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The Scarf


Christine’s eyes darted back and forth between the young girl walking toward her and the computer monitor on her desk. She watched the girl’s dark blonde hair sway with her quick steps. She watched the body move gracefully, like an athlete’s body. When the girl passed, Christine watched her hips and ass move seductively in a pair of tight slacks.

Christine Brewer was a 29-year-old accountant at ACR, Inc., a small but growing computer software company. She was attractive, competent, shy and six years into a bad marriage. Her 5’7” shapely frame, layered light brown hair and arresting green eyes had caused many men in the company to look twice at her.

But, she was rarely known to say more than “Hi” to anyone other than her boss. Chris, as everyone called her, was an enigma.

Traci Conway couldn’t be any farther on the opposite end of the spectrum than Chris. Outspoken, forward and direct was Traci’s approach to life. At 23, she was the youngest computer tech at the company. The only thing she did better than work on computers was flirt.

At the moment she was on her way to a senior accountant’s office. Something about a network connection. Ten minutes later she emerged from the office, cheeks flushed from something the man had said.

As Traci walked between the cubicles, she caught Chris’ eye and headed her way.

“Hey, Chris. How are you?” Traci asked enthusiastically.

“Fine, Traci. Haven’t seen you in ages.”

“Oh, they’ve got me doing just about everything now,” Traci said, leaning against the wall of Chris’ cubicle. “How have you been?”

“OK. Trying to finish Christmas shopping more than anything,” Chris said with a shrug.
“I was thinking of heading over to the mall at lunch.”

Traci nodded. Chris paused for a second. Then, to Traci’s surprise, Chris added, “Why don’t you come with me.”

The younger girl’s hazel eyes shined. “I’d love to. That’ll be fun.”

They made arrangements to meet at noon. Both women were happy with the unanticipated plans and were anxious for lunchtime to arrive. At quarter to twelve, Chris headed for the ladies room. She touched up her makeup and caught herself checking the line of her body under her dress.

“Hey, you’re going to lunch, not the prom,” she told herself. But, she looked forward to the companionship.

The women drove the short distance to the mall with Traci doing most of the talking. Although Traci was single and couldn’t trade family stories, they found enough job related gossip to keep them both happy.

Once inside the mall, Chris took charge and chose a large clothing store as the first stop. They both tried on winter coats that exceeded their winter clothing budgets. More “wish list” items were found in the sweater department.

“Oh, look at these,” Chris said as they walked passed a scarf display. She ran her fingers over a brightly colored scarf with thick stripes. “I loved scarves when I was a kid.”

Traci picked one up and let it fall open. Then she lifted it and swung it around Chris’ neck, sliding it under the collar of Chris’ big coat. With one more toss, the scarf fell over the woman’s back, while another end hung in front. Traci gently adjusted it.

A chill went down Chris’ back as the girl finished. The simple touch of another person had made her heart jump. The perfumed scent of this young woman, her smile, her eyes, engrossed her.

“There. You look really, really cute in that, Chris,” Traci was saying with sincerity.

Chris blushed. She put her hands on the soft material, feeling the warmth building around her neck. She looked down at the display.

“I can’t even afford these.” The words were filled with melancholy. She started removing the scarf. “We’re so far in credit card debt…” The words hung in mid air.

Traci saw the dejection in the woman’s face.

“Well, maybe Santa,” was all Traci could think of saying.

Chris smiled. “Yeah. Maybe.”

They shopped for another half hour, then ate salads in the food court. When they got back to the office, both women expressed their thanks to the other for going. They agreed to do it again soon.

Later that afternoon they crossed paths once more. This time, it was Chris who initiated the conversation.

“Traci, you’re going to the Christmas party aren’t you?” It was as much a request as a question.

“Sure,” Traci said. “Wouldn’t miss it. You going?”

“Yep. Just wanted to make sure I’d have at least one person to talk to.”

“I’ll look for you. I’ve heard Mr. Kent has quite a mansion. I’m excited to see it,” Traci said.

“Oh, it’s fabulous. And I doubt if I’ve seen half of it,” Chris answered. Kenneth Kent owned ACR, Inc. and showed off his house each year in the form of a holiday party. It was one of those affairs where stories for the following year were produced by free flowing liquor.

Two days later, on the Friday before Christmas and the day before the big party, Traci wound her way through the maze of cubicles until reaching the accounting department. Approaching Chris’ desk silently from behind, she crept forward and placed a brightly wrapped box on the woman’s lap.

Chris jumped and made an unidentifiable sound of surprise.

“Ho, ho, ho,” Traci said in the deepest voice she could muster.

“What…,” Chris said while turning. “Oh, Traci.”

“Merry Christmas,” Traci said smiling.

Chris picked up the package and stared at it.

“What’s this?”

“It’s yours. From me. Open it, open it,” Traci said with excitement.

“But, I…”

“Open it,” Traci ordered.

Chris’ fingers nervously pulled open the paper wrapping. Inside was a thin, rectangular white box. She lifted off the top of the box and pushed aside the tissue paper.

“Oh, my God. Traci. No,” Chris said softly.

She lifted the colorful scarf from the box.

“Promise me you’ll wear it tomorrow to the party,” Traci said.

Chris stood up and wrapped her arms around Traci, holding the scarf tightly in one hand.

“Thank you,” Chris said almost in a whisper. Traci heard her sniffle quietly. “You shouldn’t have. I can’t…I…”

“Don’t worry,” Traci said, leaning her head back so she could look at the other woman. “Just enjoy it.”

Tears formed in Chris’ eyes. She turned around before they fell and placed the scarf in the box. She faced Traci once more and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“Thank you.”

“My pleasure. Now, I’ve gotta go,” Traci said. “See you tomorrow night?”

“Absolutely.” Chris tried to smile but her emotions made it difficult. She watched the girl gracefully walk away, wishing she didn’t have to go.

The following evening, Chris showered and dressed, having decided on a red sleeveless dress that she normally considered too tight and too short. But, something told her it would be all right tonight. Her husband, as usual, had opted not to attend. If she could escape with as little verbal abuse about her wardrobe as possible, she’d be home free.

She pulled on her coat and wrapped the scarf around her neck. Luckily, the game was close enough to take her husband’s full attention and she yelled “Goodbye” as the door was closing behind her.

Across town, Traci was shuffling through a closet full of outfits. Eventually, the combination of a sheer pink blouse and black pants won out. Traci especially liked this blouse because the first button didn’t appear until you drew an imaginary line from one nipple to the other. Matching red bra and panties, both lacy and small, finished the festive motif.

She found the Kent mansion with only one wrong turn, which she blamed on the directions given her by a coworker. The imposing house and surrounding estate looked like something off a Christmas postcard as she drove in. She parked and walked past huge pines that appeared to be decorated and lit by Disney staff.

Immediately upon knocking at the entrance, the double wood doors swung open and an elegantly suited man welcomed her. The man took her coat and directed her to the refreshments.

Traci looked up at the magnificent chandelier hanging in the foyer. Hallways seemed to lead in all directions. A winding staircase caused her eyes to wander upward to another floor of balconies and halls. The subdued sound of voices drew her into the house.

As she entered what must have served as the formal dining room, she saw a long table of hors d’oeuvres encircled by guests. Two or three of them called out her name in unison. Traci smiled at each one, trying desperately to get the names correct. She placed three huge shrimp on a plate, added some sauce and accepted compliments on her outfit with appropriate shyness. Several pieces of cheese finished the plate and she exited by the door opposite from where she came in.

She entered a much larger, darker room that she took as the library. A roaring fire-with real wood logs-blazed on one wall.

“Traci, glad you made it,” came a male voice from her side.

She turned to see the VP for Accounting. “Oh, hi Mr. Clark.”

“Christine was asking about you earlier. I’ve lost her now.” Clark looked around the room.

“OK, thanks. I’ll run into her eventually, I’m sure,” Traci said. “Where are the drinks?”

“Off the kitchen. Through there.” The man pointed to a nearby door.

“Great. Good seeing you.”

“You too,” Clark said.

The blouse was working, Traci said to herself. That was two men so far that had made less eye contact than cleavage contact.

She wound her way through the crowd and into the adjoining room. Sure enough, there was a bar being tended by two more men in tuxedos. Traci ordered a glass of wine and exchanged welcomes with other guests. The tall, thin glass of wine arrived and Traci excused herself to yet another massive room.

Through the swarm of people she picked out the head of a brunette in a red dress. The streaked, layered hair falling to the shoulders could only belong to one woman at ACR, Inc. The dress, however, came as a surprise to her.

Chris was talking to another female guest as Traci approached from behind her.

“Hey, Traci. Hi,” the woman said.

Chris spun around, an empty glass in her hand and a wide smile on her face.

“Hi,” Traci said, her eyes meeting Chris’. “What a place.”

“I told you,” Chris said. “I’m really glad you came.”

“Me, too. And I’ve been to the food and bar once.”

The other woman, an administrative assistant that Traci didn’t know well, offered to get Chris another drink. Chris accepted. First, because she wanted another glass of wine and, two, it would leave her alone with Traci.

“You look HOT in that dress,” Traci said, admiring Chris’ long body.

“Thanks.” Chris’ face was turning the same shade as the dress. “As usual, you look marvelous.” Chris ran her fingers up the sleeve of Traci’s blouse.

They chatted for a minute before another drink was delivered to Chris. Soon after that, they tactfully separated themselves and wandered into a less crowded area of the house.

Fortunately, they found an unoccupied sofa that they could sit at. This was particularly useful for Chris, who was not used to as much wine as she had already consumed. For whatever reason, she was far more talkative than Traci had ever known her to be.

Before long, the conversation turned to men.

“Will you ever get married, Traci?” Chris asked.

Traci looked at her carefully. “Is that a question or a warning?”

Chris laughed. “Both. Sometimes I wonder why I did.”

“Because you loved him,” Traci said. “But things can change.”

“No kidding.”

Traci looked at her drink. “I’ve never found a man worth marrying.”

Chris was looking at the girl next to her. Looking at her blonde hair, her sharp facial features, her long neck and smooth skin. She was looking at the hint of a red bra supporting young, firm breasts under a silky blouse.

Traci looked up, startling her friend.

“Would you do it differently?” Traci asked.

“Do WHAT differently?”

There was silence. “Not get married.”

Now Chris looked away. She fixed her eyes on the slender, crossed legs extending from under her dress. “Sometimes…sometimes I think I…well, that I like…God, Traci.”

The younger girl put her hand on Chris’ leg.

“What, Chris.”

“That I like other women more than my husband.” Chris said it in a whisper, although nobody was close to them. Her eyes were moist and narrow.

Traci didn’t flinch. Instead, she leaned closer to Chris’ ear, her hand still on the woman’s leg. “There’s only one way to find out.”

Traci leaned back and took a sip of her drink. Her tongue licked both lips in a small circle. Chris thought she was going to melt on the sofa.

“Did you wear your scarf?” Traci asked her stunned companion.

“Uh, yes. Of course.” Chris looked confused.

“Let’s go find it.”

Traci grabbed Chris’ hand and lifted her off the sofa. They walked into a hallway and turned toward the front door. Just before reaching the door, the man in the tux asked if they were ready for their coats.

“No. Just this lady’s scarf, please,” Traci said with her most enticing smile.

As the man disappeared, Chris asked, “What are you doing?”

Be quiet,” Traci said in her softest voice.

The man returned quickly with the bright garment. Traci took it and thanked him. Then she turned towards the spiral staircase with Chris in tow.

“Traci. What the…”

They were headed up the stairs. Chris nearly had to run to keep up. When they reached the top, Traci looked in both directions. She grabbed Chris’ hand again and took off down the dark hall. They passed one closed door, then another. Finally, Traci stopped and peered inside an open doorway.

“In here.”

They strode gingerly into the dark, empty bedroom. Traci closed the door behind them and locked it.

Both women caught their breath. As Traci faced Chris, she threw the scarf onto the bed behind Chris. Then she stood inches in front of the other woman and put her hands on the sides of Chris’ face. Chris was frozen.

Slowly, Traci moved forward until their lips touched. Traci’s tongue followed the curve of Chris’ mouth. Little by little, Chris’ mouth opened. Traci tasted the wine, the woman.

Their tongues met. After that, everything was pretty much a blur for Chris. She felt a hand at the back of her head. She felt her mouth and Traci’s mouth lock together. She felt tongues colliding. She felt a warmth between her legs she had never felt before.

They fell onto the bed. Hands were everywhere. Traci was aware of hands on her breasts, waist, hips and ass. Her own hands traced the curves of Chris’ body from neck to thighs.

Their kiss was loving and forceful. Chris’ new feelings toward her friend came flooding out, aided by a little wine. Traci was going to take her somewhere different and she was going to do it tonight.

Traci lifted her head and slid down Chris’ body. Her mouth brushed across the woman’s breasts, feeling the nipples through the dress. She went lower. Traci’s hands slid across Chris’ stomach. Lower.

Traci slid off the bed. She followed Chris’ long legs until getting to her shoes. She flipped them off and then proceeded back up the woman’s legs. Past her knees. Feeling the inside of her thighs until reaching the bottom of her dress.

The girl pushed Chris’ dress higher until white panties became visible. She pushed the dress higher still. Now, Chris raised her hips and let Traci slide the dress up to her waist.

With fingers barely touching the skin, Traci gradually pulled the panties down. Fearful that the woman may shy away from an aggressive approach, Traci was calm. A neatly trimmed patch of hair covered Chris’ pussy. The girl stared at it as she removed the panties.

Chris gazed down at the young girl undressing her. The cool air hitting her pussy just added to the sensations she was feeling. She urgently wanted the girl to satisfy her. And she wanted to satisfy the girl she was growing to love.

Traci stood, grabbed the bottom of Chris’ dress and pulled it up. The woman’s stomach was flat and well toned. Her waist and hips looked smooth in the dim light. Soon, a white bra came into view and Chris took hold of the dress. With one quick motion, it was up and over her head.

“Let me,” Chris said softly to Traci. She reached behind her back and unfastened the bra. While leaning back onto the bed, she slid it down her arms and tossed it onto the floor.

Traci looked at the full breasts filling the woman’s chest. The nipples were erect and bright pink in contrast to the dark areolas. She couldn’t wait to taste them…and didn’t.

Traci’s mouth fell onto Chris’ left breast, engulfing the nipple and as much breast as her mouth could take. With her hand pushing the breast upward, Traci sucked and licked the end of the breast eagerly.

Chris moaned softly and pushed the girl’s head harder onto her chest. Traci’s tongue worked the nipple roughly, causing more moans from the naked woman.

“I want you Traci. I want you so badly,” Chris said.

Traci looked up at her. “I want you first. I want you to cum for me.”

With that, Traci reached under the woman and pulled out the scarf.

“Put your hands over your head, babe,” Traci said.

Chris submitted and Traci told her to scoot up. Straddling the woman, she wrapped the scarf tightly around Chris’ wrists, then tied the scarf to the headboard.

“Now relax and let me take over.”

Traci, still straddling Chris, reached back and took off her shoes, throwing them onto the floor. Her hands moved to her blouse and deliberately unbuttoned it. Traci’s breasts appeared bit by bit, tempting the woman below. When Traci pulled the blouse out of her pants and opened the final button, all but the outside of the breasts were in view.

The girl edged the blouse off her shoulders, letting it fall behind her onto the bed and Chris’ bare legs. Traci waited a few seconds before swiping it onto the floor. Then she took off the lacy bra.

Chris looked at another woman’s breasts for the first time in a sexual setting. She wanted them. She knew she was going to have them.

Traci put her hands beside Chris’ body and lowered her breasts to the woman’s face. Moving just slightly, Traci positioned her right nipple above Chris’ mouth. Without having to be told, Chris lifted herself and wrapped her lips around the nipple. As she sucked, Traci fell farther onto the bed. Chris opened her mouth and accepted a large portion of the girl’s breast.

Traci heard the sucking and licking and devouring. She also felt it, clear down to her pussy. She ached for this woman’s mouth all over her.

Chris moaned mournfully when Traci pulled back up. This time it was to unbutton her pants and pull them down. Sitting on the side of the bed, she dragged the pants over her feet. Afterwards, she stood and let Chris watch her remove her panties.

“You are SO beautiful, Traci,” Chris said.

Traci smiled, then leaned over and kissed her “captive” passionately.

“You are, too, and I’m going to show you how good a woman can make you feel.”

The girl climbed back up on the bed and almost threw herself onto Chris’ breasts. Impatiently, Traci sucked on both breasts until the ends shined with moisture even in the faint light of the bedroom.

She licked Chris’ navel and waist. She licked her hips and inside her thighs. When Chris arched her back, she licked the opening to her cunt. The woman cried with pleasure as Traci’s tongue slid up and hit her clit. The sweet fluid overwhelmed Traci with lust.

She buried her mouth around the clit and sucked frantically. Chris writhed with delight, feeling the tongue flick back and forth across her engorged clit. The more Traci sucked, the higher Chris’ body rose off the bed. The girl placed her hands under Chris’ ass and squeezed.

The woman pressed her legs more tightly around Traci’s head, then released them and spread. With that, Traci began alternating between the clit and inserting her tongue deep inside Chris’ cunt. It only took a few more minutes and Chris was on the verge of an orgasm she never believed she’d have.

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