tagLoving WivesThe Scene was Surreal Ch. 02

The Scene was Surreal Ch. 02


I was seated at a low table on a cushion on the floor. My host Khalid was seated across from me on another cushion that was a few inches taller. It was a late Sunday afternoon. A tall serving woman entered the room dressed head to toe in a bright blue chador with a niqab hiding all but her heavily made up eyes. The beautiful brown eyes had long dark lashes made-up with mascara and eye shadow that gave them a sensual appearance. The woman would just briefly glance at us while she served us strong Arabian Jasmine tea and kept her head lowered in submission to us. Khalid was dressed in flowing white-cotton throbe. He wore nothing on his head. I on the other hand was dressed in dark grey dress pants with a button-down collar dress shirt of blue.

I kept expecting Jan to appear from one of the doors and join us for tea but she had not yet appeared. The servant went to the side of the room and knelt down within earshot of us. The tea was heavily scented with bergamot and was strong but enjoyable. I sipped the hot brew while waiting to hear about Jan's weekend with Khalid.

"Justin thank you for coming to my house. It is not much but it works for me here in the US." He spoke clearly and was friendly but humble.

"Khalid, thank you for the kind offer. How was your weekend with Jan? Will she be joining us soon?" I asked while continuing to consume more tea from a cup that was never allowed to go empty by my host.

"Your wife is lovely and such strongly spirited. She took some time to adapt her ways but as always I was pleased by her." He said with a smile that almost resembled a smirk.

"Yes she is kind of stubborn but how did that come up?" I asked with concern. He waved his hand in a dismissive motion as he looked me straight into the eyes.

"I find it best sometimes to train a girl to please a man." I was still puzzled by his evasive conversation and was still concerned about my wife's whereabouts.

"Come here girl." Khalid spoke with authority. The servant walked over to Khalid and stood before him.

"Turn around and lift your garment to us." He ordered and the woman turned away from us and began to lift the thin material of the chador.

The woman was not Arabic as I had assumed but a white-skinned woman. She had long shapely legs that were slowly revealed as she lifted the material higher. As it continued upward the back of the knees were showing and then slowly her thighs. The thighs appeared to be marked with red marks and as the garment lifted further it became apparent that the woman had been caned as ugly red welts striped her thighs. I held my breath at the sight of the marks. The woman kept lifting the material until her bare bruised ass was completely revealed. Long red and pink weals marked the surface of her ass from her thighs to her lower back. The marks looked fresh and painful.

"As you can see she took some convincing but she is more compliant now." He chuckled as he ran a hand over her markings.

The woman appeared to shiver from his touch. I did not know what to say as I had never seen a servant let alone one who had been savagely beaten.

"I am in need of your opening. Prepare yourself." Khalid ordered the young woman.

She dropped the material of her garment and the attractive sight was again hidden. She walked over to a small bench that I had not noticed before and knelt before it. She grabbed the hem of her garment and as she bent over the bench her entire backside was revealed. She spread her legs widely and arched her back revealing her completely bare sex for us. She had spread herself so widely open that she appeared almost frog-like in her stance. I was now sweating and an erection had formed in my pants.

Khalid walked over to her and placed his hand on her back a moment in what appeared to be an act of reassurance. He swiftly lifted his garment revealing his large dark uncut erection. He kneeled behind the young woman and spread apart her ass-cheeks. With a practiced and familiar motion he pushed the length of his penis directly into the anus of the young woman who gave out a sharp intake of breath.

"Easy girl." He said as he began roughly thrusting his cock into and out of her ass.

He held her hips at first as he drove himself into her but I heard him say something to her that I could not make out and he pulled his hands from her hips. Suddenly he crossed his arms over his chest and the servant began driving herself backwards onto the large invader. She kept pushing herself back onto his cock and another sigh came from her. It sounded like she was crying softly but in actuality she was experiencing an orgasm. As it continued she began to moan louder and louder. She was enjoying this bizarre sex act. Then I noticed that the moans and sighs sounded familiar. If I didn't know better I would say that is sounded like Jan. Khalid continued to use the young woman until he himself came and filled her reddened anal passage with his seed. He then pulled his slime covered organ from her opening and ordered her to clean him up. The woman then pulled aside her veil revealing the face of my lovely Jan who went down on Khalid to clean their fluids from his cock. I was stunned and speechless.

After she had finished cleaning up all of the residue from their anal coupling he ordered her to refill our cups and kneel beside him. She quickly complied and I marveled to myself at the sight that I had just seen. I shakily took a sip of the warm brew.

"I have decided that we will need to schedule an infibulation soon as I would like her healed and ready for service as quickly as possible." Khalid said loudly as he smiled at me.

"I do not know what you mean. Can you please explain?" I asked. I was thinking that he was probably going to increase the size of Jan's anal pore or pierce her nipples as I had heard that was an Arab custom with their female slaves.

"Gladly." He replied. "Janice, lie back on the bench and pull up your garments."

Jan walked over to the small bench that she had previously been kneeling before as Khalid fucked her. She laid down on her back and pulled her chador up above her navel. She then let her leg spread widely on either side of the bench. Her hairless pussy was splayed open for our inspection. I noticed evidence of Jan's arousal as her clit was swollen and protruding from its hood. Her labial lips were definitely damp and engorged and her vagina was open and wet. Khalid walked over towards Jan's prone body and motioned me closer. He held a small item in his hand. He spread Jan's legs further apart and then used his finger to separate the lips of her pussy. Her erect clit stood outward from above her slit.

"Now, if you will notice, her clitoris sticks out from its hood when she is aroused. The infibulation will remove the entire clitoris." He spoke very clinically to me as he took the small item, that turned out to be a small Sharpie marker, and drew lines around her clit on both sides of it.

"The skin will be incised and then the clitoris will be grasped with forceps and pulled away from the body until it is completely revealed. Then it will be sliced off entirely." He said this while grasping Jan's clit and pulling on it. She moaned in arousal.

"This will allow us to remove the entire root and nerve endings as well as to deaden the Grafenberg's spot. Thus she will no longer be burdened by her need to stimulate these areas and orgasm will be eliminated. This will make her much more clear-headed and free and eager to serve the needs of her master." He looked up to see if I understood what he was saying.

"Questions?" He asked as a teacher to a young student.

"So you are saying you will remove her clit and she will no longer be capable of having an orgasm?" I sputtered.

"Precisely. She will no longer be a slave to her clitoris and all of the burdens that it has placed on her." He smiled with his large dark hand resting on her abdomen right above her pussy and then continued his description of the procedure.

"Then we will remove the inner and outer labial lips. The remaining flesh will be sutured together to seal off her vaginal opening. We will retain a small opening for urine and menstrual fluids to drain from her body." He explained very clinically while running the end of the marker around her labia. It was obvious that she was aroused as her labia were puffy, engorged with blood, and she was so wet her moisture was collecting and running down her ass crack.

"The healing will take 6-8 weeks and when complete she will have a smooth and flawless pubic area."

"But what about sex?" I shouted. "How will she have sex?"

"Oh it will be the same as for all Arab women and slaves; the anal passage will be for the pleasure of the man. I will continue to use her anus as my preferred sexual release orifice."

"What about having babies?" I cried. "Can she still bear children?"

"Of course." He replied as if I were a slow child. "We are not removing her reproductive organs. When I am ready to breed with her we will have her vagina opened back up so that I can mate with her and then when ready the child can be born naturally."

"Will it hurt her?" I asked.

"Which procedure?" He replied as he ran his marker over and around Jan's clit causing her to moan and hunch her hips upward to receive additional stimulation from him.

"The surgery?" I replied.

"Of course there will be some discomfort for a week or two but once the healing is complete the discomfort should be minimal." He explained.

"What about during sex?"

"No more than any woman who has anal sex with a well-built male should have. Her suffering is for the enjoyment of the man and she will relish it as she knows that it pleases him."

"What about after she is opened back up?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"Yes at first there will be great discomfort depending how we choose to make the opening larger. If I am feeling generous it will be a surgical procedure with anesthesia but if I am not so generous I shall cut her myself with a blade that day right before we mate."

"Oh my God!" I exclaimed in a state of shock and suddenly feeling light-headed.

"Once the child is born she will be sutured back up so that she can heal again and then we will only cut her again when I wish to have another heir." He explained as it this was a routine procedure.

"But what, what about sex with me?" I asked incredulously still trying to make sense of all of this.

"That will be totally out of the question once she makes her commitment to me as my sexual slave. You can remain her husband but her entire body will belong to me for my use and pleasure of course."

"But what about me?" I asked almost pleading.

"Ah yes, excellent question." He exclaimed and pulled out a large color photograph and explained it to me. "You will of course be neutered. I will want you to be able to attend to Jan and myself but I do not want you tempted to have sex with her or any other women in my keeping."

"Neutered?" I asked shakily.

"Oh yes of course. We cannot have it any other way. If you wish to remain with Janice than that is how it will have to be." He stopped and let that sink in before he continued.

"I have two ways to neuter you and depending on how compliant you are will help me decide which method to employ."

"Compliant?" I asked softly as I was still in shock.

"Oh yes your behavior henceforth will determine whether we utilize procedure A or B. Janice of course may have some input as well."

"Please tell me." I was now sweating profusely and shaking. Jan just lay docilely with her legs spread wide open staring up at the ceiling.

"Option A is the most common method. Here look at chart 1. We cut your scrotum completely off with your testicles as well. While inside we sever the tendon that allows your penis to be drawn back up. This will allow your penal tube to be longer than it has ever been perhaps by 2 inches or more. It will now hang down all of the time and everyone will notice how long it is as the scrotal sack will be gone and there will be nothing to hide or detract from the complete view of it. You will not be able to have an erection unless plied with testosterone in high doses. Your skin will be soft and there will no longer be a need for you to shave. Your features will soften and you will be basically a harmless drone."

"Oh my God! What about Option B?" I asked quietly.

"Ah well, if you are not compliant and do anything in an attempt to get with your wife I will be forced to go with Option B. It will result in lifelong misery and suffering on your part. We will not remove your testicles or alter them in any way. Instead we will remove your penis especially the shaft and leave you with a small opening for urine to exit your body. All nerve endings from your penis will be cauterized and you will be no longer be able to have sexual relief. Your testicles will make you horny all of the time but you will have no way of relieving that horniness." He then smiled evilly at me and showed me the poster depicting Option B."

"Questions?' He asked with a smile as he began masturbating Jan with his finger.

"What will become of my balls?" I asked.

""A very wise question." He said in a condescending manner as he brought Jan closer to orgasm. "There are several options to that as well. Jewelry for Janice or and I like this idea the best. On the night that I mate with Janice she and I will eat them as a toasted snack to put us in the mood. I will not tell her what we consumed until after I have mated with her." He then gave a hearty laugh and said to Jan.

"Get back over the bench and lift your garment for my release. I am so excited after describing this I need to use your anal pore again."

I noticed his large cock was making a tent in his garment. Jan did as she was told and was soon kneeling before the padded bench with her legs spread wide and her entire bruised ass on display for her future owner's pleasure. Her anal opening gaped and showed evidence from their previous coupling.

This time the coupling was rougher than before. Khalid pushed his large erection into Jan's ass and began pounding it into her hard and fast. Jan began to cry from this rough treatment and small yips escaped her lips. He held her hips tightly and rammed himself into and out of her. With a loud groan from Khalid and a soft whimper from Jan he came loudly in her belly. He continued to pump into her as he orgasmed. He pulled out and again had her clean his used and sticky member. I noticed her face as she pulled back the vail; there were tears in her eyes and running down her cheeks. Her face was flushed as she tended to his shrinking member. She licked the entire shaft before taking it into her mouth and sucking it clean. When she was finished cleaning him Khalid had her tuck his flaccid cock back into his robe. She stood and removed the tray and dishes from the room. When she returned Khalid spoke to her.

"You may go and dress in your regular clothing but remember the rules."

"Yes sir. No panties, no jeans, slacks, or pants and no bra." She said flatly; almost as if she was reciting the rules to him.

"And?" He asked harshly with his voice raised.

"Never cross or close my legs." She said from memory.

"Now go and wait by the door." He ordered.

"As you can see Justin she is coming along nicely. I want to begin her treatments this week." He looked at me waiting for a response.

"Treatments?' I asked.

"Yes we will begin the laser hair removal process this week. Her pubis and legs first then her entire body except for her head, for now." He replied casually.

"Okay." I said.

"Also we will begin her belling." He replied.

"Belling?" I asked quite unclear of the concept.

"Yes. I enjoy hearing my slaves as they move around. It is a wonderful sound as I use their body. Their little bells tinkling and ringing as I approach my release." He explained.

"Where would these bells be?" I asked.

"In her nipples of course. Her labia will soon be removed so why bother getting used to that sound."

He then smiled and we walked to the front door of his house. He shook my hand warmly as I noticed Jan standing by the door. He pulled her close and the two of them kissed each other passionately. The kiss went on and on as their tongues explored each other's mouths. His arms were around Jan and he held her ass firmly as she held him around the neck.

"Thank you Khalid for a wonderful weekend. I cannot wait to see you again." She surprisingly said as they broke apart.

"I enjoyed it immensely Janice. See you on Tuesday for your treatment." He replied as he began closing the door on us.

"Thank you Khalid." Jan replied as we took each other's hands and walked to our car.

Jan appeared to be in a state of bliss and peace as we sat in our car driving home. She stared out the window and I was sure that she was exhausted from her weekend activities with Khalid. I wanted to hear everything about their weekend together but was not sure where to begin so I stayed silent as we drove home. Finally I could not take it anymore.

"Well, how was it?" I asked as I looked over at her. She looked back at me and stared.

"Did you enjoy it? How was the sex?" I probed further. Jan sat there for a few moments and appeared to be ready to cry.

"Jan what's wrong?" I asked now genuinely concerned. As we got closer to our home she sighed loudly a few times and then tears came to her eyes. I pulled into our driveway and shut off the car.

"Honey? Are you okay?" I asked hoping that she would tell me something but nothing came from her. I took her hand and we walked into the house. I led her into the living room and we both took a seat on the couch. Jan shook her head and then whimpered a bit.

"God I hurt all over. She said as she began to cry. "What happened to me?

"What? What do you mean what happened to you?" I asked now getting really worried about her mental state.

"I don't really know how I let him do those things to me. I was under his spell." She admitted. I held her close to me and she slowly began to relate her weekend to me.

"When you went to park the car on Friday, after you dropped me off at Khalid's house he opened the door for me and led me into the foyer. As you know his house is large and richly decorated. He was telling me about the interior designers that he had brought in from L.A. to furnish the place. He led me back into the library and offered me a glass of wine. I accepted and we sat and talked for a while. He held my hand and kissed me between sips. He was moving painfully slow and I just wanted him to take me right there on the couch and make me orgasm as he had in the car on the drive over. He appeared to have other plans and I was growing more and more frustrated. He seemed to be unaware of the effect he was having on me.

"Jan your eyes are quite bloodshot are you feeling alright?" He asked with great concern in his voice as he carefully looked into my eyes.

"They do burn a little. I was on the computer all day at work." I replied. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a small brown bottle with a white screw-on top that had a black-rubber bulb through it.

"I often have the same problem. Here try these eye drops. They often work for me." He said while holding up the tiny bottle for me to see.

"What is it?" I asked.

"It is something we make in my country. It is all natural and quite effective." He replied.

"Natural? Okay let me try them." I said while reaching for the bottle.

"No, it is easier if I apply them for you." He said as he moved closer towards me.

"Okay please be careful." I cautioned as he stood in front of me with the tiny bottle. He directed me to lie back on the couch and he held my eyes open gently as he dropped two drops into each eye. I felt nothing and told him so.

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