tagErotic CouplingsThe Right Man

The Right Man


The sky was a little overcast but Lady Breanna was looking for any means to escape the confines of the castle and the hundreds of eyes that watched her every move. Her father had arranged for her to be married, and her husband to be had arrived five days earlier. Sir Valin, a young knight of the fold and the heir to a considerable estate, was a pleasant enough man, in fact he was quite charming and handsome, but Breanna found nothing about the man that stirred her in anyway. At the very most, she was tolerating him.

As a lady of rank and privilege, she was no fool when it came to the ways of nobility. A marriage made in the name of love was unheard of, such arrangements were made to form alliances, strengthen bonds, or settle disputes. Marriage was a matter of business and breeding, little more. Breanna's father had chosen very careful when it came time to find her a husband, taking longer than most fathers would have to find just the right match to suite all their needs. As much as he needed the alliance with Valin's father's estates, he also wanted her to be happy, and Valin seemed like the right man for the job. He seemed a little disappointed when she disagreed with his choice, but the decision had been made and there was no going back on it now. To do so would only bring a measure of shame upon the family, and she loved her father too much to do such a thing.

Accepting Valin's hand, she climbed into the saddle and waited for him to mount his own very impressive palomino stallion. He really was quite handsome sitting astride his thoroughbred. His dark hair matching the color of his eyes, broad shoulders and narrow hips, she had watched him ride several times and he was a superb horseman. Still, as much as he had many admirable qualities; there was none that stirred her passion, or her heart.

Leaving the stables in a steady trot, Valin and Breanna rode alone into the countryside. Ordinarily they would have had an escort, but the countryside had been without strife for quite some time, and her father saw this as an opportunity for the couple to have a little time together alone, and perhaps get to know one another better. The wedding was only three days away, and he would have preferred his daughter said her vows with a smile on her face. The marriage would go ahead no matter what, but to know that she was unhappy would lie heavily on his heart.

No sooner were they free of the Manner grounds when Breanna spurred her dapple gray mare into a canter, heading out toward the open fields and the chance to be free of her roll in life for just a moment. Valin kept an easy pace with her, riding by her side but following her lead. It hurt that she didn't really want him, that she would show him no interest let alone affection, for he already loved her dearly and wanted nothing more than to make her happy in every way.

As the skies grew ever darker, Valin encouraged her to slow her mount to a walk. She had been taking her frustrations out on her horse, and the exhausted animal was more than willing to slow its pace, lathered in sweat and snorting loudly. She felt badly for working the animal so hard, her thoughts had been purely for her own frustration, and not for her gentle steed.

Bring the horse to a halt, she was about to step from the saddle when a bolt of lighting split the sky, the roar of thunder was quick to follow. Breanna's horse screamed and reared in fear, taking flight and galloping headlong into the trees. Breanna screamed, holding fast to the terrified animal's neck, digging her feet into the stirrups, knowing all to well that a fall at this speed would cost her dearly.

Valin sank his heals into his mount's flanks, racing after Breanna at break neck speed. Breanna's mount headed towards a fence, jumping it easily and making for the next open field, Valin's mount only half a pace behind. Breanna was reaching the end of her endurance, her legs no longer had the strength to hold her securely in the saddle and she came incredibly close to falling when Valin's strong arm wrapped around her slender waist and lifted her across his lap. She clung to him, her heart racing in fear, her body shaking from the terrifying ordeal. Her mount to exhausted and snorting as Valin rode towards it, his intent on catching it when another more pressing matter became apparent.

It began to rain, lightly at first, then flooded down upon them in a deluge. In moment they were both soaked to the skin and shivering. He collected the other horse's reins and headed for the closest farmhouse. Finding no one home, they sought shelter in the barn, taking the horses inside and closing he doors behind then to keep out the bulk of the storm. Lifting Breanna from his mount, he carried her shaking body to a pile of fresh straw and led the horses to some empty stalls, removing the saddles and throwing them an armful of hay each. Returning to Breanna, she had done nothing about getting out of her wet clothing, sitting there shivering, her hair draped around her pale face, she was quite a sight. When he suggested she should give him her clothing so that he could hang then out, she gave him a look that told him that wasn't going to happen any time soon.

With the storm intensifying outside, he was left with no choice than to insist she take off her wet clothing. Again she refused.

"Very will then madam, if you will not remove your saturated garments, I shall remove then for you." She didn't say a word, but her look was a clear indication that he wouldn't dare do such a thing. It quickly became more a battle of wits and will more than an issue over wet clothing, and it was a battle neither of then intended to lose. When he reached for the back of her bodice, she slapped his had away, giving him another filthy look. Valin's patience was already starting to wear thin when he picked her up, threw her face down in the straw, straddled her legs and sat on them, pinning her to the ground while he loosened the laces of her bodice.

The feel of her body squirming beneath him, and knowing that in a few days she would not be able to refuse his advances, caused him to become somewhat aroused. The sight of her naked back didn't help much either. He yearned to touch it, feel it's smooth softness, and he ran his fingers slowly down the center of her spine, making her shudder. Lifting her up, he pulled her clothing away in one quick movement, leaving her standing there buck naked and shivering. The wet skirts were amazingly heavy. He never understood why women found so much clothing necessary, but who was he to argue with fashion? Draping her clothing over a railing, he stripped and spread his own dropping attire next to hers.

When he turned she was still standing there shivering, her body turning a little red as his eyes wandered over her, or was it that she could see him in all his glory, his man hood standing half to attention and his breathing heavy? Which ever it was, she made a splendid vision. Spotting some clean saddle blankets, he took one and tried to wrap it around her shivering form. She shook it away, proud and indignant, flicking her wet hair back off her face and looking him in the eyes defiantly.

Outside the thunder rolled and the lightning lit up the sky, rain came down in droves and there was no chance of them leaving shelter of this barn for quite some time. Breanna's refusal to let him aid her was beginning to make him a little angry. In his opinion, she was being completely unreasonable.

"Brea, if you wont take my help willingly, then I will make you take it. I'll not have you dying of cold before we are even wed. I swear your stubborn pride with be the death of you some day my lady. Now please, wrap yourself in the blanket."

Again she did nothing but stare at him with fiery eyes, daring him to try and carry out his threats. She was to learn quickly that he was not a man to refuse a dare. Her flesh was growing paler and her teeth were beginning to chatter when he decided enough was enough. Taking a length of rope from a hook on the wall, he gave her a threatening looked and returned to stand before her. Her eyes burned into his face, a combination of fear and fury every bit as wild as the storm that raged around them.

"Sir, you would not dare." He lifted his eyebrows at her saying simply,

"My lady, that is where you are mistaken." She made a sudden move to run for the back of the barn, but he was quick to tackle her to the ground, landing in a pile of straw. She rolled over beneath him, striking out at him with her small fists, but he was quick to capture them, lacing them together with one end of the rope, and fastening the other end to a post not far from her head. She was trapped, naked and panting beneath him. A flash of lightning struck the ground close by, the thunder making the very earth shake and he covered her body with his for protection. Her flesh was cool and still shaking as he reached for the blankets and pulled them over bother their bodies, using the blankets and his own body to provide the warmth she needed.

Breanna lay perfectly still beneath him. She could feel his manhood growing hard and long against her thigh and it scared her a little to think that he might force himself upon her. As much as the idea frightened her, it excited her as well. She had never met a man who had come close to being her match in dominant strength, yet this man had not backed away from her defiance like others would have. He had a strength she was beginning to find most appealing, and the heat of his body pressed naked against her flesh was causing her to shudder a little for reasons other than the cold.

Valin looked into her eyes in the dim light. They were still filled stubborn pride, but they were softening a little, unlike his manhood, which he was sure she was very well aware of. He lowered his head, brushing his lips against hers tenderly, but hers remained cold and unyielding beneath him. Reaching out with his tongue, he tried to gently persuade her to part her lips for him, just a little, but she pressed them together all the harder. He frowned.

"Very well then my lady, if you will not respond to a gentleman's tenderness, then perhaps you will enjoy the roughness of a worrier." He pressed his mouth to hers in a crushing kiss, forcing her lips apart and thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. She shook her head, trying to break the hold his mouth had on hers, but he would not be denied his right to kiss her. Her body struggling beneath his, her moans of protest and the thundering storm combined to arouse him even more. If she thought her haughty composure would send him scurrying away as it had other suitors in the past, she was sadly mistaken. She was his, and he would tame her wild heart at his leisure.

Lifting himself, he sat astride her hips, his hard and throbbing erection laying across her stomach, his eyes devouring the sight of her nakedness, bound and helpless beneath him. There was fire in her eyes, and if he was not mistaken, he had seen such heat in a woman's eyes before. She was becoming aroused. She could deny herself, and try to deny him, but her own body would betray her in its readiness to be loved. Reaching out, he ran his fingers down the side of her neck, over her throat, and caressed the valley between her breast. She struggled beneath him, but her attempts were futile, he had her pinned and intended keeping her that way.

Circling her breasts with the tips of his fingers, her body shuddered in an uncontrolled response to his tenderness. His fingers had not yet caressed the sweet darkness of her nipples and already they had formed into hard little beads of pleasure on her pert young breasts. Her body wanted him, and soon her heart and mind would cry out for him as well. Running his fingers down over her stomach, tracing a line around his resting masculinity, he ventured back to her breasts, touching her rock hard nipples for just a moment before cupping the fullness of her breasts in his palms. How ripe and ready they were within his hands, he leaned forward for a taste of her sweet flesh.

As the tip of his tongue reached out and sampled the soft flesh of her breast, she tried to suppress a moan she did not want him to hear, but hear it he did, and he knew that she would soon be begging him to take her. Taking her nipple full in his mouth, squeezing her breasts together so that he could suck both her sweet buds at once, her next moan could not, and would not be held back. Her flesh was beginning to glow beneath him, and he new he had done more than simply warm her from the cold.

Sucking and licking her tender breasts, her nipples growing ever harder between his lips, he began moving slowly down her body. His tongue delighted in the taste of her, the sweet feminine odor, the silky smooth texture of her flesh. The valley between her heaving breasts led him on a trail of discovery down over her stomach to her navel. The tip of his tongue circled her navel, his hands sliding slowly down her sides, exploring every one of her wondrous curves, coming to know them intimately. She squirmed a little as his kisses went lower, down over her abdomen, nuzzling against the softness of her pubic hairs.

He was tempted to take her then, to reach out with his tongue and taste the sweetness and heat that had such a heavenly scent, but she was not ready yet. She would beg him before he was done with her this night. He kissed the tops of each of her thighs in turn, running his tongue along the insides, pressing her legs together and licking both inner thighs at the same time. Sliding further down her legs, he held her ankles firm with his strong hands while he continued to kiss and lick his way down her legs. She sighed heavily as he left the aroused regions of her upper thighs, sounding almost disappointed that he was moving away, but there was more to come. He kissed her knees, her shins, her ankles, pulling her legs apart and sliding between them, this journey was far from over. Kissing his way back up her inside legs, holding tight to her ankles as she began to wiggle and squirm more, spreading them wide until he could clearly see his desired destination. Licking his lips in eager anticipation, he continues up her legs with agonizing slowness, teasing and tormenting her with every touch.

At last he was there, breathing heavy her scent, rubbing the tip of his nose against her sex, holding her legs wide to give him all the access he desired. She struggled against him, trying to pull her legs together, but he would not allow it. Reaching out with the tip of his tongue, he tasted her, taking a long lick of her hot slit. She tasted good, much better then expected considering her sour nature, but then, perhaps her nature was only to provide cover for how truly sweet she was. He licked her again, swallowing all that he could scoop up with his powerful tongue, only to return it to her hole and lap up some more. Her hips lifted and gyrated in his grip, but he knew that her movements came from her growing pleasure, not her desire to escape him.

With his finger he began to probe and explore her inner warmth while his mouth turned her clit into a plaything for his tongue. She began to whimper a little and he knew she was on the verge of begging, but she was much too stubborn to beg and he knew he could not withhold his own driving needs forever. Harder and harder he licked, sucking and nipping her sensitive bud, forcing her body to obey his every command. She was close, the inner walls of her divinity contracting around his probing fingers, and he could wait no more. Lifting himself, he took his member in his hand and placed it against the opening of her sex. He knew she was no virgin, her first husband little more than a boy who was butchered in his first call to arms, but Valin was a man, not a boy, and she was about to learn the difference.

Slowly he pushed himself into her, filling her with his hard, throbbing manhood. Her head was thrown back and she cried out with the pleasure and the pain of not having her body treated thus for so long. She lifted her hips to meet him, joining him in his rhythmic ride. He withdrew from her wet warmth, only to push himself back in with ease and steadiness. He was in no hurry, the storm still raged around them and they were not going anywhere just yet.

As his arousal became more intense, he pushed into her with increasing speed and force, her virginal walls gripping tight to his masculine intrusion. Harder and harder he worked himself into her, driving her to the point of no return. With a scream, she shuddered and squirmed, her body consumed by the rapture of sweet orgasm. He drove her harder, doing all that he could to make her awakening last as long as possible. With his own orgasm imminent, he pulled from her, taking his cock in his hand and pumping his load all over he belly and breasts. Making her his before the wedding was one thing, making a child before that day was another and something he would not risk.

With his hot sticky load emptied out all over her beautiful body, he lay down gently beside her, reaching up to untie her hands, and bringing her chafed wrists to his lips. She watched him through pleasure filled eyes as he kissed her tenderly, amazed at how he could be both beast and saint all in the one moment. Never did she dream that such a man existed, or that her body could give her the experience of such pleasure. She snuggled against him, her head resting on his chest, the beating of his heart in her ear, his warm tented arms holding her tight. The blanket was lying discarded on the straw beside her, and she reached for it, pulling it over them both as they drifted in to kinds of dreams only lovers know of.

With the first glow of dawn the barn doors opened just enough to allow one man access. Breanna's father saw the horses in the stalls, and two pairs of naked feet protruding from beneath a blanket in the straw. He smiled to himself, backing slowly out the was he had come, closing the doors and giving orders that on pain of death, no one was to enter that barn or wake the sleeping couple. He chuckled a little, remembering how hard Breanna's mother had been to tame, and he knew Valin had been the right man for the job.

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