tagHumor & SatireThe seX-Men

The seX-Men


Note: The people and events described in this story are true. Due to governmental bigotry, their names have been changed to protect their identities. Their lives are potentially at risk.

Cycocks scanned the arrivals area of the train station again. His companion, Wolvsexfiend, stamped his feet in impatience. "We've been here for hours! Let's head back to base."

"You think this is a blast for me? It's torture!" shot back Cycocks.

Wolvsexfiend snorted in disbelief. Cycocks and Wolvsexfiend were both mutants with supernatural abilities. One of Cycocks' powers was that he was able to look at someone, and while concentrating; discern what their deepest, darkest sexual fantasy was. The leader of their mutant pack, Dr. seXavier, had sent him and Wolvsexfiend down to this dusty train station. Dr. seXavier, a skilled psychic, had picked up sinister vibes from an entity or group of entities on a train bound for this station. Unfortunately for Wolvsexfiend, this meant he had to stand around while Cycocks looked intently at people walking by while covertly massaging the bulge in his crotch.

Though Cycocks and Wolvsexfiend were stealthily dressed in unassuming grey suits, Cycocks' yellow modernistic wraparound glasses and Wolvsexfiend's elaborate black and yellow facemask made the pair stand out in the crowd of commuters. Cycocks' face was red with exertion and drops of sweat dotted his forehead as he concentrated fiercely, watching each person walk by.

One woman in a low-cut dress that came down to just above her knees walked by, her black heels clicking on the granite tile. FLASH! Cycocks saw in his mind's eye the woman on stage in the middle of a football stadium, presumably during halftime. As his mind's eye grew closer to the stage, Cycocks saw that the woman was seated in the lap of a large black man in a football uniform. She was fully naked, and he was fully clothed, save for his erect cock poking through a hole in his football pants. She was absorbed intensely in her activity of riding his huge cock, letting it slide all the way to the hilt before it emerged from her engorged pussy. In, out, in, out, and the roar and cheers of the crowd filled the stadium… FLASH! Cycocks' hand had unconsciously made its way to his grey pants once again, and his hard-on pressed against the zipper, struggling to escape. Cycocks sighed. "Friend, you just don't get it. Sure, my power is fun, but right now I've got the worst case of blue-balls in the WORLD!"

Wolvsexfiend had stopped listening. "Get a load of that innocent little hottie!" Cycocks turned and feasted his eyes. A redhead was walking towards them, struggling with her large piece of luggage. Her long straight hair was pulled back into a cute ponytail that made its way down and over her right shoulder, cascading over her right breast. A tight t-shirt with a fluffy dog on it restrained her breasts, and a strip of midriff revealed her flat toned stomach and belly button. Her tight faded jeans revealed her curvaceous legs. While Wolvsexfiend drooled as he watched the babe approaching, Cycocks scrunched up his forehead and concentrated… FLASH! The redhead's hands pressed against the man's chest as she rode him like a cowgirl. The man lying on the bed moaned as the redhead lapped at his neck. She straightened up and threw her head back, flipping her hair. She looked gorgeous. The man let out another moan, longer and deeper than the first. The redhead reached behind her and grabbed something off the foot of the bed. Cycocks couldn't see what it was until she wielded it high above her head with both hands. "Fuck me hard!" she screamed with a grin, and plunged the huge knife deep into the man's solar plexus. He let out a bloodcurdling scream as she continued to ride the man, moaning all the while, until she slid off, revealing a stiff, white, and certainly dead, cock. FLASH!

Cycocks stuttered, "Sh-she's the one!"

"Yeah…" Wolvsexfiend sighed.

"No, you dolt! She's the predator!" Seven similarly dressed girls with varying hair colors emerged from the loading platform. Cycocks had similar visions with these girls as they all struggled with their luggage.

"Oh! Ohh…" Wolvsexfiend said in revelation. "Alright." He leapt atop a kiosk giving out luggage buggies. "If you are not a sexual predator, please clear the area!" he shouted. "I repeat-"

Cycocks yanked him off. "You fucking blew our cover! God damn it! You are so stupid sometimes!"

People were scattering in all directions, abandoning their bags and sometimes their children in response to this huge masked man's bizarre request. Except for the eight country cuties. They struggled with their bags until they faced their adversaries, lined up. They each drew two huge knives from somewhere within their skimpy outfits and flourished them above their heads. "Come fuck us!" the sirens beckoned. "Slide into our waiting pussies…"

"Don't be fooled! These girls are strong and skilled, and we are severely outnumbered!" cautioned Cycocks. He whispered his plan in Wolvsexfiend's ear. All the while the girls moaned and rubbed at the crotches of their and their friend's tight jeans. All the while beckoning to the male marvels, and all the while clutching their ridiculously long knives.

Then, the superheroes sprung into action. Flinging off their useless suits, they revealed their majestic costumes. Cycocks, dressed in a tight blue jumpsuit that showed off his rippling abs and jacked biceps, also sported a half-cocked penis and pair of nuts that hung between his legs, through a hole in his outfit. Wolvsexfiend wore a yellow jumpsuit that struggled to keep from ripping as his broad shoulders shrugged and stretched. His limp penis hung six inches down, and as he cocked his head to one side, loudly cracking his neck, he growled, "Let's roll."

Launching himself forwards, Cycocks touched the metal yellow band that covered his eyes. Stream after stream of white laser light rocketed at the girls, and as the laser light hit each girl, her clothes fell in tatters to the floor, and a crescendo was let loose as knife after concealed knife clattered to the granite tile below. A handy second power, Cycocks thought to himself. The girls stumbled around, stunned. "Remember! We have less than twenty seconds before they regain full consciousness!" he yelled over the din of the falling knives.

"Right! And the only way to pacify these nymphos is with an earth-shattering orgasm!" yelled Wolvsexfiend, galloping towards the naked and nubile young hotties.

"Shit! How are we two going to fuck eight girls in twenty seconds?" Cycocks yelled in despair, realizing his folly.

Wolvsexfiend growled and grinned. "You just take care of your slut, okay? Leave it to me."

Cycocks grabbed a girl, bent her over, and began to ravage her, pouring all of his pent up sexual energy into this criminally horny girl. He leaned back and closed his eyes, enjoying the sensations of the walls of her vagina grasping at his cock. Meanwhile, Wolvsexfiend was hard at work. He swept up the remaining seven girls in his arms, running with them like a runningback desperate to grab a first down with a minute to go in the fourth quarter and down by 4 points. He threw the naked sluts down on a clerk's table, piling them in two stacks of three, with one in between the stacks. The seconds were ticking away. He stabbed the middle slut with his monster cock and began plugging away at her, sedated grunts of pleasure emanating from the girl's body. He raised his fists up above his head, palms facing him, and gnashed his teeth. From the knuckles of his hands spurted phalli, three cocks from each hand. They hung limply down on his fingers, but as the smells and sounds of copulation floated up from the heat of Wolvsexfiend fucking the slutty sexual predator, the cocks sprang to life, erect and dangerous. He lowered his hands and turned his fists sideways. He moved as if to punch the girls, but instead plunged his knuckle-cocks into the three stories of vagina, and began to fuck seven girls at a time.

Cycocks had seen it many times and should have known that this was the solution. When he looked hard enough at Wolvsexfiend, he saw this or some variation of this. This was Wolvsexfiend's deep fantasy. And he was enjoying it. Letting out howls of animal pleasure, his entire body moved as if in some violent dance or martial art form. His legs straining under the weight of supporting this writhing beast, his hips thrusting his dick into one boiling pussy, and his biceps and triceps bulged as they vigorously orchestrated the fucking of three boiling pussies each. Wolvsexfiend fucked them so quickly and powerfully that steam began to rise from the sluts' engorged cunts, and once again the smells of sex wafted up. Wolvsexfiend took a deep sniff, gave an animal roar of approval, and resumed his activities.

"Fiend! Look!"

Cycocks, who had given his charge the O long ago and had blown his load deep within the quivering female, had heard a ticking. After he found that the source was the girls' bags of luggage, he stripped the bags naked with his laser sight and without surprise found eight ticking bombs, on old-fashioned fuses. Wolvsexfiend pulled out of seven vaginas, turned, and in one very fluid motion and with one very loud "UNNNGGH", ejaculated all over the bombs, his huge spray dousing not only the bombs but covering Cycocks head to toe and even spraying Cycocks' pacified whore thirty yards away. Cycocks, wiping jism from his face and spitting wildly, gave his friend the finger. "Well, that's that," he said.

Suddenly, the rush of an airship overhead drew their attention. A blast, and a huge hole replaced the ceiling. Four figures slid into view on cables dropped from the ship, and as they touched the floor, the airship sped away. Stormones strode energetically towards the spent friends. Her long flowing white hair partially covered her large supple chocolate breasts, which were fully exposed due to the revealing cut of her sleek black outfit. Her pussy was outlined as well, ready for action. Her face matched her breasts in their light brown color, and in their flawless beauty. Not far behind her was the more responsible and less impulsive Jean Sluttay, (pronounced slut-TAY) whose yellow and blue costume also had hemmed holes revealing her tits and pussy. Her wavy brown hair complemented her deep blue eyes and pale, perfect complexion. Her double-D tits seemed to hang in the air, perfectly round, perhaps as a result of her sexual telekinetic powers. Flanked on her right was the tenacious and confident IceStud. His entire body was a silvery blue-white sheen that sparkled brightly, brightest as it radiated from his long silvery wang and gloriously masculine testicles. Trailing was the shy and withdrawn nineteen-year-old Vogue, whose orange and brown costume only revealed her nipples, hiding the rest of her delectable breasts. A strip of trimmed brown hair framed her vagina, the only unshaved vagina among the seX-Men. Her hair was jet black save for a streak of white hair framing her young face and mouth-watering pursed red lips.

"We set off as soon as we got the distress signal," Stormones declared.

"Well, you've missed all the action," said Cycocks with a smile. "Wolvsexfiend here just fucked seven sexual predators single handedly!"

"Double-handedly," said the huge masked man, with a smile. His knuckle-cocks hung limply from his hands, and he retracted them.

Jean Sluttay stepped forward. "You're wrong, we haven't missed all the action. I ran a scan of the area on the way over, and this place is CRAWLING with sexual predators. Looks like the infiltration was organized, too."

"We've got lots of work to do, and I'm looking forward to it," said Stormones, raising a finger to her mouth, licking it, and circling her right nipple.

"Sexual troopers!" yelled Vogue, pointing across the terminal. Striding towards them was an army of black-clad sexual warriors, men grasping their erect cocks, and women rubbing their flat stomachs and squishing their ample tits against their tanned bodies. The men's cum was chock-full of lethal poison and the women, by far more deadly but without the long range capabilities of the men, contained within every bodily fluid in their body a deadly poison. And fangs.

IceStud leapt in front. His mutant power enabled him to cum in huge waves, causing its victims to become frozen until they achieve orgasm. And if the victim isn't rescued, it could be weeks before a wet dream finally defrosts the unlucky sucker.

He grabbed hold of his silver soldier and began wanking himself off. He was barely erect and the distance between the seX-Men and the deadly sexual soldiers was closing fast. "Do something!" Vogue urged in fright. Stormones leapt to the helm. She dropped to her knees in front of IceStud. She slapped his jerking hand, forcing it away, and lowered her head to his cock. As she began to suck the head of his penis, the skies darkened.

Suddenly, thunder rumbled in the distance, and clouds billowed down from the destroyed ceiling. Stormones sucked the stud's cock deeper and deeper into her throat. The clouds descended on the icy figure and out of the clouds emerged bolts of lightening – in the form of tongues. Tongues began to lash out at IceStud's cock, at the unsucked base, at the sensitive underside and vein, at his metallic ball sack. Stormones pulled the member out of her mouth and began to suck the man's balls into her own mouth as the tongues truly took over the bulk of the blowjob. Tongues, dozens of them, stabbed at the cock, some merely striking and leaving a dab of saliva, some lingering to lick and lap, and still others doing astonishing tongue tricks reminiscent of the barroom trick of tying a cherry stem in knots. IceStud's eyes had rolled back in his head as his head hung backwards, cheeks flushed from the overwhelming bliss. He toyed with Stormones' white hair as she sucked both balls into her mouth and rolled them around with her tongue. Soon, IceStud began to shudder and his testicles tightened. Stormones quickly withdrew and the stormy clouds of pleasure retreated into the sky. IceStud grabbed hold of his fully-armed meat-cannon and carefully aimed. His body took a rippling shock as a high-powered stream of cum flew from the tip of his penis. The frontrunners of the group, a couple of well-hung burly men and a particularly stunning vixen, were hit straight on by the huge glob. They were blown backwards, toppling into four more troopers, and the seven of them tumbled along until they lost momentum and lay on the floor, frozen in jism. IceStud's five remaining cum-bullets found their marks and disarmed the rest of the troopers. The whole process had taken less than a minute.

The seX-Men breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank God!" breathed Vogue.

"Nice work, you two," commended Cycocks.

"Another incredible blowjob from the princess of phallus," laughed IceStud, as he tweaked Stormones' clit. The rest of the seX-Men joined in the laughter. But one by one, their laughs petered out, until with a giggle and a clearing of the throat, silenced settled on the group.

Coming at them from all directions out of the shadows of the station emerged scores of sexual troopers, all identically armed as the last wave. The seX-Men fell into a circular formation, with their asses facing in, backing up against one another from the numerous enemies. Their circle tightened to nothing and they bumped into each other. Wolvsexfiend let out a growl. "Let's show ‘em that they've stumbled into completely the wrong kind of gangbang."

The group sprinted out of formation, scattering, confusing the troopers. Cycocks stunned as many of them as he could with his laser, bits of black cloth raining down like confetti as he stripped naked each of his victims. Wolvsexfiend darted around the station, dicks at the ready. His knuckle-cocks were in various stages of erect, ranging from half-cocked to raging hard. He, however, was purely raging mad. He lashed out at unlucky enemies, cock-slapping girls and guys alike without mercy. Stormones grabbed hold of IceStud and dragged him to a less dangerous part of the station. She dropped to her knees again and licked her lips. "I love it down here," she sighed.

"Again? I've barely had 2 minutes!" protested IceStud. "I'll never be able to-"

"You'll be ready when I'm done with you," Stormones assured him, and the skies darkened.

Vogue and Jean Sluttay dashed along the granite floor, with their tits a-bouncing. They skittered to a halt and found themselves surrounded on all sides by male troopers, all grinning and gently stroking their erections. Vogue was ready to put her skills to the test, and advanced towards the men. Vogue's mutant ability was that when a man cummed inside her pussy, the man's life force was drained as well, causing death. Vogue didn't know about her mutant power until a rapist tried to have his way with her and found out the hard way that he had picked on the wrong hottie. Just one more reason to use a condom.

Jean yanked her back by her hair, and Vogue squealed. "If these men cummed inside you, they'd give their lives, but you would too! Their love-juice is venomous!"

Jean stepped forwards instead. The men grinned and continued their approach. Jean raised both hands and then slowly lowered them. The men's penises obeyed the command and slowly deflated until the men surrounding the girls held flaccid embarrassments. They eyed each other and stood around, clutching themselves impotently. Their embarrassment turned to anger as their attention was drawn again to the girls. This was their fault! They charged. Jean flipped her hands in a complicated pattern, and the men all fell flat on their backs. She continued her rhythmic motions and the men's one-eyed snakes slithered and danced, following Jean's snake charming. The men stumbled to their feet, unsure and confused. Jean continued controlling their penises, moving them this way and that, until she raised her hands above her hands and suddenly clenched them into fists. The men screamed, blood trickled down their legs, and they fell flat on their faces. Vogue and Jean stepped carefully over their sprawled bodies and joined the others. They reached the group in the middle of a discussion.

"How could all of these sexual predators have organized so neatly here?" asked Stormones.

"I agree, I have a feeling there's some dark forces at work here," predicted Cycocks ominously.

A crash confirmed their worst fears. A crack appeared in the center of the station, and a huge metal cylinder began to emerge, rumbling out of the floor. The top of the cylinder spun open and rising from within was a man, who stood triumphantly. His blond hair was visible first, followed by an immaculately sculpted face with piercing blue eyes, high cheekbones, and a smirking grin. Then his broad shoulders and crossed arms emerged, complete with bulging muscles. His rippled stomach was trailed by his trunk-like thighs. The faintest hint of a bulge in his tight black pants needed no introduction.

"Not BabeMagneto!" screamed Wolvsexfiend, Cycocks, and IceStud, horrified.

"BabeMagneto…" moaned Stormones, Jean Sluttay, and Vogue. They tentatively stepped towards the metal platform, then broke into a run.

"Stop!" yelled Cycocks, as he reached for the closest one but only managing to pinch Vogue's ass as she sprinted towards the attractive man. They leapt onto the platform. BabeMagneto clapped, and a purple translucent force field sprang up around the cylinder. The girls attacked BabeMagneto with unparalleled ferocity. Stormones threw her arms around his neck, ripped off his shirt, and began sucking his neck furiously, leaving huge hickeys. Her hands massaged his chest and arms urgently. Vogue had thrown herself at his feet. She was running her hands up his muscled calves, hamstring and quadriceps, and, squatting, she began grinding her pussy against his shin. Jean Sluttay had gone around the back, rubbing herself against his ass, her hands reaching under and cupping his balls, rubbing them, and then polished his growing manhood through his pants. The irresistible BabeMagneto stood with his arms on his hips and his head tilted towards the sky, a self-satisfied smile glowing on his face. He lowered his arms, shoved Stormones backwards, kicked Vogue off of his leg, and reached down and tore his pants clean off, and tossing them aside, he then resumed his previous smug position.

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