tagLesbian SexThe Seduction of Lisa Summers Ch. 2

The Seduction of Lisa Summers Ch. 2

byLisa Summers©

My first substitute teaching stint ended after one week, when the regular teacher returned unexpectedly. Apparently she had laproscopic surgery, which allows for recovery in just a few days, rather than regular surgery. I was disappointed, because I was hoping for the extra week’s salary, and because I thought I’d never see the beautiful Karen again.

Karen was an 18 year old student in one of my classes, who had awakened in me feelings that I never knew existed. She is taller than me, and slim, with beautiful reddish hair. I think she looks just like Nicole Kidman, who is just really beautiful to me. I’m 28, with blonde hair, and everyone tells me I’m pretty, though I don’t think so, really. My breasts are D cups, as opposed to Karen’s C cups, but hers are perfect, and stand up perkily, while mine benefit from a bra, although they’re still quite firm.

My hips are wider than Karen’s, as I still have 10 pounds that I haven’t been able to lose after giving birth. Karen’s hips are just perfect. She has a shape better than any model I’ve ever seen. I was thinking about Karen one morning shortly after my teaching adventure. She had seduced me the first day she met me, in an empty classroom, and brought a whirlwind of confusion into my life. I had never been attracted to another girl or woman in my life, and never had sex with anyone other than my husband Ted, although we were married at a very young age. Now I found myself thinking about Karen constantly, and masturbating when I pictured her face and body.

I was laying in bed quietly stroking my pussy under the covers, when my husband rushed out to work, as he does every day. He never pays any attention to me except when he wants sex, but I’ve been thinking about him less as time goes by. Recently, I haven’t thought of him at all, but only of Karen. I stroked myself to a good, shivery cum, and got up and dressed to get our kids ready for school. They’re wonderful kids, and soon enough I had them standing at the school bus stop in front of our house, and waved goodbye as they took their seats on the bus.

I decided to do some gardening, and put on my kneepads and gardening gloves, and went out to the rose bushes to do some weeding. It’s perfectly mindless work, and gives me a chance to think about more important things. I was weeding away, when my thoughts ran immediately to Karen’s perfect face and body. I thought about how her lips had felt on mine, how her vagina felt under my fingers, and, especially, how her mouth and tongue had felt on my pussy. I was soon very hot, and when I backed up into another bush, I felt a hard poking into the crotch of my shorts, stimulating my pussy and ass. Both of those are very sensitive on me, and I felt an electric buzz when I was contacted back there.

The next thing I knew, I was humping myself against the branch, or stick, or whatever it was, picturing Karen fucking me with a strap on dildo. I had seen one in a porno movie Ted rented once, and had wondered why they’d be used much. Now I knew! I wished that Karen WAS behind me, fucking me hard, and doing all kinds of nasty things to me, to show her love for me. Before I realized it, I had ripped my shorts, and my butt was kind of sore. I rubbed the outside of my shorts over my pussy, and after I made myself cum, I went inside to check the damage.

I was a little disturbed by the frenzy I had found myself in. I decided that a hot bubble bath might be just the ticket. I had hardly ever indulged myself by taking a soaking bath at mid-morning, but decided that it was called for now. I went to Ted’s and my bathroom, which has a large garden tub, surrounded by glass walls on 3 sides. It’s an idyllic spot during the day, when the colors of the flower blooms are vibrant, or at night, when the shadows of the accent lighting seem to grow fantastic shapes out of the ground.

I turned on the water taps, making sure that the water was as hot as I could stand it, then selected one of my favorite bath powders, “Gardenia Accent”. I love the smell of gardenias, I think that they’re so feminine. As the tub filled, I slowly took off my gardening clothes. I unbuttoned my cotton blouse, and stood in front of the vanity to ceiling mirror in my lacy bra. Although the supports in these lacy bras can sometimes be uncomfortable with my D size breasts, they really express my womanly nature with their soft accents against my tan skin. I don’t think I would ever be happy with a plain bra.

As I looked at myself, reflected in the mirror, I saw a young woman with fine, smooth skin, lightly tanned from the time I had spent in the summer sun. Slim, but with generously sized breasts that my husband never seemed to tire of, and which had garnered admiring glances from most men, and envious ones from many women. I reached back to unfasten the bra, and noticed as I pulled it off, that my nipples were already erect and slightly sensitive. I brushed my palms over them, and shivered at the electrical current that ran from them to my wet pussy. My nipples are pink, which I understand is unusual in a woman who’s given birth (three times!), and the aureoles are fairly small and also pink. Ted tells me they’re beautiful, and I think he’s right in this case.

I looked at the reflection of my tummy in the mirror, and my hands went to the waistband of my khaki shorts, unfastening the button and zipping down the side zipper. I placed one hand on each hip, and eased the shorts down my legs. I noticed that there was a rip in the seat of the shorts from my earlier actions. As the shorts fell to the floor, I stepped out of them. I checked the tub, which was only a quarter full, and resumed my self inspection.

I looked at my waist in the mirror, and felt disappointed by what I saw. Most everyone told me that I looked great there, but there had always been 10 pounds or so that I couldn’t lose after the births of my children, that had settled in my hips and waist. I inspected my appearance in my panties, and was pleased to see that there were no stray pubic hairs curling around the edge of them. I try to keep my pubic area trimmed, and had even shaved the area a few times at the instigation of my husband, in an effort to stimulate our lovemaking. I had to admit that my pussy had stayed at a high level of excitement when I was shaved, whether from the thought of being really naked there, or the stimulation of my panties across my sensitive clitoris I’m not sure. I idly wondered if I might not shave there again. It seemed like something that Karen might like. But, no! I couldn’t think like that. Our classroom lovemaking, while it felt completely right, I knew to be wrong.

I slowly eased my panties down my hips, watching my crotch as I did so. My small dark blonde bush was slowly revealed, followed by the vertical pink slit between my legs which is nearly invisible normally, but swells and protrudes when I’m sexually excited. I saw that my labia were prominently bulging out, and dark red, an indication of a high state of arousal. I hoped that my hot bath might alleviate that condition. The panties slid down my legs, and I picked them up to see what damage they might have sustained.

There was a clear rip, almost exactly where my anus would be positioned were I wearing them, but even more remarkable was the thick quantity of clear discharge that I found pooled in the front, where my pussy had rubbed. I dropped the panties, and ran my finger down the front of my slit. It came away covered with a large amount of that same cream. I couldn’t believe the extent of these outward signs of sexual excitement! I sniffed my finger, and found the aroma mouth watering. Before Karen I had never considered ever tasting it, but now I popped my finger into my mouth to taste my delicious woman cream.

I turned around away from the mirror, and reaching back with my hands and craning my neck, I separated my ass cheeks, to see that they were bruised around my ass hole, where I had thrust myself on the stick. I gently rubbed the bruises, and winced from the slight pain. I brought one finger back to my pussy and dipped it inside myself, coating it with my thick fluids, then brought it back to my rear end, to soothe the bruising by coating it with my female fluid. Although it would soon be washed off by the bath, it seemed to ease the pain, and I slid my finger deeper into my ass. The feeling was very pleasant, and I found myself slowly finger fucking my ass. I shuddered several times as I came at least twice from my masturbation, and pressed my thighs together from the pleasure I felt. I noticed there were copious amounts of my lubricant running down my thighs.

Pulling myself together, I straightened up and checked the tub, which was ready. I reached over to turn off the water, and felt a cool breeze blow across my ass, which helped cool down my sexual heat. I lit several of my fragrance candles. Although it was day time, their soft glow made the tub area even more romantic.

I stepped in the sunken tub, and eased myself into the water. It felt absolutely fantastic. I stretched out on my back, with my head resting on the back ledge of the tub and my eyes closed. I consciously tried to imagine myself in a romantic tryst with Ted, in bed. I imagined I was wearing my sexiest nightie, as he kissed and caressed me. I was becoming very stimulated again, and my fingers drifted to my pussy. As I idly stroked around my labia and vulva, occasionally running it lightly across my erect clitoris, I found Ted’s face morphing into Karen’s, and his rough man touch dissolving into her gentle feminine caress. She slowly stripped me of my sheer nightie, then kissed me all over, and especially my nipples and cunt. As Karen took over more and more of my fantasy, I found myself becoming more and more excited, soon cumming again in the wildest orgasm I’d ever felt from masturbating to my imagination.

It took me several minutes to come down from the sexual high, and I relaxed, floating in the hot, bubbly water, and breathing in the fragrant gardenia scent. I lifted my head to look out at the crepe myrtle bushes, which were just beginning to blossom with their vibrant colors. Crepe myrtle is so beautiful, and the many colors, from white to purple to red to blue, give such a variety of choices. After a while, I became drowsy and soon drifted off, dreaming of Karen more than anything else. I knew that I would have to face up to my strange attraction to her. Her beauty (she looks JUST like Nicole Kidman!) and her shapely body were a totally new experience to me. Every time I tried to seriously consider why she and I had touched each other, and even tasted each other’s pussies, I found myself becoming excited, as I had twice already this morning, and soon became overcome with sexual passion, cumming yet again, quickly. Eventually the water cooled, and I decided that I had relaxed enough. I got out of the tub, releasing the drain, and gently toweled myself dry.

I picked out a special body powder that I like to save for romantic occasions with Ted, and put it on, just on a whim. Perhaps that wasn’t the greatest choice, as I associate its smell with wild lovemaking (with Ted, silly!), and I wasn’t planning on anything more like that. I put on a simple blouse, and clean shorts, but decided to leave off the bra and panties. I headed over to the kitchen to start on a salad plate for lunch. Perhaps if I could really, really stick to a diet, I could lose some weight, and Ted would be more attracted to me. I prepared a quarter of a lettuce head, cutting and cleaning it, then partially shredding it. I also sliced a tomato, as they still have a lot of flavor and wanted to get fresh tomatoes into my diet. I sprinkled on a few croutons, and then topped it with some low cal honey Dijon dressing, my favorite.

Just before I sat down to eat, I thought that I’d want something with some substance to it, too. So I looked in the crisper of the refrigerator and spied a bag of fresh carrots. Opening it up, I pulled out the biggest one I could find. I’d never seen one so long before. It must have been a good 14” long! I got out the peeler, and started scraping off the rough and dirty parts of the carrot. As I stood there, doing what really is a mindless job, my thoughts drifted off to visualizing Karen again. This time, she was laying on my bed, on her back, with nothing on. She was running her hands over her legs and pressing them on her mound, and begging me to take off my clothes and join her. These thoughts were VERY pleasant, and I noticed that my cunt was oozing moisture, and that I had finished with the carrot.

A very naughty thought entered my mind, and I decided, since I’m alone, why not? So I pulled down my shorts, and began caressing my vagina. Immediately a wave of ecstasy overcame me, and I fell down to my knees. I took the immense carrot, which I now realized bore a close resemblance to a man’s penis, or to a dildo, and began teasing it into my entrance. It slipped in easily, and I kept on sliding, and sliding it in, not stopping until it was halfway inside me. Then I eased it out, and began a fucking motion, in and out, which sent chills of pleasure coursing through my body. I imagined that Karen was at the other end of the dildo, and fucking me with it, which made me cum immediately.

It was just as I came down from the first of these orgasms that I heard a voice say, “So this is what you do all day.” I was stunned speechless by the sound, and whirled my head around to see Karen standing behind me, at the entrance to the kitchen from the entrance alcove. “I knocked, and I knocked, but no one answered. But now I see why!”

“Uh, it’s not what it looks like-” I tried to get out, but Karen interrupted.

“I KNOW what it looks like, and it looks like fun!” She rushed over to me as I was slowly rising to my feet, and withdrawing the carrot-dildo from my cunt.

“No, you don’t,” she said, as her hand pressed mine back into my vagina. “That looks like a perfect place for that half of the carrot. With that, she threw her other arm around my neck, and pulled my face to hers. It seemed to take forever for our lips to meet, and when they did, there was an explosion of ecstasy in my pussy and in my nipples. As her lips met mine, her tongue simultaneously thrust into my mouth, and she took over the fucking by carrot, slipping it deep into me, then slowly withdrawing it, coated with my juices.

“I couldn’t wait long for you,” she said. “I want to fuck you, now.” She began hurrying off her tube top and jeans, and soon they lay in a puddle on the floor. “Feel how much I’ve wanted you,” she said, as she pulled my hand to her close cropped auburn bush . “Put your finger inside me,” she commanded. I obeyed, and felt her liquid silky heat, which made me melt into her firm body.

“One on a cock looks like fun,” she said. “But let’s try two…” With that she sat me down on the floor, with my legs splayed out, and 7” of carrot cooking in my hot cunt, and 7“ sticking out like a cock I had just grown. She sat down naked, facing me, and moved between my legs so that she had my thigh scissored between hers. This enabled her to move closer to me, and then I could see that she wanted to get her cunt as close to mine as possible, and with that I understood what was next.

“We’ll use this like a double headed dildo, sweetheart, and fuck each other.” I was overwhelmed by the things that she knew, but the thought of us each having this dildo inside us, and simultaneously fucking the other with it, turned me on even more, and I scooted closer to her to enable her to complete her plan.

“That’s it, my girl, come fuck me with your cock.” Her words excited me beyond belief, and soon I was slipping “my” cock into her incredibly hot and wet pussy. We ground our pussies together, and wrapped our arms around each other, kissing each other’s hot mouth, and marveling in the feel of our joined mouths, breasts and pussies. We thrust against each other as much as we could, and came, again and again and again, in each others arms, making love sweetly. I could feel our joined cream running down to my asshole, and imagined that much the same was happening to her. Eventually, though, overcome by my exciting day, I begged her to stop, so that I could catch my breath and rest.

“Yes, you’re right, baby, we need to rest and recuperate,” she said. She slowly eased out the much abused carrot from both of our cunts, and gently holding it in the middle between her thumb and forefinger, she eased herself to her feet, and pulled me up to her chest. Giving me a warm kiss, she caressed my naked ass cheek and, staring directly into my eyes in that way I found so hot, she said, “Which way’s the bedroom, lover?”

I looked over at Ted’s and my bedroom, and she immediately took my hand, leading me there. “Rest is just what we need,” she said. She lay me down on the bed, with my head on my pillow, and then lay down next to me, with her head on Ted’s pillow.

“You’ll need to eat, too,” she said gently. With that, she put the end of the carrot that had been all the way up her cunt, in my mouth, and I automatically took a bite of it, her cream included, giving it a wonderful flavor. As I chewed this first morsel, Karen turned the carrot around, and took a bite of the end that had been deep inside of me. She smiled as she chewed, and said, “It tastes as wonderful as you do, dear.” I started crying because she was so beautiful and sweet, and had moved me so. She let me rest my face against her breasts, and we rested like that for a few minutes.

“Well, that was a fine appetizer,” she said, “but now I want the real thing.” Of course, by now I knew exactly what she meant, and I automatically spread my legs so that my lover could eat my pussy to her heart’s content. She reversed herself on the bed so that her face was inches from my vagina, and her pussy inches from my mouth. This would be my first chance to taste another woman’s hot cunt directly, and I wanted to do so, so very much. As I felt her hot mouth and firm tongue descending on my wet slit, I pulled her hips over so that her pussy was directly over my mouth, then simultaneously lifted my head, and pulled down on her hips, so that we were soon in close contact, and I was lapping furiously at her dripping crotch, and her very puffy vaginal lips.

We pleasured each other in this way for what seemed like hours, and uncountable orgasms. I felt that I was floating from crest to crest of a sexual tidal wave, never to end. Finally, however, Karen stopped licking my hole, and lifting her head, said, “What’s this?”

“What’s what,” I mumbled from between her legs.

“These bruises behind your pussy, around your ass.”

“Oh, that’s kind of embarrassing…” I said.

“Well?” she said, not unkindly.

“I was gardening this morning and, no, it’s TOO embarrassing!”

“You can trust me, Lisa, you know that I really love you…”

“Well, I sort of backed into a branch while I was, just accidentally, thinking of you, and, uh, bruised myself.”

“Bruised yourself? Honestly, it looks like you RAPED yourself!” she said. “Thinking about me, huh?” With that, she pulled herself down the bed, and gently lifted my knees up to my breasts, so that both my wet pussy and my asshole were exposed to her view. She took her finger and gently stroked my few bruises, and my ass hole, and said, “How does that feel?”

“It doesn’t hurt,” I said.

“Anything else?” she said.

“Well, it feels nice,” I said.

“Let me make it feel nicer,” she said, gently, and dipped her head behind my hips. I could feel her warm breath on me back there, followed by the tip of her wet tongue, as she slowly caressed the bruises on my butt with it. It felt REALLY nice, and I told her so. She didn’t say anything, but soon her tongue found its way between my ass cheeks, and she was actually licking my puckered anus. I had never felt ANYTHING like that, or even knew that it was allowed to lick someone there. But since it felt so very good, really good, I didn’t say anything to discourage her. In fact, she might have gotten the impression I was encouraging her when I began moaning and sighing. When she started thrusting her tongue inside my tight asshole, my hips began bucking as if I were responding to being fucked, and I was hit by a major orgasm! My hand went to my clit, and I stroked it in time with her licking. I can honestly say that NO ONE has ever made me feel the way she did then. Certainly Ted never had.

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