tagFetishThe Shaved Slave

The Shaved Slave


Chapter 1

I don't think that I really paid much attention to Susan the first time that Mark brought her into the bar. Nobody really paid much attention to any girl that Mark brought in, because they probably weren't going to be around long. But after the inevitable breakup, if that's even the right word for the end of a two-date relationship, Susan stayed around in our little group of local bar hoppers. That wasn't entirely unusual either, nor was it uncomfortable for her and Mark to be there at the same time. It wasn't uncomfortable for any of us to be at a table with former fuck partners, actually. It was just that sort of town. What was a little uncomfortable was that Susan never really fit in. She dated a few people from the bar, never for long, and she went home with a few for the night. But she was shy and quiet and practically a nun by our standards, and so I don't think that I or anyone else in the regular crowd really noticed her even after she was one of us.

It wasn't that she was unattractive. She put time into herself, and it showed in her curvy but toned body. Her long blonde hair was carefully styled, and her clothes were tasteful and as fashionable as anyone in a town our size ever got. She never showed too much skin, in contrast to a lot of the regulars, but it was clear to anyone with an eye for such things that she was hiding an impressive body. She had an air about her that seemed to be saying that she wouldn't turn down attention, but she wasn't going to go out of her way to attract it either. Even the shyness seemed to work for her with some guys, but for a long time, I just wasn't one of them.

That all changed about a year after her introduction when she came in one Friday night and literally stopped every conversation. She was dressed the same as always, and she carried herself the same as always. But the long blonde hair that she had seemed so proud of had been shaved completely off. She was as bald as a newborn. I have a few fetishes that I keep between myself and the occasional like-minded partner, but the shaved head thing had never been one of them. I've seen a few women pull it off, of course, and I've seen a few more fail miserable. Susan was pulling it off, but that wasn't the only reason that she rapidly made her way to the top of my to-do list. The real reason for that came later in the night.

Susan took her usual seat in a quiet corner of the bar and waited in her usual way for people to approach her rather than talking to them. It didn't take long, and the first few uncomfortable comments were mostly dancing around the cancer question. Even if she was a little off, Susan was one of us, and were all genuinely relieved when someone finally blurted out the question and got back an answer of no. But from there, the night took a less friendly direction. Nobody was outright cruel about it, but the sideways glances and stifled laughter were hard for me to miss. They were hard for her to miss as well, and I could see how humiliated she was getting. But I could also see something else, something that everyone else probably missed. The humiliation was exciting some part of her. It started as a flush to her face that neither alcohol nor embarrassment could fully explain, and eventually the more blatant laughter was even bringing on a quick flick of her tongue and an incredibly sexy bite on her lower lip.

I had never really considered that sort of submissiveness to be a turn-on any more than bald heads, but that was probably because the few times I had tried to be dominant had been in situations where it was a halfhearted role play. Now, as I watched Susan subtly squirm in what I knew had to be dripping wet panties, the thought of humiliating a partner who was genuinely excited by it had my dick as hard as a hammer. I was playing a dozen scenarios through my mind as I sipped my beer and tried not to look as horny as Susan was, and it was still a few hours to last call when I decided that I was going to find a way to make them happen. But even I couldn't have imagined where it was all about to lead.

My chance came almost right away. I was sitting at the bar when I noticed that things were getting heated at Susan's regular table. I was too far away to hear anything over the bar noise, but she and another regular named Katie were arguing. Again. If Susan was the relative prude of our little group, then Katie was definitely the slut. Theirs was an awkward friendship, and Katie had a bad habit of blowing off all other plans in order to go home with the first guy who asked. From the douche bag waiting impatiently a few feet away, it looked like that was exactly what was happening.

I ordered one of Susan's beers while I waited for Katie and her conquest to clear out, and then I walked over to her table and slid the beer in front of her. She looked up with a genuine smile that lit her face, and I'm sure mine as well.

"Thought you could use another one," I said as I dropped into a chair across from her.

"Yeah," she said as she pulled the beer closer. "Thanks."

"Sure," I said. "Katie again?"

"I don't get it. It's not like she's that hot."

I laughed at that, hoping that Susan had either forgotten or was just ignoring that I had been the guy leaving with Katie once or twice before. But if Susan were going to use indiscretions with Katie to filter out potential sex partners, then she was in the wrong bar to begin with.

"You need a lift home, then?" I asked, trying not to sound eager.

"No, she wasn't my ride."

"Oh," I said, thinking that I had misread the argument. "So..."

"I was staying with her for the weekend," Susan explained, looking like she close to tears. "My neighbor found a roach, and they're spraying the whole building. Katie was going to let me use her couch."

"Well, the couch will probably still be free in an hour. That guy didn't look like the stay-the-night type."

"No," Susan said with a quick laugh. "No, but she doesn't want me there at all now."

"What?" I asked. "Hell of a time to tell you."

"She said it was okay last week, but I haven't seen her since..." Susan trailed off. She absently reached up and ran her fingers over her head. Watching her red painted nails trail slowly through the light stubble was almost more than I could take, and I had a brief image of what it would be like to shave her completely smooth myself. The fantasy was cut short when I suddenly realized what had happened. I knew Katie was a bitch as well as anyone, but even I was surprised that she would have taken people laughing at Susan as an excuse to give her the boot. Susan must have seen the recognition on my face and she confirmed what I was thinking. "I don't think she likes it."

"Well, fuck her!" I said. "I like it."

"Really?" Susan asked softly. She was still trailing her fingertips across her head, and her lips parted seductively for a second before she caught herself and dropped her hand to her lap.

"Umm..." She started to say as she recovered herself. "I don't, I mean... do you have..."

"A couch?" I asked, jumping at the chance to turn my night's plans into a full weekend. "Actually I have a whole guest room. It's all yours if you want it."

"You sure?" Susan asked. "I don't want to be in the way or anything."

"I'm sure," I said. "You got all your stuff in your car?"

"Yes. It's just one suitcase."

"Then finish your beer." I intentionally made it sound like a command, and I wanted to gauge her reaction. There seemed to be a sudden shift in her demeanor, and she drained the beer and followed me out of the bar without another word. It was exactly the reaction that I had wanted.

Thirty minutes later, Susan was in my guest bedroom and changing her clothes after I had told her to get comfortable. I was curious how she would interpret that. For my own part, I had changed into my usual around-the-house outfit of loose boxers and an old college t-shirt. I had been scrawny in my younger days, and the shirt clung nicely to the muscular physique that I had been carefully building since then. The boxers were a little different, as I had gone with a black silk pair instead of my usual flannel. I wanted to tease myself while I waited to see where the night was going, and the silk felt exquisite sliding over the head of my cock as I leaned against the kitchen bar and mixed a pair of margaritas.

It felt even better when Susan came out of her room in a soft nightshirt. The shirt was loose, but it was still stretched a little across her chest. From her erect nipples popping through the fabric, she had obviously taken off her bra. But I was amazed that her breasts seemed as high and firm as always even without the support. The shirt went below her flat waist to her seductively wide hips, showing off firm and shapely legs and making me wonder if she had also forgone her panties. I got the answer a second later when she climbed onto a bar stool across from me without trying to adjust the bottom of her shirt. She was wearing panties, all right, and the thin white cotton even showed a small wet spot as she swung her legs around on the seat.

"Sorry," she said when she noticed my gaze. Her face flushed with sexy embarrassment again, and she reached toward her legs to adjust her shirt.

"Don't," I said suddenly, surprising myself. "Don't be sorry," I added with a smile. "I told you to get comfortable, right?"

"Yes," she said softly. She brought her hand back up, leaving me with my view. The damp spot was wider now, and the wet cotton was outlining her swollen pussy. I was surprised to see pubic hairs showing through, and it seemed funny that she would have shaved her head but not her crotch. I realized that I knew exactly what I wanted to do now, and I reached over and gently rubbed her head. The stubble was surprisingly soft and sensual under my fingers.

"Did you do this yourself?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied, lowering her gaze. "I didn't do a very good job," she added.

"You should have used a razor," I said.

"I know. I... I didn't want to cut myself."

I pulled my hand slowly back from her head and took a pull from my drink.

"Well," I finally said. "I guess I'll have to do it for you." Susan drew in a sharp breath, and her face flushed again.

"Please," she said with a tremble. "Would you?"

"Go to the bathroom," I ordered. "Take the drinks."

Susan slipped off her bar stool and took a glass in each hand. She started toward the hall bathroom next to her room, and I watched her hips sway for a moment before.

"No," I said, and pointed toward the master bedroom. "My bathroom."

I watched as she slid past me, her tits subtly bouncing up and down under her night shirt, and then I picked up the bar stool that she been sitting on and followed her to my bedroom. She crossed the room in the dim light and obediently went straight to the bathroom, stopping at the center of the large space. I set the stool down behind her and told her to sit, and then I switched on the light. The bathroom was one of the reasons that I had bought this house, and it included both a corner tub and walk-shower as well as a large vanity sink. I crossed to the sink and started the hot water before gathering what I needed. When the sink was full, I shut off the water and stood in front of Susan. My dick was still achingly hard, and she couldn't help staring at it.

I reached down and took the glasses that she was still holding, enjoying a long drink from mine before setting both on the vanity, and then I dipped a wash cloth in the steaming water. I turned back to Susan, standing behind her now, and lowered the cloth to her head. She jumped as the hot water met her scalp, and I watched with pleasure as it ran down her neck and face. Standing over her, I could see a stream run down her cleavage and dampen the front of her shirt. I took a moment to work rub the cloth around her head, and then I tossed it on the vanity and picked up a can of shaving gel. I spayed a line directly on the top of head and slowly worked up a foam with both hands. It took a while and a few more handfuls of gel to cover everything, and I worked as slowly as I could. I wanted to build as much anticipation as either of us could take. Finally, I rinsed my hands in the sink and picked up a fresh razor.

I started at the center of her head, slowly pulling the blade back toward her neck. It made a scraping sound as the stubble gave way, leaving a sensual trail of freshly smooth skin. I worked slowly to my right, careful to remove every hair. Neither of us spoke, and I could hear her heavy breathing over the sound of the razor. When the first side was done, I moved back to the center of her head. But being right-handed, I realized that I wasn't going to have a good angle to shave the other side. So I walked around the stool and stood in front of her. Focusing on the details of the meticulous shaving had made my erection ease, but there was still a nice bulge in the front of my shorts. Susan reflexively parted her lips at the sight of it, and with a quick motion, I tugged down the front of my shorts and thrust my semi-hard cock past her lips and deep into her mouth. It sprang to life immediately, and I savored the sensation of growing hard against her warm tongue. Susan tried to move her head forward on my shaft, but I reached down with my free hand and lightly slapped the freshly shaved side of her head.

"Don't move," I ordered, and she obeyed.

I slowly pulled my hips back until just the tip of dick was in her lips and then slid back as I started shaving again. I timed it so that the razor stroke ended just as my pubic hair was brushing against Susan's nose, and then I pulled back and repeated the process. I held a slow and steady rhythm of thrusts while I finished shaving her head, and she had to keep perfectly still while the sharp blade was on her. Several times it looked like she wanted to reach down and rub herself, but since she seemed to sense that I wasn't going to let her, she dug her hands into her thighs instead. They were red by the time that I finished shaving and dropped the razor on the vanity. I picked up the damp cloth and dipped it in the sink again, and then I washed the last bits of foam from her head while still keeping a constant rhythm of sliding in and out of her mouth.

When her head was clean, I very slowly ran my fingertips over the delicate skin. It was like nothing that I had ever felt before, and the combination of sensations coming from cock and my hands was overwhelming. I wasn't going to last much longer, and so I grabbed both sides of Susan's head and pushed her up and down on myself while I stopped thrusting. I wanted to see what kind of a blowjob she could really give, and she didn't disappoint. I grabbed her right hand and wrapped it around my shaft, and she quickly got the message that she had free reign. She squeezed me tightly with one hand and massaged by aching balls with the other while sucking me deep into her throat and running her tongue all around me.

I had been building a massive load of cum for hours, and it was probably less than a minute before I pulled out and sprayed it all over her shiny bald head. I stroked and squeezed my throbbing dick a few times to make sure that all of the cum was out and then lowered it back to Susan's mouth. She dutifully licked the last drop from my slit, and the sharp pulse that ran from my sensitive head made me shiver. I stepped back and drained my margarita while I proudly admired the volume of glistening juice dripping slowly down the side of her head.

"Rub it in," I said, still catching my breath from the intense orgasm, and Susan gingerly touched her smooth skin before eagerly working the cum around with her hands. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as she explored the feel of her smooth skin."

"Good girl," I said. "You should finish your drink now. We have a lot more to do."

To be continued...

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