tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sales Associate Ch. 08-09

The Sales Associate Ch. 08-09



When they landed in Las Vegas, Garsden reluctantly watched Holly and Martin walk away, though he certainly did enjoy the view. While he went on about his way, Martin and Holly took a cab to their hotel. Here, Holly was a little less conspicuous. Sure, she was a stunner who got plenty of looks, but skimpy outfits and hot women weren't exactly new in Vegas. She blended in here better than almost anywhere else.

Martin and Holly checked into their room and decided there was time to gamble before bed. They went back downstairs to the hotel casino and took their time watching craps, playing blackjack and sipping free drinks.

As he watched Holly move about the casino and other men leer at her, Martin got more and more aroused. Several times, he spotted her bare pussy as she bent over and he knew that many other people had enjoyed the same view. When he could stand it no longer, he led her to a pair of vacant slot machines that were side by side. They sat and played the slots for a few minutes, Martin studying her bare legs and protruding nipples.

"We're not having much luck," he said. "How about we try to get lucky a different way? Why don't you sit on my lap and see if that improves our fortunes."

Holly sat on his lap, keeping her long legs together and dangling them over the side of his leg. Her bare ass and pussy were separated from his cock only by his trousers. Some quick hands eliminated that barrier and soon she felt his cock sticking out of his fly, rubbing against her bare ass. They both looked around to see if anyone was watching as he helped her shift into a better position, her legs opening slightly as his cock found its home between her pussy lips.

He entered her fully, every inch encased by her steaming twat. They both froze as a couple walked by and played it smooth when a waitress took their drink order. Anyone looking closely would have seen what was happening, but they were in a back corner of the casino where there was little foot traffic and, while most folks certainly noticed Holly's stunning beauty, they didn't get close enough to notice what was happening.

"Just take it slow," Martin said in her ear. "If we don't get too loud or thrash around too much, no one will know."

"You got it," Holly said. Since bucking up and down like she normally would wasn't really an option, Holly knew it was up to her to find other ways to create the necessary friction. She started by moving her legs up and down a few inches like a child squirming in his seat. Then, she rotated her hips slowly, grinding against him. And she squeezed him with her strong pussy walls, concentrating as she worked her inner muscles, making her pussy grip and release his shaft.

All the while, Holly fed the slot machine, pulling the handle. When they won, she took that as an opportunity to jump up a bit, dropping back down on his cock to the sound of a satisfied groan from Martin. Most of the time, Martin kept his hands around her waist, but a couple times he copped a quick squeeze of her tits, feeling the hard nipples pressing against his fingers.

Holly continued doing most of the work, mixing grinding gyrations with little hip wiggles and those fantastic pussy contractions as she dedicated her body once again to pleasing her man.

Martin was getting close when two attractive young women whose t-shirts identified them as proud sorority sisters, sat down two seats from them. Them being so close seemed to excite Martin all the more and Holly felt him begin to cum. He pushed down discreetly on her hips as he gained maximum penetration and spurted his hot seed deep inside her. Other than a few soft grunts by Martin, they both remained quiet throughout the orgasm, Holly continuing to pull the slot handle.

"I think we just invented the slut machine -- or maybe the slit machine," Martin chuckled in her ear. "You're so fucking hot. That was great. If you stand up between me and them, I can zip my pants without them seeing."

Holly stood up slowly, keeping her thighs pressed together, trying to hold his cum inside her. When she heard the zipper, she excused herself to the restroom. A few minutes later, she was back, clean and sexy as ever.

"Sorry I didn't get to clean you off," she pouted.

"No problem," Martin said. "You can make it up to me later."

After another hour of gambling, they went back to their room and Holly more than made it up. She gave him a long, slow blowjob including lots of ball and ass licking. It was a great way to end the day. She just hoped tomorrow would be as fun. For some reason, though, she wasn't looking forward to seeing Josky.


The next morning began like all the others. Holly rode Martin like a cowgirl, no holding back on the bucking or screaming this time, and they both managed to climax. Just as they did, the phone rang. It was Josky. He had flown in early and he wanted to meet them for breakfast.

They met him downstairs half an hour later. The schedule for the convention said the exhibits didn't actually start until tomorrow. There was a kickoff dinner and concert tonight to welcome everyone and then seminars and exhibits would start the next day. So, Holly and Martin figured today would be a good day to get everything set up. It didn't figure to be a big sales day so they had both dressed for a little bit of sightseeing and carrying boxes, etc.

Martin was wearing jeans and a polo shirt and Holly was wearing a white blouse which she tied under her breasts, a pair of black hot pants, a white thong and stilettos. It was a sexy outfit, no doubt, but far more practical and acceptable than many things she wore.

Still, she felt Josky's eyes hungrily eating her up as they approached his table. She didn't remember him making her feel this nervous before. Maybe she was imagining things. He was wearing a dark suit and looked very much the part of the corporate executive. He smiled and shook their hands as they joined him.

"You two look happy and healthy," he smiled. "I trust you had a good night and chance to, um, celebrate your big sale?"

"Yes sir," Martin said, proudly putting his arm around Holly's shoulders. "We've done a lot of celebrating."

"Good. Well, I know you two have a lot to do today to get everything ready. I'm going to be working with Staci to get a hospitality room set up. We're going to invite some of our staff and a few other execs up tonight for a little reception after dinner. I want you both to be there."

"Sure," Martin said.

"Who's Staci?" Holly asked.

"Oh, she'll be here in a minute," Josky said. "She wanted to freshen up first. She flew in with me last night. She's my new assistant. She's great. Very happy to be working under me."

The way he said this last line made it clear exactly what kind of work she was doing. And Staci dressed the part, too. She came into the restaurant with her long dark hair in a pony tail and wearing a little white micro-mini dress. She looked to be about 20 years old and had a set of large, fake tits that jiggled bra-free. Her dark nipples were very apparent as was the black thong that she wore under the dress -- it's dark outline so clearly visible that Holly knew she had to be doing it on purpose to make sure people knew she was wearing a thong. Holly had pulled the same maneuver herself many times.

Holly gave her a warm smile as they greeted each other, feeling a connection with Staci already. Obviously, Staci was serving much the same role for Josky as she was for Martin. She didn't have any desire to switch bosses, but she felt an instant kinship with someone who shared her job description.

As Staci sat down, Holly noticed that she hiked the bottom of her dress up over her ass and sat with her legs spread so that her thong was fully exposed, both front and back. Staci also immediately put her arms over the back of the chair and held her hands together, thrusting her tits out obscenely. Holly was beginning to see how good she had it with Martin.

"Look at this rack," Josky said, openly grabbing Staci's tits and bouncing them in his palms. "Best money I ever spent. Not that she had a bad set to start with, but a little enhancement never hurts. 40DD's, Martin. She's 110 pounds and half of it is all tit." Josky chuckled. Holly had to choke back the vomit.

"She's gorgeous," Martin said, paying Josky the compliment he wanted without stooping to his level. "Where are you from, Staci?"

"Miami, originally," Staci said, "but my dad left when I was a kid and we moved all over the place. My mom married some loser and moved to Boston, so I just decided to go out on my own. College wasn't right for me. I tried modeling, but you know how that goes."

"Sure do," Holly smiled, again trying to make that connection.

"Yeah, well Staci here wound up doing some work with a friend of mine who's a photographer. He's legit, but does some softcore stuff on the side. Anyway, it was a photo spread for Terrific Tits magazine. He sent me some of the proofs and I was in love. I got her number and offered her a job over the phone."

"What do you think of the company so far?" Martin asked her.

"It's great," Staci said in a way that was neither convincing nor fake sounding. "Mr. Josky says I was made for this job."

It wasn't until the food came that Staci took her arms from behind the chair.

"Don't make any plans for tonight," Josky said as they ate. "At 7, I want you both in the hospitality suite. It will be a private party with invited guests only, so formal for you Martin and Holly, you know what to do, right?"

"Yes sir," Holly said.

The day went by quickly as Martin and Holly busied themselves with preparing their presentation area and going over their game plan. They took a break only to go up to the room and have a quickie -- Martin bending Holly over a chair and banging her pussy from behind -- while they waited for lunch from room service.

They wrapped up by 6 and went back to the room to prepare for Josky's party. They showered together and Martin dressed in a dark suit with a red silk tie. Holly opted for the formal/slutty look, putting on black stilettos, a tight, black miniskirt with slits up both sides, a red thong, and a white half-sweater. The sweater fell off both shoulders but covered her arms and it was short, stopping just past the bottoms of her breasts, which, as usual, were unencumbered. Her hard nipples were wrapped seductively by the tight-fitting sweater, the soft material rubbing across them and stimulating them all the more.

A black choker, candy red lipstick and her long hair down completed the irresistibly sexy look.

"We might not have do the show tomorrow," Martin joked. "You look so hot, everyone will just buy whatever you're selling tonight."

"Sounds good to me," Holly laughed. "A day next to the pool tomorrow would be great."

"Well, I wasn't going to mention this until after the show," Martin said, "but since you brought up a relaxing day, I'll tell you that Josky approved my request for a vacation next week. You and I are going to the Bahamas!"

"Really?" Holly squealed, running over to hug him. "That's great. Thank you, thank you!"

"Hey, you don't need to thank me," Martin said. "You've earned this as much as I have."

They both headed off to the party in a great mood, thinking about their trip coming up. When they got to the hospitality suite, Holly wasn't surprised to find the room filled with what looked to be about 25 men, while she and Staci were the only women.

The men were all dressed in nice suits and ranged in ages from mid-20s to mid-60s, representing a variety of races, colors and sizes. Josky greeted them and explained that these special guests were buyers not only from the U.S., but international companies as well. He looked approvingly at Holly's attire and said, "Go make some friends," patting her on the ass as she worked her way into the crowd, noting that every eye was either on her or Staci.

Staci was wearing a similar dress to the one she had on at breakfast, this one a black micro-mini made of what appeared to be terry cloth or something similar. The soft fabric clung to every curve and bump. It was so short that more than half of her factory-precise tits were sticking out the top. Even the slightest lean forward threatened to result in two big tits and one tight ass popping out of that dress. Staci obviously wasn't wearing a bra, but Holly did catch a glimpse of a pink thong under her dress.

After a few minutes, Holly began to feel claustrophobic. She mingled throughout the room, stopping to introduce herself, letting everyone get a good look. But most of the men were doing more than looking. It started with a few bumps or gropes as guys walked past, purposely bumping into her tits or rubbing their crotch against her ass. Their excitement quickly escalated and no one was doing anything to slow them down. Some of them talked to her -- or about her -- in languages she didn't understand, but she knew exactly what it meant when they reached out and blatantly groped her tits or squeezed her ass.

At first, she played along, more than happy to show off her body and even let the guys cop a feel. But when she looked over at Staci, she realized this was getting out of hand. Two guys had gotten behind her and were holding her hands behind her back. Two more had picked up her legs and were holding her steady while four other guys pushed her dress up over her hips and pulled the top down below her tits. She saw one guy finger-fucking her and others were squeezing her tits.

Holly started to make a move toward the door, hoping to spot Martin, when someone grabbed her from behind and pinned her arms together. Within seconds, she was in the same boat as Staci.

"Yeah, grab those legs," one guy instructed.

"Spread them apart. Pull that top down."

"Poo-ssy," one Asian man who clearly spoke no English other than the few choice words he had picked up, chuckled as he tore her thong away.

Holly was about to yell for Martin when she heard Josky's booming voice. "Gentlemen!" Thank goodness. At last he was going to put an end to this nonsense. She might be an exhibitionist, but Holly had no desire to be gangbanged.

"It's time for a little contest," Josky continued. "As you can see, we have two very lovely ladies here tonight. I'm sure you each have your favorite. But there's only one way to decide who's the hottest. There are 24 men here. We're going to divide into teams of 12. Each team gets one of the girls. Whichever girl can get every member of her team off first, wins. You may touch them anywhere, but only titty and mouth-fucking is allowed. No pussy. No ass. Understood?"

"Yeah!" was the hearty response. Holly finally spotted Martin. He was in a corner, by himself, looking depressed. He caught Holly's eye and shook his head forlornly, as if to say, "this isn't my idea, but I can't stop it."

"Hold on!" Holly smiled, trying not to make a scene. "Mr. Josky, can I ask you something really quickly before we get started?"

"Of course, my dear," Martin said. "The answer is yes, you may swallow my cum." The men all laughed as Holly pulled Josky aside.

"I won't do this," Holly said. "Regardless of what you might think, I'm not a whore."

"Yes, you will do this and yes, you are a whore," Josky said. "What do you think we hired you for? To look hot and have sex. That's what you've been doing, right? Well, now you've been promoted and, naturally, I'm expecting you to step up your responsibilities. We can no longer afford for you to be a one-cock woman."

"Well, that's what I am," Holly said, standing firm.

"No, you're an every cock slut," Josky growled, getting angrier. "Now, you'll do this and anything else I tell you or Martin will be gone and you'll be working directly for me. I don't think you want that, do you?"

"No sir." Holly said meekly.

"Well, then stop pretending to be some nice girl next door and show us what a cock-hungry slut you are. For comparison purposes, I'm going to be with you and Martin gets a crack at Staci. Who knows, maybe he'll like her more and want to trade." Josky chuckled cruelly.

Holly thought about walking out, but she knew what this job meant to Martin. Plus, was Josky so wrong? Was she really a whore after all?

"Bring it on boys!" she yelled, trying to sound enthusiastic. The guys cheered and Josky gave the signal to begin.

For the next 60 minutes, both women were groped and grabbed as one cock after another found its way into the backs of their throats, between their tits or, in some cases, even in their hair. Holly took load after load into her mouth and on her face and tits, not worried about winning the race but wanting this to be over as soon as possible.

"One more to go for each team!" Josky yelled at one point and Holly looked around to realize that only Josky hadn't fucked her and only Martin hadn't fucked Staci. Who would cum first? She was surprised at how jealous she was that Martin was fucking Staci. It wasn't like she was in love with him, but she didn't like it anyway. She kept an eye on Martin, who buried his cock into Staci's mouth, as she accepted Josky's own cock between her lips.

"I've waited too long for this, bitch," Josky grunted, grabbing the back of her head and filling her throat with his meat. After a few minutes, he pulled out and sprayed her face with his stringy seed -- at the exact same moment Martin was covering Staci's tits with his own load.

"It's a tie!" someone yelled.

"Tiebreaker," Josky said as Holly cleaned his cock. "We'll take a 15 minute break, then it's ass and pussy time!"

Hell no, Holly thought. This had to end. As the men drifted away, cleaning themselves, grabbing snacks and drinks, etc., she excused herself to the bathroom where she put her clothes back on. Staci came in and Holly said, "I can't do any more of this, Staci. I'm going to get out of here."

"Really?" Staci whispered. "Won't they come after us."

"We'll have to be fast," Holly said, noting that Staci was already in on the plan. "Martin will help us. We'll bolt for the door and head toward the kitchen. Martin can get the car and pick us up. We'll just take off."

"What about our jobs? Martin's job?"

"Screw that," Holly said. "We can find better jobs and so can Martin."

"I'm in," Staci nodded.

Holly cracked the door open and waved to Martin to come over. Quickly, she whispered their plan, apologizing for his job, but he seemed to understand. This apparently had been the last straw for him, too.

"Give me your thongs," Martin said. "I'll distract them while you two take off." The girls handed Martin their thongs and he turned to the room.

"Gentlemen," Martin said. "The ladies want to be fair about who gets to go first. So, this is going to be like throwing the garter at a bachelor party. Whoever gets the red thong gets first crack at Holly and whoever gets the pink one gets Staci first. Got it?"

Martin turned his back to the group and prepared to throw the first thong. He tossed it over his shoulder and half the guys clamored for it. He tossed the other over the other should and soon a rugby scrum had broken out, 23 men clamoring over two tiny strips of fabric. Holly and Staci bolted from the bathroom and were out the door in a flash. "Where are they going?" one guy asked, but Martin pointed to a thong which had just been ripped from one man's hands and the guy was quickly drawn back into fray without an answer.

Martin made his way to the door slowly, quietly slipping out, catching Josky's eye as he closed the door. Martin knew Josky had seen him. Now, how much time did he have? Would Josky really try to stop them? He didn't know for sure, but he didn't want to find out. He hurried to the elevators and in moments was heading out the front door, tossing the room key to the clerk as he ran by. He flagged down a cab and five minutes later, Martin, Holly and Staci were leaving the parking lot, hitting the highway and heading out of town.

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