tagErotic HorrorThe Requital - Dark Gods

The Requital - Dark Gods


The Requital -- Dark Gods

The Exchange 2

So I had this crazy idea after reading the Exchange again to write a sequel. I can only hope this is as popular as the original. Kileka


"For so many years, I have searched. I have combed the Earth's people continent to continent. I cannot bear the pain of her loss. Yet I have no way of knowing it is her. Tell me, sweet night, what shall I do?" The Lord of Night asked of his domain.


"Nemae, come on. We're gonna be late for class." I shut my locker and matched pace with my voluptuous friend. Big tits and even bigger hips endow the brunette beside me. And, man, does she know how to show them off in a tight low-cut tank top and skin tight jeans. I envy those lumps as I have none of my own. Skinny and flat-chested just like my Japanese mother. I'm not nearly as confident and promiscuous as Lillie, either. We entered class, chatting all the way in.

At the lunch hour, we sat where all the seniors do. I'm not really friends with any of the people we sit with except Lillie. She has been my friend since grade school, though she is much more popular than me. She is always bugging me to be more social and about being a virgin at 18. If your only options were over hormonal high school guys, would you be eager to lose it too? Obviously Lillie was. She had a reputation. Well, two reputations actually. First was being the school slut and the other was being a witch. What could I say? I loved her.

She was talking about the ritual she and her friends were going to do tonight. It was going to be at the giant park just outside of town around midnight. They already had everything set up. I didn't believe in the shit, but I was going to look after Lillie. She was going to pick me up around 10 o'clock.


Later That Night

My mind didn't even process what the girls were saying. They had an altar set up with a bunch of weird objects and candles in glass holders around them for light. They were in cloaks and in a circle. They had started the ritual and were now speaking in what I thought was Latin. They kept chanting as I thought of how foolish they were. Messing with *6these kinds of things is indeed stupid. Finally after a climax, nothing happened. I snickered as the girls looked bewildered.

After a few moments, a masculine voice filled the clearing, "Your lack of power is so great, had I not been in this plane already, I wouldn't even heard you." The candle light glowed upon a masculine figure in a cloak at the edge of the clearing. He stepped toward the circle of girls. The hood was up, hiding his face. The cloak took me aback as it appeared to be leather, roughly stitched together with tan cord. His pants were visible under the knee length cloak. The were pitch black with numerous straps. They looked similar to those you buy in Hot Topic. Something about his presence bothered me. He continued, "The will and knowledge of man is gone. You need a name lost to man to summon a deity such as I. To ensure you all do not do something even more stupid, I'm afraid you all have to die." I felt my stomach lurch and eyes pop from my face.

Four creatures appeared out of nowhere around the man. They were quadrupeds whose fur appeared to be dark and metallic. They had glowing green eyes. I barely had time to scream before they leaped into the circle of girls. Screams and chaos ensued. Blood covered the grass as long teeth sank into bodies. Gore and bits flew as long metallic claws carved into flesh. I was frozen with fear. Lillie shrank back from the scene, obviously afraid. Only then did I realize that the man had moved. He was in front of Lillie. The monsters continued to devour scattered bits of body from behind him. I finally spurred into action, screaming, "No!" The man removed his hood. My voice stopped in my throat.

He was...beautiful...and terrifying. Like every goth boy I had ever seen but so much more authentic. His skin was naturally pitch white and hair a long, stringy black. His features were blocky and overly masculine. A complex metal ear piece surrounded his ear. I couldn't see his eyes. He reached for her. The tears had run down my face as I ran toward them. My legs burned with exertion. All the while I screamed, "No! Stop. Please." I stopped a few feet from them. A name came to my mind. It bubbled up my throat as he grabbed Lillie's. It wasn't a scream, nor a whisper. Just a word. "Shanareal," I said, looking down.

The man froze as though struck. His head whipped around. Green serpentine eyes peered into me. He was analyzing, reading, and searching me. And I was standing there weeping and shaking. He let Lillie go. He faced me and said, "That name is dead to man. How do you, a mere daughter of many, know it?"

I searched my mind for anywhere that name could of come from. 'No movies, no books, no media, no conversations, no religious texts...where did it come from?' I began to ask myself. "I don't know, honestly. It just came to mind," I pleaded.

"Names have power, daughter of man, and you have just said mine," he approached me. I had to look up as he came close. I saw a small smirk on his face. "You are much more appealing than your portly friend. It has been a very long time since I have craved a woman's touch. It has been even longer since I have felt one's." His pale thumb touched my lips, caressing them. I closed my eyes, unable to bear the weight of my want on top of my anxiety. Only when he removed his thumb did I look up again. He looked pained as his expression crumbled. He held his face in his hand.

He regained his composure and pointed at Lillie. "I, Shanareal, Lord of Night, name servitude as my price for her life," He stated.

Lillie shrieked, "No, Nemae, you can't. This is my mistake, allow me to pay for it." I looked at her, she had been crying and looked just as muddled as me. I looked again into the god's snake-like eyes.

'He will not take her. He will kill her. I may receive far less than death, gauging from his reaction to me.' I thought. Dread and doubt filled me as I said, 'Okay.' Lillie fell to her knees and put her face in her hands. The creatures disappeared, leaving nothing but us three. He looked amusingly thoughtful, regardless of my fear.

"You are fortunate. I cannot kill you until I know how you said my name." He pauses then continues, "Your first task will be to prove your love for her in the only way I understand. You must fuck her until you give her an orgasm." There was an amused inflection on** his voice. I was confused at this request as I looked at Lillie. She looked at me with equal bewilderment. Nervousness replaced fear. The god had an expectant look on his face.

"Now and here? With you watching?" I asked.

He sighed, "Of course you half-wit. Surely you know how to do this. I imagine that you have done it for yourself many a time."

I blushed, 'I have but that doesn't mean I've had sex before. Much less with a girl.' Lillie knew I was a virgin. She was definitely the more promiscuous of us.

The god seemed to get impatient as he pushed me to her. I landed on my knees as I heard a "Now," from him. I was in front of her. I wiped my face on my sleeve. I scooted over to her. Hesitantly, I put my hand on her face. She had an empathetic look.

I whispered, "I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize. It's not your fault," She said. She leaned into me and I kissed her. Her lips were soft and her mouth was hot. She was surely more experienced than me as her tongue entered my mouth. I felt a rush of want and love for her at this intimate act. We had done everything from sleep together in the same bed to see each other naked but not once had we kissed or touched intimately. I wrapped my arms around her as I kissed her deeper. My want could not cancel the feeling of the god's presence in my mind. I continued to kiss her as I pushed her to the ground and got on top of her. I began to slowly part the top of her cloak as I kissed her neck. I nipped at the curve there. Hitches formed in her breath as my tongue left a trail of wet down her neck and collarbone.

She was wearing a thin tank top under the thick, long cloak. She was also wearing a miniskirt, which knowing her, would have nothing underneath. Only now did that strike me as being really hot. Leaning up, she shed the cloak and placed it under her. Goosebumps formed on her skin from the brisk night air. Our lips met again as I curled my fingers under the fabric of her top. I took it off, revealing her lacy bra. She reached around to unclasp it and it fell from her arms.

Her breasts I envied most and she knew it. They were so beautiful, with large pink nipples that sat at the center of the mounds. I cupped them with my hands, though they barely fit. I kneaded them as she lay back down. I caressed the nipples, just barely touching them as I had done to myself so many times. Want became apparent on her face as her cheeks got rosy. I rolled the nipples in between my fingers lightly. I finally took one in my mouth, flicking my tongue across it lightly. She reacted strongly, arching her back and moaning slightly. I then sucked it as I played with the other. She was moaning consistently now. I moved to the other, licking and sucking at it. I caressed at her hips and legs as she wrapped them around me. I tortured her like this until I moved down, kissing her flat stomach.

I leaned up and caught the sight of the god out of the corner of my eye. I became very self conscious of my actions when I saw him lounging on the altar. He had a bemused expression on his face as he watched us. I looked back at Lillie, laying mostly naked under me, a loving expression pointed toward me. The fire of my lust dwindled slightly. Slowly, I slid my hands up her smooth legs, pushing the skirt up. I stopped as the skirt ended up around her hips. Her muff was clean shaven. I parted her legs as far as they would go, revealing her wet slit. Her pussy lips were engorged and dark pink. I caressed her clit first, trailing my index finger down toward those lips.

Starting with my index finger, I inserted it in her. She was hot, wet and felt so good. The walls of her pussy were soft and lumpy like a massage pad but a thousand times better. 'It's no wonder guys like sex so much. I couldn't even imagine what this would feel like on a sensitive body part.' My middle finger followed my index into her. I slid them in and out a few times. I traced the front of her pussy with them, searching for her g-spot. I did this slowly, gauging her reaction. I finally saw and heard a sharp moan. I tickled it more to make sure and she moaned.

Remembering where it is, I pushed into her harder. I pulled out and tasted her on my fingers. The fluid was strong and slightly sour but not unpleasing. She was dripping wet around her pussy. I leaned down and lapped it up with my tongue. I then pushed my tongue in as far as it would go. I tasted her insides before inserting three fingers into her. I finger fucked her hard as I licked the hood of her clit. I sucked on it, coercing the little nib out. She was moaning loudly now, her hand threaded through my hair. I reached my right hand up and clutched her breast. I massaged it first, but then pulled at the nipple. The clit came out of its hood as she squirmed under me. I removed one finger than found her g-spot again. I wiggled my fingers against it, caressing it. I continued as heat flooded her. She moaned and shook as I worked. "Nemae, Nemae...I'm going to cum. Please don't stop..."She pleaded


The threshold broke as she screamed. Her pussy clenched against my fingers. Fluid flowed out of her. I stopped but kept my fingers inside her. Her pussy clenched again and again against me. 'Gawd, I wish I had a cock right now. I would fuck her until I came.' I thought.

She leaned up after I took my fingers out of her. She hugged me and whispered, "Thank you, Nemae." I didn't respond but put the cloak around her. She looked up at me, "Let me touch you." I held her as I hesitantly looked up at the god. He was still on the altar with the sickest expression of twisted amusement on his face. I felt anger thread it's way around my mind. I let Lillie go gently. The feeling of anger was apparent on my face as I stood.

"You sadistic fuck. How dare you get some fucked up amusement from forcing me to do that!" I yelled at him. The expression didn't change as he stared at me.

"You looked like were having a good time. I'm surprised you didn't let her please you as well," He stated.

"You cannot manipulate us for your sick games, even if you think you are some mighty god," I spat.

"Actually, I can." At that, my temper overcast my common sense. I stomped over to him, and raised my hand to strike him. His cold hand grabbed my wrist. He stood keeping a hold of it. The amusement didn't leave his face. "The most resistant ones are often the most fun."

"Fuck off." I defied him still.

"Your anger does not affect me, youngling. You seem so experienced at pleasing women. Are you sure that is not what you prefer sexually?" He asked.

I hesitated. 'I can't let him know I'm a virgin.' "I'm not a lesbian if that's what you're asking."

"Hm, then what kind of men do you prefer in bed?"

I tried to maintain the anger though the answers to these questions were lies off the top of my head. "Not the kind who think they're gifts to women."

"I assure you, I can make you forget any man you've ever been with. I can make you orgasm so many times, you won't need sex for the next year. I am not a gift to the daughters of man, however."

That answer confused me slightly. I think maybe he misunderstood the statement. I clarified, "Oh, and I hate men with giant egos."

"Even if the ego is justified," He answered.

I realized he'd drawn me in closer. I peeked a look at Lillie, who was wide eyed. She piped up, "You can't take Nemae. Please."

His gaze shifted down to her. 'Oh shit.'

"Why not?" He asked.

She answered, "Well...she's not..."

'Lillie, please shut up.' I thought.

"She's not versed enough to deal with someone as...experienced as you," she finished as screaming started in my head. A look of knowing and utter glee struck his face. He looked at me. I cringed. He let me go and started laughing. Cackles erupted from him. Fangs and a black tongue become apparent to me as he hoots. He stopped and looked at me.

"Talk about luck. You have been trying to play it off but you are a virgin," He stated it as a fact, not a question. "That's why you would not let her please you." I shifted but didn't say anything. "It is late enough that you are off the hook tonight. I will visit you on a future night." He grabbed me by the neck, pulling my neck aside and tearing my shirt. He bit into me. It hurt like a blade and piercing flames at the same time. I cried out and he let me go. I saw his features shift as he did. From what, I didn't know. "That will ensure you do not break our requital, my dear." With that, he disappeared.

Lillie drove me home that night. We were both disheveled and bewildered. It was silent as we drove to my house. The only thing she said was about the bite bleeding. I didn't care. I wasn't mad at her or anything, just overwhelmed. I passed out on my bed without even tending to my wound.


One Week Later

I was on my usual bout of wanderlust when I saw him again. Leaves rustled in the wind. The wind caressed my cheek and whipped my hair around. Shoes in hand, the grass was prickly and warm beneath my feet. The smell of flora was about in this warm summer night. There was nothing I enjoyed more than these walks at night. I had been meandering in the park for about an hour when I saw a figure in a patch with no trees . White and low to the ground, I approached with caution. When I was close enough to realize it was a man, I got on my knees to touch him. He was shirtless and faced away from me. Before my hand touched his flesh, I heard the inflected voice of the god, "Do you come here often?"

I gasped and fell back, "You surprised me. And yes, almost every night."

"It is ironic that you find me before I seek you out."

I sit cross legged behind his lying figure. Only then did I realize that he had a row of bars in the flesh of his spine. "Yeah, I guess." I lightly caress one of the bars and see a shiver wrack his frame. "Why are you here anyway?"

"I'm looking for someone."


"I am not sure."

"What?" I fiddled with the grass around me.

"My goddess chose to be reincarnated as a mortal. I have no way to know which one."

"She chose to be reincarnated? Why? Mortals are a lot of things but almost nothing in comparison to what I have seen in your power."

"She was mortal before she was a god. Her love of humanity was even greater than her love for me."

I thought for a moment. "Perhaps...then maybe...you should allow her to live as a mortal in peace."

"I have thought that many a time."

"Than why haven't you stopped looking for her?"

He leaned up and turned to look at me. He was built like a weight lifter and had nipple rings. I blushed under his ogling. His eyes were still green but were human looking. "What right have you to question my reasons?"

"None. Just being opinionated is all." I said squeamishly. I also at that point realized how close we were. I avoided eye contact with him. "Just think about it this way, when her mortal frame dies, she will likely ascend to a god again. You only have to wait until then."

"Though I am immortal, it is an excruciatingly long time to wait." He looked disheartened as he sat in front of me leaned over his knees. I almost felt bad for him, until I thought of what he did last night. "Why do you bother to empathize with me, considering how I have wronged you and will continue to?" He said as though reading my thoughts.

"Your goddess was a great being to tolerate...no... love a being as cruel as you..." I said.

"Indeed. At first I was just as cruel to her. Maybe that is why she chose to leave me." He put his head in his knees.

"You could always try to be kinder, I guess." I suggested trying to be placating.

"I do not understand the ways of kindness. It is not within my nature."

"At one point, you were kind to your goddess. How else could she have loved you? Just imagine that every person you meet could be your goddess."

He looked up at me. "Even you?"

"I don't know any more than you would." I shrugged. He reached out and caressed my lips with his thumb again. I felt a rush of want flood me. 'What would he do if I came on to him? Would he take me gently?' I thought.

"How do you know my name?" He asked.

I searched my mind again. He seemed familiar in a distant sort of way. It's like when you think you've seen a person before, even though you hadn't. 'Could I be this goddess of his? There is nothing but that name to suggest such a thing.' I answered him, "I honestly can't answer you. I don't know. I've never dreamt of you or seen you before. You seem distantly familiar but that could be a fluke."

He let out a hmph before stating, "You still owe me." The words I had dreaded the entire conversation. My adrenaline rushed through me. I didn't want to lose my virginity to this asshole of a god. I hated him for what he had done to me and Lillie. I stood abruptly. One word escaped my lips. The one word that would doom me. "No."

Before I knew it, I was running as fast as I could. My bare feet pounded the ground as my muscles ached. It was the only reaction my body could justify. Trees whizzed by as I ran. Part of me knew it was hopeless, that he would catch me, that he would find me and then rape me. That fact didn't stop me from running. My foot caught on an exposed vine, sending me to the ground. I hit hard, smacking my chin and torso on the earth. The strangest feeling climbed up my leg. I got on my hands and knees and looked down. Animated vines climbed up my legs. Just then I realized they were climbing up my arms as well. In a matter of seconds, I flew up and back. My back hit the rough bark of a tree as my arms wrapped upward around it.

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