tagHumor & SatireThe Senator Gives It To Her Good

The Senator Gives It To Her Good

byJames Kirkland©

“Oh-oh, here comes trouble…again. This is getting to be a regular hassle.”

“A regular hassle?” The intern who had stopped to gossip with Annie, Senator Sullivan’s middle-aged secretary, was intrigued.

“Regular hassle is right. And you can see her a mile away, with that long ponytail of hers’.” The secretary gestured towards an attractive woman, approaching from the other end of the hall, “the bitch from that ‘moral majority’ talk-show, the one whose husband is Senator Green. Here she comes once more to make life miserable for our Sully. She does all of her hubby’s dirty work. When she wears that ponytail it means she’s on the warpath, and she always wears it when she visits Sully.”

“Oh, I know who she is,” the intern said, “She can make things pretty rough for a politician, on her show.”

The woman in question marched past Annie’s desk with only a “He’s expecting me,” and a flounce of her ponytail. She then proceeded to fling open the office door. “Senator Sullivan,” she called out, “I’ve got a bone to pick with you.”

“Why Mrs. Green, how nice, please come in,” came the rich masculine drawl of Senator Sullivan, from within. And with that, the door slammed shut.

Annie sneered and rolled her eyes towards the intern. “Bitch, bitch, bitch. Now she’ll spend an hour in there, screaming and whining, trying to bully Sully. Lately she’s been trying to get him to vote to impeach the President. ‘“Senator Sullivan,’” Annie mimicked, ‘“the moral fiber of this country is coming unraveled, we must set an example.’

This is the third time in a week,” she continued. “What a bitch! I swear I can sometimes hear her scream from behind those walls. And I’m sure he just listens and suffers, like the good moderate he is, and ushers her out like they just shared a nice hour of exchanging family pictures. Even though you can see they’re both out of breath from all the conflict and stress.”

“Well, at least she hasn’t attacked him yet, on the air, during her show,” piped up the perky intern. “That’s a good thing, right?”

“Oh, I suppose so,” the Annie conceded, “She’s still a bitch though.” The intern laughed and waved goodbye as Annie answered a ringing phone.

Sully Sullivan, Senator from a Southwestern state, rose from his desk to greet Maggie Green. He was a large man in his late forties, still in decent shape, though he could lose a few pounds. Raised on his father’s cattle ranch, it wasn’t hard to believe that he once had busted broncos. “It’s always nice to see you, Maggie,” he said.

“Don’t ‘Maggie’ me, Senator. You still haven’t committed your vote. May I ask why?” Mrs. Green, in her late thirties, was a tall, full-figured brunette. Her long hair, of course, was done in a ponytail, one large thick braid dangling down almost to the back of her waist. She wore a beige jacket and matching medium-length skirt with red heels. Proper, though it was, her outfit attested to an exquisite pair of stockingless legs.

“Well, Maggie,” Senator Sullivan smiled as he spoke, “I was hoping that we could, uh, discuss the matter further. I mean it’s not an easy subject…”

Maggie Green began to pace back and forth, obviously agitated, “Don’t you recall our last conversation…?”

“Oh yes, Mrs. Green, I remember it well.”

“And it seems to me that before I left, you were on our side,” Maggie continued, as she marched back and forth on the office carpet, “What,” she turned to face Senator Sullivan, “what happened? We need your vote. We can’t let him get away with this.”

“I know, I know,” Senator Green reassured her, placing his hands on the woman’s shoulders, answering softly, “We won’t. He won’t get away with this. Now come on Maggie.” He gently led her towards the massive couch in his office, “let’s sit down and talk. It’ll be alright.”

They both sat on the couch, the Senator’s arm around the lady Mrs. Green’s shoulder. She relaxed and leaned into Sully’s body.

“I mean, Sully, It’s not fair…he’s been an adulterer for twenty years…and now, God, Sully, blowjobs from his intern…” With a relaxed familiarity, she reached one hand over and began to caress the crotch of Sully through his trousers. “What is this country coming to when the President gets blowjobs from an intern? In the oval office, for God’s sakes.”

Sully leaned over and kissed Senator Green gently on the lips. “There, there dear,” he said softly.

Mrs. Green squeezed Sully’s swelling penis in mock anger, “Dear? Don’t call me ‘Dear.’ My husband calls me ‘Dear.’

“OK,” Sully responded good naturedly, “how about, there, there, sex-crazed slut?” He reached down and began to draw her skirt up over her fine smooth, long legs.

“Ha!” Mrs. Green laughed, leaning over to kiss the Senator’s cheek in apporval. “That’s better. I’m sure my husband never called me that!” She moved her hand to Sully’s zipper, drew it down and pulled out his erect penis. “Mm, nice and stiff,” she cooed, and began to gently stroke and squeeze the shaft.

Senator Sullivan had by now reached her panties and had inserted his middle finger between her swollen lips. “Maggie, Maggie,” he smiled, “I’m very shocked. Your cunt is soaked. Must be all this talk about blow-jobs…”

“It’s been wet all morning, silly, ever since I made it possible to come here. But I’m mad at you,” she pouted, still stroking his rod, “every time I come here you wind up fucking me and then you never keep your promises.”

“Maybe I just want to be sure you keep coming,” he replied, his finger vigorously flicking her clitoris, while he gently kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her neck, inhaling her perfume…”and cumming, and cumming.” he chuckled.

Maggie slapped his shoulder playfully and turned her back to Sully, “well, you’d better unzip me. We don’t have a whole lot of time for you to make me cum and cum.”

Sully grinned and obligingly unzipped the dress.

Maggie rose, letting the dress slip from her shoulders, revealing red silk thong panties and matching skimpy lace bra with admirable cleavage. She turned slowly for Sully to admire. “Like my outfit?” she asked, “I bought it just for you.” Then directing his attention to her ponytail by flipping it with one hand, she added, “This is for you too. But you knew that. See what I do for you. What do ever you do for me?”

“Mm,” Sully answered, grinning, and stood and began to strip, never taking his eyes off Maggie. She was one sexy, beautiful lady all right, and the long braid made her even more so, especially when he knew why she wore it that way. “I make you cum,” he answered.

Maggie reached back to unsnap her bra, releasing a generous pair of melon shaped breasts with large, rosy nipples. She cupped them and squeezed each, for Sully’s pleasure, mock pouting, though it was obvious she relished his attention. “I don’t know,” she rolled one breast against the other and twisted her nipples.

“What don’t you know,” asked Sully, stepping out of his shorts, completely naked by now, his erection in full throb.

“I don’t know,” Maggie turned her back to Sully and began to roll down her panties, keeping her legs straight, leaning to give him the full view of her full, firm milky-white buttocks, “I don’t know if I should let you fuck me. I mean, you’re a Republican. You should hate him too.”

She bent her knees slightly and stepped out of her panties, kicking them aside daintily, and stood erect, adorned only in the red heels. Turning to approach Sully, revealing her starkly white skin, closely trimmed black pubic hair and glistening cunt slit, her full breasts wobbling with each movement. She moved her warm, smooth body up against Sully’s hairy muscular one and gripped his erection, squeezing and stroking, “The problem is, cowboy, each time you fuck me I leave here, forgetting why I came here. And then I just have to come back again and then you fuck me again…”

“Mm, is that right?” replied Sully, who took Maggie by the upper arms and turned her willing body so that she faced away from her. He then reached around to cup her breasts and began to squeeze and stretch her nipples. Then he commenced to slide his erection up and down the crack of her silky smooth ass. “The President, remember, you came here to discuss the President and screwing and blow-jobs.” He reached one hand down to between her legs, “and your dripping wet pussy.”

“Mm, yes, now I remember.” Maggie began to undulate her hips and squeeze her buttocks against Sully’s rod, “and your big stiff cock,” she added, “and why I keep letting you fuck me.”

“Because you’re a slut,” answered Sully, his palms and fingers working away at her nipples and cunt, “because you’re my slut.”

“Oh yes, I am your slut, Sully. But, damn it. I’ve got to be back to my office in thirty minutes. C’mon, cowboy, I need to cum or I’ll never get through the day. Bend me over your desk and fuck me, OK? The way you did last time. First with your cock up my cunt and then shove it up my ass. You know how quickly I always cum that way.”

“Pretty please?” said Sully, pressing the length of his rod hard between her ass-cheeks with emphasis, squeezing her nipples…

“Oh God yes, pretty please!” She bucked her ass back against him and then pulled away and headed for his desk, quickly leaning, face down, to rest her palms on the edge of the smooth top, her breasts dangling, her stiff nipples pointing downward. Arching her sleek back, she spread her long gorgeous legs. Her luscious round milky white ass was raised, tilted up by her red heels, her wet pink cunt-lips peeking from between her smooth, moist thighs. “Now do it, OK? Please, pretty please?”

Sully needed no further urging, he quickly poised the knob of his cock to part her dripping cunt-lips, while strongly gripping her hips. “Ah,” he cried as he shoved his rod in to the hilt.

“Ooh,” cooed Maggie as she felt her cunt suddenly filled with masculine meat, “wonderful. Oh Sully. That’s it, that’s it…You should, mm, Sully, you should consider, mm, that’s it, nice and hard, you should think about, mm, running, mm, running for, for P-President, for P-President. Mm, yes, yes, f-fuck my pussy, fuck me.”

Sully, quickly settling into a steady rhythm, pumping his engorged cock into Maggie’s dripping cunt, answered, “Boy does your pussy feel good, mm, boy oh boy. D-Do you, do you, my god, you’re wet, do you really, that’s it, wiggle that ass,” Sully slapped her buns for emphasis, “d-d-do you really think I’m p-presidential material, Maggie?”

“I know, I know, mm, I love your cock, I know you are, Sully. You wouldn’t settle, oh yes, ram it in, you wouldn’t settle for an occasional, yes, yes Sully, yes…you wouldn’t s-settle for an occasional, mm, b-b-blowjob, that’s for sure. Think, think, mm, yes, mm, oh, yes, think about it, S-S-Senator. Ah, ah, yes, fuck me, fuck me, p-pretend, p-p-pretend I’m, I’m bending over, mm, b-bending over your desk, your desk in the o-o-oval office like I, oh yes, like I, I am now. And you, you driving that nice stiff p-p-p-presidential cock, mm, big, big stiff c-cock in my cunt and up, up, up my, up my, ass. Mm, mm, doesn’t it, mm, d-doesn’t it, mm, oh yes, doesn’t it sound, uh, d-doesn’t it sound yum, yum, yummy?”

“Oh yes yum yummy yummy. But why not, oh yes, that’s it, bounce that ass back, bounce it back, why not your hu-husband, why don’t you want him to, to run…”

“Because, silly, he, um, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, he likes boys, remember?”

Ok, ok, maybe, maybe, mm, damn Maggie, would you please shut up like a good, good slut and enjoy getting, just enjoy getting fucked?”

“Oh yes, mm, oh yes, Mr. President. What ever you say Mr. President.”

For the next few minutes the only sounds were that of the fornicating duet sighing “ah” and “ooh, and mm, ” with the occasional “oh yes, fuck me, fuck me Mr. President,” and the steady squishing music of a stiff dick pumping a juicy pussy.

“Are you ready, are you ready slut?” Sully asked in a throaty voice.

“Oh yes, hurry, hurry, up my ass, pretty please Mr. President,” cried Maggie.

Sully pulled his glistening, dripping throbbing dick from Maggie’s cunt, separated her luscious ass-cheeks and beheld the pretty little puckered anus.

“Hurry, Sully. Hurry,” urged Maggie.

“The lady gets what she asks for,” answered Sully.

“Oooooooh,” Mewed Maggie, splaying her long legs and bracing her hips to allow Sully to shove in the knob and slowly feed the slippery shaft to her tight but accepting asshole. “ooooooh, ooooooh, she squealed.”

“Yes…yes…yes…”grunted Sully, as he watched the little brown pucker open wider and wider, steadily, hungrily swallowing the thick rod, his hairy balls finally resting gently upon her silky cheeks.

“Yes, oh yes!” cried Maggie. “Now, now fuck me, fuck my ass.” Please…pretty please!

“Well, seeing that you asked nicely,” Sully began to slowly draw out the shaft and then slowly shove it in, slowly out, slowly in, gripping her smooth hips, losing himself in his lust, in and out, in and out, his thighs beginning to spank her buttocks.

Maggie responded by rocking her hips to Sully’s rhythm, continuing to chant, “Fuck my ass, fuck your slut’s ass,” While Sully sang his own version, “Yes slut, I’m fucking your ass, your beautiful tight ass…” And the slaps of his hairy upper thighs upon her satin-smooth quivering reddening bottom punctuated each accelerating thrust.”

Sully reached for Maggie’s long braid and was just about to step up the pace, about to drive his cock in stronger, deeper while pulling hard on the ponytail, the way he and Maggie liked it, when the intercom buzzed.

“Senator,” came the voice of the receptionist Annie, “it’s the President on line one.”

“Ohh,” Maggie groaned.

“Shh” Sully released Maggie’s braid and punched the speakerphone on line one.

“Ahem, Mr. President,” he managed to mutter, slowing his pumping dramatically, in order to gain his composure, “how nice of you to call.”

“Well thank you Sully. I hear you’re meeting with Maggie Green this morning.”

“Ah, ah, yes sir,” grunted Sully.

Maggie continued to rock her velvety, tight gripping asshole back and forth on Sully’s cock.

Sully tried hard to ignore her, “Yes, Mr. President, Mrs. Green and I are trying to come to a, uh, mutual climax, I mean, understanding about this whole issue in question. She’s still here, Sir.”

“Oh, uh, good morning Mrs. Green.” Came the President’s voice from the intercom.

“Good morning Mr. President,” Maggie voice sounded syrupy sweet as she made a face of disgust. She looked back at Sully and stuck out her tongue, but humped her hips harder, turned on even more by the fact that she was here, naked and enjoying anal sex, while the President of the United States was on the intercom.

“Well,” said the President, sounding as though he knew his call came at an awkward moment, “I’m sorry to have interrupted. Sully, give me a ring when you’re finished. Nice talking to you Mrs. Green.” And the intercom went dead.

“Oh!” Maggie exclaimed, while continuing to work her asshole back and forth on Sully’s cock, “I hate that man. He knows why I’m here. Well, he thinks he knows. And he knows you’re the last hold out. What a nerve he has. What ever you do, Sully, don’t let him sweet-talk you into voting against his impeachment. He’s such a damn hypocrite.”

“That’s right,” The timing of the President’s call had the same erotic affect on Sully, and that and Maggie’s humping had his erection in full force as he began to slam his cock fast and deep into Maggie’s asshole, once again grabbing hold of her braid. “He’s a hypocrite, and you’re my slut.” And so it went, each time he rammed in his cock he would repeat, “And you’re my slut, slut, slut, slut….”

“Yes, yes, ride me cowboy, ride my ass cowboy, fuck my ass, fuck me in the oval office, fuck me there…” Maggie’s voice began to rise, as she arched her smooth fine back, “You’ll take his place, I know you will, fuck me Mr. President, President, oh, my President, my President, my President…”

Sully hung onto Maggie’s braid with his left hand and onto a hip with the right and rode her like a rodeo star, occasionally giving her a hard slap to her quivering buns.

Finally, Maggie’s cries escalated from cries to screams, “President, President, President…”

And, with each thrust of his hips, Sully was vehemently roaring back, “Slut, slut, slut.” and his grip on Maggie’s braid caused her quivering ass to jam tight against his groin, as his cock drove in deeper and deeper… . Finally, Sully’s cock began to fill with cum and to gush up Maggie’s rectum. At the same moment, Maggie’s ass commenced to buck back in long climatic spasms, and their cries increased in volume…

Outside Sully’s office, Annie motioned to her young friend, the intern, who was passing by. “Listen, she’s at it again.” She escorted the young lady over to the large, solid door to Senator Sullivan’s office. “Hear that? She’s shrieking at Sully.”

Through the big, heavy door came the faint, barely audible yells from Sully and Maggie.

“Strangest thing,” Annie said, “she’s screaming something about the President, and he’s, why he’s calling her a slut, hear that? Well, I don’t approve of his language but at least he’s fighting back. It’s about time. Good for ole Sully.”

The intern nodded doubtfully, but agreed “Uh huh,” she said, “good for ole Sully. I’d better get back to work.” She left, covering her mouth, restraining herself from laughing.

Twenty minutes or so later the door opened and out strode Maggie Green, her face flushed, followed by an equally red faced Senator Sullivan. “Thanks for coming, Mrs. Green,” he smiled pleasantly.

“Just, uh, just let me know what you decide.” Mrs. Green replied, “You promised I’d be the first to know, remember.” She held out her hand.

Senator Sullivan shook the hand of Mrs. Green, “Well I’m not sure how soon I’ll know…”

The talk-show host released Senator Sullivan’s hand and began to walk away, pausing to look back sternly “If I don’t hear from you by tomorrow I’ll be back the next morning, you can be sure of that Senator.”

“Always a pleasure,” answered Senator Sullivan, waving goodbye.

“Nice going, Senator Sullivan.” Annie was beaming at him from behind her desk.

“Nice going?” Sully looked confused.

“You really gave it to her this time. I could hear through the door. Way to go.” Annie grinned, giving him a “thumbs up.” “You gave it to her good. Real good, Senator.”

Annie was pleasantly surprised to discover that her next paycheck included a nice raise and a generous bonus. She was shocked to receive, soon thereafter, a thank-you-note with a check for five hundred dollars from Maggie Green. “Just a token of appreciation for your kindness, whenever I’ve found the need to visit Senator Sullivan,” the note read.

“I can die happy now,” thought the stunned Annie. “I’ve seen all there is to see.”

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