tagNovels and NovellasThe Royal Hotel Pt. 4

The Royal Hotel Pt. 4



The Morning was bright and cheery. I opened my eyes to see Beverly who was scrambling under the covers of our bed. I lay on my back making believe that I was still asleep. I could feel her big tits rub across my left leg as she positioned herself between my legs. We had fallen asleep while still in the nude after another terrific love making session of the night before. We had come back from the badger hole where we poked a hole in the wall of a secret compartment to see a hidden body. We sat in our room discussing what to do. We agreed to work on my father's coded notes all the next morning. By now, we were sure that the key to the puzzle lies within the notes.

We had made deep inroads into the notes, and we were learning some things, which were very interesting. I let out a little moan as I felt Beverly's warm, moist, wonderful mouth take my balls. She lay on her belly with her arms under my thighs as she sucked my balls. My cock rose to its' full length under Beverly's influence. I could hear a little giggle as she worked my balls. This woman was laughing at me. She knew that I couldn't resist what she was doing to me. In the short time that we had been together, Beverly had learned the combination to my desire, and she was turning the dial to unlock my hidden treasure. Like a skillful burglar, she stole me again. I had never come that way. Without even touching my cock, Beverly forced the spurts of joy juice out of me.

"Good morning Nicky boy. Ooo look here Nicky got a big cock again. You want I should ride it again? I am sure you wouldn't mind if I do. Have I told you that you have a big beautiful cock?" Beverly began to play with my cock as she kissed and licked it.

She caressed my cock in her hands and made love to it. She started staring with those beautiful blue eyes. Still holding my cock in her hands, she licked the full length of my cock like it was an ice cream pop. Using the tip of her tongue, she tickled the tip of my cock with light quick flicks of her tongue.

"This is what they call a butterfly. ," she said.

The sensation drove me into lust heaven. I could hear a low rumbling laugh emitting from Beverly's throat as she climbed onto her feet. She straddled me using the headboard of the bed to steady herself. Holding my cock in her right hand, she aimed the tip of my cock at her pussy. She rubbed the tip of my cock against her pussy lips teasing me. She had my full attention now.

"You like that? Guess what? I think that I'll just shotgun you. ," she said playfully.

At that, she dropped down onto my cock in one fast movement. She slammed me into herself fully. The sensation was outstanding.

"And you like that too, don't you?" Beverly was at her playful best.

The look of joy on her face was wonderful. Her long honey colored hair hung down across her shoulders as she leaned forward to work me with her pussy. Her pretty blue eyes sparkled, and her smile revealed a row of perfectly arranged white teeth. My insides turned to butter as she churned me. Up and down back and forth, she worked me.

"Oo you're ready to come. ," she chuckled.

She was right. My cock was straight hard in her, and my balls started to throb. There is nothing better than a morning hard on, unless that hard on is being worked by a woman who truly loves cock. I began to bellow like a rutting animal as I irrupted within her.

"That's it! Give it to me big boy! Give it all to me I want it! Aouw! Fuck me Nick fuck me baby! ," Beverly commanded.

Strong waves of pleasure overwhelmed me. I began coming like a volcano blasting hot rocks into her. As the pleasure subsided, I became limp on the bed.

Beverly leaped off me, and with a taunt she said, "Last one in the bath is a monkey's uncle. "

We frolicked in the old bathtub for a while, and Beverly came three times, and I managed to come one more time. We dressed casually in jeans and tee shirts. It was time to go to work. We had planned to finish decoding my father's notes this morning. We had become better at working the code, and the information was coming out fluently now. We had carried the notes with us from my apartment on the second floor at the Blue Note to the hotel room. We guarded the bundle of notes with the utmost care. I knew that if my father had gone through all this trouble to create and code them, there was something very important hidden within them. I might have thought that it was just my imagination, but as I watched Beverly's facial expressions, I knew that she was reading fact not fiction.

We made ourselves comfortable in the room so that we could work on the notes. We were hard at work on the notes for about an hour or so.

It was Beverly who spoke first, "Nick, I think that I should read this to you. "

Beverly began to read aloud, "Son if you are reading this I am dead. Nick I know that I may have not been the best father a guy could have, but I tried to do the best I could. Guys like us don't always get it right, and things don't always work out like you plan. This is why I have written it all down for you to read. Ha ha you remembered the spy game and the code didn't you? You always were a smart kid kiddo! And you figured out the baseball book too ah?

"So anyway, I started all of this on a tip from some deadbeat crapshooter who couldn't pay his viggerish. He told me that he came into some valuable information that I could make something out of it. At first I thought that it was all bull shit, until I started nosing around. The whole thing sounded like a fairy tale, but the more I dug the more I realized that this was the real thing.

"This thing goes all the way back to the time when your grandfather was whacked outside Victor's lounge. That's when I got really interested. You know what it is like being in the family. If one of your guys gets it, you are supposed to do something about it. You're supposed to make it right. That's really how this got started. Your grandfather got it in a war between the Castalonos and the Gallabraizzys. You know Nick, I never really knew who whacked my father until now, but after all these years there was nobody to go after to settle the score. It turns out that my father was whacked by some old time gangster who went by the name of Smiley Danafio. Killing my father, made this cock sucker a made man in the family. Soon after the hit on my father, Danafio was put in charge of the cathouses and a hotel called the Royal. I figured that after all these years that was the end of it. It was just by a stroke of luck that I stumbled across some old legal documents, which made me realize that this old hotel was still in business.

"Would you believe this Nick, I looked it up in the telephone book, and there it was. The Royal was listed along with its' telephone number and its' address. In the old days, the Royal Hotel was a front for the Castalono's. You know, they had the whole thing going. Babes, booze, and gambling were making them rich, but that was only just part of the scam. The Castalono's were into blackmail in a big way.

"You know me Nick; I got a nose for finding where the money is. When I realized that they were into blackmail, I had an idea that maybe some of this cash was still floating around. I figured that the deadbeat had put me on to something good. That's when I really started to work at uncovering the truth. Now get this. The Castalono's were blackmailing some of the richest and most powerful families back then. If you are wondering why I have gone to all this trouble to create this secret document, just look at the names on the list of people who are being blackmailed. There is something else. You will find copies of some legal documents. These are the documents, which I mentioned before. You know that I don't know anything about legal shit, so I hired a guy to read them to me. It has to do with the ownership of the Royal Hotel. It turns out that this Smiley character owned the hotel, until some sheister lawyer by the name of Robert Solaman stole it away from him with some kind of a trust.

"Now get this. This Solaman starts to live large from the profits from the Royal hotel. Then Solaman gets scammed by a couple of lawyers who are even more crooked then he is! They steal the ownership of the Royal Hotel, and they become Sirocco Holdings. It's all there Nick; The names and the numbers. Go to see and talk to a woman by the name of Jane Sandherst. She was Smiley Danafio's girl friend. She is still alive and living at the Sandherst estate on Long Island. She can tell you what you need to know.

"So, when I realized who I was dealing with, I knew that I was in danger. These people don't fool around . It's up to you now son. If you're reading this you know that I failed. I know that you will do the right thing Nick. I love you son. Your loving father Gweeto. "

I sat back in my chair feeling the impact of my father's words. So that's what it was all about. It was all about blackmail. It was all becoming clear now. The badger holes with their peepholes were created to spy on rich people while they were having sex. It was all about scandal. Rich people who were afraid to get their names in the newspapers. All of this had to do with rich people who were afraid to offend their neighbors while they kept up appearances.

Beverly and I sat quietly as we absorbed the implications of my father's work. My father had found a rat hole that went all the way back to the nineteen thirties. More then that, the current owners of the Royal Hotel were still servicing it. That is to say, the current owners of the Royal Hotel were still blackmailing the same victims, and business was being conducted as usual.

A heavy burden fell upon me. I had started out to find the killers who whacked my father. I realized now that there was more to it. Now it was up to me to make it right, and that's just what I was going to do. After the fight in front of the hotel, I had a good idea who I was looking for. The thug with the jailhouse weapon had told me more than I'd realized. With this new information, I started to piece it together. The thug told me that a couple lawyer types hired him. My father was telling me about a law firm called Sirocco Holdings. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. The guys who had my father whacked, and the guys who sent those two thugs after me were the same guys who own this old hotel; Namely, Sirocco holdings.

Beverly and I set to work on the notes with vigor. I wanted to know the names of the owners of Sirocco Holdings. I also wanted to know just who was being blackmailed by these parasites.

"Here is the list Nick. ," Beverly indicated that she had found the coded notes, which contained the names of the people who were being blackmailed.

It was a little bundle all of its' own. We divided the little bundle into two parts so that we could get the information out quicker.

"Wouwzer! Are you seeing what I am seeing?" I remarked to Beverly.

"Yep I know some of these people from the celebrity press. ," Beverly replied.

The list read like a social register of the rich and famous. These were rich and powerful people whose wealth went as far back as the thirties, and in some cases, even farther back than that. The list was arranged such that the name appeared along with its' offence:

Theodore Bowbisen (Homosexual son who was filmed having sex with another man while snorting cocaine)

Mary Foxworthy (Misses Mary Foxworthy is filmed having sex with a young black man) Senator James hanks (Prostitutes and bondage)

Camilla Morgen (Teenage daughter impregnated by a male prostitute)

The list was long and became more detailed as it was developed further on. There was one name, which was especially highlighted. The name of Chester Sandherst was set off with extra emphasis.

"Didn't my father mention a woman by the name of Sandherst?" I asked Beverly.

"Ya umm Jane Sandherst. She is the one that he wanted you to go and talk to.," Beverly replied. "Why?" Beverly asked.

I pointed out the special notation; "There is a special mark on this one. There are a couple of initials. There is a star next to the letters E M, and the name Chester Sandherst is set off from the others. It must mean something, or my father would have grouped this name with the other names. "

We plodded on, working as fast as we could.

"BINGO!" I yelled out loudly. I read aloud to Beverly in an excited voice, "and the current owners of Sirocco holdings are Abraham Gordon and Joseph Horiwitz. " I said to Beverly, "We have them! These are the sons of bitches that killed my father. Well, if they didn't do it themselves they hired someone to do it for them. "

"What are you going to do?" Beverly asked.

I became excited knowing the names of these low lifes.

"We shall see what we shall see. ," I tossed a knowing glance at Beverly.

Decoding the legal documents proved to be a real ball buster. I could envision my father cursing in Italian while he was doing this. He had a habit of doing that when he got frustrated. It was double trouble decoding this legal bullshit mostly because you couldn't understand what the hell you were reading.

"Let me.," Beverly took the documents after they were decoded.

I looked at Beverly with a quizzical glance.

"I was studying to become a legal secretary in school. " , she remarked.

Here it was again brains and beauty I thought. It only served to remind me that this woman was very special.

Beverly began to read the documents. By the pained expression on her face, I could tell that whatever she was reading was very complicated. I sat back in my chair and waited while Beverly examined the documents.

Every so often, she would let out a little mumble of, "Oh "or "I'll be damned. "

By this time, I was burning to know what the hell was going on.

Finally, she finished reading and sat back in her chair and let out a puff of air as to say "that's tiring "

"Well, what is it?" I could no longer restrain myself.

Beverly began to explain, "Wow! Well it's a little unbelievable. It is also very complicated. It has to do with a trust, but it's not just an ordinary trust. You are not going to believe this, but it is an old English common law trust, which grants a perpetual ownership of land and improvements. If I understand this correctly, the ownership of this hotel was transferred unknowingly from the original owner and his heirs. The thing is that it requires the death of the current owner before title can be transferred. It seems that this guy named Solaman created this trust to benefit himself. At the time, Valinteeno Danafio also known as Smiley owned the hotel. As I understand it, this lawyer must have been very desperate to even try this. The whole thing was a big gamble. In order to transfer the title of the hotel Danafio had to die. We might be looking at a plot to kill Smiley Danafio. "

I asked, "Since when do lawyers go around gunning down mobsters? "

Beverly replied, "I don't know, but the title of this hotel found its' way into Solaman's possession, and later it was transferred again. Would you like to guess as to where it wound up? "

I said with a satirical lilt in my voice, "Let me guess umm Sirocco Holdings? "

"You got it. ," Beverly agreed.

The pieces of the puzzle were coming together now. My father had set out to avenge his father's death while trying to make some cash. Unfortunately for my father it overcame him. He was in over his head, and it killed him.

As far as the people who were being blackmailed were concerned, scandal was their biggest fear. They sat in their rich houses keeping up appearances while people like my father killed himself trying to make a living. Still, even rich uncaring people need to be protected from the bloodsuckers among us. People have a right to their privacy, and when that privacy is stolen away from them something needs to be done.

I looked at Beverly and said, "Well, I think we need to take a trip out to Long Island to see Jane Sandherst. What do you say? "

Beverly agreed by saying, "I'll get ready right away. We can be there by this afternoon. "

"O K let's get going. ," I agreed.

With that we prepared for the trip.


We hurried down to the train station. There we purchased tickets for the journey to Long Island, and we had something to eat at the concession stand while we waited for our train.

The old train station took on a different feel to it this being daytime. When we came through here for the first time it was almost nighttime, and the old train station was deserted.

Now in the day time, there were people moving around and talking as they waited for their train. There were familiar hums of machinery, and there were sounds of car horns blaring outside along with the sounds of buses coming and going. You could also detect the aroma of frying hamburgers being cooked on the grill at the concession stand.

While Beverly visited the ladies, I strolled down the hallway to visit the waiting room where our young Romeo from the other night was banging his girl friend. I didn't know what I was expecting, but since I had a few moments to kill I thought that I'd just take a look around. I had gotten the idea that this neighborhood was one of those hot spots where a lot of things are going on right out in plain view if you know what to look for. The stroll up and down the main street of this neighborhood the night before told me that sex was readily available around here.

As I moved through the train station, I noticed certain people who seemed to just be hanging around, not appearing to be waiting for a train. This is what I call the under current of these kind of neighborhoods. These kinds of neighborhoods are multileveled. There are the people who go about doing their every day business, and there are the regulars. The regulars stake out a neighborhood as a playground. The game is impersonal sex, and the regulars are the players. They know each other, but to the unknowing eye, the regulars are invisible. The purpose of the game is a quick sexual encounter.

I looked into the waiting room to see nothing out of the ordinary. I noticed a public telephone so I thought that I would call the Blue Note to ask Jackamo if he had found out anything important. As I was making my telephone call, I noticed two men who seem to disappear from view at the end of the hallway. After the other night, I became concerned. Like the other night outside of the hotel, the two thugs lay in wait for me. I decided that I would take a look just in case. I quietly hung the ear peace of the telephone up into its' little cradle and walked toward the hidden men.

As I approached, I could hear some familiar sounds. I was immediately relieved. A smile appeared upon my face. These two guys weren't out to hurt anybody. In fact it was just the opposite. Tucked away in a hidden corner of the hallway, one of the guys was down on his knees while he sucked his partner's cock. His partner stood with his back leaning against the wall. His zipper was down, and he was giving his friend cock.

I thought to myself, it must be a usual occurrence around here because the two men paid no attention to me as I stood there and watched the spectacle. As I turned around and went back to the telephone, I could hear good time Charley moan his release into his friend's mouth.

I dialed the telephone again. "Ya it's me. What did you find out?" I asked Jackamo. "

"Every body I talked to was very closed mouthed about it. I am afraid that it cost you heavy boss. I had to grease a lot of palms to get anything. ," Jackamo explained.

Jackamo went on to tell me what I wanted to know. He had found the mob connection. After reading my father's coded notes, I suspected as to who it might be, but I needed to know for sure. The name Paul Castalono rumbled down through the telephone.

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