The Ropes


They shook.

The ropes, I mean. They shook as Trish Stratus bounced off them, then dashed to the other side of the ring. Clad in sweatpants and a loose t-shirt, she was still very striking as she warmed up in the near-empty arena.

Near-empty save for me, that is. Myself, a smattering of other ring crewmen, and Stratus herself were all the human life in the arena that brisk afternoon. As I thought about it, that wasn't completely true. Other WWF talent and crew were backstage, but we few were the only people present in the open-seating section of the arena at the moment. It would be packed with fans in a few hours, of course, but it was mostly empty for now.

My muscles ached after hours of physical labour and little sleep the night before, but now that my job of lifting boards and attaching cables was finished for the day, I had decided to relax in one of the numerous ringside seats and observe some of the wrestlers preparing for the coming evening. After watching sweaty, half-naked men such as Chris Jericho and the simply-named Test for the past half-hour, Trish was a welcome change.

Despite her lack of make-up and loose-fitting attire, she was still extremely beautiful. Her blonde hair fanned out behind her as she leaned into the bright red ropes and her flat, tanned stomach made a brief appearance when her shirt skewed as she raced across the ring.

Now I don't consider myself a pervert, but at moments like this my hormones tend to get the best of me. A lack of sex in recent weeks (okay, months) and an overactive imagination made Stratus' warm-up the highlight of my day. I found myself mentally removing her black t-shirt and picturing her soft, creamy skin pulsating beneath my fingertips as I ran them up her belly to grasp one of her large, perfect-

She was leaving the ring now, thus ruining the imagery for my fantasy. I swore under my breath, but then an idea struck me and I could almost see the figurative light-bulb blink into existence above my head. I knew she would be heading to the showers backstage, and I still had the keys for the majority of the rooms in the arena on my person. I'm sure you can guess what I had in mind...

With that, I resigned to end my marathon run of sex-less nights with one crazy, stupid and altogether wrong coupling with the delectable Stratus. She would resist; I would be fired and most likely arrested, but in my hormone-enraged mind it was all justifiable. Besides, I was tired of being a boring, average shmuck. For once in my uneventful life, I would be wild and unpredictable. At the very least, I would get to live a fantasy every male WWF fan has, and probably some female fans as well.

So off I went, setting a frantic pace through the corridors of the backstage area. I bumped into a variety of other WWF employees in my haste, but I forced myself not to apologize or make any indication that I cared. All a part of my new attitude, you know. Within minutes, I arrived at the door to the showers.

I fumbled with the keys as the distant sound of running water played across my ears, like some sort of music setting a precursor to my upcoming conquest. Since only one gender was allowed to use the showers at a time and Trish was the only female who had worked up a sweat all day, the odds were in my favour that I would find her naked and engulfed in steam instead of that 6'6" muscle-bound Test... I said a quick prayer after that disturbing thought, and finally managed to slide the correct key into the lock. I turned the knob, and put myself into the hands of destiny.

As I expected, the room was hot, wet and steamy on the inside. I locked the door behind me, then peered into the mist as best I could. Since I could barely see five feet in front of me, the only thing which caught my eye was the pile of clothes sitting on a bench directly to my left. A black t-shirt, black sweatpants and a white pair of thong underwear. Besides the panties, I recognized the apparel as Ms. Stratus'.

Thanking any and all Gods for my luck, I quickly undressed and tossed my clothes at my feet. Naked and sweating from the intense heat, I pressed on into the humid fog. My ears led me in the direction of the noisy water, and soon I came upon the object of my desires.

Words could hardly describe what I saw, but given the medium I suppose they'll have to do. She was absolutely breathtaking, facing away from me; head upturned to the streaming water. Her bronze skin and damp blonde hair invited my newly-found philosophy like the Serpent tempted Eve. Her ass was muscular, yet still distinctly feminine and extremely beautiful. It seemed to beckon to me, and I decided then that it would be my safehaven to prevent unwanted pregnancy on both her part and mine. I had never tried anal sex before, and I hoped she hadn't either. A day of firsts, as it were.

Stepping up behind her, the smell of shampoo assaulted my senses. I could make out the swell of her large breasts from this vantage point, and my cock swelled despite the slight fear that coursed through my veins. Her small hands ran a bar of blue soap over her tanned legs, and I decided that now was as good a time as any to make my move.

I slid a hand over her mouth, and pulled her soft, supple body into mine. She became stiff with surprise, then the stuggle began. She stepped on my foot as hard as she could, and managed to strike me with a fist in my side, but years of physical labour for the WWF had made me quite strong and I held my grip firm. She flailed and tried in vain to scream, but I didn't relent and before long all the fight had drained out of her from over-exertion.

I reached out and massaged her right breast, it's weight and shape seemed to mold to my hand perfectly. To my surprise, her nipple hardened and poked into my palm. Perhaps the lonely life of a WWF employee had depraved her as it had me.

I leaned over and whispered into her ear, "I won't hurt you if you co-operate, understand?"

I could see the fear in her eyes as she nodded slowly. I could also see the large areola of her left breast and the eraser-sized nipple protruding from it which only drove my lust farther. I pressed my cock into her soft ass, hinting at what was to come. She didn't resist, to my delight.

"Scream and you'll regret it." I said, surprising myself with the conviction in my voice. All that work as a stagehand, and my true calling was as a shower rapist. I chuckled inside my head.

I slowly withdrew my hand from her pouty lips. Thankfully, she heeded my warning and kept quiet.

"Please don't hurt me." She whimpered.

"I'll do my best." I replied.

I reached between us to run a few fingers over her wet pussylips. I couldn't tell whether the moisture was from the shower or her natural lubricant, but I hoped for the latter and that she was enjoying this at least a fraction as much as I was. I wasn't an uncaring beast, after all. A horny beast, but not an uncaring one.

I slipped a finger between the lips of her mound and managed to stroke her clitoris a few times, despite the awkward vantage point. She moaned softly, and I couldn't help but grin like an idiot. She was still turned away from me, so I didn't totally embarass myself.

I moved my hand between her legs, doing my best to pleasure her while I continued to fondle her tit and grind my rock-hard cock into her ass. The head of my dick slipped between her ass cheeks and poked at her rear entrance. It was tightly shut, but still rather soft and inviting. I pushed harder.

She pulled away and shook her head adamantly, "I've never done it like that. Please, anything but-"

"It's my way or else." I stated firmly, "Get it?"

"But I... I..." she pleaded with me.

"Do you want to risk pregnancy?" I growled.

"No, but it'll hurt so much."

"Maybe, how would you know?" My logic was undeniable, at least to me.

"Isn't there anything else I can do? I'll suck it and swallow, how's that?"

That sounded good, but I wasn't about to be denied my anal destiny, "Alright, but I'm still gonna have your ass. Or else..." I trailed off, enjoying the primal sound of my raspy voice.

"Okay... Okay..." The fear was radiating off her like the steam from the showerhead. She turned around and dropped to her knees on the linoleum.

Her pretty face was sweaty and contorted with tension as she reached out to grasp my stiff member. Her hand enveloped the base of my cock and I grunted with pleasure. She slowly lowered her head and parted her cherry lips, enveloping the head of my dick in the velvety confines of her mouth. The heat was intense and her saliva felt like liquid heaven around my cock. She pulled back with her lips and the suction was indescribable. It was obvious she had at least a small degree of practice in this art.

As she slid my cock back into her mouth, I panted audibly. My eyes were glued to her face, bobbing up and down on my dick. This was something most men would kill for, and I had grasped opportunity by the horns to make it happen. Fuck regular 9-to-5 life, taking chances and being crazy was where it's at. If I made it out of this one without going to jail or worse, I knew I'd be taking my chances with the other female WWF stars.

Trish continued to engulf my cock, adding her darting tongue to the base of it's head and taking it deeper with every stroke. It was difficult to tell from he hazy perception I was experiencing due to immense pleasure, but I could almost swear she was enjoying this experience. I began to wonder how long it had been since her last screw, but soon the sensation of impending orgasm broke my train of thought. I reached down to draw her to her feet and sternly told her to turn around and bend over.

She obeyed swiftly, planting her hands against the shower wall and sticking her enticing ass out towards me. Her long blonde hair hung over her left shoulder, and her creamy skin sparkled with water droplets. Her head was tilted to look back at my dick, which she seemed to eye greedily. It seemed like a scene from a dream, but I happily admit to you it was my reality.

I positioned my cock at the entrance to her ass, placing it's bulbous purplish head against her puckered asshole. It pulsed against my member, in my mind egging me on to 'seal the deal'. Trish panted like a dog in heat as I roughly grabbed one of her ample tits in my hand and planted the other on her smooth back to add some leverage. I pushed softly at first, then harder as her asshole attempted to deny my entry.

"Relax," I said, "I'll be as gentle as I can."

"I'm sorry, this is my first time like this." her eyes gleamed as she tilted her head to look me in the eye, then she went back to watching my sodomizing of her rear end intently.

I thrust my hips forward quickly, and my cockhead dissapeared into her ass with a distinct squishing sound.

"Aughhhh...." Trish hissed, obviously in some degree of discomfort.

I began to withdraw, hoping to make another go at it with a little less pain on her part, but she reached around to halt me.

"No, it's okay. Keep going." I could scarcely believe it came from her mouth, but it did.

"Are you sure?"

"It's been months since I've been fucked, so if this is the best I can get, I'll godamn well take it!" Aha! I knew it! That moron Vince McMahon was depraving all the WWF starlets, and it was my job to end such a travesty!

With newfound resolve, I slowly entered her backdoor, both of us fascinated by the sight of my flaring meat impaling itself between her creamy, soft ass cheeks. I had the better view of course, watching my dick vanish into her rectum, but I certainly wasn't complaining. I felt one of her hands reach between us and alternate between fingering her pussy and gently stroking my hairy nutsack.

Her ass clamped down on my cock like a vise, keeping in turn with what everyone says about screwing that way, but I had no idea it would be so tight. She was now moaning and gasping quite loudly, but I was far beyond caring if anyone heard us. I was fucking Trish Stratus up the ass, for Christ's sake! Vince could've lined fans up for a fuckside seat for $1000 a pop and I wouldn't have noticed.

I began to build a rhythm as I withdrew and penetrated her clutching asshole again and again, which only served to cause her to moan even louder. I might've been moaning too, but I was too enthralled with the sight of my cock being gobbled up by her ass to notice. My impending orgasm was mounting rapidly, yet my pace continued to intensify. Soon, I was thrusting into her ass with abandon as she doubled her efforts on her clit.

Within seconds, Trish was shaking and driving her fingers as deep as possible into her pussy. She lost her grip on the wall and slid down to the floor, taking me with my cock shoved up her ass with her. She twitched and grunted like an animal, her breasts squashed into the wet linoleum floor and her ass still pointed up in the air behind her.

I lost my rhythm in her orgasmic movements, but soon was driving my cock into her asshole in a well-established pattern once more. Her hand cupped my balls and squeezed gently, milking the cum from deep within them. Her ass squeezed tightly around my dick. She seemed to know all the tricks to get her gooey treat.

Just as the milky liquid was about to erupt, I pulled out of her ass, leaving it gaping and slick with sweat and water. I began to jerk it frantically as she continued to fondle my nuts and soon cum was spurting out in long, thick jets across her ass and back. They splattered on her quivering ass cheeks and a few even managed to soil her hair. In complete honesty, I've never come so much in my life and couldn't have been more proud. The sight of Trish Stratus laying on the shower room floor with her ass sticking out and covered in salty goo was proof that I held sway over my own fate. I managed a smile even in my drained state.

She was grinning too, looking back at me. One of her fingers scooped up some cum and brought it to her lips. She hungily swallowed it, making a silly face which caused me to laugh out loud. Soon we were laughing together, which seems really odd considering how I thought it would turn out.

"You're not such a bad guy, are you?" she inquired, still happily smiling.

"I guess my acting skills aren't up to your standards, huh?" Most of the WWF talent were rather convincing, so I actually meant it.

"I guess not."

"So you won't have me arrested?" I still wasn't sure about her answer.

"Not if you promise to catch me showering again some time..." She replied lustily.

And so they'd shake another time.

The ropes, I mean.

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