The Road Home


Wayne stood watching me closely. When I was through, he said, "That looked too easy and I have no idea what you were doing but I'll bet it works better." He finished with a chuckle.

"It'll work better, that's for sure but this system is too small and slow for what you're using it for and you need to up grade to a more modern operating system." I told him.

"Yea, but you're talking a lot of money aren't you?" He asked.

"Not really. This thing can be up graded reasonable and the new operating system is not that expensive now." I went on to explain what needed to be done and why. We talked cost along with it.

Finally, Wayne said, "You seem to know what you're talking about but at a lot less money than I've been told by the local computer shops. Can you do it all yourself?"

"Sure, I can get the parts from a wholesaler I know in Austin and then it's just a matter of installing them. We could do it Monday if you don't mind a guest until then."

"Not Monday." He said. "It's a three day weekend for us, but Tuesday would be no problem. My only question is what are you making off this deal."

"Money wise, nothing. Friendship wise is a whole other story." I said with a smile.

He looked at me for a moment and then said, "I see."


By the time I returned to the cabin, I was dragging. My lack of sleep had finally caught up with me. I hit the bed and died.


It was early afternoon when I awoke. It took me a few moments to remember where I was and what wasn't a dream. Getting out of bed I stopped and listened for a moment, there were no sounds in the cabin. I looked over the wall to find Dixie's and Chris's bed empty. I headed to the bathroom and natures call.

Taped to the mirror above the sink was a note that read:

"Dear Greg, I had to go teach a class and Chris is working in the pavilion. Make yourself at home; there are some leftovers from lunch in the icebox. Be back soon, Dixie."

I had to chuckle over where she had left the note. Most women would have chosen the front of the refrigerator. I took a quick shower and headed for the kitchen. I made a sandwich from the cold roast chicken added a scoop of potato salad to the plate and heated the beans in the microwave.

With the plate in one hand and a beer in the other, I moved outside to eat at the table on the back porch. It was a beautiful day, the house shaded the porch, and a light breeze helped with the heat. I sat and ate slowly just enjoying life.

I had just finished eating when the back door opened and Chris stepped out. "Hey, you're not dead after all! From the way you were sleeping when we left I just knew you were a goner." She said with a smile.

Seeing my mode of undress so to speak, the smile turned to a grin. "Where are those shorts? You know, the ones with the tent pole in them." Saying this, she moved over to the railing across from me and climbed up to sit on top of it.

Once she was seated facing me, I asked if she was hungry, as there were more leftovers than I could eat. She shifted her position and spread her legs wider. I had a great view of her body outlined by the bright sky.

She laughed. "No, thanks! They put me to work in the kitchen and all I've done is nibble. If I keep working there I'll be as big as a house. Although I'll probably die of dish pan hands first." She finished holding out her hands and looking them over.

I chuckled at what she said and at what she was trying to do. She was having some effect on me but to my surprise not as much as when she wore the little sundress. I stood slowly saying, "Well, it's my turn to clean up the mess I left in the kitchen. Want to watch and learn from an expert?"

She looked me up and down as her grin slowly faded. "You're no fun anymore and I've had all of the kitchen I want for one day."

Cleaning the kitchen was a short-lived job; I finished it and my beer about the same time. Checking the refrigerator, I wondered how far the nearest store was so I could restock Dixie's small supply. I also was wondering what I was going to do now. I was still a little out of my depth here.

I looked out the window to see Chris still sitting on the rail. I was sure I was not ready for anymore of her games without her mom close by. She appeared to be talking to someone, I assumed it was her mom and opened the door to say hello. Two girls around Chris's age turned to look at me, I froze in my tracks.

Chris was grinning again as she said, "Greg, let me introduce a couple of my friends. This is Traci and Terry, or is it Terry and Traci?"

She paused as the two girls said hello. "They are identical twins, well almost. Terry always has hard nipples and Traci has a birthmark on her butt."

I said hello, as the twins looked me up and down with big smiles. I was frantically looking for a reason to leave. I was saved by Dixie's voice calling from inside. "Is anyone home?"

I said excuse me to the girls and stepped back inside. I could hear them giggling, as I walked toward the front of the house. I could pretty much guess what Chris had been telling them.

Dixie saw me and said, "Hello, did you have a nice rest?"

I told her everything was fine and the lunch was great also. She looked at me hard and asked, "Has Chris been at it again? I'm going to kill that girl."

I laughed and told her that it wasn't anything I couldn't handle and that I'd take care of it, that I had to learn to control myself and not let her get to me. Anyway, it was getting easier.

"Her latest plan kind of fizzled and didn't blow up in her face, if you get my drift. When her twin friends showed up and there wasn't any show, maybe she'll give up." I finished.

Dixie started toward the back porch but I placed a hand on her arm as she passed. She stopped and looked at me. "Oh, okay." She said after thinking about it for a second. "Just remember, if it gets to be too much of a problem I want to know about it."

I assured her I would. I asked about the store since I had consumed about a quarter of her beer supply. "That's no problem; Wayne has a delivery service from town. You drop off your order and money early and it arrives by the afternoon. Do you need anything from town?"

"Oh, no, I just didn't want to run you short. I could use a tour of this place and what's available to do here. That is if you're not too tired after teaching class."

She laughed. "This is the best thing that's happened to me in years. I get to run around naked and teach a subject I love. Then get a great work out in the exercise class. My martial arts class is mostly stretches and the basics and the other is low impact aerobics. I'm out of shape but I feel great."

She did have a glow about her and her face was alive as she talked about her work. We grabbed our towels and I suggested we leave by the back door so I could say good-bye to Chris and her friends. Dixie thought this was an excellent idea. The girls were huddled around the table as we came out onto the porch. Hearing us they all leaned back and looked our way.

Saying good-bye was much less of a problem than saying hello had been. Dixie gave Chris a hard look and asked the twins how their parents were. It seemed to put a damper on their conspiratorial planning. We headed out on the tour.


I was surprised to learn there were over fifteen hundred acres of ranch area. There was a pool, steam room, a hot tub, a small lake for fishing, hiking and biking and four wheeler trails ran everywhere. There was a small stable and a horseback riding area. Shuffleboard, volleyball, and tennis were also available. There were even a couple of small putting greens. A camp trailer and motor home area was around to the east and a camp ground farther past that.

I was quite impressed with it all. When we ran into Wayne near the pool area, I told him what I thought. He told me that he and Kaye had discussed my ideas about the computer and it was a deal. When he hurried off, Dixie and I got a couple of cokes from the snack bar and wandered over to sit by the pool.

I noticed that she had signed for the cokes and asked her about it. "As an employee I get my meals free and my drinks at cost. I'm told you get the same deal since you're going to fix the computer system for free. By the way, Kaye said to tell you that the system is already running a hundred percent better than it ever has."

"The computer thing is no big deal, I love working on and with them. They don't need to make me any special guest or give me special treatment. I love it here; I just wish that I had found out about it much earlier in my life. I'm doing it to repay their hospitality and it allows me to hang around here a while longer."

Dixie looked at me somewhat funny as though she could read my thoughts. "Don't worry about Wayne and Kaye, they make a fairly good profit out of this place and they like you." She paused for a moment then asked. "Does your hanging around have anything to do with me?"

I thought for a minute then said, "As Chris would say, I'm busted."

Again, I took a moment to think things through. "I've really enjoyed your company and I like you. I'm not going to try to put any pressure on you but I would like to get to know you better. I understand what you have just gotten yourself out of and I'm in no hurry, I know, you need time. For now, all I want to be is your friend." I was being as honest as I've ever been in my life.

She looked at me for a long time then stuck out her hand for me to shake, as she said, "Friends!"

I took her hand and shook it answering, "Friends."

Chris and the twins showed up for a swim as we sat talking. Chris has a nice tan but the other two girls were a dark toast color with blond streaks running through their hair. They were as nice to look at as Chris or Dixie. All three joined us at the table for a while but the water was a stronger lure than nosing into adult affairs.

We sat and watched them, along with another half dozen kids play in the pool. There were nearly as many boys, as girls and they were having a ball seeing who could drown whom. I noticed that there wasn't an official lifeguard but there were adults all around with at least one eye on the pool.

The other thing I noticed was that all the kids were playing together; there weren't the girls on one side, the boys on the other that you saw at most places. As I thought about it, I realized I hadn't seen any of the little cliques, group things that you normally see. How do you show social statues when you're in your birthday suit?

When I chuckled, Dixie looked over at me with a questioning look on her face. I explained what I had observed and my thoughts about it.

She nodded when I was through and said, "You've found the key to this lifestyle. People here must rely on their ability to communicate who and what they are without the benefit of material trappings. That's why you have very few assholes or shallow people in nudism, they find it hard to hide and/or be accepted."

We finished our cokes and decided to take a walk. We walked and talked for quite a long time, ending up on one of the hiking trails near the lake. We had found out a lot about each other from our rambling conversation. The main thing I found out was that she was smart and intelligent with a quick wit. Another was that her religious beliefs were at odds with her separation.

She learned that I was single after my last girlfriend had left me for an older man but in retrospect, I had found it was for the best. Also that my job kept me away from home for long stretches of time and I was tired of it.

We wound up standing on the end of the short pier that jutted out into the lake. The water was clear and appeared to be deep. There was a small float anchored in the center of the lake, about a hundred yards from us. The breeze that had kept things cool earlier had died. The sun was low toward the horizon but it was still hot.

Dixie asked if I wanted to take a swim, so I pushed her in and dove in after her.

She came up laughing and calling me names. The water was cold at first, after the heat of the sun, but as we swam toward the float we became more accustom to it. As I swam, I was aware of the water flowing around my balls and manhood and between my legs, as I never had with a bathing suit on. By the time we reached the float, I was winded. I knew I was out of shape but not this bad. The last twenty feet were murder.

Dixie was already on the float when I got there. She was breathing as hard as I was. I didn't feel too bad since she's over ten years younger. There was a ladder bolted to the float, so it wasn't hard for me to climb up and collapse on the wooden deck. Dixie who was sitting in a sprawl, leaning back on her elbows laughed.

When I finally caught my breath, I asked what was so funny.

"For a minute there I thought I was going to have to play lifeguard. Then when you made it, I was wondering where the nearest oxygen bottle was. By the time you climbed onto the float I was about ready to give you mouth to mouth recitation."

"Why did you change your mind? I might still need it." I said with a grin. "There's still the swim back." I finished with a groan.

She laughed again and leaned over to kiss me on the cheek. "You're a real nice guy, Greg, crazy but nice. I need practice in my life saving techniques anyway but we're going to rest for a while before we go back."

We sat around on the float talking, occasionally we'd jump over the side to cool off and climb back to talk some more. This was turning out to be one of the best days of my life. As the sun topped the trees and started to slowly sink behind them, we decided to make the return swim, but at a slower pace.

Using a slower pace and several different strokes, we made it to the pier in a lot better shape than the swim out. Once on the pier we retrieved our towels and headed slowly back toward the cabins.


The three of us ate supper together in the pavilion, which was much more crowded than breakfast. Chris seemed more sedate but then again, we were in public so that doesn't count. She watched us both very closely all through the meal.

On the way back to the cabin she followed behind us but once inside, she asked, "What's with you two? You couldn't take your eyes off each other for more than a few seconds the whole time we were eating. Walking home I was surprised you weren't holding hands."

Dixie and I both looked at her funny and then we looked at each other. Slowly a smile grew on both our faces, when it reached a grin, I stepped forward and took Dixie in my arms and kissed her for all I was worth.

When I released Dixie and stepped back, I heard Chris whisper, "Holy cow!"

Dixie stood looking at me and said softly, "I'll second that."

All I said was, "Do you want a beer?" as I headed for the kitchen.

I could feel both of their eyes staring holes in my back. Dixie and I had planned this as a little pay back to Chris but I think Dixie got more than she bargained for.

Opening the icebox I turned and looked at Dixie. She just stood staring until it dawned on her that I had asked a question. "Yeah, I'll have one."

She blinked and turned to look at Chris, who stood with her mouth hanging open. Dixie reached out and gentle pressed up on Chris's chin. Her mouth closed and her eyes finally left me and centered on her mother. Dixie was grinning at her daughter.

"Mother!" Chris started to say but Dixie cut her off.

"Pay backs are hell, aren't they?" she said with a laugh. "I should let you wonder for a while longer but I'll be nice. If you'll quit teasing Greg, we won't tease you. Deal?"

Chris looked from her mom to me; I was grinning back at her as broadly as Dixie was. She sat down on the couch and looked up at her mom. "Hey, that's not funny. You don't know, just what all was going through my mind." She paused then said half to herself. "Not funny at all."

"Is it a deal?" Dixie pressed her.

Chris sat looking from her mom, to me, and back again. Letting out a long sigh, she said, "Okay, I'll ease up on you Greg, but it sure takes all the fun out of you being around."

Dixie walked over and took the offered beer, and took a long swallow. Chris fidgeted on the couch for a moment then asked, "Do you think I can spend the night with Terry and Traci? We already check it out with their mom and it's all right with her."

Dixie told Chris it was okay with her. Just remember that she had to be at the pavilion by six for work. Chris went to their room and grabbed some things in a small bag, gave her mom a hug and me a kiss on the cheek before leaving.

Dixie and I moved out onto the back porch to be greeted by a three-quarter-moon hanging just above the trees. Sitting at the table, we sipped our beers in silence. The tone of the silence had to do with our kiss, of that, I was sure. It was supposed to be a peck on the lips but once I had my arms around Dixie and my lips met hers, things got carried away. I did notice that after a second of surprise she returned the kiss fully. My silence was fear of saying the wrong thing.

Dixie finally broke the silence. "I haven't been kissed like that for ten years. I'd nearly forgotten what it was like. Boy, do I remember now. I'm not sure whether to thank you or slap your face. I do know one thing; if you ever kiss me like that again you're in big trouble. You'll have an out of control woman on your hands and you'll need a fire extinguisher to put me out." We both laughed.

After a moment, I said, "I probably should apologize but I won't. Once my lips met yours, I just couldn't help myself. There was some fire on this side also. I could say I was doing a good acting job in front of Chris but that wouldn't be true. I was a bad boy!" I finished with a grin.

"There wasn't anything bad about it." Dixie said mostly to herself, then turned up her beer, and finished it.

"You want another one?" she asked, standing up.

"I might as well." I said as she went into the kitchen.

She returned in a few minutes empty handed and told me to stand up. When I did she slipped her arms around my neck and my arms moved of their own accord around her waist. She looked into my eyes for a second before tilting her head slightly and closing her eyes. I brushed my lips gentle across hers at first then nibbled at her lips.

She trembled slightly as I pressed my lips to hers. The tip of my tongue touched her lips and teeth; they opened to allow my tongue to fence with hers. We both moaned softly. My hands roamed slowly and gently up and down her back. I could feel her nipples stiffening against my chest. My manhood trapped between us throbbed and stiffened. The kiss went on and on.

Slowly the kiss wound down until we were just holding each other; her head nestled against my shoulder. After a minute or two she stepped back and looked at my face. Glancing down she smiled shyly and took my hand. She turned and led me into the house and on into my sleeping area. I lay down on the bed but she stood over me for a moment just looking at me.

Sitting down next to me, she said, "Right now full sex is out of the question; I'm still a married woman. There are other things we can do besides intercourse that are almost as pleasurable." The shy smile on her face turned into a grin.

I started to speak but she placed two fingers against my lips. Instead I licked at the fingers and sucked them into my mouth swirling my tongue around them. She smiled and lay down beside me.

We were lying on our sides a few inches apart, softly kissing and letting our free hands wander and explore each other's bodies. My hand was moving down her side, over the swell of her hip, along the outside of her thigh, then over to the back of her thigh and up to explore the curves and crevices of her tight ass cheeks. Her hand was exploring my back and then my ass cheek as well.

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