tagAnalThe Reunion Pt. 01c - Adam & Ashley

The Reunion Pt. 01c - Adam & Ashley


Author's Note: This is an idea I've been turning over in my head for a little while but was unsure how to actually go about it. This documents a single night amongst a group of friends. Chapter A outlines some background on the group that Chapters B & C do not. There are portions that are the same between all 3 stories to keep track of the timeline between the three, but depending on which pairing that chapter focuses on, there will be additional details thrown in while also having entirely new segments of the story per each chapter. I hope you enjoy them all, as a second portion will be coming eventually outlining the following day. Thanks for reading!

The Reunion: Part 1c -- Adam & Ashley

Ashley sit in a big leather chair watching the terrible horror movie that the group had picked from Netflix. She was curled up in her favorite blanket, wearing her go to casual attire of sweatpants and a sweatshirt; she loved it because she didn't have to wear a bra or underwear with it and could just snuggle in for the day. Her hair pulled back in a ponytail, she was as comfy as she could be, with all the people she'd ever want to hang out with.

The guys provided all the entertainment she'd want with their offhand comments about the movie, their ridiculous stories of stupid things they'd done in college, and the incredible eye candy they provided, while the girls gave her a chance to gossip, talk about girl problems, and understand what she was going through at any given time while also adding their own comedic relief to the guys' stories. She would have been happy never leaving that chair, but of course she knew that would never last since her roomate Kayla was involved.

Kayla was Ashley's polar opposite, always wanting to go out, always looking for an adventure, and always dragging Ashley along with her, much to Ashley's abhorrence. However, Ashley played along with Kayla's games, mostly because, deep down, Ashley loved Kayla like a sister, but also because she knew if she didn't have Kayla to drag her out, she would never leave the house and recognized that was probably a poor way to go about life.

Adam casually plopped himself down on the arm of the chair Ashley occupied and struck up a conversation, "You look comfy? Ganna take a nap?" he inquired.

"Ya know, I just might. Promise not to draw penises on my face if I do?" Ashley asked.

"I would never. The rest of them probably would though." He observed.

"Oh c'mon, you wouldn't defend sleeping beauty from the penis drawing trolls with your life?!"

"I could try, but we both know you're getting dicks drawn on your face either way, so why sacrifice myself for a futile cause?"

"Chivalry really is dead then isn't it?" Ashley laughed.

"When it comes to saving you from dicks, yes, yes it is."

"Now wait a minute, I didn't say save me from dicks, I could use a few more in my life after this dry spell. I said save me from having them on my face.....no...scratch that, I still wouldn't mind them on my face, just don't let them be DRAWN on my face."

Adam laughed, "Well shit, beggars can't be choosers when it comes to what kind of dicks they get."

Ashley sighed a big dramatic sigh, "Have I really fallen to beggar status? That's really sad. But I guess you're right. Bring on the nap, and bring on the dicks, in whatever form they may take I suppose."

It was at that moment that Ashley's plan for a night of leisure, comfort, and napping was squashed, per usual, by Kayla.

"I'm bored, lets do something." Kayla demanded.

"Like what?" Answered Ashley, already knowing this meant she'd have to change out of her sweatpants and leave the apartment.

"I don't know. Anything." She replied, slumping further down into the sofa to emphasize her boredom.

"We could go out?" Ben suggested, "By the time we all shower, get ready, and all that it'll be like 8-8:30. That's at least a respectable time to go out for a bunch of people over 30 right?"

"There's that new brewery down on 6th and Washington? Somewhere around there. We could try that out. I hear it's pretty good." Chris mentioned.

"I'm game! Everyone go shower and meet back here in a bit?" Kayla polled the group.

There was a murmuring of agreement as people got up from their chairs and started gathering their things to head home for a short while.

"I'm gonna run home, shower, and grab clothes but then I'll be back to get dressed and get ready with you guys if that's cool?" Emma asked.

"Sounds good!" Kayla agreed.

After everyone had filed out of the apartment, Kayla joyfully bounced down the hallway, eager to have something to do and somewhere to go. Ashley slowly pried herself out of her cocooned state in the chair and moped down the hall, dragging her feet and the blanket behind her like a dejected Linus.

"Do you think I can get away with shorts and a t-shirt tonight?" she called to Kayla, knowing full well Kayla wouldn't let her get away with it, but still holding out hope.

Kayla popped out into the hallway, standing in her cotton shorts and bra, having already shed her t-shirt to get ready to shower, "Oh c'mon! We're all going out together for the first time in forever, don't you want to look cute?"

"For who? We've all known each other for over a decade, I think we're beyond the 'trying to impress each other' phase." Ashley argued.

"We aren't trying to impress each other, we're just...ya know...trying to look good! At least trying to match the guys, which, let's be honest, we need to try a little. I mean, really, have you seen our boys?"

Ashley sighed, "No shit. When did they stop being scrawny nerds?"

"Probably when they stopped running and started lifting. But seriously, what are the odds not a single one of them became fat or even average looking?"

"I don't know, but at least they didn't become assholes in the process." There was a brief silence as they both got lost in their fantasies about the guys they had known since their awkward teenage years. Ashley's mind drifted to Adam who she'd always preferred over the rest. Sure, he wasn't the most attractive of the bunch, nor the most fit, but he had still held on to that nerdy vibe from high school that Ashley had always been attracted to. He was very intelligent and had always been Ashley's go to partner for playing ridiculous trivia quizzes online. They'd laugh and joke about how much useless knowledge they both had rattling around their brains which they had both appreciated more than the others. He was shy, in an endearing sort of way, and just as much of a homebody as Ashley was. The only issue was that shy, homebody type guys were never confident enough to actually ask a girl out, and Ashley certainly wasn't confident enough to do it herself. Sure she could fake confidence well enough, but when it came down to it, she'd never be able to do something as terrifying as putting herself out there without knowing how it would be received.

"Ok fine, I'll try." Ashley conceded, walking into her room to get ready.

"That's my girl! I'd say 'maybe you'll get laid' but that ship has probably sailed on all of them at this point. Maybe we'll find some other guy and they can be your wingman!" Kayla called from her own room.

"Don't I wish. I'd have to knock the cobwebs off my pussy first. Either that or we'd have to role play Indiana Jones so it's not weird when they enter the dusty uninhabited cave." Ashley called, as she pulled open her dresser drawers one at a time, sorting through all of her clothes to find something that wasn't so uncomfortable she'd be able to bear it for the evening.

Ashley heard Kayla laughing as she turned on the shower in the hall bathroom, "Oh please! No man may have been there in a while, but don't think I can't hear you through the wall at least twice a week going to pound town on yourself."

"What can I say...I like it when I pull my hair and call me names." Ashley said chuckling to herself.

"I always knew you were the kinky one in this apartment! Ok, I'll be out in 15!" she called as Ashley heard the bathroom door close.

Ashley finally found a long black flowing skirt that ended just below her knees and a bright purple scoop-neck shirt that she felt would be comfortable enough while still highlighting her ample C cup breasts. She mentally thanked Kayla for dragging her out shopping every now and then, otherwise she'd have had nothing at all to wear. She rooted around in the top drawer for a pair of underwear, before glancing over at the skirt laying on her bed. She stripped her sweatpants and pulled the skirt on. She proceeded to check herself out in the mirror on the back of her door, carefully inspecting to see if you could tell she wasn't wearing any underwear. After feeling confident she'd be fine going without, she pulled a pair of comfortable flats out of her closet and tossed them on the bed next to the top, pulling off the skirt to set with the rest of the ensemble.

Ashley lay back on the bed, hoping to catch a quick power nap in the 25 minutes she knew it would actually take Kayla to shower. She lay there a few minutes before giving up, realizing she'd never actually fall asleep at this point. As she lay there, her mind began to wander back to Adam and before she knew it she found herself lightly playing with her clit. There wasn't enough time to actually get herself off at this point, but she enjoyed the feeling of being turned on; sometimes more than actually climaxing. She teased herself, feeling the wetness between her lips growing more and more.

She took a quick glance at the clock on her bedside table and made the decision, if she had to go out, she was going to have some fun with it. She'd read about girls wearing buttplugs to work and while out running errands, but she'd never tried it herself. The idea had a certain allure to it and she had been waiting for the right time to give it a shot.

Ashley rolled across her bed to her nightstand where she fished out what she was looking for. She lay on her back and proceeded to squirt a healthy dose of lube on the tip of a small jeweled buttplug that she'd procured a month or so back. As she pulled her knees up towards her chest, letting her legs splay enough so she could continue playing with her clit, Ashley maneuvered the plug so the tip was pressed against her tight rear entrance. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and let herself relax and focus on the attention she was giving her pussy. As she felt the tension in her lower body release, she slowly pressed the plug into herself, feeling her hole stretch more and more until it suddenly sucked it in. An involuntary groan left Ashley's throat; she always loved the weight of a plug inside her.

As she tugged and played with the plug while massaging her clit she suddenly realized the shower had stopped. She strained to hear if Kayla was out of the bathroom or if she had just finished.

"Let me know when you're out of the bathroom so I can shower." She called.

"I'm out. All yours!" Kayla called back.

Ashley quickly gathered up her clothes, threw a towel around herself, and headed to the bathroom, enjoying the feeling of the plug sliding inside her with every step.


Adam and Chris chatted idly about how their jobs had been going as they walked the few blocks from the apartment complex to Adam's place where Chris was staying for the week. After exhausting their work discussion, the conversation turned to their dating lives.

"Got any prospects in the love life?" Chris inquired.

"Absolutely none. Although that's probably mostly my fault for never actually asking anyone." Adam replied somewhat dejected, "Contemplated the whole online thing but I literally have no idea what I would say to start a conversation with a total stranger."

"Dude, you gotta get over that! You could have dated anyone you wanted in high school and that anxiety just killed you then too!"

"I know, I just...I just can't ever get up the nerve to actually ask someone. I always find an excuse not to and then kick myself for it."

"Ok, here's what's going to happen, tonight you're asking someone out. I'm forcing you to while I'm here," Chris stated.

"Oh, c'mon, not tonight. This is supposed to be fun and just a chill hangout with all of us. I'm not bringing some stranger into that." Adam protested.

"Who said anything about bringing a stranger into it?" Chris smiled wryly.

Adam glanced at Chris questioningly.

"Why not ask one of the girls? Kayla and Ashley live a few blocks away, you guys obviously get along just fine, what's wrong with them? This way it's not a stranger, it's someone you know and already like."

"THAT'S WORSE!" Adam objected.

"No it's not. Plus, we all know you had a thing for Ashley back in high school."

"Jesus christ, no way. Absolutely no way."

"Give me a good reason why not."

"I don't know, she'd never go for a guy like me, she's way smarter than I am, she's way hotter than me, and oh, I don't know, she's never shown any interest whatsoever?" Adam stated matter-of-factly.

"I do believe those are all opinions. Can I get any cold hard facts?"

"Like what?"

"Like something she has explicitly stated that proves she's not interested, or a comprehensive IQ test you've both taken that proves she's Einstein and you're a few IQ points better than a donut? Something that categorically shows that all of that nonsense is actually true."

"I....I don't know. Not off the top of my head, but there's definitely been plenty of stuff over the years that has led me to believe she's not at all interested."

"Well guess what buddy, tonight you'll know for sure when you ask her!"

"You aren't going to drop this are you?"


"Fucker. I'm getting you so drunk tonight you won't remember a goddamn thing. And if you do, you're going to associate the act of forcing me into this with the worst hangover of your life." Adam stated.

"Bring it on bitch! By the end of the night you're gonna have yo'self a lady friend!"


As they all gathered back at the apartment, everyone began discussing how they were getting to the brewery and then how they'd all get home at the end of the night. Adam and Ashley, being the reserved, introverts of the group, stayed out of the ruckus and retreated to their own corner.

Ashley had taken refuge back in her chair as Adam wandered over and took up his perch on the arm.

"Oh! I found an awesome countries of the world quiz last week I've been meaning to tell you about!" Ashley chimed, looking up at Adam.

"Oh nice! Wanna play while we wait?"

"Sure!" Ashley replied as she grabbed her computer off the coffee table in front of her.

She pulled up the quiz which she had bookmarked and explained how it worked to Adam before holding the laptop up to him, "Here, you type, you're a way better speller than me. When I played earlier there were like 30 countries I knew were countries but couldn't spell their names for the life of me."

"No, you type, I'll just help with spelling. It'll be easier for me to see the screen if its on your lap than you to see it if it's on mine."

Ashley eyed him suspiciously, "Oh I see, you just want an excuse to look over my shoulder and down my shirt. A girl shows a little cleavage and 10 minutes later the boys are already trying to see more. Typical."

Adam laughed, "I mean, now that you bring it up, it IS a pretty solid view from up here."

Ashley chuckled as she started the quiz, "Perv. Ok here we go."

The two of them began by quickly rattling off every country in North and Central America before moving on to South America.

"I'm shit at South America. I got Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela and then I'm out." Ashley said.

"Bolivia, Ecuador, Suriname.....shit....uhhhh....yeah I'm out too." Adam added.

"Not bad though, only two we don't have. Ok Europe..."

"What about all the Caribbean islands?" Adam asked.

"Come back to it. There's too many little ones, we'll have to zoom in on it for those."

They cruised through Western Europe without a problem but ran into more and more trouble as they went East.

"Isn't Herzegovina a country?" Adam asked.

"Did you just try to say Hungary and Slovenia and have a stroke in the middle?" Ashley giggled, "I've never heard of it, but how do you spell it?"

Adam laughed, "No I think it's a real place. H-e-r-z-i...maybe e...g-o-v-i-n-a"

"Holy shit, it IS a place! Nice!"

The two of them slowly chugged their way through the countries of the world, poking fun at the guesses each other made when they ran low on ideas.

"Djibouti!" Ashley yelled when they reached Africa.

"Oh and I'm the perv? Just cuz they don't wear a lot of clothes over there doesn't mean they'd name a country Booty."

"Oh cmon! You've heard of Djibouti! Help me spell it. There's a bunch of weird consonants I always fuck up."

"Yeah, yeah, I've heard of it. It's D-j-i-b-o-u-t-i."

"See if you weren't a perv we wouldn't be wasting time with you spelling it out to me."

"Worth it." Adam laughed taking an obvious glance down Ashley's shirt.

"He's here! Let's go!" Grant called to everyone.

"Shit. Ok we'll have to play again later when we have more time." Ashley said, closing her laptop and setting it on the coffee table.

"Agreed. That was fun! We need to play that until we can name them all."

"Hell yes we do." Ashley said as they left the apartment, Ashley stopping to lock the door along the way.

"I'm trying to think of other stuff that would be similar to that one that would be fun. Maybe all of the periodic table of elements? That could be cool. We'd do fine with all the common ones but once you get down to the Lanthanide series and whatever the other one is it'd be tough." Ben called over his shoulder as they wound their way down the stairs to the parking lot.

"Actinide Series is the other one. And yeah that'd be fun but I think we'd beat that one pretty quick. The countries there's just so many tiny ones that you never hear about which are tough. We need something with a lot to it."

"This is by far the nerdiest conversation I've ever heard on my way out drinking," Issac said, glancing over his shoulder back at the two of them, "I haven't heard the words Actinide and Lanthanide Series since like high school AP Chemistry."

"Sounds like you've been hanging out with the wrong people then." Adam chided back.

Ashley laughed, "Yeah, what's wrong with two friends mutually partaking in the acquisition of knowledge?"

"Nothing!" Issac laughed, "It's just usually the only time I've seen a guy and a girl get so engrossed in 'mutually partaking in the acquisition of knowledge' it's at the start of porn and it ends with neither one learning anything."

"Like I said, I think you've been hanging with the wrong people then." Adam laughed as Issac walked around to the other side of the SUV.

Chris had already climbed into the back, where Ashley followed and took the middle, while Adam took the final seat. The two continued chatting about their trivia prospects as the rest of the car took part in their own conversation.

When the car finally headed toward the bar, Ashley became mildly distracted from her conversation with Adam as each bump they hit caused her to bounce up, then down, pushing the plug in her ass deeper for a moment. The sensation was exactly what she'd hoped for, and gave the night a new thrill that she could enjoy all on her own. The night might not be a total loss after all, she thought.


They all crowded a standing high top table, looking around and taking in the large warehouse turned brewery. The large timber beams and columns along with the acid wash concrete floors gave the space an old rustic vibe that contrasted the large stainless steel brewing equipment nicely.

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