tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Saga of Tythoros Ch. 09

The Saga of Tythoros Ch. 09


This is my attempt at a "porn parody" (for lack of a better description) of Ancient Greek mythology. It is not a direct adaptation of any one story, but an original tale made of tropes and archetypes pulled from several Greek myths. The intention was not only to create a work of erotic fantasy, but an epic saga that paid loving tribute to the poets and playwrights of antiquity.

Thank you for reading. Please enjoy.

Chapter 9


Callioa screamed and struggled, but it was no use. Even if she had the energy to free herself from the grip of three Myrmekes, their brothers would have recaptured her anyway. Nevertheless, Callioa tried her best to resist as the swarm of insect beasts carried her toward the top of a peak at the Rila Mountains.

At long last, the monsters finally stopped to release Callioa. The Myrmekes set her down before a large opening in a wall of craggy black rock. They did not advance, but they watched their prisoner closely. Callioa knew she could not fight them and survive, but she faced them and stood her ground anyway.

"I will not enter this cave," she declared to them.

At that very moment, before she could scream again, a powerful hand came from behind to press her mouth shut. Two strong pairs of arms reached out from the darkness, holding Callioa still while pulling her inside.

"Come," a deep and sultry voice hissed in her ear. "Let us see what my children have brought me tonight."


Tythoros and Sidrophus had followed the swarm of Myrmekes to their destination, though they stayed far enough behind to avoid detection. They watched from a distance as Callioa stood before the cave's entrance.

"She is still alive," Sidrophus observed.

A moment later, they watched as she was taken into the cave.

"And she is with Dusedre," seethed Tythoros.

"Are you prepared?" asked Sidrophus.

Tythoros finished putting on his chiton, now that he finally had time to do so. "I am ready."

A heavy silence hung between them. There was so much to say, but not enough time.

"This will be the first time we go into battle separately," remarked Sidrophus. "If anything should happen to either of us—"

"Nothing will happen," Tythoros interrupted. "Your plan is a sound one. We can do this, but we must act quickly."

With that, they clasped hands.

"Bring her back," said Sidrophus.

"Kill them all," retorted Tythoros.


Outside the cave, a giant mass of red carapaces glinted in the moonlight. The Myrmekes stood their guard, still as statues, until one of them fell over dead.

The ant-beasts shrieked while Sidrophus nocked another arrow. The monsters all saw him there. Standing downhill from them out in the open, he was impossible to miss.

"Come at me, foul vermin!" shouted Sidrophus. "Will you cowardly maggots come fight me all at once, or shall I kill you one by one?!"

Another arrow flew, and another ant fell dead. Two Myrmekes descended while the rest stayed in place to defend their mother. Sidrophus could have felled them easily from a distance, but he had to conserve his arrows.

Sidrophus set down his bow to pick up Tythoros' spear. When his adversaries had drawn close, he nimbly ran past them to gain the upper ground. With a bladed shaft through their necks, the monsters were readily dispatched.

"What?" he taunted. "Is that all you can spare?! It will take far more than two of your weak and wretched kind to kill me!"

Though the Myrmekes could not voice their response, they saw this and agreed. A massive contingent separated itself from the swarm, descending upon Sidrophus down the hill. At the sight of this, Sidrophus hurled Tythoros' spear as far away as possible, picked up his bow, and ran into the woods. Predictably, the Myrmekes followed him.

When the coast had cleared, Tythoros moved to climb up the mountain, picking up his spear along the way. Only a handful of Myrmekes remained to defend the cave. Even by himself, Tythoros knew that he could defeat them.


Callioa was blinded by darkness and frozen by surprise. She was held in a tight grip that felt human, yet somehow strange and unfamiliar. The muscles holding her were perfectly smooth, devoid of warmth, and impenetrably hard. It was almost as if they were not made of flesh at all.

The huntress was not only weak with exertion, but also with nausea at the overpowering stench of decay that filled the cave. The monster's footsteps fell with a sickening crunch that reverberated through the stone walls.

Callioa was grateful for the light and heat of a fire they were approaching, but then she saw the fresh corpses littering the stone floor. Men of all ages and builds were rotting around her, with orgasmic faces and limp penises exposed to the open air.

"My old lovers," purred the monster. "Every one of them brought me a brief moment of joy, but always with the great agony of pregnancy and birth to seven Myrmekes."

Callioa was spun around and thrust against a cave wall. Her hands were pinned above her head and rare horror overcame her as she finally came face to face with Dusedre herself.

It was like Dusedre's features, so divinely beautiful in their human form, had been molded into the shape of a snake's head. Her strawberry-blonde tresses had fused together into a blood-red hood like that of a cobra. Her violet-blue eyes now shone a bright and vivid purple around vertical slits. Her skin, once delicate and white as fresh milk, had turned deathly pale.

Her chest and shoulders were like that of a human, but coated in an armored carapace that glistened with the dark purple color of a bruise. This armor extended through the rest of Dusedre's body, shaped like that of a massive scorpion.

Athena's curse had granted Dusedre eight limbs. The foremost limbs, shaped like enormous pincers, were those which held Callioa's wrists. The limbs furthest back were shaped like human legs, but large enough to support the monster's weight upright. Between these sets were two pairs of human-shaped arms and hands.

Over them both -- the woman and the monster -- swung the treacherous bright green barb of Dusedre's long tail.

Without a chance to dress herself after the wrestling match, every alluring curve of Callioa's body was completely naked. Dusedre appraised her prisoner with lustful eyes. The monster grinned to show pointed, gleaming white fangs. Callioa raised a leg to kick, but Dusedre simply caught it with one of her lower hands.

"Let. Me. Go!" said Callioa, with all the strength and courage she could gather.

"Go?" asked Dusedre. "Oh, but it has been so long since my children brought me a woman."

She leaned in closer to breathe Dusedre's scent. The monster's nose hovered slowly around Callioa's hair, her neck, her breasts. "So long since I could slake my everlasting sexual hunger without fear of childbirth."

Callioa flinched as a forked tongue flitted just under her neck. "Your flesh is warm and ripe, my pretty thing. I can smell your longing for carnal release."

"You may get no sexual pleasure from me," asserted Callioa. "I am a servant of the chaste goddess Artemis, and she will strike down any man or beast who—"

In a flash, Dusedre cut her off with a hand around her neck. At the same time, the monster's poisonous barb placed itself right next to Callioa's cheek. She could feel that venomous needle within hair's breadth of her skin, yet she could not move her head away.

"You think the gods will save you?!" shrieked Dusedre. "I spent years in worship to the goddess Aphrodite, and she is now deaf to my prayers! With every waking moment, I beg the gods for their forgiveness and release from this cruel curse, yet they send no relief!"

Dusedre pressed closer. "No god on Olympus came to save the men lying here dead, and no god will save you now. So if you try to resist, or if you utter one more word against me, I will have my way with your corpse before it has grown cold."

Callioa kept still and quiet, though her look of hatred and desperate fear said everything. When Dusedre reached with an upper hand to push Callioa's head to the side, she had no choice but to relent. "Such a smart and obedient girl," smirked the monster. "So deeply in denial of her own excitement, the little slut."

Even the slightest touch of Dusedre's rough lips against Callioa's smooth neck made the poor huntress shiver. The monster's breath smelled of poison and felt cold on her skin. She had to fight back a scream at the feel of pointed fangs grazing slowly across her neck. Dusedre hungrily kissed the girl along her neck and shoulders, taking care not to kill her too quickly. She was greatly aroused, both by this feeling of domination and by the girl's stubborn refusal of her own obvious fear. She especially loved how Callioa faintly whimpered at the feel of a forked tongue flitting on her skin.

The girl was coated in salty perspiration, but the flesh underneath tasted warm and sweet. Callioa's arms were made of such ample and succulent muscle that it made Dusedre's mouth water. It was all so stimulating that she was compelled to reach down with one of her lower hands. She pushed away the armor plating between her back legs, stoking her arousal with the eager nether lips that lay underneath.

Though Callioa screwed her eyes shut and willed her senses to abandon her, she could still feel the monster slowly leave a trail of cold kisses down her chest. Even if she had the strength to resist, the damned barb made it impossible. She could not even protest or pray to the gods for protection, for fear of that fatal needle by her cheek. Tythoros and Sidrophus were her only hope, but all thoughts of her companions were driven away by the cold, strong hands that suddenly grabbed her breasts.

With her upper humanoid limbs, Dusedre took a jiggling breast in each hand and began squeezing. At the same time, she lifted Callioa's legs so that each lower hand was massaging a shapely thigh. All the while, Callioa's own hands were curled into fists, immobilized by the demon's pincers.

Callioa gasped and groaned at the invasive, unfamiliar, overpowering sensations that spread throughout her being. Though her own body seemed to rebel against her, she fought hard to deny the monster its perverted joys. If it cost her the very last ounce of her strength, this child of the forest would fight to keep her legs closed.

Alas, she knew that would be a losing battle, and she already had no choice but to give up control over her breasts.

Dusedre's mouth teased the nipples of her captive without mercy. She switched from one virgin orb to another, suckling them both until their pink nipples stood firmly at attention. Silently, Callioa cursed her own body for responding to this abuse, especially when Dusedre licked those erect buds with her vibrating tongue. Callioa had to bite her lower lip to keep from screaming, even as her back arched uncontrollably, desperate for more.

"You enjoy this, you little whore?" asked Dusedre. Callioa bit down hard, struggling to keep a single noise from escaping her mouth.

"Deny it all you wish, my dear," Dusedre purred, "but your womanhood betrays you. Come, look."

Dusedre worked to pry Callioa's legs further open, but the huntress still refused. She fought to close her muscular thighs, until Dusedre pressed that poisoned needle against her cheek. Another twitch, and it would puncture skin.

"Give me what I want," the monster hissed, "or I will kill you and take it anyway."

At first, Callioa could only think that she would rather die. But somehow, a glimmer of hope returned to her. The huntress remembered that her friends and protectors were somewhere beyond this cave, and they would surely come for her before this ordeal went too far. She only needed to stay alive until then.

With great reluctance, Callioa acquiesced. "That is much better," Dusedre said, easing her pressure on the needle. She then pushed open Callioa's thighs, exposing the damp auburn curls between them.

"Oh, my!" declared Dusedre. "You really do want this, don't you?"

Callioa let out a surprised yelp when Dusedre placed her cold, hard fingers against the girl's most sensitive and inviolate place. Dusedre rubbed those vestal lips and their crowning nub with vigorous circular motions, all while her forked tongue and her other three hands continued pleasuring the girl's sensitive thighs and chest.

The poor huntress was writhing uncontrollably with spasms of loathsome bliss. Despite all efforts, she could not stop her quickening breath or the pressure of ecstasy building inside of her. It was like her own body was betraying her, and most unforgivably of all, it felt impossibly good.

After a time, the circular motions stopped. Instead, Dusedre began rubbing a single long finger up and down her captive's tight, wet slit.

This was too much. Callioa had to risk some form of resistance, though she was too weak and powerless to do much of anything by this point. She could only whimper "No."

Dusedre gripped Callioa's neck and brought their faces close together. The monster grinned, savoring every syllable as she hissed, "You will not refuse me."

The whole cave rang with Callioa's scream of agony.

The monster's finger plunged in and out of her prey's defiled sex, all while her thumb rubbed the girl's clitoris. Though Callioa's breathing was now quick and shallow, she moaned and screamed with her whole might. All pride forgotten, Callioa cried out with the impossible hope that some friendly means of assistance would hear.

Of course, the girl's screams only aroused Dusedre further. The monster inserted a second finger into the captive, thrusting both fingers into her throbbing sex. Callioa yelled and writhed with renewed energy, though the merciless friction of her sex poured forth more lubricant.

Suddenly, it all stopped. Though her legs and hands were still held in place, Callioa's vagina was abruptly released. She crumpled with relief, gasping furiously to catch her breath. And then she finally looked up.

Dusedre was admiring those two fingers. She watched as they glistened in the firelight. She observed the thin strands of syrup that formed between them.

"Do you see, my pretty toy?" Dusedre gloated. "Do you see this evidence of the pleasure I bring you? Do you see the happy discharge of your sex?"

Once again, Dusedre pressed a hand against Callioa's neck. This time, however, she was forcing Callioa's mouth open. Before she could even begin struggling, Callioa was choking on the beast's moistened fingers. Her own sweet lubricant was being pressed against her tongue and she was unable to even bite down, for fear of breaking her teeth on the plating of those vile fingers.

After only a few painful seconds, Dusedre withdrew her hand. Callioa gasped furiously to regain her breath, until Dusedre reached down to continue rubbing that soaked auburn slit.

The monster once again coated a finger in the juices of her captive. This time, however, she put the finger in her own mouth. She made a show out of licking every last drop, her bright purple eyes rolling upward at its delicious taste.

"Mm, what a heavenly potion you create," said Dusedre. She then lowered her head to the level of the girl's crotch. "I must have more!"

Dusedre focused all of her attention toward those reluctant genitals. Two of her hands kept those muscular thighs open wide while the other two furiously rubbed Callioa's sensitive folds and engorged pearl. All the while, Dusedre's forked tongue vibrated ever deeper into the snug canal, while her lips sucked hard to take in every drop of juice that spilled forth.

Callioa was breathing so rapidly that she could not find the air to scream. She could only moan and grunt while fighting the tidal waves that raged through her being. Her hips bucked uncontrollably, begging for more while pleading for this nightmare to end.

She fought to deny the vibrations from deep within her core, and she struggled to ignore the friction that her loins somehow found so pleasing. Alas, Dusedre's perversity seemed to infect her. There was a pressure behind her swollen sex that demanded release, and Callioa did not have the strength to resist.

Even while arching her back, Callioa fought the unfamiliar sensation that overcame her. Even as every muscle in her body went rigid, she fought release. She gritted her teeth, she closed her eyes tightly shut, and she wished with all her heart for the strength to hold out longer. Then, all at once, it came.

The breath that she had been holding escaped in a loud, protracted scream. The concentrated joy that had been pent up in her womanhood had flooded through every muscle in her body. Callioa was brought to spasms, one right after the other, as this strange and intense feeling ran its course. She was breathing deeply and heavily when it finally ended, overcome with relief and shame.

"Well done, my dear," hissed a voice between her legs.

Callioa could not bring herself to look down, but Dusedre was happily licking her lips clean of fresh lubricant. "You made so much sweet juice, all for me. But wait, are you resting?"

Dusedre reached up to slap Callioa's face. The girl glared at her captor as the blow stung her cheek.

"You cannot rest now, after that lovely climax I gave you!" exclaimed Dusedre.

With that, the monster removed Callioa from the cave wall and laid her upon the floor. She straddled the girl with her hind legs, restraining the captive with her humanoid arms as she did so.

Callioa's eyes widened as a plate of armor between Dusedre's legs slid aside. What lay underneath appeared to be a vagina, but it was deathly pale and surrounded by lips of withered flesh. It smelled of decayed corpses, coated in a sickly green slime.

"See how you excite me so, little slut?" Dusedre gloated. She grinded those nauseating genitalia against Callioa's face, all while the captive turned her head and kept her lips tightly pursed.

"Don't be like that, pretty slave!" exclaimed Dusedre. "Pleasure me as I pleasured you!"

Ah, but Dusedre had already made her fatal mistake. In her maddening lust, she failed to notice the warrior who had snuck into her cave. Alas, Tythoros could not risk advancing while Callioa's wrists had been trapped in those sharp-bladed pincers. She was now freed from that danger, but Tythoros needed Callioa still further from harm.

Silently as he could, Tythoros picked up a rock. With strong Athena guiding his aim, Tythoros threw the heavy missile at Dusedre's unprotected head. The attack hit its mark with a great crunch, and dark purple blood flowed from the enormous gash it created.

The monster's hands flew up to cover her face as she reeled in pain. "My face!" she cried. "What have you done to my face?!"

With Callioa's chastity violated, Artemis was finally moved to act. The savior goddess breathed new life into her disciple, filling Callioa with fresh energy and spirit. So moved, and with her arms freed by the distracted beast, the huntress curled her hand into a fist. Dusedre's swollen sex was still exposed, and Callioa pummeled it with all of her strength.

That singular impact was so powerful and precise that Dusedre stumbled backwards, screaming in mindless pain. Callioa was now free to stand and face the beast that had violated her.

"You bitch," whimpered Dusedre. "You little BITCH!" At this last word, Dusedre's venomous barb lashed out at the huntress.

"Callioa!" Tythoros called out in warning, though there was no need.

Callioa was ready, and she caught the monster's tail in a firm grip. With roars of great fury, and with repeated chops of her hand, Callioa fractured the monster's tail in seven different places. Dusedre was paralyzed, for the shame and agony she had inflicted upon Callioa were returned and doubled in that assault.

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