tagMind ControlThe Ring of Cronus Pt. 03

The Ring of Cronus Pt. 03


Monday morning John awoke early feeling like a new man; the limousine arrived sharp at 07.30 and he was driven to the local office of SURECO a large International Conglomerate with world wide offices. The company was a top Fortune 500 and ranked in the top 100 companies in the world. The size of the offices matched the company's reputation occupying the largest building in the city which stood out as the tallest commercial block. The huge sign read "SURECO" "AFRICA DIVISION". The company had a wide spread of interests from dealing in Commodities to Insurance underwriting and Manufacturing.

The commissionaire would have graced any five star hotel dressed in full livery with the company logo neatly embroidered on his long red coat, edged in gold braid, he looked very smart as he opened the front doors tipping his hat as he did so. Entering the opulent reception area John noted that no expense had been spared to accomplish the desired effect; it was furnished in the style of a large five star American hotel. John was impressed with his reception, the receptionist appeared to be expecting him and he was ushered into the directors private lift to the executive floor where he was met by another impressively dressed receptionist, who immediately escorted him to Amanda's office and he was addressed as 'Mr. John' by the plain looking secretary sitting outside Amanda's office door. She quickly rose and opened the door behind her, allowing John to enter.

The secretary closed the door behind him and Amanda rose to meet him, looking like a Paris model, she gestured for him to come towards her as she rose and moving quickly she embraced and, kissed him passionately on the lip's open mouthed. John kissed her back and encircled her with his arms and pulled her close. The kiss went on and on, they separated and she looked slightly flushed. She reached forward and placed her hand on the front of his trousers, feeling his hardening penis; smiling she walked over to the door opened it and spoke to her secretary, whom John had hardly had time to notice, instructing her that she was not to be disturbed for any reason. She closed and locked the door.

Walking towards John, she surprisingly began pulling up her skirt as she approached him and reaching for her flimsy panties she quickly pulled them down and stepped out of them; stooping to retrieve them, she placed them in the top draw of her desk. John unbidden stepped towards her; she unclipped his trousers pushed them and his underwear down over his hips with some difficulty, thereby releasing his rapidly engorging penis. John's penis newly released from its confinement sprang upwards. Amanda placed her hand around its thickening shaft pulling it to her pubic mound, she had obviously been waiting for him for her vulva was already swollen and looked highly aroused; she began by rubbing the head of John's penis up and down the entrance of her wet vaginal entrance and over her rapidly reddening and hardening clitoris; she sat on the desk and inserted the mushroom head through her outer lips and John slid silently and effortlessly into her dripping sex. John had not even touched her physically in any sexually stimulating manner other than kissing her, or used the rings power, to his knowledge, to mentally pushed her mind, to arouse her and she was already more than willing. John drove his penis into her and buried half of its length into her with the first thrust. He pushed her back and she lay on top of the desk her legs went around his buttocks; and crossing her ankles behind him she pulled him fully home.

The ring felt hot on John's finger and his rapidly lengthening and thickening penis rushed inwards to brush her cervical entrance. She moaned loudly murmuring,

"Oh my Lord I'm so glad it was not just a dream, or a figment of my imagination; Saturday really happened. You will have to be quick I'm not going to be long before I'm there."

John began thrusting in and out of her using long slow strokes, pushing against her very core each time, as she arched her back and pulled with her ankles to get him ever deeper inside of her. John's penis was stretching the length and breadth of her vagina ever wider as he felt her strong but silky muscles grip him tighter. John instinctively increased the pace, shortening the strokes as he felt her approaching orgasm, Amanda's muscles began to milk the length of his hard shaft as she enjoyed his tireless efforts. John reached into her mind, using the rings power, held her almost at her peak until he felt the urge of his own rapidly approaching orgasm; his scrotum twitched and he felt the muscles in his buttocks begin to tighten as he prepared to climax. John did not slow down as he began to cum; he released her orgasm as the first creamy shot of sperm burst against the entrance to her womb. She put her hand over her mouth to stifle her scream of pleasure whilst John with soft grunting sounds continued to pour his fertile ejaculate deep inside her. With each thrust of his hips, she pulled him tightly against her, and their pelvic bones ground against one another.

She was thrashing about on the desk and John became concerned wondering if her secretary could hear. John's outpouring of semen finally stopped and he allowed her to slowly come down from her high. She lay on the desk gasping with his rigidity still deep inside with no sign of it softening. John pulled her off the desk withdrew from her with a sucking sound before he spun her round and bent her forward with her face against the polished surface. He reached into her mind raised her arousal once again to its peak as he pushed into her gaping entrance, oozing with his sperm. Feeling the crown slide into her, he gave an urgent thrust of his hips and drove the full length of his thick penis into her. He hit the entrance of her cervix and withdrew until the purple head and crown showed and thrust fully into her again. She sucked in her breath and moaned,

"Lord above you're still going, give it to me again. I need you to feel you cum inside me again and again."

John repeatedly drove his rigid penis up into her slippery love tunnel time after time until he felt her orgasm approach and mentally stimulating her to an intensity she had never before achieved; he shot his second load of sperm over the already drenched entrance to her womb. She grunted with each blast from his erupting penis. John finally ceased cumming and gradually withdrew his very thick and long phallus from her widely stretched vaginal entrance. The thick sperm mixed with her vaginal fluids poured down her thighs and onto the carpet. There seemed no end to the amount running from her.

Amanda finally stood up and looking at John with a satisfied smile walked a little unsteadily into her private bathroom at the back of her office, and cleaned up using the bidet. She returned looking more composed and wiped up the pool of their combined fluids from the carpet. She pulled her panties from the top draw and pulled them up pulling down her skirt which was of some wonderfully expensive material that showed little or no creasing. She looked composed and as smart as when John had entered her office, although she was still slightly flushed and had a look of total satisfaction in her smile.

Informing John that he had passed the interview and that as of that moment he had been appointed as Director of Finance, with a roving world wide commission to oversee all divisional and company operations. He would accompany her and her husband as they visited the various companies throughout the world. She had done research on his capabilities and was sure that with his qualifications and letters of recommendation she had obtained from his biggest clients, that he would be accepted by the board. The starting salary was 2 Million Euros per annum, with an unlimited expense account. His car would be a high range BMW although if he did not like it he could have any car of his choice. John would get directors bonuses and share options; if he accepted the package he would be introduced to the board in approximately 30 minutes after the meeting begins.

John was aghast but this was indeed an offer he could not refuse He thought of his clients and decided he could get help to deal with them as he could not let them down and he accepted the offer provisionally subject to final board approval, quickly before she changed her mind. So sure was she that he would accept, and after the research she had done on his practice she had pre-prepared the contract and with a flourish she reached into the draw that had only moments before been the recipient of her panties and pulled out the file and they both signed.

John wondered what her husband had said when she had proposed him into this prestigious position and looked into her mind and searched her memories. She and her husband had been married for the combination of her money and his business expertise. His performance in bed however left a lot to be desired and she had, during the marriage taken a number of lovers, none had even come close to satisfying her. This was mainly due to the fact that she had an unusually long vaginal passage with a capacity to take a long thick penis. John was the first person to fill her needs and she did not want to let him go. He was amazed when she informed him,

"You must not think that as a result of this offer and our special relationship that I expect total exclusivity of that penis of yours. I'm quite happy for you to have other lovers, providing you continue to satisfy me when ever I need it."

Amanda stood up and told him,

"I'm now going into the board room and will send a messenger to fetch you in about 30 minutes, however my secretary, Miss Primm, who is, as you will find out known as the "Ice Queen" will serve coffee in your new office situated conveniently next to mine."

She opened the communicating door to the new Director of Finance's office and John walked into pure opulence. She turned leaving him standing in a state of shock, she quietly closed the door behind her and she proceeded to the meeting. Within minutes the outer door opened and a hawkish woman, plainly dressed with horn rimmed spectacles, walked in with a silver tea service and bone china cups and a choice of tea of various flavours or a choice of coffees. She placed the tray on the table in the visitor's reception area of the office and asked if there would be anything else. John curious as to how this plainly dressed woman could be Amanda's secretary peered into her mind and found that not only was she extremely intelligent and capable at her work, but her mode of dress was used for a purpose; she dressed in a way so as not to attract the attention of men. She did not need the horn rimmed glasses as they had plain lenses. Her mode of dress was plain and carefully engineered to discourage men from being attracted to her.

She had been abused, as a child, by her father. Further delving into her memory revealed that her mother had discovered her father with his hand up her dress when she had been very young, and had thrown him out, and immediately instigated divorce proceedings. There had been no defence entered and the divorce was completed in the shortest possible time, he had not been wealthy and apart from the house there had been a very small settlement. Her mother had become embittered and never missed an opportunity to express her disgust with men's behaviour and to the best of Miss Primm's knowledge her mother had never been alone with a man from that day forward. It was so instilled in Miss Primm's mind, and so influenced was she by her mother's hatred of men, that she had disliked any idea of sexual contact with either sex. This clearly had effected her whole sexual development and as a result she was a sad person inside and was a thirty five year old virgin.

Mentally pushing a feeling of trust into her mind, John attempted to arouse her sexuality. To his surprise for the first time since acquiring the ring he felt a resistance, he therefore increased the intensity of the rings power. She looked startled and a blank look came across her face which slowly changed as her mind absorbed the instructions John was silently giving her aided by the ring. She looked strangely at John and with a smile she walked towards him put her arms around him and welcomed him to the firm. She said she had been hesitant when Amanda had said that she would be joint secretary to both Amanda and the new director, but now that she had met him she was quite happy to serve in any way she could.

John almost out of curiosity to see how far she would go; he aroused her sexuality quickly and she looked puzzled but planting the suggestion that she should sit down on the couch John sat beside her. Reaching out he pulled her towards him feeding thoughts of assurance into her mind and raising the level of her sexual arousal once again. John took off her glasses and released her hair from the tight bun, her lovely hair cascaded over her shoulders. John was the first to speak telling her she was very attractive; she smiled somewhat coyly at first, being unused to male compliments, and she relaxed against the back of the couch. John stood up and holding her hands he raised her to her feet and turned her around unzipping her plain dress he let it drop to the floor. Turning her back to face him, Miss Primm looked startled but the power of the ring ensured that she raised no resistance; the first thing that John noticed about her was the mode of her underwear, it was uninspiring to say the least. John could see that her breasts were encased in a tight fitting bra that squashed them flat, and her pants were plain cotton briefs.

John reached forward and undid the bra clip at once releasing her surprisingly large breasts from their confinement, he then moved forward and pulled down her pants, she stood before him in all her glory. John constantly had to feed into her mind feelings of well being, assuring her mentally that all was well and relaxing and suppressing her horror any resistance with what was happening to her. Her breasts were about a 34 C cup, John estimated, and once they had been released from their containment they appeared quite firm. The mental stimulation of her hormones was having the desired effect, her nipples hardened with arousal and John could see she moisture forming as her untried and untested pussy as the lips started to engorge and swell. He pulled her towards him and kissed her on the lips. They were firmly held shut at first and only after John had fed into her mind the image of a French kiss, did her lips part and John gained entrance with his tongue.

John had the rings power to thank for he had a stunningly attractive, naked thirty five year old virgin lying against his chest French kissing him passionately. Sweeping her up into his arms he laid her on the settee; John began increasing the state of her arousal even higher; before long he could clearly see the moisture glistening and oozing out of her, outer vaginal lips. The rings mental transmissions kept urging her on; John dropped his lips to her breast and she sighed deeply. Continuing to suck and lick her hardening nipples using his fingers John gently rubbed against her tiny virginal clitoral nub, feeling the change as it warmed and hardening to the touch. The ring felt hot on John's finger and was obviously working its magic into the equation. John slid first one and then two fingers between her outer lips and started to stimulate and enter her secret opening. She looked a little startled as they gained entrance to her inner self.

The mental sexual stimulation was arousing new feelings and desires; she slowly but surely parted her legs to give him better access. John drew his lips from her breasts and moved them down to her vaginal entrance pulling his fingers from her sex he slid them up to her clitoris and pushing his head between her thighs he began inserting his tongue into the entrance that had been opened by his probing fingers, John could feel her begin to move her hips, as his tongue and fingers enriched her, ring induced, arousal, he felt the first stirrings of her first ever orgasm; the rings power moved into her mind and raised the level of her stimulation causing her to gasp and moan,

"Oh my God, what's happening to me?"

John could feel her quivering on the edge of a panic attack, nothing she had ever experienced had prepared her for the feeling John was arousing inside her. Using mental control, his tongue and his fingers, her intense sexual feeing built rapidly and her first ever climax coursed though her thirty five year old virgin pussy. Natural reactions took over automatically, her legs clamped around John's neck as she tried to force his tongue deeper. She spasmed and thrust her hips upwards and the release of her fluids filled his mouth. John lapped it up eagerly drinking her first release of pure honey tasting nectar. He allowed her to relax and quickly unclipping his trousers he pushed them down pulling his underwear over his rapidly hardening erection. Her eyes opened wider as she saw the size of his penis sticking out in front of him. John had observed that its size had however diminished considerably, from the monster he had driven into Amanda earlier, for easy access into Miss Primm's virginal passage.

Miss Primm was still in a state of ecstasy, from her first orgasm, as John rubbed his already moist purple head against her wetness. Her resistance and panic were now more easily subdued and her legs widened as he eased the slick head inside. She was tight, very tight and her silky soft muscles stretched slowly to allow the slimmer shaft to enter. John hesitated, as he allowed her to rest with just the head inside her soft wet cavity. He was now constantly mentally reassuring and calming her fears, as she slowly relaxed and he eased further into her until he could feel the head of his penis brush up against her hymen, which was still intact at the age of thirty five. Mentally reaching into her mind and bodily controls again, John began, using the ring once more, as he took away her pain receptors in the area of her hymen, he eased back giving space between the crown of his penis and her membrane and in a trice he lunged forward. He felt her stiffen as the still slimmer penis burst through and aided by John's mental powers, assisted by the ring, she relaxed. He reached for her cotton panties and placed them beneath her to prevent her virginal blood from soiling the settee.

John had, to all intents and purposes, intended to ease into her slowly but her sexuality, long dormant, had awakened. Her legs griped him from behind and she pulled him deep into her love passage. John's penis started to swell and grow to accommodate her depth and circumference. She was thrusting up as he pushed into her. Her thrusts grew more and more urgent as her second climax steadily advanced to its inevitable conclusion. John too was aroused by her unexpected responses and he could feel the sperm begin its passage up towards the tip of his thrusting penis. John felt her climax rip through her and her inner muscles gripped his jerking penis and began to milk his thick pulsating member. John unable to hold back his urgent need to release, he shot sperm into her eager, willing and aroused love tube. He saw her eyelids flick open and her eyes rolled upwards as spurt after spurt rushed into her inner recesses. She lunged upwards with every shot as she ground herself against him causing her clitoris to be further stimulated and she wailed,

"Oh God! That feels so hot inside me. Oh keep doing that it feels so good, don't stop, what have I been missing all my life."

John thick sperm flowed into her and covered her cervical entrance flooding her vagina. Her clenching muscles were working for the first time and her excitement showed in her face, her nipples were hard and her breathing was ragged. John however felt that time was passing quickly and with great reluctance he gently eased out of her leaving her splayed open lips, her no longer virginal pussy was oozing sperm, coloured red from the torn hymen and staining her cotton panties lying beneath her buttocks. Wiping himself on a tissue from an open box on the desk; John quickly dressed and opened the outer door just in time too see the messenger heading towards the office to summon him to the board meeting.

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