tagErotic CouplingsThe Ride Ch. 01

The Ride Ch. 01


You hear a monotone voice not unlike the one you remember from your last monorail ride at an amusement park, “Don’t bother with the seat belt if you need to be restrained, you will be tied down. As far as whether or not you are ready for this ride we will see soon enough. Do you have the price of admission? Can you fulfill desires and allow yourself to be taken to the heights of orgasmic passion? Your driver is very imaginative and can play many ways. Enough of questions and prologue, it is time to start the ride. Let the adventure begin!“

“Welcome aboard! Your guide on this erotic adventure is Rick. You will know him as Hunter or Master. By boarding this ride you, his prey has stepped into his trap. There is no escape he now controls your destiny. Throughout the ride, you should guide Hunter as he attempts to find out all he can about what makes his prey most excited.”

You are now alone in the dark.

You realize that you have been left naked in a room unknown to you. You can’t remember coming here. The last thing you remember was leaving home this morning to go on an adventure your friend had talked you into. Is this the adventure you had been promised, or has something gone wrong? Suddenly a bright light shines in the room. It comes from a door that has been opened wide across the room. As you eyes adjust to the brightness you recognize the silhouette of a tall muscular man in the doorway. He enters the room and the door closes behind him. You here the sound of a lock engaging.

You tremble slightly. Oddly you are not afraid. The trembling is more out of excited anticipation. What are the words playing in your head? Something about an adventure beginning. A deep voice says, “This will never do,” and a soft light comes on. You see the man is handsome, but not in the catalogue model way. You judge him to be about 6’ 2”, well built but not the body builder type. His eyes though nondescript in color are mesmerizing. His shoulder length sandy-blond hair is almost mane-like. He wears casual but stylish clothing. The old fashioned fedora he wears on his head is strangely appropriate.

When the man grins lecherously at you, you remember that you are naked. You glance about looking hopefully for something to cover yourself with. Finding nothing your cross your arms over your breasts and draw your knees up to conceal your genitals. He says, “No, do not hide your treasures lovely lady! I am Hunter, you must give yourself freely to me or the adventure will not be pleasurable.” His deep baritone voice is melodic and sensual. Somewhat entranced by Hunter you lower your arms and reveal your orb-like breasts. As you lower your knees and spread your legs you feel the wetness begin to develop in your pussy. Hunter tells you to stand and show yourself to him. His power is such that you could not resist if you wanted to. For some reason you do not want to resist. Pictures of this stranger atop you filling you to your very core with his manhood dance in your head. You tingle as deep in your loins an animal instinct begins to take hold.

Without being told you slowly turn around to show Hunter all of your charms. When your back is to him, Hunter steps forward and places his strong hands gently on your shoulders. Your spine tingles as if a bolt of electricity shot through you. His hands slid down and cup your tits as his lips touch your ear. His warm tongue traces the edge of your ear as he whispers, “You are to remain silent and submit to my wishes. If you do, the adventure will fill your every desire. Otherwise… ” His words are commanding and gentle at the same time. There is no need to finish the sentence; you understand the meaning clearly. Hunter nibbles your earlobe and he runs his tongue along your neck, while continuing to caress your tits. His thumbs swirl around and over your now hard nipples. Taking one hand from your breast he turns your face toward him. His lips are amazingly soft brushing your cheek as he moves towards your mouth. He presses tightly against your ass, as your lips meet.

While Hunter gently touches your lips with his, you can feel his growing bulge press into you. His cock seems large but not overly so. As with everything else about this man, it is perfect. You part your lips and allow his tongue to slowly enter your mouth. You crave his cock now and want to tell him, but fear his wrath if you speak. You turn and are enveloped in his arms; your tits press to him; his bulging cock tight against your abdomen. Your lips press harder together and your tongues dance an erotic tango, moving from your mouth to his mouth in rhythm. Hunter steps back and removes the fedora from his head and tosses it across the room. He then slowly undresses as you watch transfixed. When he removes his shirt you see his chest is well-developed and covered in soft light brown hair. When he steps out of his pants you can see his cock peeking out of the top of his tight bikini underwear. You feel your pussy flood as you imagine wrapping your lips around his thick tantalizing cock head. Then he says, “Do you want to release the beast yourself, my dear?”

As if driven by a force deep inside you, you move slowly over to Hunter. Hunter takes your hands and places them on hips. He stares deeply into your eyes. A conflict rages within you. You know if you pull off his briefs you will have given all control to Hunter. A voice in your head warns you if you don’t stop now he will turn you into a slut. However, your body is brimming with lust and desire. You want Hunter more then you have ever desired anything before. Your lust wins and you grasp the waistband and lower his briefs. You drop to the floor as you slowly slide the silky material down his legs. When he steps out of the underwear and is naked before you, you gaze up adoringly at his cock. You are almost drooling over his hard manhood. Desire overwhelms you and you kiss his shaft softly.

Hunter pulls you head back and speaks, “It is polite to ask before acting!”

You apologize and beg him to allow you to suck his magnificent cock. Your mind reels; you can’t believe you are begging this stranger to allow you to suck him. Suddenly Hunter takes a hold of your hair and pulls hard enough to cause your mouth to open and shoves his cock into your mouth. A mixture of feelings running the gambit from revulsion and fear to overwhelming lust and desire fill your being. As his swollen, bulbous cock head touches the roof of your mouth and slides toward your throat you concentrate on not gagging, fearing you will anger Hunter. His spongy helmet leads the vanguard into your throat and just as you think you will choke Hunter pulls back.

You look up at him as he speaks. “Hold the base in your hand, sweet thing and close your lips around me. It is time for your mouth to experience things the way only your pussy has before.”

Trembling, you do as instructed. How could he know that I have never been orally fucked, you wonder. Clearly Hunter knows things about you that you have never told anyone. Slowly, Hunter flexes his hips and drives his cock in and out of your mouth. With the lower third of his quivering shaft safely held in your hand only the tip of his manhood is entering your throat with each stroke.

A voice plays in your head, “Yes I am his slut! I will do anything for him.”

With each thrust you allow more and more of his cock to enter your throat until at last you release your grip all together. Your nose and lips nestle into his public hair as your throat relaxes and accepts all of him in to you.

“Yes baby! I knew you were capable of making that sweet mouth into a pussy for Hunter,” Your guide calls out as his assault on your mouth quickens.

You prepare for what you imagine will be a flood of thick creamy cum sliding into your throat soon. Suddenly, Hunter pulls his cock out of your mouth and releases you. You are left with an empty feeling and desperate desire. You swoon and fall back on the floor as the shock of the sudden exit causes dizziness to overtake you. Hunter stands over you, grinning like a tiger about to pounce on his pray. His cock dances in the air above you. It glistens with you saliva and his precum. Without warning, your body convulses and you are in the throws of a powerful orgasm. While you are still lost in an orgasmic haze, Hunter picks you up and carries you to the bed. You hardly notice as he tosses you onto the amazingly soft mattress.

You feel your legs being pulled apart. Then he is upon you. His hot breath cascades onto your belly and thighs. Your close your eyes and imagine a panting beast salivating over your loins. You try to will your mind back to the present and away from such wild fantasy thoughts. Then you feel his soft beard rub along each thigh. His tongue slides out snake-like and begins to work its way up toward your swollen labia. The mere thought of his tongue on your highly excited, hot, wet sex causes you to squirm under him. You feel your lips being spread open as Hunter uses his fingers to gently expose your inner folds and quivering pussy. He slides his tongue through the channel and drinks in your juice. You hear his moans for the first time. The sound is actually more of a low growl. You pray these sounds indicate he is pleased with you. Your greatest desire is to please Hunter, so that he will continue to take you on the adventure.

When Hunter’s tongue touches your clit, you scream out! Lust has taken hold of you and you begin to beg him to fuck you like a slut. He seemly pays no attention to your words and begins to suck, lick and bite your clit sending you into frenzy. Suddenly your pussy feels full. You realize he is violating you with his fingers. You have no idea how many fingers he is fucking you with. All you know now is your pussy is being stretched and filled and your body is filled with pleasure. Your clit is so stimulated you are now in between pleasure and pain. You realize Hunter has found that special mound within your pussy that will send you reeling into space. You cum several times in succession. Each time your reach what you believe to be the final peak, your body is again racked with pleasure. When Hunter finally stops sucking your clit and fingering your pussy, you discover a new sensation. You are lying in a puddle, a puddle of your own sex juice. Hunter truly has taken you to new heights.

You look down at him as he slowly crawls up your body. His beard dripping the results of your first squirting as he kisses his way along your belly and then your breasts. You feel his cock slide into you as he begins slowly and gently fucking you. His lips on your mouth now; his tongue enters your mouth. You suck your own juices from him as you thrust your pelvis up toward him trying to capture all of his cock in your hungry cunt. Hunter drops his weight upon you and pins you to the bed. His cock impales you with each deep thrust. You feel as if your pussy is filled to the core. He raises his face above your and you see his expression of pure passion. His long deep hard thrusts bring you to yet another orgasm. He smiles at you as he watches you cum while he fucks you with abandon. Then Hunter’s face contorts, his body spasms and a sound you can only call a roar fills the room. Hunter presses is cock deep inside you as he cums, almost violently. The addition of his spurting cum into your already soaking pussy makes you feel as if you are being flooded from the inside. Hunter continues to hump you and moan and growl as the thick fluids begin to run out of your pussy onto you thighs. Hunter falls upon you gasping, clutching at you as if he needed you to hold him for his very survival.

NO man has ever been so open with you in bed. This amazingly strong man who is clearly in charge has allowed all his vulnerability to be displayed at the point of sexual peak. He murmurs into your ear softly that you are a fantastic fuck. He rolls beside you and wraps you in his arms. You are content to be held in his cradling embrace for as long as he will have you.

Hunter whispers in you ear, "you need rest." He kisses you softly and you fall asleep as he gently strokes your cheek.

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