tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Sarf London Boys

The Sarf London Boys


I turned into Selkirk Road SW17 to pick up Darren, sure enough he was standing outside Harrington's pie and mash waiting for me. The place we had met over jellied eels some ten years previously. It was seven o'clock in the morning, he was smiling and already excited about the day ahead. My Ford Escort van was plain white and clean like always. A clean white van is never noticed, which is the way we wanted it. I headed through Morden and down the A3 to Esher and then on to our destination of Weybridge. I had been the driver since Darren lost his licence nearly two years earlier after too many speeding tickets.

We had spent months making our plans, watching the properties we intended to hit and finding out who lived in them. Our specification was simple; a driveway to get our van off the road, a substantial property lived in by middle-aged couples without children and no alarm system. In addition, my greatest thought went into how to stop people reporting the crime. The answer was surprisingly simple; only take easy replaceable items which are easier to sell anyway. Never take family heirlooms, wedding rings from women or anything of great value where insurance companies get involved. In addition, as a final act of silence buying, we take a compromising photo of them with Darren and not one you would want in your family album. This was now Darren's favourite part.

We were running nearly twenty minutes early as we got to Hersham so we pulled into a shopping centre car park to let the time pass.

"Can I see the photos again?" Asked Darren.

"You want to reminisce again." I asked laughing.

I took the three envelopes out of my case that each contained six or seven pics. This was going to be our fourth job and the empty envelope was already in my case waiting to be filled.

"The first was the funniest!" He said.

I looked over at the photo and had to agree. We had been in the bedroom and I told Darren to stand in between them with his arms around the couple and with his cock hanging out of his trousers. I had said to the woman that she could hold it if she wanted to. Much to my surprise she did, and then started wanking him while I took the photo.

"And here is the photo to prove it, with three happy smiling faces." I said aloud

"The second one was the most interesting!" Darren said as he changed envelopes.

"Interesting is hardly the word I would have used, you have met her twice since then and get paid to fuck her." I scolded him jokingly.

"I love hairy cunts, and she has a forest and of course £100 a time adds to the pleasure."

I thought back to what had happened. I'd got ready to take the photo in the bedroom, again both of the couple still wearing their pyjamas. After the woman had seen Darren's cock hanging out of his trousers she told her husband to hang his out as well. She removed her pyjamas and stood there naked for the photo, saying.

"This will make it more interesting." After the picture was taken, the husband turned to Darren and said.

"She would like to try a black cock, do you want to fuck her?"

Darren turned around to look at the woman and she was already laying on her back on the bed with her legs wide open. Of course he loves to help people, he fucked her for nearly thirty minutes and we left her a cell number in case she wanted more.

Three days later, she rang, Darren told her it was too far to travel for a fuck, and so she offered him £100 to make the journey. Of course, I had to drive him down there. We had arranged to meet Brenda at the Railway Station car park, we saw her parked as we approached but carefully scouted the area first just in case it was a trap. As soon as we pulled up alongside her Mercedes, she jumped out and leapt into the back of our van.

"Come on Darren, jump in the back and get that cock inside of me, I'm desperate for it." She muttered loudly.

Darren turned around in his seat and said, "Show me your lovely hairy minge first, you dirty cow."

She was wearing a tennis outfit and I turned around to see her lift the skirt. She spread her legs wide and then with one hand pulled her panties aside and with the other opened her cunt lips. Darren was in heaven, I turned away.

"Let's fuck in the back of the Merc." He said.

They both got out of the van, Brenda passed me an envelope with Darren's name on it, they got into the back of the Merc, it had a heavy window tint so I was spared having to watch their antics. I opened the envelope and pulled out five nice £20 notes and read a note enclosed for Darren telling him how much she enjoyed fucking him etc, I put it all in my pocket to be sorted out later. Some forty minutes passed by before they emerged from the back of the car and sat in the front talking for yet another 10 minutes. Darren eventually escaped from her and jumped into the van. As I pulled away they waved frantically at each other, until we were out of her sight.

"Well that's not bad for an hour's work, and she is a great fuck, next week she's getting a hotel room for us, you can have lunch while I am working." With that, we both burst into laughter.

We then came to our number three hit. Everything went smoothly as the husband had gone away that weekend fishing. In fact, she was very friendly, which showed as we went to take the photo. I explained what it was for and she didn't seem too concerned and wasn't shocked when I told her to hold his cock. Instead, she knelt down and started to suck him. "This will look better," she said in between mouthfuls. An avid cocksucker, she was given the cell number and we'd heard nothing from her yet, but we knew we would eventually.

We checked the time, put all the envelopes back in the case and headed out to Number four. We backed into the driveway so a quick getaway was possible if needed. I walked through the side gate with Darren behind me. We dressed very smartly and looked well groomed. All part of my system, scruffy people are not popular. The back door was open and I walked straight in to see Paul sitting at the kitchen table with his cup of tea and still in his pyjamas.

"Hi Paul, we have come to rob you." I said with my hand in my pocket as if I had a weapon there.

He went to stand up until he saw Darren towering behind me and any bravery he had went out of the window, he slumped back in his chair with his head down muttering about not hurting anybody. Darren shut the back door and we both sat at the table.

"Where is the wife?" I asked.

"Upstairs getting ready for a meeting, she will be down shortly." He said, obviously trying to keep us downstairs.

"Ok we will wait here for her. Now where are all the phones in the house, including the mobiles?"

Paul told me in which part of the house the telephones were.

"Oh we have visitors, good morning gentlemen, Can I help you?" Cynthia said as she walked into the kitchen with a big smile on her face.

"Yes you can." I said. "We are here to rob you; we take from the rich and give to the poor." I said with a smirk on my face.

"So Robin Hood, would you like to sit down and have some tea before you plunder us." She said sarcastically.

"Tea for me please." said Darren. Who it seemed was enamoured by this woman, or more probable, wanted to fuck her to exhaustion.

"You are not very frightening for robbers!" Cynthia said.

"If you are nice, we are nice." I said.

I sent Darren to get all the telephones collected together, when he returned we duct taped both of their wrists to avoid problems. Darren stayed with Paul in the kitchen while I went from room to room with Cynthia picking items for us to take. When we got to their bedroom, I told her to go through her jewellery box and pick out all the things that meant something to her and give me what was left. I went through her purse and took £200 in cash, and I found Paul's wallet on the dresser and took £300 from him, leaving them both £20 each. Various other small things ended up with me, Cynthia could not understand it.

"You are very strange robbers," she said. "Why not take everything you can? All you have taken is worth nothing, a few thousand pounds maybe."

"More like three thousand I make it." I said trying to sound offended. "My whole idea is we take nothing that will greatly inconvenience you, and you will be less likely to report it to the police. We also take a photograph of us all together, being very friendly as another incentive to keep quiet.

"That's sounds interesting, when do we do that?" she said with a big grin, showing absolutely no fear of the situation at all.

We went back into the kitchen and sat her next to her husband. I asked Darren to go to each room and pick up the pillowcases of goods I had selected and put them in the van. I got the camera out to take our insurance pictures; Paul looked at Cynthia quizzically with this development.

"They are going to take photos of us altogether so we don't report them or something." She told him and he still did not seem to understand.

Darren came back and I told them we were all going to their bedroom. They sat on the bed together, while I sat on the small sofa they had under the window. Darren cut off the duct tape from their hands and they rubbed their wrists with relief.

"Ok line up, Darren, you get in the middle and put your arms around their shoulders." Darren towered over them as they stood there." OK everybody smile."

SNAP. First photo taken.

"Get it out Darren, Cynthia, you can hold it if you want to." Darren unzipped his fly and let his cock hang out; Cynthia stared at it and said.

"It's still soft, let me stand in the middle and I can hold them both." She said with a big grin and in her fancy Surrey accent.

Still smiling, she stood holding her husband's flaccid cock in one hand and Darren's fast growing cock in her other hand. I took the photo and she let both cocks go and asked me if I would take a photo of something she had always wanted, I agreed, bemused by the request but intrigued. She unzipped her blue dress and stood there in just her matching blue bra and panties. She asked Darren to stand behind her with his shirt removed to see the contrast of their body colours SNAP. Then it was bra off to show the colour contrast of Darren's hands against her white breasts SNAP. Finally, his hand should go down her panties to see his colour against her white stomach SNAP. All photos taken.

Cynthia walked over to the bed, lowered her panties and got under a single sheet, Darren followed and joined her under the sheet and for a few minutes they lay there talking quietly while Paul and I sat by the window. Paul was watching every piece of the action, while I watched the driveway and the road. I heard a grunt behind me and turned to see Darren get a jar of Vaseline out of the drawer next to the bed, taking out a scoop, he smeared it over his cock and her pussy, then put his leg over her and she gasped saying.

"That feels wonderful let me help get it in." She said as he slid into her and her legs wrapped around him.

Paul seemed very content to watch them both as they pounded away on the bed, with Cynthia sometimes looking straight at him with no emotions showing at all. Although we could not see the action under the sheet, after about 10 minutes they had both reached orgasm by the sounds we heard and now they just lay there seemingly asleep.

Shit! You have a visitor." I told Paul as I saw a car pull into the driveway.

"It's just my daughter, she will be no problem. He said nervously.

"Call her up here." I ordered.

He called to her as she entered using her own key, and she came up the stairs in response. As she walked through the bedroom door, I came from behind it and grabbed her around the shoulders with one hand across her mouth. I sat her down on the floor next to her dad. He told her to be quiet and I would let her go, she nodded and immediately asked her dad what was going on.

"We are being robbed by Robin Hood." He said laughing. "And your mother is just having a nap with one of the Merry Men." Even I started laughing at this.

"Hello Robin, I am Carol, nice to meet you, maybe." She said with a big grin.

She immediately got up and walked over to her mother on the bed and pulled back the sheet for us all to see, they of course were naked. But the thing that was most interesting it seemed to all, was that Cynthia was holding Darren's flaccid cock in her hand as they slept.

"Oh God, that is so horny." Said Carol as she went back to sit at her father's feet.

I was still keeping a look out from the window, I turned back for a moment and although Carol was sitting on the floor with her back to me blocking her father, I was sure she was playing with his cock. 'Sick people I thought' but I didn't really care. Cynthia stirred and started to wank Darren, then called to Carol.

"I think Robin needs some attention darling."

Carol crawled over to me on her hands and knees; I stood up and dropped my trousers and boxers, Carol told me to sit back down again and as soon as I'd done so she started sucking my cock with great enthusiasm. I stretched my legs either side of her and looked around the room as she worked her magic. Darren was already plunging deep into Cynthia with her legs tightly around him ensuring she got every piece of him inside her. Darren was whispering in her ear, probably telling her she was the best ever, as he always did and they usually believed him. Paul was sitting there holding his cock watching his wife get a good fucking and appeared to be enjoying it greatly. I had a feeling earlier that he may be a watcher, in fact I sometimes enjoy watching as well.

Darren and Cynthia were the first to come with Cynthia making all sort of noises of appreciation. I soon followed with Carol draining every bit of cum she could from me, she was an excellent cocksucker and I told her so. We just sat for a few minutes waiting for something to happen when Darren spoke up.

"A nice pot of tea would go down well about now." He said.

"Great idea said Paul; I'll go and put the kettle on." I followed him down still slightly suspicious.

We sat in the kitchen until the others came down to join us. Cynthia prepared some lunch. We were all sitting down talking. I was chatting to Paul about antiques when suddenly Cynthia said to Paul:

"What about arranging something for Simon and Kendra? We could all be there."

"Let me think about this," he replied, "and if we can get a phone back I will call Simon after lunch."

"No phones until after we leave." I said firmly. "But tell us about these people,"

"It's Kendra, she has always had this fantasy of getting ravished and fucked to exhaustion by a huge black man, somebody even bigger than Darren."

Darren and I looked at each other and both came out with the same name 'Lenny the Trunk.' Lenny was a friend who worked in the market, a big lumbering guy very easy going and a cock like an elephant's trunk. I described Lenny to the family and they all thought he sounded ideal. It was obvious Cynthia did not want us to use Darren; he was just for her use.

"It sounds like you want us to go to this house of your friends and you'll be there as well. Then Lenny fucks Kendra, Darren fucks Cynthia, Paul watches and I find a few thousand pounds worth of items. What's Simon going to be doing? Remember, we do not want to hurt people.

"He will be in on it of course." I'll see what we can arrange, can you phone me Monday night?" Asked Paul.

I agreed to this with some trepidation. It was time for us to leave; the van was all packed and ready to go. I took the bag of phones out of the van, gave them to Paul and we drove off. We hardly spoke until we got back into Esher checking behind us all the time in case we were being followed, but there was nothing.

"Fuck me, another successful day." Darren screamed out laughing, and then passed me Cynthia's email address to send her copies of the photos.

We took all the stuff into the market to get it turned over as quickly as possible, I had a quick word with Lenny telling him we wanted him for a bit of enjoyable work and he would get paid a ton (£100), he was up for anything. I phoned Paul around seven that evening. He'd spoken to Simon, who was all for it, but had some worries about what we would take and he suggested I should telephone Simon myself.

I called Simon an hour later, he sounded an OK guy, and he told me about his wife's fantasy in detail and what he wanted to happen. I told him we had to clear a £1000 each and £500 for Lenny. Therefore, a total of £2500 would get the job done. He suggested £2000 in cash and he would get together about £500 worth of goods for us to take to make it look real to his wife. He gave me his address, which I knew was just outside the St Georges Hill estate, no money shortage there. The date was set for the following Friday, early evening. He also told me Kendra's clit stuck out like a small penis. I needed to see that.

The three of us met up at Harrington's at five o clock and I talked them through the routine that was expected of them, they knew it was a set up and the wife of the owner was to believe it was real. I was to tell them exactly what to do. An hour later, we headed off.

Just over an hour later we arrived, I drove past the house and saw Paul's car in the driveway. I did a tour of the area looking out for any parked car with people in them, but it was clear. We drove back to the house and pulled into the driveway, we ran to the front door pulling on our ski masks, which were supposed to make us look frightening. We walked straight in the front door, it having been left unlocked as arranged. Then looking to the left we saw them all sitting at the dining table eating their dinner, I screamed at them, telling them it was a robbery and to put their hands on their heads. Everybody looked suitably scared as I walked around the table duct taping their wrists, we put blindfolds on the two men, and after Darren put the blindfold on Cynthia, he slid his hand down her dress and felt her tits. Cynthia made suitable noises of shock and horror. Kendra was sitting opposite watching this happen and I am sure a faint smile came over her face.

This was my first chance to get a good look at Kendra, as Lenny put her blindfold on. She was probably late thirties, very well dressed in a cashmere top and a silk skirt. Not even five feet tall, but very well packaged, With Lenny standing behind her, she looked very tiny. Lenny put her blindfold on, and then ran his huge hand down her top to rub her tits. I went over to Simon and took off his blindfold and wrist restraints, I knew he would want to see this. He quietly leaned back to the cabinet behind him, pulled out a cam and started the filming as we had arranged. I went over to Kendra, she was still sitting there with Lenny mauling her tits, I touched her knee with my hand and her legs opened wide, knowing more was to come. I ran my hand up her leg and under her silk panties to feel her bald and very wet cunt. I whispered in her ear.

"You need it!" she just nodded. "Lenny, take her to her bedroom and keep her there until I get there."

Lenny tucked her under one arm and walked upstairs, it was funny to watch. I released all their wrists and took off their blindfolds, Cynthia wasted no time in dragging Darren off to the spare bedroom for her dose of madness, with Paul right behind, also with a cam to capture the action. I sat back down with Simon for a few moments, he was already pleased with how things had gone and he passed me an envelope containing our fee and told me there was a pile of goodies in the garage for us as well. I was really starting to like this business.

Simon and I crept upstairs and I went into the bedroom first and turned on the radio so Kendra would not know who was in the room. I sat Simon in the corner with his cam running.

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