tagBDSMThe Road From Ojai Ch. 03

The Road From Ojai Ch. 03


Angel quickly opened one of the packages and unwrapped a strange device which looked like a small penis- garter and placed it around my dick.

Then she put another attachment around my balls and up my ass.

She handed the remote control to Michelle, who then handed it back and said, "Show him what happens if he should hesitate performing any of our demands."

Angel hit the button and immediately I felt a jolt of electricity shoot down my penis, inside my scrotum and deep into my rectum.

The pain was excruciating. I screamed in agony and tears welled up in my eyes.

"What you have experienced is an electrical shock at the lowest setting for only a fraction of a second," Michelle explained. "I see, like most wimps, you have a very low sensitivity to pain. Good, that will make this even more enjoyable!"

Angel was then told to tie me to the chair in the bedroom and place a ball gag in my mouth. After that she opened up another package and removed a kind of tubing with small spikes on the inside.

She slid it on my dick and told me if I got an erection, the spikes would go into the skin of my shaft and hurt like hell.

This is not what I had expected; I was helpless, completely at their command and getting very turned on and to make things worse, I felt my cock start to harden.

I could feel the spikes dig into my flesh as my dick swelled, causing my erection to fade. It hurt like hell and kept repeating over and over.

Michelle then turned to my wife and said, "Strip, bitch!"

Angel immediately disrobed and I was shocked to see a few changes had been made.

Her pubic area was shaved and tattooed on her vulva were the words, "Michelle's Bitch."

She was wearing a clit ring and both nipples were pierced with medium-sized rings which were held together with a golden chain.

I was beginning to fully understand the nature of their relationship. My sweet wife was not only Michelle's lover, but her slave as well.

Angel now naked, immediately got down on her knees in front of Michelle.

"Who are you?" Michelle asked.

Angel quickly replied, "Your slave, your bitch, your whore. Your property to do with as you see fit. To fuck or suck anyone you tell me to and do whatever you request of me."

"And what about him?" she said, pointing at me.

"He means nothing to me, you are my mistress and my world!" my wife quickly answered.

I was stunned by her reply. I couldn't believe that Angel would allow herself to be so completely dominated and cast me aside so easily but then I realized, I was well on my way to the same place.

"You may kiss my ass, slave." Michelle commanded, turning around and parting her ass cheeks with both hands as my sweet wife buried her face between her mistress's buttocks planting sweet kisses on her anus.

"See, little man," Michelle teased, "You have lost your wife to a superior woman.

She now belongs to me, to do with and I so please and soon, you too will me mine.

I was starting to panic. This was no longer a game. It had all gone too far and I had allowed it to happen.

I spent the next hour watching my wife being used and abused by her new mistress. My cock kept repeating its swelling, spike puncture, deflating process.

After they had tired of making love, the next turned their attention toward me.

Upon command, Angel strapped on a giant dildo and I was bent over the bed, face down to receive my deflowering.

I did not try to refuse; the threat of the electrical devise was all they needed to control me.

"Fuck the little faggot!" Michelle ordered, and quickly I began to feel the dildo slide into my ass.

It hurt like hell but after a few strokes, I began to relax and the pain decreased. It even began to feel quite pleasant and I started to respond, only to feel the spikes poking my penis causing my erection to subside.

"Look, "Michelle laughed, "the little sissy likes it," pointing to the pre-cum oozing from the tip of my cock. "See, you married a little faggot. We will have him sucking cock in no time!"

Both women laughed at me. I was turning red with embarrassment, betrayed by my own dick.

"I can hardly wait to see that," Angel chided, "He can suck real men hard to fuck me!"

I felt totally humiliated, emasculated and defeated. Angel, the love of my life was enjoying my debasement and seemed to have lost any respect she ever had for me.

Angel kept pounding away at my ass while Michelle climbed up on the bed forcing me to lick and suck her pussy while my wife butt-fucked me.

"Maybe when we are through with him we can dress him in drag and pimp him out to some of my some friends who love little sissies!" Michelle added and both women laughed.

"Darling, are you awake?" My wife asked, "Sorry about being late but Michelle's business took longer than she expected. Did you miss me?"

Everything slowly came back into focus. It had all been a dream, no three-way, not torture, nothing; just a weird fucking dream!

Angel was still mine, all was well. I felt a sense of tremendously relief.

"Oh, by the way," Angel added, "Michelle asked us if we wanted to come to a party at the Club next weekend, are you up for it?"

"Why don't we just pass on the party," I replied. "You never know how these things can end up."

"OK" my wife replied, "Just though you might get a kick out of it."

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