tagMind ControlThe Ring of Cronus Pt. 18

The Ring of Cronus Pt. 18


Arriving at the door both he and Jenny were welcomed by a happy looking Amanda who told them that Jim was recovering slowly but he was still weak from the unknown virus that had attacked him. Jenny was shown by one of the staff to her room and John's case was taken up to his reserved office and bedroom combination; John was then grabbed by Amanda who took him through to the usual drawing room and locking the door behind them said,

"Oh John I have missed you; I can't wait to have you inside me. I had a call from Japan you seemed to have satisfied yet another of my close friends; she can't wait until you go back."

She undid the buttons on her front opening dress and pealed it from her body quickly followed by her bra and panties. The only sign of her pregnancy beginning to show were that he waist had thickened slightly, her breasts looked slightly bigger and her areola had enlarged and darkened. She attacked him and before he cold raise any objection or ask how she felt; in a matter of minutes he was devoid of clothes and she was engulfing his growing erection in her warm mouth, bobbing and licking it as John slid towards the back of her throat. John gripped her head as he began to thrust into her throat in a soft but firm fucking motion; knowing that he would soon release into her willing oesophagus John pulled out and spurted onto her breasts and she began to rub the semen around her hardening nipples and breasts. John quickly and unceremoniously pushed her back on the seat and licked her already wet vaginal lips thrusting his tongue deep inside. She arched up against him and welcomed the pleasure as he pushed two fingers inside licking his way to her aroused and proud clitoris as it appeared from its hooded covering. She started to climax and at once John dropped his mouth covering her labia to catch her rich honey as it ran out of her sexual opening.

John crawled up her body licking and sucking her nipples tasting his own saltiness as he did so and feeling her coital lips part as he pushed easily into her. She gasped saying,

"Oh John. Fuck me and fuck me hard and fast. I need to feel you cumming against my womb, which is already bearing your child, with your thick sperm."

John's penis thickened and lengthened to fill her extra long vaginal passage ensuring that she was as full as she could be with his rampant surging prick. She was arching up meeting every thrust as they continued to fuck like wild animals unable to get enough of each other. John delayed her orgasm and his own enjoying the intense feeling they were both getting from their mutual pleasuring. The pressure in John's balls grew until he knew he had to release, mentally releasing the hold he had over her, allowing her to climax, feeling her contract her inner muscles as the intense convulsions ripped through her inner walls, causing John to expel a flood of sperm; rapidly filling Amanda's cavity and forcing it to spill out of her and cover his still jerking scrotum.

They lay breathing heavily from their joint efforts with John still hard and deep inside her. As they relaxed and their breathing returned to normal she said that she had waited impatiently for that since she had been made aware of the fact that he would be coming back early. Then with a smile on her face asked what he thought of the American Ambassador to Japan. John told Amanda that she was very naughty for making arrangements without telling him and she laughed.

"Was she as good as me?" she asked with a smile.

John replied that it would be un-gentlemanly of him to discuss one lady with another; but she would be able to see for herself if she accompanied him to Japan on the next trip in a months time. She then said,

"I would be delighted to, if the doctor approved of me flying at that stage. However at this moment I'm not too far along the pregnancy route for you not to fuck me again. So give it to me again now, before we go up to see Jim. He'll be wondering where we are."

John roused her again and thrust up into her pregnant passage feeling the tip of his prick nudge her slowly enlarging uterus as he once more plundered her depths. He gradually brought her to an imminent climax and let it crash through her feeling her contractions squeeze and pleasure his speeding prick. It came like an express; she was shaking her head, her hair coming undone and falling in wave motions as she shuddered through her orgasm and moaning as she cried out, "Oh Yes. Oh Yes. That's what I needed. I've never had orgasms like you make me have. You fill me so full with your long, thick, ever ready penis. I just can't do without you."

John's scrotum built to a painful fullness and it swelled as the thick sperm forced its way up the centre of the plunging column and flooded out spreading its heat and stickiness through out Amanda's convulsing pussy,

"Oh God that feels so warm inside me."

John reluctantly pulled out his still hard prick from Amanda's clutching folds and she got up clamping her hand between her legs to prevent the sperm spilling onto the floor. She grabbed her panties and stuffed them into her oozing opening and slipped on her bra and dress, and rushed off to the bathroom, whilst John dressed before going to his room.

When she returned she looked the smart, calm Amanda that people expected her to be except she had a flush to her cheeks that had not been there when he arrived. John went up to his room to shower her smell off his body before his meeting with Jim. He showered and dressed casually and walked into their bedroom. Amanda was there already and Jim had improved tremendously since he had left for South Africa and the Far East. Jim was sitting up in bed and smiling. The lovely lady doctor only came in every twice a week after being flow in by charter and the two nurses managed him between them. Jim said he had felt himself start to get well as soon as John had wished him to get better before leaving on the last trip. John suddenly realised with horror that Jim's illness had been caused by the ring. It had interpreted his desire for Amanda and the shares in the Corporation as a wish for Jim to die and leave him with Amanda and Jim's share of the Corporation. That was of course before John had taken over control again. He would have to watch that control stayed fully in his hands and never relax for a minute. This ring would control all with its own evil entity if he allowed it to.

John explained to Jim that he had overheard the director's conversations and had put two and two together. Jim looked at him with a strange look in his eyes and said that that he was unaware that John could speak Japanese and that he also knew that John must have had other help because the conversation and report he had received from Jenny had told him of the intricate detail John had gone into regarding the engineering problems at the various plants. He would of course let the corporation pick up the tab for the investigative team John had put in place in Japan. John knew that he could never tell Jim of the power of the ring, so he agreed to accept a token payment towards the supposed expense. Jim just did not know what had alerted John, because the compiled report Jim had received from the team of experts had mentioned nothing in that regard. Jim was now more than ever convinced that John was the man for the top job and would be taking recommendations to the board to confirm him as CEO of the world wide group and Joint Executive Chairman with himself.

When they were alone later Jim then broke the bomb shell. He began by saying, "John I want you to know I am fully aware that you are regularly fucking my wife, at every opportunity I believe, and I'm fully aware that the child she's carrying is technically yours. I have suspected it for sometime, but when she had come upstairs after welcoming you today, and I saw her flushed face and the absolute joy of her sexual fulfilment, I knew for certain. Before the shocked and open mouthed John could reply or even utter any sort of sound Jim went on to say, "I wanted to let you know that I could not have hoped for a better solution, as I've never had a strong sex drive or any affinity for either sex, and now I can relax. She is having the child she has always wished for; I have always been aware that with my low level of sperm count, it was most unlikely that I would ever get her pregnant as the report informed me I am virtually sterile. To put your mind at rest I very happy with the arrangement and I hope you and I will have a long and successful business and family relationship. I want you to understand however that I love my wife very much and would not want to loose her and I hope whatever happens you will respect my wishes on the matter. I shall not mention this conversation again and trust you will keep it confidential."

John was dumbstruck! He searched his mind for something to say, not knowing what or how to answer Jim's statements; quickly scanning Jim's mind John could see that he was being absolutely genuine, in every way. Jim was indeed overjoyed with the outcome of her first meeting with John. She had got the child she had been hoping for, and Jim had the best, most exciting CEO he could ever have wished for, to head the Corporation. What more could he want, Jim would be able to help where necessary in the management of the corporation; spend time with his child, and he added that, he hoped here would be more than one. John finally from the bottom of his heart told Jim that he would never take Amanda from him, and would endeavour not to make the relationship with Amanda obvious to anyone in the Corporation or his staff. The two men shook hands and were confirmed friends for life. Jim's, that is, because the ring would allow John to live forever if he wished, and at this moment, he could envisage no end to the wonderful exciting life he was living.

John rang Miriam and told her he was back in the States and would be leaving for Brazil in a week's time but would come to Zambia in the next couple of days for the wedding between her friends and his practice partners.,

"Oh John I do miss you so, but I'm amazed that whenever I think of you my memories are so strong, I can almost, No," she corrected herself, "I can actually feel your penis inside of me, and when I climax I could almost swear I can feel you cum into me. It's so strange but I find some satisfaction and I feel so close to you in those moments."

The ring glowed and vibrated on John's finger and he remembered what he had implanted in her mind. She confirmed the date of the wedding and John responded,

"I promise I'll be there, I love you."

John rang off with a feeling of remorse that Miriam was not with him in America. John would learn that as life went on, remorse for lost or absent loved ones that died, would torment him whilst he would remain young and virile, this would be only one of the set backs of immortality of the ring.

John retired to his office and Jenny came in with her note book to take notes for the engineers to review and calculate the estimated costs of the repairs and replacements required in Japan. The detail John was able to recall from his scan of the Japanese production engineer's minds was so detailed even down to a full description of the parts their required tolerances and in some cases even the part numbers; that SURECO engineering division would not believe that he was an accountant and not an engineering genius. They would from the detail he had given them be able to cost the repairs and replacements with ease and get the costing for the board meeting, in less that the 24 hours they had to prepare the final estimates. John then drafted the report for the board based on his visit to South Africa, China and Japan Jenny left giving him a kiss on the cheek and saying she would see him with the report later.

Deciding to go downstairs and look around John spotted an attractive young woman in the grounds, whom he had not seen before. He walked up and introduced himself and she said she was Amanda's niece, Mary, visiting for a few days. She was on a break from some highly regarded women's college, her parents were abroad, so she was staying with her aunty Amanda for the mid term break. John scanned her mind and saw at once she was a virgin, but had high hopes of losing it to some young jock as soon as possible. John could never resist a virgin, especially one who was as desperate to lose her virginity as Mary appeared to be, so he suggested a walk in the grounds and she accepted. They began to talk as they walked in the direction of the lake, as they got further from the house John began to mentally stimulate her and raised her sexual arousal to see the effect. She was obviously excited and their conversation began to take on a new phase, she passed a few comments about her boy friends from college, how she had let a couple of them feel her breasts and had even allowed the latest one to touch her through her panties, but had held back unsure of the outcome if she had let him go any further. John then raised her sexual arousal again.

Mary was now positively and openly flirting with him and as they neared the boat house John pushed into her mind that they should go inside. No sooner were they out of sight of any one seeing them, than she put her arms around John's neck and kissed him hard, with closed lips, the kiss of an innocent and inexperienced young woman. John pulled her to him and returned the kiss but with the aid of the ring he mentally pushed her to open her lips as he slid his tongue inside. She was roused and offering no resistance she let him have his way, their tongues slid around each other in a frantic dance and her breathing became more laboured. John lifted her up in his arms; carried her aboard the moored motor cruiser and lay her on her back on the blankets in the unlocked cabin; using the rings power again, he roused her sexual desire to a fever pitch and ran his hand under her skirt felling her wet pussy lips though her equally wet panties, which were showing obvious signs of her high state of arousal. Her gusset was soaking; John slid his fingers under the wet material and rubbed along her slit. She drew in a sharp breath but still offered no resistance or opposition; John then began to try and open her blouse with his other hand, he watched as Mary eagerly assisted him quickly undoing the buttons. The blouse opened revealing her soft breasts that were encased in a silky bra. Scanning her mind John could see that she had been truthful; a number of boys had felt them, but she had resisted the temptation for them to be revealed and sucked, so pushing reassurance into her mind he took away her inhibitions, so much so that she reached up and unfastened the clip allowing her young firm breasts to appear before John's eyes. The nipples were brownish pink in colour, her fairly large areola were a darker shade of the same colour and as they came into view the nipples crinkled in the fresh air.

John bent forward and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth instantly feeling it harden as he heard her hard intake of breath. His eager finger found the entrance to her vagina and he slowly and gently eased the digit inside. He felt her push her hips up as the finger moved deeper, he curled it to find her G-spot and his thumb rubbed against her emerging clitoris. Mary had never felt anything like this before, she had the strangest craving between her thighs and her hips pushed up higher allowing John's finger to go deeper as he moved across and sucked on the other nipple, it enlarged as John's tongue swirled around its tip. Her breathing was now getting ragged and she said to John in a trembling voice.

"Oh God John, be gentle with me, I have the strangest desire and although I have never met you before I want you to be the one to take my cherry."

John eager to comply with he wishes pulled his honey coated finger out of her wet squishy pussy and closing his hand on the elastic began to ease down her panties, Mary in her eagerness to please him raised her buttocks allowing John the freedom to pull them down until he had pulled them off her feet, she spread her legs wide and leaving the subtle taste of her engorged breasts he put his mouth over her innocent pouting and very wet pussy. She arched up and he could taste her sweet pubescent juices as they ran down her crack towards her brown puckered star. He licked upwards and ran his tongue over her young clitoral nub. She drew in a breath and moaned,

"Oh Yes. Oh my God that's the spot."

John continued her arousal. John knew that Mary was now beyond any form of resistance and he reached down with a practiced ease as he unzipped his fly and pulled his pants and shorts over the head of his erect penis. John placed her hand onto the pulsating thick phallus, and she gingerly ran her young hand tentatively up and down its length, rubbing her fingers over the helmet shaped head. Mary ran her fingers over the moist tip as John's pre-cum leaked out. To his utter amazement she put the tips of her finger to her mouth and sucked saying to him,

"Oh John its slick and has a nice salty flavour."

John had not expected Mary, as a young innocent virgin, to do that. He decided that the moment was now; she was as ready for him as she could ever be he gently and slowly moved forward and began rubbing the moist tip of his erect penis between her wet outer lips to give some it more lubricant. John felt the rings influence as his phallus reduced in thickness and with a rotating movement of the swollen head he eased the slick penis forward, slowly slid the slimmer shaft gently inside her unresisting vagina. Her gasp was audible and she moaned aloud and muttered,

"Oh God you're inside me. Oh my God be careful you're not wearing any protection. Oh God don't get me pregnant. Oh God that feels so good. Oh God don't cum in me. Oh God! Oh God!

John took away any pain receptors around her hymen and pushed inwards until he could feel it stretch against the crown of the intruding flesh. He drew back and pushed in hard feeling the thin film of skin, first stretch and then suddenly tear, John hesitated, waiting a few minutes, allowing her to get used to the interloper, he then pushed in as far as he could feeling his penis thicken as he moved forward to stretch her inner walls. Once fully inserted, and she stopped tensing her whole body and she began to relax, the pain she had been led to believe had not happened; his penis was buried inside her and it felt so good. Mary moved slowly and felt John slowly start to move his phallus in and out, slowly lengthening his stroke as he felt her start to respond. In a few minutes his penis was being driven in and out of her tender and no longer virginal sex, as she moved under him, gradually John began increasing the speed, and now, shortening the strokes to increase his own pleasure John could see as well as feel the joy her first time was giving her; her whole body was trembling with the high state of sexual arousal his driving penis was giving her. All too soon she was getting close and John pushed her climax allowing it to break at the same time as he shot hot jets of sperm deep into her cavity. She thrust up as her climax hit and her contractions were fierce. This was her first male induced orgasm and its intensity was tremendous. She moaned loudly,

"Oh my God that feels so good." Followed by a plaintive cry of panic, "Oh God you've cum inside me! Oh God I'll be pregnant! Oh God! I never thought it would be like that. Oh God! Oh God I'm pregnant, Oh God."

John using the rings powers calmed her fears,

"You don't have to worry about that, I've got a very low sperm count."

John lied all too convincingly. Her panic slowly subsided and he allowed her convulsing vagina to return slowly to normal; he felt her relax after giving her a few minutes with his erect penis still hard up inside her he gradually started again. She took a deep breath and after receiving more stimulation from John's ring inspired power; once again she bucked up under him. Taking this as a sign of her renewed arousal John pushed harder, she grunted and he thrust up into her firmly. Gasping she said,

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