Stevie could tell how entranced I was as I sucked and licked with abandon as she guided one breast and then the other to my lips. I couldn't get enough as she rubbed my head, playing with my hair as she encouraged me to lick her, to suck on her titties.

I was disappointed briefly when she scooted off my lap and stood before me as she unsnapped her jeans and then slid them down her legs. They were tight on her as she slowly worked them down and then off as she stepped out of them.

I continued to stare at her gorgeous body. The tree was now completely unobscured by her outfit, the roots of which reached to her shaved box. Like her breasts, she had a piercing through the hood of her clit, another little gold hoop, which begged attention.

She slid down on the couch beside me and without any words exchanged, I knew exactly what she wanted as I took my position between her legs. Her lips spread out like little flower petals and I stuck my tongue out lightly lapping, as it glided across the flesh. Her scent and taste were exquisite and I knew from that moment I wanted to devour her.

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