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The Sauna

byDeborahs Husband©

The other night my wife, Deborah, and I finished our workout at our 24-hour health club and were relaxing in the hot tub. The hour was well after midnight and the place was pretty deserted except for a few really dedicated heathnuts watching TV in front of the treadmills and stair steppers. Deborah is 34 years old and tall for a woman at 5' 9". A champion swimmer through high school and college, she has retained a feminine, athletic body. The first thing I noticed when we were introduced more than 10 years ago, was this great pair of legs. All this combined with her full C cup breasts, dark blond hair falling to her shoulders and a classically beautiful face remind me every day that I am one lucky man. Since we both joined the health club her body is just getting harder and more toned.

We have a great relationship, full of humor, frequent lovemaking and friendship. We both are pretty religious and have been all our lives. We are adventurous in bed, but probably pretty mainstream. She was definitely a virgin when we married and as far as I know I am the only one she has ever been with. We have always had a completely monogamous and satisfying relationship. At least until tonight.

Facing each other in the hottub, I admired her in her tight one-piece racing suit. She was so beautiful there with her eyes closed and her head back. I noticed beads of perspiration run down her strong neck to disappear in her cleavage. That had an immediate effect on me.

I looked around slyly and readjusted myself as my tool began to stiffen at the thought of making love to her urgently the minute we got home. I was pleasantly surprised to know we were on the same wavelength when one of her petite toes brushed my inner thigh and slowly massaged my stiffening member. Soon her other foot joined the other and she began to knead me expertly while the roiling water hid her movements from the view of the only other two people relaxing at that late hour in the adjacent hot tub. I watched her face, her eyes still closed, head resting on the pool decking. I became incredibly aroused at how innocent she looked. Above the water, her body moved only slightly, her hard stomach muscles contracting as she methodically jacked me off with her feet. Despite the warm water, her nipples jutted obscenely through the thin fabric of her suit.

Slowly she lifted her head to gauge the effect she was having on me. Our eyes met and her mouth opened to a dainty little circle as she silently breathed the word "Oh". She was in one of the most hotly erotic moods I had ever seen her in. I think it had something to do with the public setting and the relative freedom we both felt due to the lack of a crowd at the club that night. I glided forward in the water and slid my hands quickly up her inner thighs. Immediately she spread her legs whorishly to allow me easy access under her suit and her vaginal folds.

One night of sexplay almost two years ago involved me tying her up and completely shaving her pussy of pubic hair. She had loved the sensations of that night so much that she has kept the clean look ever since. She says this allows for maximum stimulation & contact with my tongue and pubic bone in our most intimate moments.

So there we were our eyes locked in sexual concentration, not daring to even kiss. One of the straps of her suit had carelessly fallen off one shoulder. Occasionally, one of her widely spaced feet broke the surface of the roiling water. We were trying to act casual while petting like horny teenagers. That would have been the end of the story, but just then the whirl pool jets timed off. Instantly we were aware our underwater activities were now very visible as the water cleared of the obscuring bubbles. We drew away from each other reluctantly and whispered a promise to finish up at home or maybe even in the car.

Quickly we washed the chlorine off in the cold showers next to the pool area and walked laughing and holding hands to the door leading to the locker rooms. In the short hall leading to our respective locker rooms I leaned over and kissed her deeply. Then turned to hurry away and dress quickly.

But she caught the towel around my neck and whispered, "see if anyone's in the sauna." I raised my eyebrows at what I thought was her joke, but I noticed a red flush of desire in her face. When I realized she was serious my legs almost failed me. I ducked into the Men's locker room for a quick scan and then to the sauna and plunged into the thick steam. The visibility in there was only about one or two feet! I was in luck. There was nobody in the whole locker room. I ran back out to the hallway, grabbed my wife's hand and pulled her into the men's locker room and then to the sauna while she shot a nervous glance around.

As soon as the door closed we crushed our bodies together and I maneuvered her into the far corner and roughly stripped her wet swimming suit from her body. For a moment I took in the sight of her bare breasts proudly jutting from her muscular torso, her flat stomach and the naked slit of her vagina. Her skin had begun to redden in the heat and moisture and she was covered in a glistening sheen of perspiration. She looked as beautiful as a dew-covered flower. In the next instant, she dropped to her knees and brought my swimming trunks to my ankles all in one motion. Then she was greedily gulping my stiff cock while her dark blond head bobbed seductively and urgently. I was struck with a thought I had had often during our 10 years together. How nice it would be to allow this growing surge in my loins to hit the back of her throat while she milked the semen urgently from me. But this was one thing she had never allowed me to do. She said the thought just made her nauseous and was in no way sexy for her. As if she could sense what I was thinking, she released me and quickly stood up, pumping my stiff penis in her hand looking at me with those "take me" eyes.

This was going to be a very fast coupling. In part because we were both so horny but also because in the back of our minds we kept listening for the door to the sauna to open and knew if we didn't go fast we would be forced to stop and finish at home. I laid her down on the tile bench and without ceremony began to feed all nine inches of my horny cock into my beautiful wife's smooth pussy. Soon we were grinding our pelvises into each other with vigor. She had her hand on my ass adding to my thrusts with those of her own. I alternated between handfuls and mouthfuls of breast to plunging my tongue deep into her open, panting mouth. I grabbed her waist and manhandled her up and down the length of my cock, her back gliding on the smooth wet tile surface. Soon she brought her knees up tight to her shoulders, and urgently whispered, "I want you to push that hard cock of yours up my ass."

I was only too happy to grant her this infrequent treat. I was careful not to hurt her though. I slowly brought the head of my boner to her tight sphincter and made a slow wet circle around the tight pink opening. I was very lubricated from the pounding I had been giving her pussy and she grunted softly in pleasure as I slowly and gently pushed past the resistant muscles. I took several seconds to introduce my entire length into her hot rectum. I waited until the distressed look disappeared from her face then bent to push my tongue through her parted lips. I then began to slowly move in her, but within a few strokes I had completely forgotten my manners and began to quite roughly give her a good ass fucking. I looked down to see Deborah's eyes tightly closed, lower lip caught in her teeth, one of her hands was being rather rough with her right breast. Her other hand was frantically moving over her swollen clitoral button. Her entire body jolted and undulated rhythmically from the abuse I was committing with each thrust to her tight exit.

It was at that moment I heard the door to the sauna open. My wife didn't. We were being very quiet anyway and I thought we just might get away with this given the low visibility in the sauna. Knowing there was a stranger in the room, I held my breath and continued to selfishly wreck Deborah's tight sphincter. After a few minutes I became aware of the uneasy fact that a tanned and muscular stranger was staring down at my wife's face from out of the steam. I recognized him as one of the regular club muscle heads we had seen around but never spoken to. I also noticed his cock starting to harden and stick out from under his towel. Before I could protest, he shed his towel and slowly began stroking his massive prick. He stood over her very close and dominating and I knew he intended to squirt a load of his filthy semen on my wife's face and breasts.

Instead of repulsing me, the thought of it bought me very close to orgasm. It was then Deborah sensed something, maybe I paused, and opened her eyes. She looked lost and deeply confused for about a half-second then seemed to remember my thrusting and her own horniness. For a long time Deborah only stared lustily at the eleven-inch cock bobbing above her in the stranger's fist, her own hands busy stretching and probing her own pussy. We were both locked in a weird moment, torn by the desire to complete the climb we had started but uneasy at our lack of privacy. The situation was both exciting and unsettling and we were still sorting it out. Then as I continued to assault her tiny asshole she did something that surprised us both. Something neither of us could believe when we discussed it later.

She sat up on her elbows and tentatively licked the precome that stood out on the end of the stranger's enormous prick. After that initial taste, I watched her pause then something changed on her face as she dropped all moral boundaries and decided. Hungrily she popped the head of his cock into her mouth, the girth of it stretching her pretty mouth, her eyes looking up to find the stranger's while his fist continued to pump his enormous prick. He intended to jack off into my wife's mouth and she had never even let me do that!

That thought pushed me over the edge and my own prick began to convulse, my balls tightening, as I forced jets of thick semen deep inside my wife's bowels. I slammed against her sending shockwaves through her body, gravity tugging and jolting her heavy breasts. At the same moment her stranger seemed to tire of his masturbation. He grabbed Deborah's head and began to force her head back and forth along the length of his slobbery member. I continued to plunge into her, my eyes fixed on their union. I noticed his thrusting was becoming deeper and more insistent. As he became more aroused and rough with her, Deborah began to gag and choke on the monster forcing its way into her throat. I guess I wasn't the only one who forgot their manners that night. This was definitely something very new to her, she was being treated like a cheap whore and not a precious wife and lover. As I pumped the last surges of my come up her tight channel I almost pushed him away to protect her. But her eyes, now red and watery from gagging, remained fixed lustily to his. Paralyzed and fascinated, I watched her finger herself as she accommodated his entire length without gagging.

He came then, his buttocks tensing as his body shuddered. His muscular arms forced my wife's beautiful face hard onto his tool and close to his groin, his hairy testicles mashing into her chin. Deborah' s eyes widened in realization, one of her hands pushing feebly at his hip. But he was too strong for her and held her firmly in position as he fucked her mouth. He came with such force down the back of her throat that the tight vacuum of her mouth was filled completely in the thick gush of semen. Heavy white globs leaked out around the corners of her mouth as he pulsed convulsively in and out, her lips undulating to the swollen veins on the fleshy shaft. I watched her throat move, swallowing all the semen she could while the rest of the mess slowly slid down her face, off her chin then fall with a splash onto her sweaty right breast. All the while her eyes were fixed on the handsome face of her new lover.

Suddenly her eyes closed in concentration as one of her hands worked her clitoris noisily. My hands roamed over her slippery breasts, torso and legs. I felt her anus spasm and watched her shoulders shudder, her body tensed as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her face. Her contractions forced me out of her ass with a wet plop. She continued to greedily milk his penis in her hungry mouth as she moaned shakily through her nose. After catching her breath, she brought her slippery hand up to her new lover's testicles massaging them gently lifting them and feeling their weight. She then pumped his still erect penis in her manicured fist, the fingers not quite able to close fully around its girth while hungrily licking him from his testicles up the shaft and once again guiding its massive head to her dainty mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she drew the last drops of semen from his spent body. He bent then and kissed her gently on the forehead his large hands held two rich handfuls of her damp hair. Without even a word he turned, picked up his towel and exited the sauna. I continued to kneed her breasts and run my hands over her entire body as she nuzzled her face into my neck and clung to me tightly.

After a few minutes of snuggling she asked me if I was angry with her. Her voice it was so hoarse I almost didn't realize she was trying to speak. Then I remembered the size of that monster and understood how tender her throat must be right now. I assured her I was anything but mad and that I had enjoyed watching her sandwiched in such a predicament. We both realized that several of our 'subliminal' fantasies had just been fulfilled. We showered off before anyone else showed up and drove home. She was so calm and satisfied we just held hands and listened to music.

She seems intent on forgetting the whole thing. In the weeks that have followed, we saw her muscular stranger a few times at the club. He and I would wink at each other while Deborah blushed and looked nervously away. I even know his name now.

I've caught her glancing his way a few times at the club when she thought no one was looking. I noted the restless longing on her face. For the most part, we don't discuss that night but I can tell you our sex is a lot hotter now. The frustrating thing is she still won't let me come in her mouth despite the fact that she loves to give me head. I know that night was totally out of character for her, but I can't help remembering how into it she was that night. How completely sexually awake she became.

I love my wife. As I write this I am looking at a yellow slip of paper I should have thrown away weeks ago. Deborah is working late tonight. I know she's alone. I know I shouldn't, but I'm thinking of dialing the number written on the yellow paper. I know he and I could set up a hot little ambush at the office...

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