tagRomanceThe Ride Home

The Ride Home


Okay, cool. It'll be fun to see you again! See you in the morning. –Megan

Scott closed the message and smiled. Megan was asking if he was going to their mutual friend's birthday celebration the next day. The plan was to head down to the river, rent a bunch of tubes and float the river... and to drink as much beer as they could during the 4 to 5 hours it takes to get to the pick up spot. Scott and Megan have been friends for a long time, but didn't see much of each other. Two weeks ago at another friend's party was the first time they'd seen each other in a couple of years, actually. They really hit it off, spending a good deal of time just talking to each other, laughing, a little flirting and catching up. When her friends pulled her away, saying it was time to go, they both expressed their disappointment. There was an unspoken sexual tension that built up during that short time at the party and neither of them had a chance to act on it.

Megan found him on Facebook two days later and they sent a few messages back and forth, but it was just the standard, "hey, it was great to see you, let's not let another year or so go by before seeing each other again" type emails. But when they both got the invite to hang out on the river for their friend's birthday, they were quick to confirm with one another that the other was going to be there. The next morning, Scott drove into the birthday girl, Katie's apartment complex where they were all meeting. They all pitched in to rent one of those big 15 passenger vans so that they didn't have to drive 5 different cars. The spot on the river they were going to was about a 45 minute drive away, so it made sense to all pile into one van together. As he was pulling into a parking spot, Scott saw Megan near the van, looking really good in a tank top and short shorts. She was a super cute brunette, about 5,4... shoulder length hair, amazing legs and ass and probably a C or a D cup. Scott turned off his car and smiled while he gathered his things and thought about how great it will be to see her in a bikini.

"Hey you! I was wondering when you were gonna show up", Megan said when she saw Scott walking up towards the van.

"Hi". Scott looked around, waved and smiled at some of the others. "Heh, Sorry... but it looks like I'm not the only one running a little late", said Scott after seeing only about 9 or 10 people.

"Scott! You're here! Yay!" yelled Katie as she ran over and hugged him.

"Of course... Wouldn't miss it. Happy Birthday Katie. ...who are we missing?"

"Well, we're just waiting on a couple more... and that looks like them right now", said Katie, pointing to a car driving up. "Nate and like four or five other people who are coming are too hung-over, going to get breakfast, blah blah blah, some bullshit. I think they just don't want to ride with us. So they're gonna meet us there."

"Haha, I'm sure Scott won't mind the extra room in the van", chimed in Megan. "More room to stretch out."

Scott definitely didn't mind. He's six foot three and any extra room in the van would be very welcomed. It's cramped enough as it is, but when it's full with 15 people there really isn't any room to move. It was time to go, so they all climbed into the van. Scott got in with Megan following right after, making sure she got a seat next to him. And they were off. Scott and Megan picked things up right where they left them at the party a couple weeks before. Flirting, joking, making each other laugh. It was just the two of them on their row in the van, but still they sat close enough to where their legs were touching. Scott could hardly keep his eyes off her sexy legs and while she didn't say anything, he could tell she was loving it.

"We're getting pretty close... I'm gonna go ahead and start putting on some sun screen," said Megan, as she looked Scott in the eyes and then unbuttoned and unzipped the tiny shorts she was wearing. She raised her hips off the seat and slid the shorts off. Then she put sun screen on her legs and started rubbing them up and down, working it in.

"Good idea, I want to get in the water as soon as possible, not waste any time. It's fucking hot out there," Said Scott, taking off his shirt while watching Megan out of the corner of his eyes. Talking to and flirting with this beautiful girl for the last 30 – 40 minutes had him on the verge of being very aroused, but once she took those shorts off and he got a look at her bikini bottom... there was no chance of keeping his dick under control... he instantly started getting a hard on. He saw Megan checking him out while he took his shirt off. He isn't ripped, but definitely muscular and toned. He could tell she liked what she saw. He also saw her eyes move down to his crotch where at this point it was impossible to hide the growing bulge in his swim trunks. She looked away quickly, but not before Scott saw the redness in her cheeks.

Then she turned back and said, "You're right. You do need to get into that cold water right away." And then squirted sun screen on his chest and laughed. Next she pulled her tank top up and off of her body to reveal the rest of the amazing white bikini she was wearing that went so well with her tanned skin and dark brown hair. After rubbing the lotion all over her stomach, shoulders, on top of and between her breasts, all while Scott was pretending not to watch... she turned her back to him, looked over her shoulder back at him, raised her eyebrows and held out the sun screen bottle for him to take.

They got to the river, met Nate and the others, rented the tubes, bought ice for the beer and got ready to go. Everyone put their clothes, phones, wallets and purses into Nate's car because it actually had an alarm and door locks that all worked, unlike the van. Finally it was time to hit the river and start drinking. Scott and Megan spent the next 4 hours close, but not too close to the rest of the group as they floated down stream. They talked about their lives, their recent break ups, the future, etc. They had their fair share of the alcohol, but not nearly as much as the rest of the group, who had become much more drunk and rowdy near the end of the float. Everyone was having a great time, being loud, being happy, etc. up until the end of the float and the tube rental place had driven them back around to the van and car. Then the mood changed quickly.

"Fuck!" Shouted Nate. "Fuckity fuck, where are my keys? ...anyone seen them? This is not good, man. Where the fuck are my keys!?"

Nobody knew, nobody had seen them. They all just figure Nate had them and there was nothing to worry about. But now they had to figure out where they were... if they were locked in his car or if they were being dragged across the bottom of the river by the current. It was definitely a mood killer. A big group of people who just spent the day outside, in the heat, drinking tons of beer... was now a very tired group of people who were not wanting to deal with this. After a lot of arguing, moaning and whining, it was agreed that Nate would stay behind and wait for a locksmith, since it was his fault and his car... while everyone else would pile into the van and get going.

Once again, Megan was right behind Scott as he got in. Since they were the first ones getting into the van this time, they headed for the last row and sat in the back corner of the van. As people took their seats and the van filled up they soon realized they had one person too many. The 4 people who rode with Nate on the way up were now getting into the van with the rest of them and the van was one seat short. Everyone sort of looked around, silently wondering what to do, silently thinking about who was going to have to stay behind with Nate, and then Megan spoke up.

"Well... I could, uh... I mean... if it's okay with you, Scott, I could sit on your lap to make room?" She said with a question mark in her face.

Someone agreed, "yeah, do that... let's get going".

Not that he would have objected to the beautiful Megan sitting in his lap, but before Scott could say anything the last person was heading back towards the back row, the others were moving over to make room and Megan had lifted her fine ass off the seat and was aiming it for a landing in Scott's lap.

Scott put his hands on her hips to help ease her down. "Careful"

"hehe. You be careful, mister." She said as she came to rest on his lap, immediately feeling something other than his two legs. Because they couldn't get into Nate's car, she was still just wearing her bikini top and bottom, and Scott still with no shirt.

After about ten minutes on the highway, the two looked around and just about everybody was passed out and sleeping except for a couple of people on the first row in the van. Scott hadn't had much time to adjust before Megan had sat herself into his lap, so instead of his dick being down between his legs, it was pointing upwards and sort of pinned between his stomach and Megan's ass. And by this time he had a full on erection... there was no disguising it. Neither of them had said anything about it, but it was obvious that it was all they were thinking about. Being a little tired themselves they actually hadn't said much at all since starting the trip back. Finally, Megan leaned back, resting her back on Scott's chest, and turned her head to his ear.

"So, um... is that the sun screen bottle in your pocket... or do you have a really big dick?" She whispered.

"Well... I think I see the sun screen up there," Scott said, pointing out the bottle that was on the dash board up front. "So what does that tell you?" He smiled.

Megan smiled back. "That tells me I'm sitting on your dick, hehe. This can't be comfortable for you."

"Yeah, I wasn't going to say anything yet, but would you mind lifting up for a second so I can uh... adjust" said Scott.

"I hate to give up such a great seat," Megan said as she smiled and grinded her ass up and down on Scott's dick a couple of times. "But sure, if it makes you feel better." She lifted her ass off his lap and Scott quickly pushed his dick down the other way. Megan returned her ass to his lap and then looked down between her legs. What she saw was a big, long outline of Scott's cock going down the right leg of his shorts.

"Oh my... that's... impressive." Megan said, and then she leaned back against Scott's chest again, giving him a full view of her chest, stomach, crotch and legs. "So uh... what is it that's got you so excited, huh mister?"

"Oh I don't know... It could have something to do with the amazing girl I've been talking to all day. You know... the one with the perfect ass, whom is now sitting in my lap, half naked" replied Scott

"You like my ass a lot huh? I saw you checking it out quit a bit. And what do you think about these?" Megan asked as she took his hands, brought them up and put them right on her tits.

"These are amazing... I've been thinking about doing this all day" Scott said as he massaged her tits.

While he did this, Megan reached down and began massage and sliding her hand up and down Scott's dick from outside of his shorts. "It's really too bad we can't take your big cock out and have some fun right now."

They both smiled and quietly laughed, and from the look in each other's eyes they could see that they were both suddenly considering doing what she just suggested. They looked around again. The only people who were awake was the driver, the person in the passenger's seat and Katie, who was on the first row in the van, talking to the other two. They were caught up in their own conversation and probably thought everyone else was sleeping. Aside from Scott and Megan, everyone else was. Next to them on the same row there were 2 girls and a guy. Scott snapped his fingers in front of their faces and they had no reaction.

Megan looked him, smiled and whispered, "Are we about to do what I think we're going to do?"

Scott just smiled back, and then he lifted hips, raising his butt of the seat, bringing Megan into the air with him. In a quick, fluid motion he pulled his shorts off his hips down towards his knees. Finally free, his big 8 inch cock sprang out and smacked against Megan's lower stomach.

"Ohhh my god", gasped Megan, "that is... one big, beautiful cock" and instantly wrapped her hand around it and began working it up and down his long shaft. "Damn."

Scott slid one of his hands down her stomach and into her bikini bottom and started rubbing her already dripping wet pussy. She turned and kissed him deeply, still stroking the massive dick that was sticking out from between her legs.

"Are you ready?" asked Scott

"uh huh" was all Megan could say.

She raised her hips until her crotch was hovering above the big head of Scott's dick. She reached down and pulled the bikini to the side, then grabbed his cock and guided the tip into her pussy. She had to stop there and bite her lip and do her best to stay quiet.

"Ohhhh gooood" She turned to whisper towards Scott, with a look of pure ecstasy on her face. Then began sliding down further onto his cock, inch by inch until he was completely inside. Scott put his hands on her hips to help her move up and down, but she stopped him at first.

"mmm hang on. I just want to stay like this for a second. You feel so fucking good inside me" said Megan. She reached down and began massaging his balls, then slowly started circling her hips. Gradually she started moving up and down, and Scott began thrusting up and down as best he could from his position.

"Damn, that's a nice tight pussy... god you feel good on my cock" said Scott

"Yeah, you like that? Mmmm... take it slow though, it's really hard to keep my voice down. Fuck I just wanna scream right now. Mmmm. Wait wait wait," She whispered, trying to stay under control. Just then the van hit a bump in the road and Megan slammed onto Scott's dick, taking him in deep. She couldn't hold back. She let out a very audible moan and Katie turned around to see what it was.

Megan and Scott locked eyes with her, their faces rapidly growing more red than they already were. Katie looked confused at first, squinting her eyes a little... and then it dawned on her. Her friend Megan was riding Scott's dick and enjoying it very much. Her eyes widened and then her face matched the same shade of red as theirs. Megan and Scott were frozen. What now? What is she going to do? Suddenly, Katie turned to the driver and said, "ooh I like this song. Turn that up a bit would you?"

The driver turned up the radio, and Katie turned back to the action in the back seat. She winked at them and gave some sort of signal that they assumed meant "carry on". Scott and Megan now had an audience. With Katie looking on, Megan went back to riding Scott's cock. They were both getting close to cumming and having Katie watch turned them on even more. With the radio volume up louder, they could afford to be a little more vocal.

"Fuck, Scott... I'm about to cum on your big cock. Mmmm... keeping fucking me... ohhhh.... I'm cumming. I'm cumming" said Megan as her pussy started to convulse and clench Scott's dick

This triggered him to cum as well. "oh fuck... I'm cumming too" Scott said, as waved after wave of his orgasm surged through his throbbing dick, with each one releasing a huge stream of cum deep inside Megan's pussy. Megan let out a good long moan as she felt herself being filled up with his hot cum. As soon as she lifted herself off of him it started spilling out onto his dick, onto his balls and his legs.

After taking a few moments to regroup they both noticed Katie, still watching them, still smiling. The van pulled back into the apartment complex a few minutes later and everyone was woken up. Megan and Scott were the last to get out of the van, and when they did, Katie was there to meet them with a big grin.

"Damn you guys... at least somebody's having sex on my birthday! That was fucking hot" said Katie. They were speechless. Everyone started heading up to Katie's apartment to wait for Nate to return with all of their stuff. Megan and Scott could only look at each other and smile.

To be continued?

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