tagNonHumanThe Seduction

The Seduction


Father Thomas cursed his own existence. He was a man of the cloth, yet filled with doubts about his own sanctity. He did not consider himself to be on par with the other holy men he knew, who seemed so self assured in their faith. He despised his fickle mind as he slowly extinguished the candles at the altar, his duty as the only non achieving priest of Mandalor Province Church.

Just as he was about to extinguish the last candle, he heard a faint giggle.

"Who's there?" he asked, squinting around in semi darkness, the solitary candle casting shadows in the church and shrouding everything in darkness. "Answer me!"

"Over here Father" it was a female, a female voice that dripped with a promise of pleasure. Father Thomas quickly took the candle and carefully walked towards the source of the voice. His breath caught.

Standing before him was the most breathtaking sight he'd seen in his fifty seven years in this world. She had pale skin like moonlight and was taller than him. Her eyes were jet black and did not reflect the candlelight and she had a face to put stage actresses to shame. Her lips were blood red, contrasting with her pale skin, and she had long thick raven black hair that extended all the way down her back. But that was not all.

She was wearing a long white robe that clung to her and left nothing to the imagination. She had ripe, full breasts, a flat stomach that flared out to wide hips, and the longest legs on any living woman.

It took a while for the father to snap out of his trance, "W...What do you want? The church is closed. How dare you come here at this hour? And in such indecent clothes! Go cover yourself child!

"I come and go as I please, and the sanctity of this place means nothing to me" she said as she started walking toward him. The candlelight illuminated her curves gently and the Father felt a stirring in his loins.

She brought her angelic face close to his "What do you really seek Father? You are old, and this life is not paying rich dividends. What is the point of continuing like this?" her breath smelled of a flowery meadow, and the Father realized how close their bodies were. He could almost feel the heat radiating off her and her sheer gown hung low, exposing the swells of her massive breasts. Father Thomas could only gulp in return.

"I'm offering you a choice, if you join me, we can embark on a journey together and you can leave this petty place forever. Interested?"

Father Thomas could not begin to fathom her motives. She was a child, perhaps in her early twenties, though she possessed delicious curves. And she seemed remarkably unabashed about the time of night and her clothing.

"What are you? Why are you here at all?"

She moved a little closer, her breasts rubbing against him so his necklace disappeared in the valley between her breasts. "You shall find out soon Father, sooner than you think"

With that she turned and walked away. The moonlight shone through her dress, exposing her form almost completely. The Father had always made it a point not to look at women's curves for fear of temptation, but he could not resist following her gracefully swaying hips, her buttocks sliding over each other as she walked out the door of the church and into the night...

The Father was in a dilemma as he locked up the church and went home. The encounter with the beautiful stranger seemed to have exhausted him. He hung up his robes the instant he got home and climbed into bed naked. He barely managed to finish his nightly prayer before drifting off into a heavy slumber.

He felt a rush of warm air that seemed to get under his blanket and run up his nude body. He jerked awake with a start, looking for its source. The window was closed and bolted and the last few embers were crumbling in his fireplace. The moon shone dimly and his room was bathed in darkness. Father Thomas tried to gather his wits as he looked around unable to comprehend what was happening.

He heard a soft sigh from the darkest corner of the room and sat bolt upright, cold sweat breaking out over his skin.

"Do not fear Father, it's me. I did not mean to scare you" the voice was that seductive purr he'd never forget.

She stepped out of the shadows, still clad only in the negligee she wore earlier, and still looking every bit a lusty goddess. Perhaps it was the effect of the earlier warmth, or being naked in the company of a woman such as this, but the father's penis stirred to life.

She came and sat on the edge of his bed and put a hand on his lined face covered by a thick beard. He felt her warmth infuse his skin. "Have you considered my offer?"

He took a moment to reply "I do not even know you, you are a young girl. How do you expect me, a holy man, to come away with you just like that?"

She seemed to consider this a moment. "But you do know me; you just do not realize it yet. The time will come..." She stood by his window, moonlight outlining her luscious curves once again. "When did you last masturbate?"

The Father was taken aback by the use of such an unholy term in his home "How do you have the nerve to say that to me? Begone, however you came!"

She laughed then, a tinkling laugh that send blood pumping in him and more into his loins.

"Do you think I do not know how hard resisting temptation has been for you? How you never look at women's bosoms during church, how you have nothing representing women in your home." She looked at him with an expression bordering on pity. "But sometimes, the temptation overcomes you when you are alone here; you touch yourself, stroke your root and then curse yourself for being unholy. You think I do not know this?"

The Father's mouth was hung agape. How could she possibly know his difficulties with faith? How could she tell him things so clearly when he barely understood?

"I am here to help you Father Thomas. All you have to do is accept it"

The Father could not believe his ears. He was lying in bed naked and a young girl almost equally naked, who possessed the finest figure he had ever seen, was asking him about his masturbation habits.

She stroked his jaw gently. "I think it is time I ended your confusion. My name is Selucia"

Dread hit him like an anvil. Selucia, the name was a synonym of death. The only daughter of Lilith, the mother of all demons, and the princess of Hell. Now he understood her impossible perfection, she was made for the act of sex, a goddess of pleasure. The last thing a man would feel before dying in her embrace would be the most powerful orgasm a human can endure.

"Demon, why me?!"

"Relax Father; I am not here to kill you, but to show you another path. You have greatness within you, but it is not required in your current priesthood. Instead I am offering you a place in Hell. A royal realm to yourself and of course, my company" the last part was said in a tone of dripping honey.

The Father's head was spinning "I do not understand anything. Why do you offer me such power! I am well past the prime of my life; there is nothing more productive I can do. What do you need me for?"

"It is not yet time for you to understand" she purred "Now let me help you consider the offer I have made you"

She moved closer to him and swung her lower body onto the bed in a lithe, graceful motion. They were pretty cramped together on the narrow cot and his out of control erection was rubbing against the sheer fabric covering her leg.

"I see that I am already having an effect" she smiled.

She slowly started massaging his hair, her heavy breasts dangerously close to his face. He was overwhelmed by her fragrance and rendered speechless by the millions of sensations shooting through his body. Her tongue slowly came out from between her lips, a normal tongue, not the forked one he had expected, and licked his face in a sensual manner, avoiding only his lips. The slender fingers went to his chest, pressing the shapeless muscle there and moving onto his nipples, playing with them.

"Mmmmmm" was all the father could say, as his manhood throbbed and pulsed, longing to blow out the load it had been denied from spewing all these years.

Selucia pressed her body closer, so that he could feel her warmth and the silky negligee on his skin. His body was drowning in pleasurable sensations, and he knew he was on the brink of orgasm.

Suddenly, she stopped and moved away, going back into a sitting position and not touching him at all.

"What...what are you doing?" The Father blurted out.

She looked at him with demure eyes "You want me to make you cum? That is not right. You are a man of the cloth after all"

He almost screamed in frustration. It was too much; there was no way he could calm down without an orgasm. He reluctantly took his engorged member in his hand and started stroking it.

"However, I can help you" She stood up and seductively pulled off the strap of her negligee off one of her shoulders, exposing a large part of her breast. Then she took off the other strap and held her arms together over her breasts, preventing the dress from falling.

The father stared at her, his hand moving harder and harder on his penis.

She gave him that wicked smile and let her gown go. The fabric slid down her body like water, caressing each soft, round curve. She stood before him in naked glory, unashamed and glowing with lustful abandon.

Father Thomas pumped harder, all faith forgotten, as he stared at her sensual figure. As if to tease him, she started slowly swaying and rotating on the spot.

His hands feasted the sight of her luscious breasts wobbling with her motion, her wonderfully curved hips and long legs slowly pivoting her. He finally saw the perfect ovals of her buttocks come into view, the flesh moving a little as she swayed. He imagined squeezing them and at the same moment his cock gave in, shooting a massive load of seed straight at her. It landed all over her back and on her buttocks, covering her in cream.

She smiled and slowly scooped some of his seed off her butt cheek with a finger, before licking it slowly with a satisfied slurp. Then she came back to his bed, and climbed over him on all fours, her large breasts dangling over his face.

"Think about my offer", she whispered and then he felt the draft of air and she was gone.

Father Thomas woke in a daze of confusion. Had his experience last night been real? Had he actually violated a law of the cloth? He shuddered as he looked at his penis, and somehow knew it wasn't a dream. He would never forget her, she was real. He felt filled with vitality as he went to church and the day was a good one for change. Little did he know the night would be better...

She came again that night. The Father was a little less surprised to find her standing in his room. However, this time there was not a stitch of clothing on her fabulous body. He could not help but stare at her proportions, his eyes roaming over her, lingering a moment at the light sprinkling of her near her loins, which were concealed by her closely pressed legs, and down her smooth legs. His eyes must have asked her the question because she answered,

"You have already seen me bare everything, why must I tempt you with clothes anymore?"

The Father could not find it within himself to argue. He merely lay there and stared at her stunning beauty, as she approached him and climbed into bed with him.

"Give it time, you will begin to enjoy my presence even more" she crooned.

"I do not enjoy it! I have resisted such temptations for years and I can continue to resist!"

"Yes I noticed you trying very hard to resist as you covered me with your seed"

That rendered him speechless. It was true, he did not possess the will to resist as his brothers might, though he did not see how even they could stand up to Selucia's ministrations. He sighed, knowing his life had reached a dead end.

She seemed to sense his unease, because she put a warm arm around him and snuggled closer.

"Leave me be demon, I am a shell of a man with a ruined life. I have nothing to offer"

She gave him a thoughtful look, reclined on her side, leaning onto his chest with her midnight hair falling over her shoulder. "Are you not afraid?"

He sighed again "There isn't much point in it anymore. I've realized my life is aimless. I'm old now and I have done nothing and have no hope. Hell itself has reached out for me, what is there to fear now?"

Suddenly she wrapped her other arm around him too, holding him to her, her lithe form melding with his. He was aware of his stiff member rubbing her warm navel, but he was too drunk in being in the comforting arms of a woman.

"You are not alone" she whispered in his ear, "I'll be with you"

He lay there in her embrace, aware of their nakedness, aware of broken vows, and came to the painful conclusion that his need to be inside this sultry demon woman was greater than anything else.

Near morning he asked her "I need a little more time to think about your offer"

She nodded "Then I shall return later"

She took his hands in her own and placed them on her firm breasts. He needed no encouragement, fondling them and drawing circles around her dark nipples. As she got off the bed, he ventured another question.

"Selucia, will you help me masturbate again?"

She gave him an upraising look and smiled, "Anytime"

Father Thomas was enjoying his life. His days were brighter now thanks to his nights. She would visit every night. And they would do many things. Near day break, she would do some sensual dance for him to masturbate to, and he covered her with his boiling cum again and again. There seemed to be an unspoken agreement that there would be nothing more sexual between them until he joined her side by accepting her offer.

He was sure now, he wanted her. The dark eyes, those pouting lips, the breasts that seemed impossibly large, and her hourglass figure. But what he lusted after most was her ass. He wanted to place his hands on them and squeeze them till they were red. And hit her asscheeks to see her soft flesh wobble.

He was lying in bed, naked and awaiting the arrival of his sultry temptress when the warm draft came into his room. Before the sensation had vanished, Selucia was by his side in all her naked perfection.

"How are you tonight?" she asked.

"I have thought long about this Selucia, tell me what you want from me, and tell me everything"

She smiled and touched his face, "It is simple, I want you. You shall join me in a dimension of hell where it will be just the two of us. You shall be my mate and I shall be yours to command. For all of our immortal lives"

Thomas could not believe his ears, "Immortal? Your mate?"

"Yes, I have found your seed as the most to my liking, and I desire to be filled with it always, can you provide me with that? As you will be my mate, I will never be able to drain you out and consume you either"

This was starting to sound very appealing "Then become mine now Selucia, I want you. I choose the path you've shown me!"

Selucia patted his cheeks, "Then I am yours to command, let us finally stop our foreplay games and consummate this relationship"

She leaned in close and somehow Thomas knew what to do. He cupped her face and finally felt those full lips on his own. It felt like an electric charge. He felt his body energize, muscles bunch up, and wrinkles vanish. He knew he had become her mate, a demon lord. His member was now throbbing and easily a foot long. She didn't miss this fact, and he felt her warm palm cup his root and slowly start milking it.

"Mmmmmm", was all he could manage, as her hand slid up and down his penis in smooth strokes. He pulled her onto him and started running a finger up and down her ass crack, feeling her heavy dangling mammaries crushed onto his chest.

He could feel a frenzy begin within him...her warmth and softness, her perfect curves, they were overpowering him, and he knew it was time. He slowly moved his face close to hers, and she was waiting. Their lips met, and Thomas felt his loins would explode. Her tongue delicately slipped past his lips and teased his own, they began exploring each others orifices with lustful abandon, and he had the time of his life.

Thomas was so dreamily aroused he didn't even realize when their lips parted. He did realize however, when a liquid warmth enveloped his manhood. As if jolted by some energy, he jerked, pushing his stiff cock deeper into Selucia's lush mouth. The sight of those blood red lips wrapped tightly around him, making delicious slurping noises as they moved delicately on his engorgement, was too much for him. Soon he was pumping in and out of her mouth in a manner any woman but her would have considered indecent, She happily took his massive girth. Within moments, Thomas unloaded his seed into her mouth, and she drank it slowly, savouring every drop. Thomas gazed at her in bewilderment, at her timeless beauty, at her amazing prowess in handling his member, and at her sheer perversion, it made him throb with desire again.

"How do you feel my love?", she asked sultrily, licking a final gob of cum from her lips.

Thomas smiled as he fondled her soft curves, "I've never been better!"

"Then come, it is time for us to leave this place and go home"

She stood up slowly and walked around the bed in all her naked splendor, and Thomas grinned... He finally had a purpose in life.

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