The Sara Evans Chronicles Ch. 01


The seat was cold against Sara's ass as she sat waiting. Sitting cold and humiliated Sara began to wonder who was here to see her. She hadn't called anyone – She didn't have anyone to call – and if it was a public defender they would have cleaned her up first. The door finally creaked open and as Johansson strolled in confusion swept over Sara. She wanted to look at her former boss beg him to change his mind. At that moment she would have done anything but she was too humiliated to look anywhere but the table before her. The confidence she had once held had crumbled in the last twelve hours. Sitting there her sex displayed for all to see and her nipples piercing her silk blouse Sara would given anything to go home again. His steps were so soft that if she hadn't seen his movements n the mirror she would have been sure he was standing still. Put his hands on her shoulders Johansson gave Sara a gentle smile. For the briefest moment, Sara thought the man would have pity on her. But his reflected smile twisted into an evil grin that spread across his whole face and was all teeth.

Sliding his hands down the front of her blouse Johansson cupped Sara's breasts. She flinched and his grin was swept away in an instant. His face flushed red with anger and Sara felt that same knot from yesterday begin to twist in her stomach. "And I was here to offer you a way out."

He shook his head and started towards the door, he was half way there before Sara spoke, she knew whatever he wanted wasn't going to be pleasant but at least it wasn't here. At least with him she had a chance at one day being free again. She cried out for him to stop, it was louder than she had expected it to be but and her voice echoed about the room. Johansson stopped and spun on his heels like a child, the grin from earlier had yet to return but there was now a bounce in his step. He took her chin in his hand forcing her took look him in the eye. "A car is waiting out front to take you on your errands I expect you waiting in front of my office at six A.M. tomorrow morning."

Everything that happened the rest of the day was a blurry haze. If she concentrated, Sara could remember the driver took her to a clinic where a whole slew of test where run. Sara had tried to talk to the doctors or even the nurses she had tried to find out what they were doing but they all ignored her. She figured at first it was her clothes and her appearance but she had found a chance to clean up and they had taken the tattered mess she had called clothes. The ties from the gown they gave had been removed forcing Sara to sit almost nude as nurses and doctors came and went.

After a few hours they had give Sara a couple of pills the doctor said they were for her headache, when Sara said she didn't have one the doctor rolled his eyes and called out to the nurse for restraints. Sara nearly jumped out of her skin downing the pills quickly. Her head began to swim and everything fade into the distance.

Sara awoke to the irritating rattle of a cheap alarm clock. She was having trouble focusing but it looked like the clock said it was four in the morning. The bed was soft something Sara wasn't sure she would ever feel again. Still in a daze she pulled the heavy comforter in tight. As she pulled it in it brushed across her nipples sending a shiver down her spine and Sara suddenly realized she was nude and the events of the last 48 hours flashed through Sara's head. Pulling the comforter tight to her chest Sara shot upright in bed.

The room looked like her bedroom, except that other than her bed it was completely empty. She wrapped the blanket around her body and slipped from the bed. Her apartment wasn't large but it was laid out in a twisting patter to make it seem larger. The blanket enveloped her like a cloak giving her a level of modesty she had not known in days. Stepping out the door Sara could see down the hall and it looked like her bedroom wasn't the only room that had been cleared out. Every square inch of the apartment had been striped clean. Standing in her empty kitchen Sara just started to wonder just what kind of trouble she had gotten herself into.

Sara shuffled back into the bedroom crossing to her closet only to find it had been emptied too, what had once held almost two dozen suits was now nearly bare. Only three things were left behind; the first was the original negligee, the purchase that had first led her down this path and the second was a knee length coat. Sara hadn't noticed a third item a pair of 3" heels sitting in the corner. There was a note attached. Sara took the note and read its short message – Six AM SHARP.

Sara took a quick shower and cleaned the grim from the past forty-eight hours off her body. Thankfully, the bathroom hadn't been cleaned out and she was able to wash up. Stepping out Sara looked at herself in the mirror and almost didn't recognize the woman staring back at her, she had been open to trying new things in bed but the experiences with that woman had been far more than she had ever been willing think about, let alone perform for a stranger. Her hair wasn't a mess but it would take longer then she felt like messing with after the past two days, so she grabbed a scrunchie and pulled it back into pony tail.

Her makeup cabinet still had a couple of things, so Sara tried to cover the bruise on her face. Without any concealer Sara was out of luck. All the cabinet contained was tube of lipstick and eye shadow. She put on some lipstick and applied a bad of eye shadow before leaving the bathroom.

Entering the closet again Sara noticed the shoes. Paranoia was never an issue with Sara but right then she was wondering if the shoes were always there or if someone had come in while she was in the shower. Grabbing the negligee Sara slid flimsy garment up her legs soothing it into place. The straps for the stockings bounced and hung like tassel's as she pulled the outfit the rest of the way up. She slipped her arms into the straps and with a couple of minor adjustments her breasts nestled nicely into the satin cups. As Sara leaned down to grab the shoes the thong back slipped between her checks. Sitting on the bed she slipped her legs into the stockings pulled the lace tops to their resting place a few inches below her pussy. She attached all six clasps and smoothed the tops back out. Stepping into the shoes Sara grabbed the coat and was ready to leave.

Walking through the emptied out apartment had an eerie feel to it. Sara felt like she was a squatter. Nearing the door Sara's stomach growled. She knew she had time so she went into the kitchen hoping that some kind of food had been left behind. Opening the fridge Sara found one bottle of a nutrition shake. Grabbing the drink Sara heads out.

Locking the door Sara heard a small voice that if not for an underlying tender nature and lack of volume would have been called a screech. The voice belonged to a neighbor. She a sweet old woman but she always seemed to forget whose business was whose. Sara plastered a smile across her face and turned to leave. The woman's eyes grew wide and took a quick step forward bringing a hand to Sara's jaw. "What happened to you?"

Sara didn't want to tell her the truth. Who in gods name would want to tell their gossipy neighbor that they had been arrested and raped by a psycho lesbian in jail. Having only a slip second to think Sara decided tell the woman, she had been mugged. The old woman nodded grumbling about the neighborhood going to hell as Sara stepped around her heading for her car. The red Honda accord was a few years older than Sara liked but school loans took up most of Sara's salary. As she slipped her keys into car door Sara started to laugh. She had considered once having the company get her a new car. She decided not since she figured that a purchase that big would be flagged by accounts receivable. Of course since they had found all her smaller purchases, and seemingly taken them, Sara was happy not to be walking to work half naked.

It didn't take long for Sara to notice that the air conditioner wasn't blowing cold air. She twisted all the knobs and pressed every button twice but still nothing, it was a humid morning and sweat was starting to run down her back. As tiny beads of sweat trickled Saras back they sucked the thin satin negligee to her back. An involuntary shiver just pulled more of the cold fabric to her back. Rolling down the window didn't do much but it at least got some air moving in the car. The drive into the office was quick JR&H occupied three floors of Harrison Towers. The executives had the top floor and the analysts were stuffed into two floors about half way up the building.

Pulling into the underground parking entrance Sara still had fifteen minutes to spare. The gates were kept closed on the weekends, but with a quick swipe of the company pass the gates would slide open. Only this morning they didn't budge, she swiped the card three times before backing her car up and looking for public parking. Sara circled the block four times trying to find a spot. There were only a few and surprisingly almost all of them were being used. The closest spot was almost a full block away. Thankfully the streets were mostly empty, save for a couple of homeless men.

A fierce wind rushing between the buildings kept pushing at the hem of Sara's jacket. She reached down and tightened her grip on the bottom of the jacket, but it still managed to flip up a few times. Once it even flipped it up flashing bare ass to a homeless man. Sara told herself that he hadn't seen her, but she had heard him thank god so she had a hard time convincing even herself of that. As Sara swiped her company badge, the door buzzed and popped out just slightly as the magnetic door locks released.

The lobby was empty other then the security guard, a rotund man who was probably active at fifty though that was long ago now. Barely looking up from his paperback, he mumbled a hello as Sara crossed to the elevators and again swiped her card. The little LED flickered yellow before turning red and blinking out. She tried it again with the same results. After her third attempt fail Sara gave up realizing that Johansson must have deactivated elevator access. The old bastard wanted her to climb thirty flights of stairs.

While the building had a top notch air-conditioning system, they had left the stairwell out as part of the companies being green initiative. Sara's short time in the lobby had cooled her off just enough that by the third flight sweat was once again running down Sara's back. By the fifth floor the negligee's was completely soaked and plastered too Sara's curves. Desperately wanting to remove the rain coat Sara reminded herself it was too much of a risk. Most of the firm took the weekends off but she knew a few people that were hungry enough for a promotion to come in on Saturday.

Out of breath and panting heavily, Sara reached the top floor and pushed the door open. A wave of frigid air rolled over Sara, pickling her skin from head to toe. The floor was more open then she remembered it, even now with all the lights off and most of the offices closed Sara could see every desk clearly. She crossed the room quickly, her heels clicking in rapid fire as she walked.

She was early, finding Johansson's office just as dark as the others. Sara tried the door hoping he had left it open for her, he hadn't. Taking a seat at what had been his secretary's desk Sara scanned the room for a clock. On the far side of the room was a set of large digital clocks, six to be exact, New York, Seattle, Tokyo, Cape Town, Paris, Riyadh. One for each corporate offices around the world. The one for Seattle clicked to six and Sara realized that Johansson was going to be late. Everyone in the office knew that he demanded punctuality, so if he was late this morning Sara knew it was to make her sit here in the office barely dressed.

It was another ten minutes before Sara looked at the stack of papers sitting on the desk. It was an employment contract, and a thick one at that almost twice the size of a standard JR&H employee packet. The first page already had Sara's personal information filled in. On the line labeled position applied for 'Personal Assistant HS-S' had been filled in. After the first page the document was simply pages and pages of places for Sara to sign and initial. Sara carefully read through the document and scribbled where ever it was necessary. The only part of the contract that was unusual was a gap in the page numbering between pages fifteen and seventeen; Sara could only imagine what the missing page contained.

By the time Sara read through the document and signed everything it was almost nine thirty. Setting her pen down on top of it Sara pushed the agreement away. No sooner had she done that then the phone rang. She had just signed a contract so she knew it was her job to answer the phone. Picking it up she held it to her ear and took a deep breath before speaking. "Mr. Johansson's office."

"That is not the appropriate way to answer my phone. I will be in the office in ten minute, meet me at the elevator with a cup of coffee." Johansson stopped speaking and Sara was about to hang up when she heard him add one last humiliating note. "One last thing, don't insult me with that Jacket."

Hanging up the phone Sara knew she didn't have any time to waste. She slipped her heels off and rushed across the executive bullpen to the small coffee room. The coffee room was more like an closet, the door opened on a tiny shelf with a coffee maker. A cabinet below the shelf had all the supplies Sara needed. Putting together a quick pot, Sara rushed back to her new desk grabbing her heels and ditching the jacket. Looking at the clock Sara saw she had five minutes left so she didn't see a need to run across the room again.

When the elevator chimed and the doors parted Johansson was greeted by a smiling Sara. He was dressed as casual as she had ever seen him, khaki slacks and a polo shirt, both had been tailored and fit him perfectly. Sara felt her smile start to faultier when she saw the old man but she forced herself to keep it. She knew she could get through this. She wasn't in jail and had a job, two factors that told her she could get anything.

"Here I got you a present." Johansson said as he handed the three boxes he was carrying to Sara. He took the cup of coffee without saying another word and started for his office. Two were garment boxes and the third was a shoe box. The shoe box was on top and labeled Saturday, she couldn't see if the other boxes were labeled or what it might be. Whatever the contents of the three boxes ended up being none of it seemed to be very heavy.

Johansson took his first sip of coffee and though his back was too Sara she could see his entire body shudder. "Why did I even ask, have Katherine train you how to make a decent pot of coffee Monday."

Johansson set the mug down on the nearest desk and continued on. Sara grabbed the cup and hurried to keep his pace. She set the full cup of coffee and the packages on her desk as Johansson fumbled for the keys in his pocket. "Once you have proven you are no longer a thief, I will see about getting you a set of keys to my office."

Once the door was unlocked Johansson motioned for Sara to enter first. She could feel his eyes burning into her backside. The heavy carpet masked his footsteps enough that Sara glanced back over her shoulder to make sure Johansson was in fact following her. Once she was too his desk he stepped around her, letting his hand rest on her ass and then slide around her waist. The tips of Johansson's middle finger give Sara's clit a little flick as he took his seat.

"Each morning I will expect you to be on your knees beside my desk when I arrive. Also and this is the important part. I expect your panties, if you're allowed any that day to be soaked through." Johansson let his hand rest on his obviously growing cock. "I imagine that you have some questions, so we are going to work out a system to get your questions answered. For each question you get a smack."

"A smack?" Sara was obviously confused and she could see that Johansson was talking pleasure in her confusion. He patted his lap and giggled like a child as it dawned on Sara what he meant. Slowly she moved forward taking the tiniest step she possible could. The joy started to fade from Johansson's face but Sara couldn't bring herself to move any faster. When she finally made it too his side, Johansson gently reached up and slipped his hand around the back of her neck. He smiled sweetly at her before digging his fingers into her neck and dragging her over his lap.

Sara let out a small yelp as he pulled her down. Once she was over his Lap Johansson switched hands. He now held her down with his left hand while his right rested on the lower half off Sara's backside. Johansson rubbed his hand in a small circle slowly warming Sara's cheeks as he spoke. "So for each question you get a smack and they compound. One for your first question, two for your second and so on. Do you understand?"

Sara nodded her head but that wasn't good enough "A slut is best objectified and not heard, but when I do lower myself to asking you a question I expect an answer."

As he was speaking both of Johanssons hands began to squeeze Sara's flesh. "Yes I understand."

"Yes sir, I understand." Johansson said in a quiet voice, almost as if he was speaking to a child.

"Yes sir, I understand." Sara replied meekly.

"Now then, what is your first question?" Johansson asked as he slipped a finger between Sara's legs and rubbed her slit through the lace crouch of her negligee.

"How long is this going to last?" Sara asked, bracing herself for what was to come. Johansson pulled his hand away from her backside quickly but he waited to deliver his smack. Her breath came in ragged breaths and Sara had to fight revulsion as Johansson's cock stiffened the more she squirmed. Just when she was ready to cry out for him to do it already - SMACK. A wave of pain rolled up her body as Johansson squeezed her now throbbing ass.

"Technically, your contract is for one year if I get bored with you before then you will be terminated. If you are terminated before your initial contract expires you will be prosecuted for your crimes. At the end of the year, if I haven't found someone younger, prettier, and more obedient we will work on a continuing contract." Johansson spoke with a calm and even tone that did not fit with with the situation at hand.

Sara waited to ask her next question she was thinking over what had just been explained to her. She had 365 days of torment and she was free. She knew prison would be worse and she couldn't afford a lawyer good enough to get her only a year. The business woman in Sara clicked in and she was ready with her next question. "When does my year begin."



There was no Pause this time. Johansson delivered his blows hard enough that Sara's eyes began to water. With his hits delivered Johansson returned to fondling Sara slipping a finger back between her legs. If you didn't count her night in jail, it had been almost a year since Sara had been with anyone sexually and as humiliated as she felt at the moment her sex immediately responded to Johansson's touch. Sara could tell he wanted to slip his fingers inside the negligee but Johansson was restraining himself. "Your year begins once, Katherine certifies you as a member of the secretarial pool, with the HSS designation of course."

HSS had been on the employment contract Sara had signed. She had almost forgotten about it and without thinking she asked what it meant. Johansson didn't give her a chance to take it back.




Tears started freely flowing and a small cry escaped Sara's lips with the second strike. "Humiation Slut – Secretary."

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