tagGroup SexThe Scarf Ch. 02

The Scarf Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Saturday Night

Chris closed her eyes. Water flowed over her body in warm streams from the showerhead above. She tilted her head back and let her hair guide the water down her back. She felt the water on her breasts and stomach and ass and legs. Chris considered staying in the shower the rest of the day.

The 29-year-old woman looked down at her feminine hands, highlighted by blood red nails, as they traced their way around the bottom of her breasts and just lightly teased her hardened nipples. Eventually, she reached for a bar of soap and ran it across her neck, shoulders and breasts. Her nipples tingled and a familiar shiver ran down to her pussy.

In her mind, Chris was picturing the body of another young woman--a blonde goddess from work who Chris had recently befriended. Traci was 23, but very mature, Chris thought. And, oh, what a body.

The soap skimmed across Chris's stomach and onto her leg. She reached back and felt the soap on her ass. Now using both hands, she gently caressed the cheeks.

Chris imagined her hands on Traci's little butt. The same ass Chris had watched walk past her cubicle hundreds of times, swaying in tight pants or under a little skirt.

Now Chris's hand was in front of her, between her legs. She didn't want to touch herself there. She knew what would happen if she did. She told herself not to.

She did.

The soap slithered up and down from her clit to her cunt. Then back over the clit again. And again. Chris bit her lip and clenched her eyes shut.

She let the soap fall to the floor. Chris's hand engulfed her pussy, with the palm hitting the clit and the tip of her finger finding the entrance to her vagina. She slid the finger in farther, causing her wrist to rub against the clit.

"Oh, God," she murmured out loud. She began fingering herself rapidly.

Traci was standing in front of her in the office. An empty office. Taking off her sweater, her skirt, her bra. The magnificent firm breasts invited Chris to suck on them. But not yet. Traci bent over and removed her panties.

She stood back up—naked--pushing her hair back behind her ears. Traci smiled at Chris and approached her. She reached her hand inside Chris's skirt and felt for the bottom of her panties. Traci slipped her fingers inside the panties, then inside Chris.

Chris put her hands on the younger girl's breasts, followed by her ass, pulling her closer.

Traci was yanking down the panties so she could get her entire hand over Chris's pussy. She found Chris's clit. She massaged it roughly.

"Ah, yes. Traci. There. There. Yes."

Chris's orgasm started before she could put her free hand on the shower wall. Nearly falling from the uncontrollable shaking that followed, Chris frantically rubbed her clit and inserted fingers into her cunt. Two, three orgasms. She had never come like this in the shower before.

She had never known Traci before, either.

Christine Brewer was a 29-year-old accountant at ACR, Inc., a small but growing computer software company. She was attractive, competent, shy and six years into a bad marriage. Her 5'7" shapely frame, layered light brown hair with soft tints and arresting green eyes had caused many men in the company to look twice at her.

Chris grew up as the cute girl that always hung out with the prettiest girls but never got the guys. Always on the edge of excitement, she never seemed to be able to make the jump.

Traci was outspoken, forward and direct. At 23, she was the youngest computer tech at the company. The only thing she knew better than networking was flirting. She ALWAYS got the guy.

The two co-workers ate their salads, alternately using forks to eat and assist in talking. At the moment, Traci's fork was in midair, helping her express her dismay at another useless gift she had received from her Mother for Christmas.

Chris was trying not to laugh at the younger girl too hard. She, too, had relatives who spent the hated Saturday before Christmas fighting crowds for a gift rather than giving Chris the gift certificates she really wanted.

Eventually, the subject changed.

"So, what are you doing Saturday night?" Traci asked.

Chris sighed. "Oh, we never do anything. It will be the same old thing: sit and watch TV."

"Your husband doesn't like to go out?" Traci asked, moving a black olive to the side of her bowl.

"Of course not," Chris said. "That would be fun."

They laughed. But Traci's mind was working hard. Should she tread into this obviously sensitive area or not?

"We need to liven him up," Traci offered. Her eyes lifted from the salad until meeting Chris'.

"As in…?"

Traci waited a second. "As in get him out of his shell. Show him there's more to life than TV on Saturday night."

"I'm telling you, Traci. He won't leave the house," Chris said emphatically.

"Who said anything about leaving the house?"

Chris' blank stare gave away her confusion.

"Would you like company that night?" Traci asked with a sly grin.

"I hate to ask what is going on in that warped mind of yours," Chris replied.

"Warped? Did you think I was warped when you were tied to that bed at the Christmas party, cumming harder and longer than you ever had before?"


Traci's eyes opened wide in surprise.

"But, that doesn't mean I didn't love it," Chris finished before Traci could respond. That brought the smile back to Traci's face.

"Thank you. Now, what would you say to the two of us teaching Tom some new tricks."

"I'd say if you are doing the teaching, I'm all for it," Chris said.

"OK then. Tell him you've invited me over. And tell him I never wear bras and have a great ass. See if that helps."

Chris laughed again. "I just have to ask. Does this involve him watching us or me watching you two or you watching us?"

"Yes," Traci answered with a straight face.

"Perfect. This will work," Chris said.

"Oh. And have your scarf ready."

Chris could feel the heat between her legs rising. She stared into the distance with vacant eyes. Ah, yes. The scarf.

Chris had surprisingly little trouble convincing her husband to have the young blonde over for a few hours. Tom was an athletic looking man with thick dark hair and a dreadful personality. He paid little attention to Chris. She figured the last time they had "made love" was before they got married. Sex since then was infrequent, quick and unfulfilling.

Arrangements were made for Traci to arrive between nine and ten p.m. Chris begged Traci not to overdress because she and Tom would certainly be in jeans. So, Traci opted for a loose fitting top that stopped a good three or four inches above her hip hugger jeans. A silver belly ring completed the outfit.

She determined NO heterosexual man could be in the same room with her without getting a hard on at some point. She might have to bend over to get the full effect, but it would work.

Traci looked at herself in the mirror of the car as she drove to Chris'. Her fingers flung the long hair backwards. She wasn't sure whether to consider the evening a marriage counseling attempt or flirting practice or what. She had every reason to believe, however, that sex would be involved and that was sufficient to keep her interested.

As she pulled into the driveway and walked to the front door of the upper middle class home, she felt the normal excitement she had before meeting someone new, not to mention a potential partner. Traci knew what Chris was like in bed, but Tom was an unknown factor.

Chris opened the door and welcomed Traci inside. Chris complimented the girl on her choice of clothes as they walked into a comfortable looking family room. Tom rose to meet their guest and silently approved of the outfit, as well.

Chris got everybody drinks as Tom and Traci chatted about jobs. Traci noticed with interest that Chris sat in a chair by herself rather than take the empty spot on the couch near Tom after the drinks were handed out. It was looking more and more like marriage counseling, Traci thought.

But it didn't take her long to get into the flirting mode, either. Not that she needed assistance, but the alcohol soon kicked in and the conversation became more informal. Body language also became noticeably freer. Traci's hand slinked across her bare midriff and Tom put his feet on the edge of the table in front of the couch.

When Chris offered to fill glasses again, Traci immediately stood up.

"Let me help this time," she said.

Purposely, she walked between the couch and the table, making Tom move his legs as she passed by. She could feel his eyes on her hips and ass. With just a slight waggle, she joined Chris in the kitchen.

"OK. Are you sure it's alright for me to flirt with him more?" Traci asked.

"Hey, like I told you at work, it's going to be fun to see how he reacts. Go for it." Chris smiled and handed Traci a new drink.

"You have the scarf ready?"

"It's in the drawer of the table behind the couch," Chris said. "Just give me the sign when you're ready for it."


They walked back into the living room and Traci handed Tom his glass. This time the girl sat on the opposite end of the couch. She pulled her legs up under her after flipping off her shoes. It was time for her to play some serious mind games with this guy.

"Chris and I talk about our fantasies all the time at work," Traci said, noticing Chris' look of disbelief. "What's one of yours?"

Tom gazed first at Traci, then Chris. Thoughts of cheerleaders undressing quickly passed through his mind. "Oh, being filthy rich, I guess."

"C'mon," Traci said with repugnance. "I mean a real fantasy. What would really turn you on?"

He didn't have the nerve to tell her, despite the alcohol, that this conversation with her in that outfit so close to him was doing it. Traci took another drink, making certain to lean in such a way that her shirt rode further up her side. Tom's eyes darted from the bare skin to the floor.

"Well, I like it when Chris wears something truly sexy."

Traci gave him a disapproving glance. "So, you enjoy walking through a mall and looking at the young girls in short skirts and tight blouses…or jeans and t-shirts. Do you imagine taking one of them into a room and ripping off her clothes and fucking her?"

Traci smiled and blinked twice. Tom squirmed on the couch, taking a long drink. Chris' eyes were riveted on the pair.

"Do you do that when you see a good looking guy?" Tom asked.

"Of course. I'd love to be taken by some dude I didn't know and forced to have sex with him in a closet or an empty restroom. If he has a nice ass, I dream of putting my hands on it, pulling him closer and feeling him deep inside me. I can feel him cumming inside me, pinching my nipples and pushing me harder against the cold wall."

Traci hesitated. She was leaning more and more forward as the story unfolded. Now she leaned back again.

"Don't you have fantasies like that?"

Tom desperately needed to reach inside his pants and rearrange things. But not wanting to let the conversation die, he continued.

"I dream of having sex with more than one woman at a time." Tom may have been a poor husband and a lackluster lover, but he wasn't stupid. He was in a room with two women talking about sex.

"Oooohh," Traci sighed. "All those tongues working on your cock at the same time. Young boobs being pushed into your face. Tight asses just waiting for you."

The bulge in Tom's pants was now evident to both women. Traci made no effort to hide the fact she saw it. Licking her lips confirmed it.

"I bet you could keep lots of little girls screaming," Traci said. She looked over at Chris and winked.

Tom's wife rose from her chair and walked behind the couch. To keep the man occupied, Traci scooted over on the couch until she was within an arm's length of him. She heard the drawer open slightly and close just as quickly. When Tom started to turn his head around to look at Chris, Traci put her hand on his leg. The man quickly looked back at her.

"How would you like to make me scream?" Traci asked. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Chris approach the couch with scarf in hand. Just as the woman was raising the scarf, Traci put her hands on the bottom of her shirt and began to lift it.

The scarf wrapped around Tom's eyes as the shirt rose to the bottom of Traci's breasts. Tom jumped and moved his hands toward the object being tied tightly behind his head.

Traci grabbed his wrists and held them in front of him.

"Relax," she said. "We're going to play a little game. I think you'll like it. Really like it."

The girl stood, pulling Tom off the couch with her. She slowly guided him around the end of the table by the couch until they stood in the middle of the room. Chris watched at first, then joined them.

"OK. Take off your shoes and socks," Traci ordered the blindfolded man.

Tom complied quickly.

"We'll do the rest," the girl said.

Her hands grasped the bottom of his shirt and pulled it out of his jeans. With one quick movement, it was over his head and laying on the floor by his shoes. Tom's chest was well defined and lightly covered in fine, dark hair. Traci ran her fingernails over his shoulders, then down to his nipples.

She traced around each one with a single finger. When she finally slid her finger over the nipples, they were hard and red. Silently, she leaned forward and lightly brushed her tongue over one nipple.

The man's body twitched with the contact of the warm, wet tongue.

"Feel's good. Doesn't it?" Traci asked him.

Tom just nodded. The girl's tongue swirled around the flesh. Then over his chest and to the opposite side. Now both nipples glistened with the moisture from her tongue.

She put her hands on his chest again and slid them down over his stomach. When she reached the top of his pants, she slowed only long enough to put her fingers inside. The hands disappeared and Tom pulled in his stomach. Chris watched as Traci's hands became outlined by the tight material of Tom's jeans.

Traci stopped when she felt the hard cock under her right palm. She pressed the cock against Tom's skin. She massaged it with her hand.

"What are you thinking about now?" she asked in a low voice.

"About how you are going to make me cum by doing that."

"Nope. Not yet," Traci said.

Her hands rose out of the pants and she unbuttoned them. The zipper was pulled down and the jeans hung loosely open. Chris felt a sudden warmth between her legs anticipating what her friend would do next to her unsuspecting husband.

To her surprise, Chris saw Traci point to the jeans and motion for her to pull them down. Tom could tell the hands now on his jeans were from behind him. The next thing he felt was the cool air hitting the tops of his bare legs. As the pants reached the floor, he stepped out of each leg.

Chris threw the jeans aside and stood behind Tom again. Traci simply nodded at Chris and looked at the man's boxers. Chris took them off her husband slowly.

Traci was impressed with the size of Tom's semi-erect cock. It was only beginning to stand straight out from his body, but already was thicker than most she had seen. This time she licked her lips for real, not for show.

Traci walked behind Tom. She gave an approving smile when she saw his full, round ass. As she looked up to Chris, she signaled for the woman to follow her back around in front of Tom. Silently, she motioned for Chris to get on her knees, as she was doing.

Chris didn't need any more instructions when she saw Traci slide her tongue over the side of her husband's cock. Chris' tongue quickly followed suit, and soon the man was being licked and sucked by two women.

Tom's cock grew to full erection in less then a minute. Now Traci was truly awed. The cock was thicker and harder than any she had ever seen. Briefly, she wondered how her friend could resist having this man every night. Her mind swiftly returned to the task at hand.

The two women's tongues met several times as they passed over the hot skin of the shaft. When Traci tasted the telltale sweetness of Tom's precum, she backed away. Chris followed Traci's lead.

Quickly and quietly, Traci began stripping. Chris was absorbed in Traci's perfect breasts before she, herself, began undressing. When Traci was down to just her panties, Chris felt the wetness growing between her legs. The young girl pulled off her panties, exposing the ass Chris had so often watched from her desk. The body was even more striking than she had imagined it. The girl's large breasts, little waist, shapely hips and long, lean legs made Chris' whole body tingle.

Eventually, both women were naked. Tom had listened to the sounds of clothes being pulled off and hitting the floor. In his mind, he imagined what he could not see. His cock grew even stiffer.

"Lay down, Tom," Traci said softly. The man dropped to his knees and, reaching behind him blindly to feel for any obstacles, laid flat on his back in the center of the room. His cock stretched horizontally, the tip resting just below the navel.

Traci stepped closer to Chris and whispered in her ear. Then the women knelt on the floor on opposite sides of the prone man. Their hands reached out and began stroking Tom's chest, concentrating on his nipples.

Tom moaned as the four hands traced circles over his torso. Shivers flowed from his shoulders into his stomach and down his legs. He desperately wanted them to touch his erection—hold it, squeeze it, lick it. When he reached for the women with his own hands, he felt nothing but air. They purposely avoided his touch, leaving him solitary in his dark world.

Chris watched as Traci lowered her hands down Tom's body. Wherever Traci's hands went, Chris' followed on the other side. They touched everything except the twitching cock and the clear liquid trickling from its tip.

After a couple minutes, Traci signaled for Chris to move on top of Tom. The woman swung her leg over her husband's body and got on her knees, facing him. She looked down and wrapped the fingers of one hand around his shaft. The warmth and firmness struck her immediately. She had never felt him like this before.

The blood rushed through his cock so hard Tom could feel the pulse. A hand—he didn't know whose—was gripping it tightly, massaging it. He could see in his mind what he envisioned a naked Traci to look like. And he hoped it was her hand holding him now.

Chris slid forward until her pussy was directly over Tom's cock. She lifted the cock and rubbed it against her swollen clit. Both of them could have cum instantly. But, the intensity of the pleasure they were feeling made them hold back.

Traci smiled broadly as she watched Chris move the cock from her clit to her vagina's entrance. Even in the dim light of the room, Traci could see the wetness of Chris' pussy. She would have no trouble inserting Tom's throbbing cock into THAT opening, she thought.

At the same time, Traci positioned herself over Tom's head. The man could hear the movement and sense the presence of a body close-by. But, he wasn't prepared for what happened next.

As his cock was sliding into Chris' cunt, his nose and mouth were covered with the warm, moist skin of a woman. Traci's shaven pussy was on Tom's mouth as she faced Chris. Moving slightly, Traci was able to get her clit on his lips.

Instinctively, the man's tongue shot out, lapping at the sweet flesh above him. His mind was loaded with overwhelming senses coming from all over his body. While one woman fucked him raucously, another was lowering herself onto his face. And he had no idea which was which.

As the two women settled into their respective positions above Tom, they began to lean forward. The space between them diminished until they could easily reach each other. Traci was eyeing Chris' bouncing breasts while Chris concentrated on the tongue flicking over the girl's clit.

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