tagLoving WivesThe Second Time Around

The Second Time Around


My name is Susan and I have now been married for 2 years to my wonderful husband Steve. This is my second marriage - my first was to a mongrel called Clive. The main reason I left Clive was that he was not only abusing me but allowing me to be used by his friends and business associates. I have always been a girl who loves sex and before I met Clive I wasn't very fussy about who it was that fucked me. I went from man to man having a wonderful time but never staying long with each man. When I met Clive I thought he was just the one I wanted. We romanced like any other couple in love and eventually we married. The marriage was great for a while but Clive got himself into some financial troubles and needed to find some money quickly. It wasn't a huge amount - just $1,400 - but he needed it in a great hurry.

The first signs of trouble in our marriage occurred then because I found I was to be used to pay off the debt. Clive came home one evening and had two men with him. Although Clive is a very friendly sort of chap he doesn't usually bring anyone home with him unless they are his close friends. Their presence with Clive made me very edgy and I wasn't comfortable because I didn't like the look of the men nor the way they seemed to be eyeing me off with knowing smiles. Anyway, Clive took me aside into the next room and told me these men had called to collect the money he owed them. I, of course, asked Clive if he had the money and he said, "No, dear, that is where you come in! These men are willing to forget the debt if they are allowed to fuck you and then take you to their club with them for the evening for a bit of fun!" I called Clive a couple of nasty names and made sure he understood there was no way I was going to fuck these men for his debt. It was the look on his face, just before he slapped my face really hard, that let me see a side of Clive I had never seen before.

He walked me back into the room with the two men and made me stand in front of them while he undressed me. He removed my blouse - I wasn't wearing a bra - and then undid the button and zip on my slacks and pulled them down to my ankles. He then made me step out of them and pulled my panties down to my ankles also and then off my feet - I was standing there in front of these two strangers stark naked. The two men didn't hesitate. They stepped forward and grabbed my breasts and squeezed them and played with my nipples. Then they moved their other hands down to my bush and began fingering me. I have a very sensitive clit and it only needs a little stroking and I can cum easily. They soon found my clit and made me cum several times while I was standing up in front of them. My legs were shaking badly and I found it difficult to stand with them playing with me all the time. They had fingers up inside my pussy and were playing unmercifully with me.

I looked over at Clive but the bastard just grinned at me and then said, "Well men, I guess you would be more comfortable in the bedroom." With that the men led me to the bedroom with Clive showing them the way. The two men quickly undressed and stood naked alongside me. They continued to play with me and made me hold their cocks - one in each hand - while they made me cum several times. Clive suggested I suck their cocks and so they made me kneel in front of them and suck them off, one at a time, until they came in my mouth. I was disgusted at this but there wasn't anything I could do about it. Next Clive told me to get onto the bed and get ready to be fucked by these men. I hated the bastard then and I hate him how but I slowly climbed onto the bed but didn't lie down quickly enough for Clive and he slapped me hard again on the same side of my face. Now I got the message and rolled over onto my back, spread my legs - assisted by Clive - and waited until the first man had been able to get his long cock hard again. He then climbed onto the bed between my legs and Clive, the bastard, grabbed his cock and guided it right into my cunt! The man then fucked me ending up shooting his load of cum deep into my body. When he was finished he climbed off and was replaced by the other man. He did the same - he just fucked me hard and came inside me as well. The first man was now at my head holding his cock to my mouth to suck some more to make him hard. I hated doing this but just had to do it. I was fucked by those men twice each as well as sucking each of them off.

Clive told me to get off the bed and to put on a dress. He picked out a smart little black number which was very form fitting and held up by two spaghetti straps. It is really a mini-skirt dress and is very short. He helped me slip the dress over my head and he pulled it down over my body. When I turned to get some underwear he stopped me and told me I could only wear the dress and shoes. I had to make up my face and then the two men led me out to their car outside while Clive waved goodbye to us as we drove away. The men took me to their club - actually they owned the club - and when we were inside they pushed me into a crowd of men who were gathered in one of the rooms. The men - perhaps a dozen or more - began pawing me and soon had my dress off my body. Then the real abuse started. I was felt and fucked by most of the men during the next 3 hours and I was so sore I didn't know what to do to relieve the pain. They fucked my mouth, my cunt and my asshole. I was a complete mess when the men drove me home naked and pushed me out of the car. I had to walk to the house and ring the bell because I didn't have any keys to get in. I was very grateful it was almost 2am and there didn't seem to be anyone around to see me looking such a mess.

That was the beginning of the end for me. Clive made me fuck quite a number of his friends, usually to repay some sort of debt, and I became the local slut - always available to Clive's friends whenever he wanted me.

Eventually I left him and with the help of a women's group I managed to get a divorce from the shit and hope I never see him again.

After a long time in isolation - always afraid to meet men - eventually I dismissed my fears and started dating again. I was only 28 at this time and far too young to become a recluse. I met and slept with dozens of men before I met Steve. I had actually been on a date with another chap but he had taken very ill and had to be taken home by one of his friends. This left me in a bar with no way, except taxis, to get home. This was when Steve came to my rescue. He offered to drive me home and somehow we just clicked from then on. We dated regularly and it wasn't long before we ended up in bed together and we agreed we should only see each other. Of course eventually we decided we would marry and this is where we were up to about 3 months ago.

One evening whilst we were lying in bed, completely naked, having just made love Steve asked me if I would tell him what it was like to be fucked by Clive. This surprised me quite a deal because we sort of had an agreement not to talk about my past marriage. Anyway I couldn't see any harm in it so I started to tell him how Clive and I fucked before we were married and also afterwards. Steve was getting quite turned on listening to me telling about how Clive stuck his very hard long cock into me and how I felt while he was fucking me. I must admit, but reluctantly, that I was getting a bit turned on as well.

Anyway my descriptions must have been fairly exciting because Steve soon had a hardon which would be the best I had seen him with and then he fucked me as hard as he could. I love being fucked hard and have told Steve on lots of occasions but he is a rather gentle soul and didn't want to hurt me at all. This was a new Steve and I liked it.

From then on it was wonderful to have Steve make love to me when we first got into bed and then I would start telling him about Clive and in no time at all, Steve would be ready to fuck me really hard. After a while, at Steve's insistence I had to tell him about getting fucked by the two men and later about the dozen or so who had fucked me for the repayment of Clive's debt. This really got Steve going and I had to repeat lots of parts of the story night after night with the result I was getting fucked twice each night - once when we made love and the second time when Steve really fucked me!

This hard fucking really brought back memories to me not of Clive and his bastard friends but some of the men I had met before and after Clive who had really fucked me hard. Perhaps they thought it would be their last fuck with me and put everything into it. Who cares their reasons - I just love the fucking.

Over the next six months I was telling Steve about getting fucked on a nightly basis and we had this wonderful sex every night. When I was having my periods I would tell Steve about having to suck men off and then I would suck him off to show him how I had done it. Steve particularly loved these sessions. I guess I would never run out of stories to tell Steve not because there were so many stories about me that I could tell but I had to make up some of them to make them sound much more exciting. Telling Steve just how I felt as a man pushed his hard cock into my cunt was enough to get him going and he would be on me and in me in a flash and we would fuck like mad. He would ask me afterwards if he was as good as the other man and, of course, I told him he was much better.

Things took a different turn when Steve brought home his closest friend Bill one evening and fortunately I had enough food prepared so he could join us for a meal. As soon as the dishes were cleared away and we sat down, Clive asked me to tell him and Bill about one of the times I had been fucked! I was almost too embarrassed to think about it but Steve insisted and after all Bill is such a nice man I thought it couldn't do any harm.

Once I had begun telling one of my stories I could see I was having a great effect on Bill as well as Steve. After a while Steve pulled his hard cock out of his pants and began playing with himself. This embarrassed me but he kept on urging me to tell my story. After a bit more detail Bill also took his cock out of his pants and played with it as well. This was a bit of a turn on for me to watch another man playing with his cock. Steve asked me to come over to where he was sitting on the lounge and he positioned me between his legs and urged me to continue with the story. It didn't take me long to realize he would soon ask me to suck his cock but how would he get rid of Bill. Well, he didn't! He soon asked me to suck his cock and although I tried to resist he insisted until I took his long hard cock into my mouth and began sucking him. After a while he pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to help poor old Bill. Bill had moved over to the lounge and was sitting next to Steve. The forceful insistence by Steve that I suck Bill's cock made me lean over between his legs and take his cock in my mouth. Bill's cock was a little longer and wider than Steve's but I had no difficulty getting most of it into my mouth.

Steve told me to suck Bill's cock until he came in my mouth. I didn't want to do this but Steve held me close to Bill while Bill held the back of my head so I couldn't escape. Soon after that Bill came in my mouth and I swallowed his load. Steve was so excited he was almost jumping for joy. Actually I rather like Bill quite a bit and so it really wasn't an imposition to suck him but I was reluctant to do that in front of Steve. Steve, on the other hand, didn't mind at all in fact he was encouraging me all the time.

One of the stories which always gets Steve really worked up is the incident when I was taken to the club and stripped and fucked by the dozen or so men. Steve asked me to tell this story for Bill and so I began. Once I reached the part when the men had stripped my dress off, Steve stood up, came around behind me and undid my dress fastenings. Soon he had my dress undone and he slipped it down my body. Apart from my panties I was naked in front of Bill. Very soon my panties followed my dress and I was naked. Steve moved me over to the lounge and laid me back on it and pulled my legs wide apart! I suddenly realized he was about to fuck me in front of Bill. I tried to stop him but he wouldn't listen and so he fucked me - yes he fucked me, not made love to me - while Bill watched intently. When Steve had cum in me (and I had cum several times) he climbed off me and then invited Bill to fuck me. I don't think I have seen anyone move as fast as Bill. He had his clothes off and was in my cunt in about 3 seconds after Steve had asked him to fuck me.

It would be true to say I enjoyed fucking Bill. It brought back lots of memories of my past and apart from all else, Bill had a lovely cock. Somehow I didn't feel cheated or used because Bill was a genuine friend of us both. Steve asked Bill if he had to go home that night and he said no. Bill is still single and doesn't have a steady girl. We spent the night together with me in between these two men. In one hole or another I was fucked off and on through most of the night and I got very little sleep. When Bill left next morning I asked Steve if he had wanted me to get fucked by Bill or had it just happened? Steve hung his head and said, "Susan, I love you so much but after listening to all or your stories I just felt I had to watch while another man fucked you. Although I wouldn't want this to happen all the time I would like it if you would fuck some of my friends now and again and make me very happy. Would you do that for me, dear?" I had very mixed feelings about that statement and question. I was worried Steve would turn out like Clive and I certainly didn't want that. But also I just loved getting fucked and if Steve didn't mind then perhaps I would be able to have a variety of partners to fuck me.

And so it began. Steve would bring home a man, often a complete stranger, to fuck me while he watched. This happened about once a week. The rest of the time I was still telling Steve stories about me getting fucked by other men. Steve hardly ever brought home anyone I didn't take to. Usually they were very nice people whom Steve had met in a bar or somewhere similar. If I knew he was likely to bring home a man for me I would dress appropriately and would look very attractive wearing not very much! Steve loved to show me off when he brought someone home for me.

After a couple of months of very regular fucking by Steve and once a week by someone else I was starting to think I was very well catered for. I wondered if anyone else was getting as much regular sex as I was. Steve had a very good job and had very flexible hours of work. Sometimes he would come home during the day to listen to a story and then fuck me before returning to his office! What a life he had. I don't work and stay at home thinking about stories I can tell Steve and his friends. I have become just about an expert story teller by now.

Most of the times when Steve brings home a man for me I get fucked by Steve, then by the stranger and later, after the man has gone, again by Steve. It can be a bit wearing but I love sex so much I can stand a lot of this treatment. It is one of my perverse delights to be lying on my back with Steve making love to me and cumming in me. Then the stranger will enter me and fuck me with a quite different style and manner and, having cum in me too, he will leave me to ponder just how I felt about these two different men, their cocks and their style of fucking. I love these quiet moments before Steve comes back and fucks me as hard as he can because he has been so turned on watching me get fucked earlier. I really love it want Steve fucks me hard - after all he is my husband.

A couple of weeks ago when it was my birthday Steve told me he had a surprise for me. He told me he would probably bring home a special friend for me to fuck seeing it was my birthday. We had arranged that he would come home in the middle of the day and then leave the evening free so that we could go out and celebrate my birthday.

Expecting Steve to bring a friend with him at lunch time, I dressed up in one of my slinky outfits and waited for Steve to come home. I was just wearing my simple black dress similar to the one I had worn when I had been fucked at the club - I just had to buy another one like it a year or so ago. That was all I was wearing for Steve that day, except for my shoes.

I heard the key in the front door and stood in the lounge waiting for Steve to bring in his friend. To my surprise he had no less than 12 friends with him! He said, "Hello Darling, It is your birthday today and I have a special present for you. You will be able to have your own private gangbang and take your time having it. These are all of my friends and they just can't wait to gangbang you. Are you ready, darling?"

Steve didn't wait for a reply he simply moved behind me and slipped the straps of my dress down my arms and on to the floor. The first of the men came over to me and very gently began caressing me and arousing me to such a state that I just couldn't wait to be fucked! And fucked I was! Each of the men fucked me at least twice and all holes were used for their targets. There was no rush and hurry about this gangbang, in fact the men were all very polite with one another, taking turns with my body. Steve was so excited watching me getting fucked by all of these men he could hardly contain himself. I was absolutely dripping with cum everywhere and I was just a very happy mess. This gangbang lasted all afternoon and the last of the men came in me about 6pm. After all this sexual activity it would be easy to understand I would be so tired I would only want to sleep but I have wonderful recovery powers and, after a shower and cleanup, I was ready to party on with Steve. The only person who hadn't fucked me this afternoon was Steve. He told me he would wait until I told him a story after our evening out. We went out dancing and having a very good time for my birthday. During the evening a very smart, dark and hansom man came over to our table and asked me for a dance. I glanced at Steve who just nodded and so away we went. This man danced superbly and I was very excited dancing with him. Partway through the dance he began caressing my bum and, because I liked it, I didn't attempt to stop him. In one of the darker parts of the dance floor he lifted up my skirt at the back and felt my bare skin. Suddenly he realized I wasn't wearing any panties and he pushed his hand further around between my legs until he could just reach my pussy. Again I didn't stop him so he withdrew his hand from my backside and lifted my dress in the front and touched my pussy, inserting a couple of fingers in the process. Again I didn't stop him and he soon brought me to orgasm with his fingers. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my leg and wondered just how big it was. He asked me if I would go outside with him for a short while but I told him I had a better idea. I took him back to Steve at the table and introduced them. I then suggested to Steve that I thought it would be a nice gesture if we took Carlos back to our home with us to help celebrate my birthday.

Steve readily agreed and soon we were whizzing off to our home. I sat in the back of the car with Carlos and he played with my body all the way home. Once we arrived Steve arranged some drinks while I was kissing Carlos. He seemed to be a Latin lover and certainly knew what he was doing. He had his hand up under my dress when Steve returned with the drinks. Steve quickly slipped my dress straps down over my arms and I was soon naked in front of Carlos.

As it turned out Carlos was a wonderful lover. He fucked me five times during the night and Steve managed to fuck me four times. Carlos stayed the whole night with us but he spent much of the time on the bed fucking me. Carlos was the first man I had chosen to fuck me since I had met Steve and I wasn't disappointed. He had a marvelous long hard and thick cock and he certainly knew how to use it. We spent a wonderful night together and Carlos and Steve became firm friends. This meant Carlos would come over often and fuck me when Steve was here and I was able to enjoy him more and more. Apart from the love fucks with Steve and after all he is my husband, Carlos fucks me better than anyone else and I hope we all remain friends for a long, long time.

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