tagLesbian SexThe Romantic Capture

The Romantic Capture


The sun is dipping down to a purple sea. The air is warm and I stand on the verandah of my holiday chalet on the beach gazing out to sea. I'm sipping a chilled white Riesling and my muscles are feeling the tired relaxation of a day spent in swimming and surfing.

I should be feeling tranquil and at peace with myself but my thoughts keep slipping back to that disturbing encounter with my holiday neighbour just 30 minutes ago. I had been climbing the steps up from the beach towards my chalet and she had been there standing and looking at me. There had been a slight smile on her face, a question in her eyes, and (was it my imagination) a finger movement as though to beckon me. I had had to resist the urge to walk towards her! As I turned away I thought I heard her whisper a word "later" but it could have been my imagination.

I shake myself impatiently. What is wrong with me? I return inside, sit down, and try to get back into my evening novel. So sleepy, and my eyes start to close as I slip into a quite reverie. A few minutes later, though it seems much longer than that, I find myself awaking with a start. What a dream! I've rarely dreamt in such a blatantly erotic way and to my astonishment I see that my fingers have slipped under my skirt, into my panties, and are now soaking in the juices of my very aroused pussy. In vain I try to recapture the details of the dream but all I am sure of is that my mysterious next door neighbour featured in it.

I'm now feeling very frustrated - emotionally and sexually. I would really like to have some human contact but there is no-one I know around here. In fact my neighbour is the only person within about a mile. I shrug my shoulders: perhaps I shall pay her a call.

A minute later I am standing on her verandah and knocking softly on her front door. My heart is thumping as it opens. She stands there looking at me - I feel that I am expected. Again she makes that beckoning sign with her finger and I follow her in. No words have yet been spoken and I open my mouth preparing to say something. Instantly her fingers are on my lips and my words are still-borne. I look at her in surprise and shock not knowing what to think. She stares at me intensely and slowly my eyes drop to the floor. She nods as though in approval and motions me to take off my light jacket. I now stand before her in my thin t-shirt and shorts.

She continues to stare at me appraisingly and then her head slowly shakes as though in disappointment. I remain silent wondering what is happening. Have I disappointed her? Why do I care so much if I have? Why do I feel that I must try harder for her? Suddenly I feel humble, compliant, almost ... submissive. I steal an eager glance at this mysterious woman, almost a pleading one, as though to say "How can i be better? How can I serve?"

She senses my change of mood, crosses the room to a chest of drawers, and pulls out some black material. Returning to face me she holds it up before me. I see that it is a pair of panties and matching bra, in the most intricate of lace patterns. Still no word has been spoken but her impatient gesture makes it abundantly clear what she requires of me.

Pink with embarrassment I kick off my sandals, unbutton my shorts, pull them down, and remove my white cotton briefs; then I step carefully into the panties and pull them up around my waist. Suddenly, I am blazing with erotic desire and my next actions are taken at great speed and with some clumsiness. My t-shirt is pulled over my head and falls to the floor. I unclip my plain white bra and it joins the t-shirt, and then I move to put on the black lacy bra. My fingers fumble with the rear fastening and I feel your cool fingers completing the task.

I feel your hands on my bare shoulders and you turn me round to face you.


As I turn to gaze into your eyes I am conscious of a shift in my thinking. I am no longer referring to you as "the mysterious woman"; my reference has become "you", and suddenly so much more personal. It is though I have come home after a long absence, to a place where I belong, where I can be at peace, and be myself.

My face lights up into an uncertain smile. I do not know what is going to happen but I no longer care. All I want is to be swept along by the feeling of "rightness" and the trust that I know I can give to you. My barriers are crumbling and I lift my face to yours with wide-open eyes. You see the signs of my submission in the way I yield to your fingers, positioning my head and shoulders. You make a downward motion with your hand. Instinctively I know what you require and I move my feet so that my legs are open.

Your fingers creep down very slowly. As they pass my breasts they linger on my nipples pointing hard through the filmy material of my bra. I gasp out loud as a jolt of pleasure rushes through me but you motion me again to be silent and still. I bite my lip as your fingers play around my breasts, eyes half-closed, panting quickly. A minute later and your hand is caressing the soft mound of my vulva, slipping inside my panties, and then probing the folds of my labial lips. I am slick with moisture, moving my hips to welcome your fingers, almost out of control with anticipation, all inhibitions cast aside.

Then, suddenly, your fingers are gone and you move back a few inches. I look at you tearfully, pleadingly, and for the first time since I arrived a few broken words pass my lips "Oh, please, please, I need it, I need you, oh please". There is an ache between my legs, a compulsion, a pressing need to feel you again there - feelings more powerful than ever before experienced.

I speak again "Please, I'll do anything, anything, oh just touch me again, oh please".

You utter your first words. "Anything, Angela?" I hardly register that you know my name so great is my need.

"Anything at all? Are you sure? Really sure?" you continue.

I nod helplessly, knowing that I cannot live without your touch. "Will you worship me forever, Angela? Will you give yourself to me so completely that all your waking thoughts shall be for me and me only? Will you yield yourself, your freedom, your body, your soul entirely to me?"

I sense the enormity of what you are asking. Visions of my future life pass before my eyes. But I pause only briefly. "Yes, Mistress, yes, forever, take me as yours" and I fall to my knees at your feet.

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