The Retreat Ch. 03


Nick met Jess's stunned gaze, and he held himself immobile inside her for a long time, forcing her to feel the imprint of his cock embedded in her depths. He wanted her to recognize that he had invaded her deepest, most intimate domain and claimed it as his own. Finally, he withdrew and immediately stood up.

He ignored the shakiness of his legs as he wrapped his towel around his waist. She hadn't moved. He raked her with a mocking gaze, taking in her trembling breasts and the fluid on the inside of her thighs. When his eyes returned to her, he gave her an insolent grin.

"I knew you would be a hot fuck, Jess. Thanks."

He ignored her gasp and left, not pausing until he was locked in his bedroom. He crawled between the sheets and folded his hands beneath his head, closing his eyes as he drew in huge draughts of air.

Jess had surpassed even his most vivid fantasies. Nick had never experienced such complete sexual fulfillment, despite the lack of love between them. She obviously held some secret key to his soul, and that scared the shit out of him. He felt a brief stab of conscience as he remembered the wounded look in her eyes just before he walked away. His words been purposefully hurtful and insulting, but better that than to have her guess how much the experience had shaken him. If she ever realized how much power she held over him, there would be hell to pay.


Jess was still reeling several minutes after Nick's abrupt departure. She had relished everything he had done with her body. Every bold caress, every possessive stroke inside her, every hot sweep of his mouth and hands had been pure bliss. His lovemaking had been beyond all her expectations. If she had it to do over again, she knew she would repeat the experience, even knowing that he had used her.

She sat up, pulling her legs close to her chest and resting her cheek on her knees. She closed her eyes and shivered with the remembered sensation of his cock plunging deep into her body. Her pussy quivered, slightly bruised and abraded. She could feel their combined fluids seeping onto the towel beneath her.

Jess gasped again, and her eyes popped wide with the realization that he hadn't used a condom. She was ten days past her last period. Even now, his sperm could be rushing to meet her egg. The thought of getting pregnant should be terrifying, but it wasn't. The thought of carrying Nick's child was strangely welcome. Jess sighed as she closed her eyes once more, overwhelmed by bittersweet emotion.

Jess had never been more certain that she loved him, but her love was mingled with fear of his rejection. 'Actions speak louder than words' the saying went. Could she trust in Nick's actions rather than his cruel words at the end? The way he had made love to her revealed that he felt some deep emotional bond with her. He could never have touched her with such devotion, such tender adoration if he didn't feel something for her. Could he? Was it possible for a man to pretend such things in the heat of the moment? None of her previous lovers had affected her in the same way, but was that due to her love for him rather than any deeper feeling on Nick's part?

Jess had no answers to her questions, and she finally released a groan and rose from the bench. She dressed in the towel, turned off the sauna and returned silently to her bedroom. Discarding the towel, she crawled into bed and curled on her side, snuggling beneath the covers.

She felt surprisingly free of guilt. She would face whatever resulted from their joining, and she wouldn't regret the outcome. Jess laughed softly in self-reproach. She had spent ten long years wishing she had Nick. She would be damned before she would regret one moment with him. For as long as he might want her, she was his. And maybe...just maybe...he was hers too.

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