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The Right Man


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Ellis Williams took his lunch in his office, assessing his finances. He loved banking online. Between bites of his ham and cheese sandwich from the vending machines, he paid his mortgage. He smiled and took another bite into the stale sandwich, looking at the picture of his wife, Sharon in her string bikini on his desk. He paid the note on their SUV, and on the sedan that he drove.

He finished paying the bills, and then looked up their other accounts. The balance on the account Sharon used for her expenses was way too low. He knew that she would be having lunch with her friends, and the amount in the account could barely pay for lunch at a fast food join. He transferred a few hundred dollars into the account, and then viewed the transactions.

Sharon had expensive taste, but the outfits pleased him. He loved the assortment of high heel sandals that showed off her cute little toes and pretty feet. No matter if it was slacks, jeans, short, skirts, or dresses she bought them to accentuate her naturally beautiful ebony curves.

Ellis pulled the jewelry box from his desk containing the diamond charm bracelet he purchased to commemorate the first time he saw her. It was her smile and laugh that drew him to her. Her erotic beauty was apparent, but the sound of her voice filled him. He was in love with her from that moment, even though it took him a month to take her out for the first time.

He had been moonlighting over the past few weeks doing contact computer programming to get the expensive token of his love for her. He wanted to surprise her with it, so he didn't mention his freelance work to her. He told her that he was just working late.

The day seemed to drag on, because of his anxiety to rush home to be with his wife. He stared at her curves and smooth brown skin, making himself more and more anxious to get off work. He finally took the last hour off and left early.

He blew his horn weaving through traffic on his thirty mile trek home from his office. Thoughts of holding her in his arms, smelling the light scent of her perfume, and feeling the curve of her sweet brown buns had his cock throbbing in his pants. "Come on!" he shouted at the cars in front of him. In spite of his best efforts, it took him nearly an hour to get home through the heavy traffic.

He calmed himself when he realize that he was about to get pissed, because he had to bring the garbage can in from the curb. The homeowner's association, of which he was a member, would surely fine him if he left it out over night. He was being silly, and he knew that.

He heard a noise coming from the back of his house, and then he saw his neighbor's dog running from back there. He made a mental note to have his neighbor sent a letter. It annoyed him to find dog crap on his manicured lawn.

He used the extra set of keys to make sure that the alarm on their European SUV was set before he enter his home. He could hear the shower going from downstairs. There were a couple glasses on the counter. He imagined her and her girlfriends sitting around talking about other people's business.

Sharon's clothes were scattered on the floor of the bedroom. A habit that she had been doing well to break, but Ellis accepted the little things about her, as she accepted his freakish organizational habits. He saw her panties draped over the bottles of perfume on the dresser, and imagined her kicking the off like she did when they were caught up in the heat of passion.

Ellis stood poised in front of the bedroom door showing more patience than he had trying to get home. He held the jewelry box open in presentation for his wife to walk out. He imagined the water rolling over her even toned skin, and the scent of cocoa butter lotion she would no doubt apply to every inch.

Sharon jumped startled a bit by her husband's presences, nearly dropping the towel she had wrapped around her torso. Her eyes gleamed as the locked on the sparkling diamonds. Her mouth fell open.

"Three years ago today," Ellis began. "I was at this club and as the most beautiful black woman I had ever laid my eyes on. She was wearing a slinky red dress and a smile that lit up the place. It took me a while to hook up with her, but I promised to love her forever."

Sharon was still stunned speechless as he placed the bracelet on her wrist.

"Over the past weeks I've been doing some contract work after I left my office to be able to afford this without messing with our budget. It was ruff, but you are worth it."

Sharon's bottom lip trembled. She already knew she had a good man, so strong and endearing. Tears filled her eyes and her stomach ached. She felt as if she had been punched in the stomach.

"You don't have to cry about it." Ellis saw that she was overwhelmed.

She through her arms around his neck, pressed her lips to his, and inserted her tongue. "I love you so much...I do. I do. I do. I love nobody else, but you." She dropped her towel, unbuttoning his shirt, while keeping her lips locked on his.

Ellis slid his hands down her back taking her soft round butt-cheeks in his hands, lifting her to her toes. His heart pounded with the heat of his lust. His dick throbbed and ached with desire to be inside of her.

Sharon worked quickly to free his hard black cock. "I'll suck your dick anytime you ask me too." She knelt stretching her mouth to take in the fat dickhead. Her small hands could barely fit around the shaft as she stroked it.

"Oh yes baby." Ellis finished removing his clothes tossing him on the clothes rack next to the closet without causing her to take his dick out of her mouth.

Sharon stood and retrieved the lotion from their bathroom. She applied lotion his cock and to her asshole. "Take it. Nobody as ever had it." She leaned over the bed.

Ellis went at her as if she was in heat. He pushed her head of his dick to the tight orifice feeling the resistance. He had tried on many occasions to get her to allow him to travel up her anal passage without success. He pulled back on her hips as he thrust steadily through her anal grip into her canal.

The burning made her feel as if her asshole was being ripped open by his big black dick. She muffled her screams into the comforter. She felt she would deny him nothing. She would give even more of herself to him and met his every need. She bare the burning and stretching of her asshole to his desire.

Ellis slammed into his wife's ass, trying to get the full pleasure of the opportunity he had tried some many times to get. He pulled her ass back against his thrust causing the impact to ripple through her soft cheeks. Time after time, his steady rhythm drove his black cock up her ass.

"Aaaah!" Sharon felt the surge of her husband's cum shooting up her canal. Her toes curled as her orgasm broke.


"Gurl! That is gorgeous!" Monika examined the bracelet on her best friend's wrist.

"Mo, I was so wrong," Sharon whispered. "He was working an extra job to buy me this for the anniversary of the first time he saw me. I should have known that he'd never cheat on me. He loves me. I don't know how I ever got that in my head. I feel so guilty."

"Here's some good advice. Forget about it and take it to your grave," Monika said. "Confessing is not going to help your relationship. You gotta just forget about it."

"But I had another man in his bed, while he was working hard for me."

"Honey, you gave him the booty, right?" Monika pulled her close. "As long as you are giving him the putty, he's not going to question not one word you say. Men are like that. Every time my man start getting on me for spending too much money, I put the booty on him, he starts apologizing for bring it up. You man got you way up on a pedestal. You fall and it's going to break his heart. I'm telling you, forget about it."

The two women looked up seeing Ellis walking slowly down the stairs looking at something in his hand. Sharon stood up seeing what it was. His silence was deafening as he approached them. Sharon's eyes filled with tears. Monika looked back and forth between them. The disappointment was painted on Ellis' face as he extended his hand to give Sharon the watch.

Sharon blink and the tears flowed down over her cheeks. Her bottom lip quivered as she took the cheap man's watch from his hand. "Baby, I'm so sorry," she pleaded.

Ellis took a deep breath and looked in to her big brown tear-filled eyes. "So am I," he said softly. He turned and walked out the door.

Sharon was frozen until she heard the sound of his car starting. "No! No! No! Ellis! Don't leave!" She ran after him, chasing his car as it backed out on the street. "Ellis! Please don't leave me!" She fell to her knees at the end of the driveway. "Don't leave me," she sobbed in her hands.

Monika ran out to get her friend feeling the cold of the end of her friend's marriage.

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