tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Savage King Pt. 02

The Savage King Pt. 02


After my body grew weary from horseback riding, I finally let my body curl into the savage king's. It was only so I could rest, I told myself. And sleep I did, quite easily, which surprised me. However, I knew that when I was suddenly jolted awake by my captor that something was wrong and it looked much darker than when I'd first closed my eyes.

"Tst!" he'd said, jarring me away.

"What is—"

His hand slapped over my mouth and that's when I hear it. Footsteps. It sounded like many men. Hope surged. My father's men were here to rescue me! The demon looked down at me and as if reading my thoughts, he grinned and shook his head.

Leaning down to my ear he whispered in that heathen voice of his, "Marauders, princess."

Marauders. I carefully scan the forest around us and pinpoint the origin of the footsteps. If only I had a weapon I would feel so out of control. "Give me a sword," I whisper to the brute, hoping he'd at least have the sense to use my fighting skills. The marauders in these parts were nothing to trifle with. They traveled in bands of at least four. They were cutthroats through and through who lived off others. Right now being a princess in such people's hands wouldn't bode well for me in any way. Ransom, rape, murder and unlike the demon on the horse with her there were more of them to hurt her.

The next minutes pass in a blur. I'm left on the horse to watch as the warrior deftly leapt from the horse and made his way to the marauders trying to trap them. All I can do is watch as he slits the first mans throat, a hard slash across the side of his neck. The blood spurt in such a way, I gag, my stomach recoiling. I've never seen such a grisly sight in my whole life.

The next four he disposes of like the savage he was. Using one man's bow and arrow he shot the fine arrow straight through one man's eye. It was impossible for me to keep watching. A scream curled from my throat as I jump off the horse and run behind a tree. There is no thought of running. I'm too terrified by these men and what I've just witnessed. My heart's racing and it won't slow down. I hear a man cry out—a gargled, wet sound—he's dead now.

It became quiet. Finally, I put on my brave face and go leave my hiding place behind the tree. There he is. Moonlight illuminating his painted flesh, parts of it smeared and marred from grappling with the men.

I can't catch my breath. The men, every single one of them lie dead, their blood spilt. He'd killed all of them. Across the distance separating us, the savage stood like a triumphant warrior after battle. His eyes were keen and something untamed danced within them. Those eyes were watching me.

For some reason my body's trembling. There's magic pulling between us making my body yearn and feel tight and hot in places that flustered me. They were only places he'd touched. He stalks to me. My feet struggle to back up quickly enough but I can't. He's on me, lips crashing down. His kiss for some reason isn't as repulsive as it had been.

When his hands gripped my backside and pulled me into his manhood I stilled. He was hard again. So soon? It had only been hours since he spilt seed in my hand. Could all men recover this quickly? His tongue shoves into my mouth and the sensations change. This kiss is wet and makes me feel warm around my breasts and between my legs.

He groans and grunts as he kisses me like the beast he is—a flicker of arousal grows the longer he touches me.

"Freeja, nent voll mut mea kok."

"What are you saying?"

He pulled back to look me in the eyes. "It means, I want to fuck you."

The foreign term did not translate. Fuck. It sounded crude and dirty. "What is that? What does that mean?"

Why did goose flesh spread down my arms?

"It means I'm going to stick you with my cock, princess. I canna wait."

"What!" I barely made out the word before he started pulling my dress up.

I struggled against him but he only took us both down to the ground. I wiggled and fought, my heels digging into dirt, teeth snarling. He breathed hard too and I could feel his stiff manhood prodding my thigh as he fought to lift my heavy skirts.

"You will not force me, savage!"

He stopped, my skirts up past my waist. His head cocked as if he was thinking about my words. But then he touched me between my legs in a spot I'd never, not even once, been touched by a man. I gasp, furiously blushing.

Down there, I'm wet. His lips part as he touches me, fingers slipping across my soft area. But he's gentle and when the pleasure began to blossom I didn't know what to do, but I knew I didn't want it to stop.

He brushed his fingers across a special part of me and my hips leapt off the ground. I made a noise like one of the grunts he always made. This seemed to spark something inside him because he stopped touching me—for which I told myself I should be grateful—but my traitorous body enjoyed his touch. He made me feel good, but frightened too. Right now I couldn't summon a shred of fear towards this man.

He untied his trews then shoved them down his muscular, painted thighs. "My princess, Dafne," he said with a thick voice. His eyes were heavy from arousal, his shaft hard and jutting from his sinewy hips. My heart flutters with anticipation and nerves. I'd heard a rumor that a woman's first time hurt. "All mine," he growled.

He crawled over me, his elbows planting in the grass beside my head to keep me trapped. His hard shaft probed my entrance, rubbed around the wetness and my breaths grew labored. It feels incredible, the sensations indescribable.

Then, he found my womanhood and began pushing inside. The fit was snug and I began to wonder if he might simply be too large. I nearly told him so when he sat up suddenly, grabbed my hips, then started shoving himself inside me with steady purpose. My body gave way under his relentless pressure. When he reached the virgin barrier he locked eyes with me. Only after I met his heathen gaze did he slam inside—claiming me.

"My Dafne now. My cock that fills your body. Only mine," he said with guttural authority. Then he began rocking that big cock in and out of my quivering body.

There was a slight burning sting but the more he moved, the faster the pain went away. I moan. I can't help it. The erotic sensations he evokes feels good, and the savage huddles over me close again until our chests are smashed together. He moves his meat fast in hard,

driving thrusts all the while grunting his obvious pleasure.

"So tight, freeja. Gottes, you're shalone. Beautiful."

My breath hitches. His touch is hurtling me closer and closer to a precipice I'd never mounted before. "You will have my babes. You will sleep in my bed and rule by my side." No longer can I catch my breath. He's driving me out of my mind with these wild statements. Yet, a part of me excited at the prospect at what he says. "I will keep you safe, always."

He flips me over then and I flush with humiliation. I feel bared to the world now without his body covering mine. I blush as he positions me on my hands and knees with my dress up around my waist bearing my backside. I feel like a common whore that I've seen some of the soldiers with down at the barns. If I were being completely honest I'd admit that I'd been aroused by the sight of the soldier with the women. Their rutting had aroused her so that she began touching herself at night. But never had she experience such pleasure as this.

He grabs my hips and re-enters me swiftly. He takes me like the savage he was, hands grasping my breasts, tugging at my nipples and rubbing me between my legs until I was quivering mess. Pleasure suddenly rushed through me in a hot, liquid burst from deep within my core.

The savage king breathed harshly through the milking sensations, groaning. "Such beauty. Yes, freeja, squeeze me with your cunt."

He pounded into my body, chasing after his own release. He grabbed onto my shoulders to hold me in place and fucked me. I found myself groaning and grunting with him, wanting him to find his pleasure to.

"Hunh!" he groaned, hips jerking. His cock swelled within me. "Take all of my seed and be with my child." He pumped his hips one last time, shoving his cock as deep as he could. That's when I felt the hot, wet spurts shooting inside me—his seed. How could there be so much of it? The liquid cream gushed inside her over and over again, stuffing her full of his seed and surely she would get with his child now.

I struggle to catch my breath. He's idly rocking in and out of me. His shaft doesn't soften but stays firm. How the man had such stamina, I did not know. Perhaps it was because he truly was a demon and not a man.

His continued rocking arouses my body. It's gentle and I begin to tingle around where his cock touches my sensitive walls as he repeatedly impales me. I shudder and he groans. He touches me everywhere, in my hair tugging to rolling that special bud between my legs.

"We should leave this place, yet I canna make myself pull from your sweet cunt."

My breath catches.

"When I take you back to my people and make you queen, everyone will bow to you. You will be worshipped, respected. You can help the women. And each morning and night, whenever I bid it, you will receive my seed." It sounded like he was listing all the good reasons I should accept the arrangement. I mustn't be thinking clearly because his notes sounded so reasonable.

He flips me over and began sucking on my nipples as he gently pumped his hips, working his hard shaft in and out of me. Could he possibly achieve even more pleasure so soon? I have no idea what is normal for a man, or not.

I'm wet, even moreso from his hot release pooled inside my body, for which I'm thankful, else I might be too tender.

Soon the gentle thrusts weren't enough as a fire grew between my legs. I found myself arching against his thrusts, my bud tingling with the need to be twiddled. I dig my nails into his back, urging him to please me more. Yet, he took his time tasting my skin, kissing my neck, breasts, and shoulders. He had such patience now; his worshipful touch made me feel like a goddess.

"W-what is your name?" I needed to know. This savage had been inside my body, and I could be with child from his ministrations. The least I needed now was his name.

His deep, dark gaze was something I could get lost in. He pressed deep against my womb and something close to a smile flirted around his painted lips. "My name... Tor."


Now he is smiling and my breath hurts as it squeezes from my lungs. I can't breathe because he has the most lovely smile she'd ever seen. It completely transformed his face, even through the grit war paint. It went from something cruel and dangerous to a seducer's smile.

"Now I give you my seed again."

His tongue moved against mine as he began taking my sheathe in earnest. Just from his movements within me, I shattered with explosive pleasure, seeing brilliant stars in my vision. I was in a daze of passion as he palmed my breasts and pinched the tender nipples with nearly painful bite.

He pulled back so that he could stay up on his knees, grabbed hold of my hips and pounded into me just like the soldiers used to with the bent-over whores. I could feel the tight knot of pleasure forming again and I wished—actually wished—for his seed to erupt inside me and impregnate me. Our child would be the strongest in the land.

Somewhere, deep inside my psyche, my soul recognized its match.

"You are beautiful, my princess. I can see the passion on your face. You like my kok." He leaned down close and growled, "I knew you would."

Then he started rutting to his release. Grunting, sweat dripping on me, he fucked my snug cunny like the savage he was. My own pleasure was mounting. In an incredible moment of bliss, I flew apart as if my body was made of seams. The savage king grabbed my hair in one hand and my hip in the other as he worked his hard length in and out of me, driving towards his release. It came just as I was drifting back down to reality.

His head tilted up to the heavens as he shouted, the sound little more than a growl. His hips jerked and as his hot, wet seed spurted inside me, I cried out in ecstasy, feeling the jets soaking my core.

After we got our breaths back under control, we dressed. No one said a word. I had no idea what to say or where to go from here. I'd just willingly let this savage use my body. Strangely, I did not feel any regret.

"Come, shalone Dafne, we go now."

This time when the savage king held his hand out to me, I took it.


Freeja - woman or lass

Gottes - God

Shalone - beautiful

Tu - to

Squre - swear

Nent - want to

Voll - fill

Kok - cock

Mut - you

Mea - my

Ma - I

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