tagMind ControlThe Sex-Life of a Teenage Psychic Ch. 03

The Sex-Life of a Teenage Psychic Ch. 03


Warning: the following story is much rougher than the last two installments, and may offend those sensitive to the subject of nonconsensual sex. Cheers.

Story till now: Riley Fox and his mother Roxanne Fox, a former pornstar, have moved into a new home in a sleepy southern town called Wet Valley. Riley witnesses his neighbor, the rugged and handsome Dante engaging in sex with an Indian woman, and experience a supernatural psychic event. Dante later reveals to him that they both possess rare psychic abilities that enhance sexual ability and allow complete mind control. Dante offers to mentor Riley, and the young man eagerly accepts.


Riley Fox: an attractive, bisexual eighteen year old. A little Goth, a little Emo, and a total pervert. He is very experienced sexually and resents moving away from New York.

Roxanne Fox: Riley's ex-pornstar mother, Rox the Fox. Forty years old, but said to look like she is still in her twenties. Nice curves, pixie-face, short dirty blonde hair.

Dante???: the Foxes' new neighbor, a ruggedly handsome man.


The Sex-Life of a Teenage Psychic: Chapter 3

For the second morning in a row I woke up feeling amazing, the kind of amazing that only came after a night of long, hard sex. I had been by myself though, and the layers of dried semen caking my athletic body were my own. Watching Dante fuck the shit out of that little punk girl had been amazing, just as amazing as when he made hard-love to that statuesque Indian the night before. I swear, if I could go every night watching Dante dominating his harem of beautiful girls I would be willing to go without actual sex myself . . . almost. But I didn't need to go without sex, in fact, I was probably going to get fucked today, if what Dante had insinuated about sharing his bed with me was true. He had spoken to me . . . in my mind. We were psychics, and I was cool with that.

Unfortunately, I also once again woke up to find my mother in my room, obtrusively gazing at my naked, cum covered body.

"Mom! Seriously! What the fuck are you doing in my room every morning?" I reached around for something to cover myself, but once again I had no blankets or pieces of clothing anywhere to cover myself with. All I could do was struggle vainly to escape her blue eyes, my erect cock slapping against my abs.

My mother's pixie face seemed unimpressed by my lame attempts to cover my massive dick, but she wasn't doing anything to cover herself either. The only thing she was wearing was a pink bathrobe that left most of her big perky tits exposed and it only went down to a few inches below her ass. Because she was standing over me I was getting a big view of her cunt.

"You really like masturbating, don't you?" she asked, looking at me like I was the lamest son in the world.

"Yeah, well, I saw you fucking yourself pretty hard with that vibrator of yours yesterday."


My mother's small pedicure-groomed foot landed flat on my cock. She hadn't really kicked me, not hard, but I had definitely felt it, and a small gasp escaped my lips. Her foot was not nearly as large as my dick was, and it looked cute with her painted nails, but her position over me was incredibly dominant. She was like a barbarian queen reminding her one of her slaves just how pathetic he was.

"So . . . what were you and Dante talking about yesterday?" she asked. Her foot slowly began to slide up and down my cock. Holy Shit! Was she jerking my off with her foot.

"Nu . . . nothing!"

"Do you know who that big-tittied Indian slut from the other night was?"

"No! Why would I?"

Mom obviously didn't believe me, even though that part was true. "I went outside this morning and found a pile of clothes on the sidewalk. A hat. A little tube-top. A skirt . . . and a thong. Know anything about that?"

Shit. Had Dante really left all those clothes just lying out on the sidewalk for anyone to see? That seemed dangerous. I knew about the clothes of course, they had belonged to that young skater girl Dante hypnotized and then fucked. I had watched him fuck her. It had been so . . . fucking . . . hot.

"Um . . . I have no idea."

My mother's eyes narrowed skeptically. Her foot pressed down harder on the stiff flesh of my cock for a moment, making me cringe, but then she stepped off. Without saying another word she turned around and left the room, her round ass swaying with a pornstar's swagger. I hadn't seen my mother walk that way in years, why was she doing it now?

Suddenly I felt a tingling in my body, like little sparks of electricity all over, but it was strongest in the length of my penis and heavy testicles.

[Riley? Can you hear me?]

". . . Dante? Is that you?"

[Do you know anyone else who can speak directly into your mind? What's going on over there? I can feel your sexual frustration. What's got you so hot and bothered?]

"Nothing. It's just . . . my mother was just in here and . . ." I didn't say anything more, but I did imagine her in that little loose pink bathrobe, her tits fully out, and her shaved pussy hovering over my face. My cock was sticking straight up.

I could feel Dante laughing. [Yeah, your mother is quite the milf. Hey, I have got something to help you with that big bad boner of yours.]


[Fuck yeah. Lay back and relax. Close your eyes and regulate your breathing. Focus on your feelings of arousal, on the thickness of your cock, and the heat of your chest. Relax. Relax . . .]

I did as Dante instructed, lying back on my sex-stained mattress, focusing my mind on the tingling in my cock. Suddenly there was a flash, and the world around my dissolved into a wash of white light. When it refocused, I wasn't in my empty room anymore. I was standing in a large bathroom that I had never been in. The floor was dark and the wall tiles were blue. There was a massive, expensive looking shower on one wall, and a large hot tub against the other, with a wall of windows overlooking a pool. It was in Dante's pool. I was in Dante's bathroom. No! I was in Dante's mind!

I looked down to see his ripped, bulging tanned muscles, just as if I were looking through his sexy brown eyes. I was looking down at a massive dick that was even bigger than my own, and I was aroused to see a familiar freckled face doing her absolute best to swallow it.

The punk girl from last night, the freckled redhead with the petite body, was on her knees sucking down half of Dante's thick muscle, although she wasn't doing a very good job of it. Her mouth and neck were very slim, nowhere near what was needed to handle a man like Dante, but it was a huge turn on to watch her trying so desperately nonetheless.

This must have been going on for a while, because I could feel Dante's apricot sixed balls stirring with a load of angry cum. I watched his powerful hands reach down as he took a sold grip of the girl's head, holding it like a basketball, and then he began to face-fuck her. His large cock pistoned her mouth with so much power that I thought her jaw might break, and her large green eyes welled with tears as he brutally raped her throat.

Just as she was starting to really gag I felt him cum, sending a solid flood of semen right down her throat. The second spurt was just as large as the first, and I could feel her gagging on it. She coughed and two shots of semen popped from her nostrils.

Finally his raging orgasm subsided, and her cheeks were puffed out with the massive amount of cum he had dropped. He told her to open her mouth, and she did, sticking out her tongue and revealing the cup full of white cream filling her mouth. He told her to swallow, and she obeyed. It took her two large gulps to get it down, and when she next stuck out her tongue her mouth was empty.

The world dissolved again, and when it reshaped I was back in my own body, in my own room. My cock was spurting like a squirt-gun, sending a few strands of semen into that air and across my face.

". . . shit. Again?"

[I want you to come over.] Dante's voice was strong and commanding.

"Okay, let me just take a shower first."

[You get your ass over here now! You can shower here . . . with me.]

"Oh . . . oh! Okay!" My cock never softened. The thought that I was about to share a shower with the man of my dreams was the sexiest thing that I could possibly imagine. I was already ready to cum again. I grabbed a set of clothes from one of the moving boxes, an old t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and I slid them on over my semen-stained body, not caring that they stuck to my skin. I ran down the stairs towards the front door quickly, but not quickly enough to miss that my mother was in her room fucking her own brains out again. She was probably thinking about Dante. I wondered how jealous she would be to know that I was about to get the very cock she wanted so fucking badly it was hurting her. That thought made my happy, and very, very hard.


The door to Dante's house was unlocked. I knew it would be. Dante's house was amazingly decorated. Modern and sophisticated, stylish and obviously expensive. It felt warm and comfortable without feeling too lived in, like an expensive hotel room. I could hear the shower going upstairs already, but more importantly I could simply feel him. He was wet and hot, and the electric tingling in my hard cock got more intense with every step I took up his stairs. My breathing grew hot and heavy, my mouth was watering, and my anus puckered in anticipation. I hadn't felt this was since I was a virgin.

I opened the door to the bathroom and was amazed to see just how exact it was to the vision Dante had given me. The floor was black, the walls were blue tile, and there was a big, sexy hot-tub overlooking his pool. The only real difference was that the room was now filled with clouds of hot steam.

There was also the collapsed body of the redhead skater girl on the floor, her body reduced to a hot mess. Her small breasts quivered as she struggled to breath, and the look on her face was one of blissful oblivion. She looked exhausted and satisfied, and I could tell that Dante must have fucked her every way possible last night.

The large glass door to the shower opened, and out stepped my god, dripping with hot water and surrounded by a veil of stream. His tan skin glistened like a wet gem, and his perfect abdominals had never seemed so defined. I was so aroused by his powerful aura that I almost cried.

"You stink of sex," he said, his voice felt like someone was having sex with my ears. "Get the fuck in here."

Without a second thought I ripped off my shirt. Literally. I didn't even bother to peel it over my head, I just grabbed it by the neck and ripped it open, throwing the ruined thing on top of the broken girl on the floor. My shorts came off next, freeing my ten inches of pale white cock to slap against my stomach. I kicked my shorts away and practically ran into the giant shower stall. There was easily enough room in there for ten people standing shoulder to shoulder, but I figured Dante was going to need that room to wrestle me down and rape my ass.

The water hit me like a wave of boiling heat. The sudden shock of it caused me to whimper loudly, which must have been arousing to Dante, judging by the way his erect cock twitched. The heat made my head swim, and I thought my body was going to melt, but I held on to my consciousness.

On weak knees I came to him, my dirty, naked chest pressing against his wall of muscle, my arms flew around his broad shoulders, and I arched up for a kiss. His hand glided down my back and gripped my ass with such force that I whimpered again, even with his tongue in my mouth. One of his thick fingers was tabbing on my anus, and I was ready to give it to him right then.

He pulled back, reached down and took my cock. He lined it up to his own, measuring them. My cock was ten inches long and as thick as a girl's wrist, but even it looked small next to Dante. His cock was a solid foot of destruction, no doubt about it, and it must have been as thick around as a can of soda. The head of his weapon curved upward, whereas mine was very straight. I still had my foreskin, although it had peeled back to reveal the pale helmet of my dick, whereas his bulbous tanned helmet was circumcised and pulsing with arrogant power.

I was in awe. "You cock is so fucking beautiful."

She smirked, water running down his rugged face. "Show me how much you love it."

Without being told twice I fell to my knees, and his erect cock slapped me in the face. It felt as hard as wood and I shuddered at the thought of cramming down my throat, but that was exactly what I was going to do.

I kissed it first, letting my lips barely touch his bulging helmet. He tasted delicious. My tongue came out and snaked around the head, tasting the hot water that ran off of it in steamy waterfalls. Then I took it into my mouth. He was huge, but I had sucked off huge guys before, and they all said that I was the best. I wanted to prove my skill to my new mentor.

I ran my mouth over the length of his cock, taking in as much as I could easily, which was still less than half of the monstrous thing, and with my free hand I began to massage his balls. They were heavy and big, just one was enough to almost fill my hand. His scrotum was as thick as leather but amazingly smooth to the touch, and I was happy to see that he had manicured his pubic hair very sharply. Other than a tuff of pubes at the base his cock, his penis and balls were hairless, which made it so much easier to suck.

"Riley . . . holy shit, champ. You know how to suck a cock."

I smiled at the compliment, as much as I could with the giant muscle in my mouth. I angled myself a little more off the floor, sending my ass up. I took in another three inches as my tongue massaged the pulsing underside of his shaft. I was effectively deep-throating him now, the head of his cock sliding far past my tonsils.

I reached through his leg and groped his rock-hard ass, probing his anus with my finger, but it was as tightly shut as a steel safe, so I just massaged it. He was moaning in pleasure now, and he began to thrust his hips into my face. That was fine with me, I wanted him to fuck my mouth, but I almost gagged as he did so. He was a monster.

"Riley . . . you're so good . . . deeper . . . please."

Making a silent prayer, I dove full on. I could feel my throat expanding to accommodate the massive invasion, and I had to constantly reposition my whole body to accept him into me further, but through a few long seconds of perseverance, the tip of my nose finally touched the hard flesh of his groin, and my chin was buried into his scrotum. I had done it. Twelve-fucking-inches of the thickest cock I had ever known to exist was pulsing in my throat. I could feel his heart beating through his cock.

"Fuck! Riley, get ready champ. I'm going to fuck your throat!"

Just like the redhead outside, his strong hands came down on the sides of my head and with a firm grip he took control, but unlike that little slut on the floor I was ready to handle it. His cock was pumping my throat like a piston and I accepted every inch of it, allowing my saliva to lubricate it as his speed increased. I never allowed myself to gag, and I never tried to swallow the spit that was pooling in my throat, even though I wanted to. I just kneeled there, relaxing my mouth, wiggling my tongue, and I allowed him to take what pleasure he wanted from me.

"Oh. . . oh shit . . oh you fucking faggot . . . Riley! FUCK!" Dante sscreamed. "I'm CUUUUUMMMMING!"

His cock pulsed so radically that I thought my jaw would pop, and the first bullet of sweet, salty semen shot straight into my stomach. Two, three more followed, and then I could feel myself starting to lose control. His semen was boiling out my mouth like a white flood, so I backed off, allowing all twelve inches of his erupting volcano to slide free from my mouth. I continued to beat him off with both my hands because I didn't want a second to go by without him being stimulated. I was going to milk this motherfucker for ever drop of delicious nectar it had.

He shot four more times, each rope as thick and long as the first, and all of them rained down on my smiling face, my tongue licking up every thick drop I could before the hot water washed it away. Dante's knees were shaking as he took a step backwards. The far wall of the shower had a tiled bench as a place to sit, and Dante allowed his perfect ass to fall on it. His cock was still diamond-hard and stuck straight up past his belly button. One more spurt of cum flew out, and this one landed across his rippling chest.

"Oh my god, Riley," he huffed, trying to regain his breath. "That was easily one of the best blowjobs I have ever had. There isn't a slut in this town that can match you.

Beaming with pride and licked my fingers clean of his spunk. I was sitting on the ground, flexing my abs, and spreading my legs as I stroked my own giant erection as a heavy rain of boiling water battered my balls. I had never felt so fucking sexy.

"Well," I asked, "what do you want to do with me now?"

He smiled. "You cheeky little faggot. Get your tight ass over here. I'm going to split it in half."

I hoped he was joking, because considering the dangerous size of his cock it seemed very plausibly that he could in fact split me in half like a piece of wood, but I was too horny to say no. I walked over to him on two shaking legs through the scalding mist, and I stuck my ten inch cock right into his face. I didn't expect him to suck it, not unless he wanted to, but I wanted to show him how proud I was of my giant cock. I wanted to jerk off in his face, imagining him covered in my spunk, but I knew that might ruin the game. I was his bitch today.

I turned around and showed him my ass. He hands came up and cupped my cheeks, spreading them so forcefully that I whimpered again. He pulled me down until I felt the enormous head of his tool poking against my hole, and without much warning he began to push it. My ass submitted to it eagerly though, and within a few seconds he was six inches deep and I was moaning like a bitch.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," I whined. "I've never . . . fuck . . . I've never had anyone . . . ANYTHING this fucking big before. You're too . . . oh god . . . you're too fucking—"

"Shhh," he hushed me, sticking one of his fingers into my mouth. "I know. I'm big. I hear bitches scream that every-fucking-day, but they learn to take it. That little cunt on the floor in my bathroom took it up her ass, and I didn't give her any choice either. It hurt her, but she loved it, and you will too, you little slut."

And with no warning he put both of his powerful hands onto my shoulders, and then he thrust me down the full foot of his apocalyptic cock.

"FFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKK!" I screamed as his thick log rammed full force into my prostate. Dante laughed as he held me there, my body shaking like an epileptic having a seizure. I was shivering in the most horrible pleasure as meaningless words poured from my mouth.

Just as my asshole was about to adapt to the presence of his rape-stick he started to fuck me. With little thrusts of his hip he sent my ass bucking up and down like a little girl playing horsey on her father's lap. I was bouncing up and down, my asshole being pulled inside out, and I had no control over any of it at all. One of his hands dug into the cheek of my ass while the other was stroking my cock with a vengeance.

I don't know how long he fucked me like that, time didn't exist in that painful oblivion of orgasmic bliss, but the tingling in my body grew more and more powerful, making it feel as if years were passing by. Time slowed down, our minds melted into each others', and I swear the temperature of them room was heating up so radically that the water began to evaporate before it even touched our hot bodies.

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