tagRomanceThe Sheik & the Slave Ch. 08

The Sheik & the Slave Ch. 08


I have not been in the mood to write lately but I have been inundated with emails asking me to continue the Sheik and the Slave story. I do enjoy the romance between Kat and Mohammed and I have missed them. It is to all my fans who have encouraged me to continue to write this story that I dedicate this chapter – I hope you enjoy it.

Kat’s hand was bleeding. She had used a spear stabbed in the sand by one of the Moors to free herself. In her excitement and haste to be away – she had also sliced her right palm. She wrapped a purple scarf around her palm to stop the bleeding. She pushed back the flap of the tent and looked outside into the desert. Her heart sank. It was dark and for miles in all directions all she could see was the sand dunes that dominated the desert. Kat flung herself out into the night. She would rather die in the desert than become that fat slob’s whore.

Bashasha had been summoned before the Sheik.

“Any sign of Yasmeen?” Mohammed asked the older woman, his quiet voice belying his simmering anger.

“No, my lord. But she did disappear about the same time Lady Kat went missing. I can’t help but thinking Yasmeen is involved in her disappearance.”

Mohammed nodded. “I agree. Have the riders discovered anything?” He asked after the men who had been sent across the desert to scout for Kat.

“No, my lord. I am sorry, but no word yet has been heard from Lady Kat or her disappearance.”

Mohammed shuddered and lowered his head. “Leave me.”

“Please my lord, let me stay with you.” Bashasha feared for his peace of mind.

“Leave me.” He told her coldly.


Kat had no way of knowing that has she stepped away from Fajer and Yasmeen’s evil plans she walked into greater peril as a desert dust storm was just beginning. The dust storms were known to be dangerous and even life threatening. When Kat first set out she thought that it was early morning because of her inability to see very clearly. Then she realized the dust had begun to swirl and twist and though she had heard of them from the harem women – Kat was walking through a dangerous dust storm.

As Kat continued to try and walk through the dust swirling around her – it became impossible. The dust spit into her eyes, her mouth, her hair and her ears. Kat knew she would die out in this desert never to be found. She fell to her knees and then collapsed. Her last thought before she sank into oblivion wasn’t of the green trees of England or the deserts of Arabia – it was the dark sensuous eyes of Mohammed and his mouth as he kissed her.


Yasmeen arched her body like a bitch in heat as one of the black moors settled his large muscular body over her delicate one. With no words or preliminaries the black moor thrust her legs apart and shoved his large cock inside her. She had fallen asleep directly after the night’s fun so her cunt was still filled with the Moors sperm and her own juices. The Moor grunted as his cock filled the girl and Yasmeen cried lightly as not to wake the other two men. Secretly she wanted to wake the other two and have a repeat of the night before. The Moor grasped her honey colored thighs hard as he continued to pound into her.

Yasmeen arched as the black cock filled her body and she reached up to touch his chest. Her nipples tightened in response and she squeezed her eyes shut in pleasure.


The two teenagers were fighting as they returned to the large main tent in the desert.

“I think she’s dead!” Said the younger Bikr. At twelve years old he was given to exaggerations and enjoyed making scenes to embarrass his mother and father.

“She’s not dead, Bikr. She’s alive and we need to tell father,” spoke the older Saber. Saber was 15 years old and his father’s pride and joy. As Bikr scampered off to find trouble, Saber went to find his father.

Saber and his father Majeed remained seated on their camels as they looked at the half covered form in the sand. She was half buried beneath it and her face was underneath her arm. She looked ragged and both men couldn’t guess how long she had been in the desert.

“A woman from another tribe?” Asked young Saber.

“Could be.” Majeed nodded at his son’s question. There were many Bedouin tribes such as his that wandered the desert. Some were linked by family, others by marriage but rarely did anyone venture into the great desert when a dust storm was upon them – they knew better. And this storm that passed had been going on a few days.

“Why would she go out in such a storm, Father?” Asked Saber.

“Perhaps she was lost.” Majeed dismounted and Saber followed. “We’ll take her to the camp and allow the women to attend her.”

Majeed walked to the form and knelt beside her. When he turned her over in his arms Saber gasped. Majeed looked down at the woman he held and was also shocked. The woman had golden blonde hair that blended into the desert’s sands and her skin was cream colored. Her face was lovely and against his will Majeed could feel himself stir.

He lifted her easily and settled himself and the girl on his camel.

“Come, Saber.”

Rana was charged to look after the young girl. Rana was the first and only wife of the Sheik Majeed. Since Rana had given Majeed two sons and a baby girl – Majeed had never thought to take any more wives. He had only ever wanted sons to help and continue on with his tribal duties when he was dead and Rana had done her duty by providing him sons. Since Majeed was not a sexual man – he was content to rule over his tribe with only one wife. In addition, he knew of many sheiks that had large harems and many wives and the trouble the women caused was not worth the sexual pleasure.

Rana had bathed and given the girl an Abaya to wear. An Abaya was a floor length gown with long sleeves that modestly covered the entire body. As Kat slept she bathed the girl’s forehead with jasmine scented cloths and tried to keep her comfortable.

Rana looked over the girl’s lithe frame with envy. Rana had never been a beauty. She was the youngest daughter of a neighboring sheik and had gown up coddled by her father. Though Rana’s sisters had been beauties, Rana was not. But what Rana lacked in face and form she made up for in sweetness and kindness. She was a devout Muslim, a loving mother and caring wife. When Majeed had been looking to marry those 16 years ago – Rana thought he would certainly pick one of her sisters. But Majeed was not interested in beauty. Majeed had seen how women and beauty could too easily turn a man’s eye and head. Instead he had settled for Rana and had never regretted his choice.

Rana had bathed the girl with the help of her women and all had admired the girl’s face and figure. Her golden hair had been cleaned and pinned back and her oval face had been washed and creamed with almond oil. Rana could not help but think the foreign woman was more beautiful than all of her sisters and any woman she had ever seen. Perhaps it was the uniqueness of her creamy skin and hair but she could not help but wonder what Majeed would think.

Majeed had come into the room quietly. His wife and ladies had gone to tend to the evening meal and Majeed wanted to see the young beauty. She lay asleep on the pillows and blankets inside his wife’s tent. She was dressed modestly in a pink Abaya but Majeed could see her nipples taut and stiff through the material. He knelt beside her as he had done in the desert. His fingers itched to touch her and he couldn’t stop himself.

Majeed was an attractive man in his late 30s. He was tall and muscular with brown hair and brown eyes. He wore a beard which aged him but he was an attractive man never given to impulses until now.

His fingers encircled his nipples and Kat moaned in her sleep. She arched and stretched and Majeed covered her mouth with his. He pulled her to him and Kat awoke in his arms. She moved her face away from his mouth.

“No.” She shook her head and Majeed was dazzled. Her eyes were blue like the Arabian sea and they were wide and innocent.

Kat’s head spinned as she tried to grasp where she was and with whom. Her hands came in touch with his muscular chest and she tried to separate them. She was frightened but as her head continued to spin she murmured, “Help me,” and sank into the pillows and oblivion.

Majeed stared at the sleeping beauty but was distracted by a noise and turned toward it.

“Rana!” Majeed stood up.

Her eyes were accusing and in pain.

“My lord.” Was all she said and exited the tent quickly.

Majeed cursed the beauty. He had been right. Women, especially beautiful ones were only trouble. He looked down at her. A woman of her unusual coloring was obviously not a native Arabian. She must therefore be either a slave, concubine or a foreign visitor. Either way he owed it to his wife and his own sanity to find her rightful place and be rid of her.

He sighed. He would take Saber and a few of his men and visit the neighboring Sheiks to see if anyone knew anything about the pale beauty.


Saber shivered as the fever swept his body. Rana looked at her eldest son in horror. She feared for his life.

“I won’t leave until he is better,” Majeed spoke softly to Rana.

“Thank you my lord.” She leaned into his form for strength.


Mohammed sank his head into his hands. It had been a week with no sign of her. The second riders had come back exhausted and with no word. It had been an excruciating wait and one that held no satisfaction. He decided that either Yasmeen had secured a passage for her and sent her away or she had been sold into slavery – a frightening thought. Even with Kat’s spirit – the outside world of slavery was evil. In the harem she had been safe from everyone except him. In the outside world, the ship’s captain would have her, the sailors would have a go at her and by the end of the voyage she would be sold to a dirty brothel or worse. Mohammed couldn’t stand it.

He needed to get away. He had many brothers but his favorite was the farthest away on the edge of the great desert. He would travel there as quickly as possible.


Kat was seated inside the tent as she picked at her food. She knew Majeed’s eyes were on her as they always were. Rana was still tending to their eldest boy named Saber who was recovering from an illness. Majeed had dismissed the servants and so they remained alone.

Kat stole glances at Majeed when he was eating. He was a tall man, golden skinned with brown hair and eyes. He reminded Kat of Mohammed except Majeed was slimmer in build and his beard aged him. Majeed was attractive but he did not have Mohammed dark looks and seductive gazes. Kat shivered at the memories. Nor did he have Mohammed’s possessive way of speaking - always wanted and demanding.

“Are you cold, beauty?” Majeed asked quietly from across the many pillows.

“No, I’m well. I wish you would call me by name. Katharine.” She asked not wanting to fight him in any way.

She knew from the time she had been in the Sheik’s care that he was only married to one woman and had no harem. He was a quiet, studious man who relished his power and yielded it extremely wisely. He was greatly respected but she worried he would take notice of her and want her for himself. As a respected Sheik, no one would deny him.

“Where did you learn Arabic?” Majeed asked her.

“From another Sheik which is where I want to be returned to.” Kat had tried to talk to him about being returned to Mohammed but he would never let her raise the subject.

“You don’t like it here, beauty?” Majeed’s voice had lowered and he moved toward her.

“Yes, but I – “

“Yes?” Majeed lowered himself to sit beside her. She gazed up at him with eyes that were blue and wide. His palm touched her face and it was like silk. He hardened at the thought of taking her right there in his tent. The thought of her creamy thighs spread wide as she accepted his cock spurred him on.

“Please.” Kat tried to move away from the close proximity but he caught her in his arms.

“You were this man’s wife?” Majeed touched her face and brought her to sit upon his lap while Kat struggled.

“No.” Kat said breathlessly.

“Servant?” Majeed continued to pry as his hands moved underneath her long Abaya.

“Please – “ Kat gasped and tried to stop his hands.

“Perhaps a concubine? A woman used to giving away her body?” His hands moved up her silken naked legs finding her thighs. His mouth touched her neck.

“No!” Kat colored at the question and his hands and struggled again.

“I want you to stay here as my guest.” His hands had stopped at her upper thighs and Kat’s heart beat strongly in her throat.

“And at the first chance, will you send me back where I belong?”

“Of course. But you might find out that you belong here.” Majeed was bewitched by her words, her accent so foreign yet speaking the Arabic tongue and a pale body, golden hair and eyes like the Arabian sea.

“No. I won’t.” Kat shook her head.

Her words angered him. Even if she didn’t want to stay here he could keep her. A slave had no say – as he expected she was. His hands delved deeper up her thighs and spread them slightly as she fell against him. Her thighs were now spread over him as she sat on him. He could easily lift up his robe and impale her sharply on his throbbing cock. He had never wanted a woman as he did this pale beauty. He wanted her badly.

“Please, no.” Kat tried to evade his hands as she felt her juices dripping. She wanted him inside her but wanted the man to be Mohammed. Could she let this man have her – thinking of Mohammed? Was she disgusting? Her tears sprang up and Majeed saw them.

He scooped her off of him and strode angrily from the tent.

Kat’s heart thudded. All she wanted was Mohammed’s arms around her.

Rana cornered her husband outside the tent.

“My lord, I have never asked you for anything. I have been a good and loyal wife. But I beg you, in the name of Allah, please send this woman back to where she came from.”

Majeed’s eyes narrowed. “By the Qu’ran you are also to obey your husband - and obedience is what I require Rana.”

“My lord – “

“I will send the beauty away when the time is right. Until then she will remain here. That is my will.”

“Yes, my lord.” Rana lowered her eyes.

“And you would be wise to remember that there is nothing between the young girl and myself.” He added childishly knowing that the girl could have just tasted his cock.

“Yet.” Finished Rana as she watched her husband walk away.

Kat tossed and turned and didn’t fall asleep until well after midnight. Just as she was falling asleep - a lone camel came into view as Majeed and his men were outside smoking. The figure dismounted and came forward. The stranger had only one word of greeting, “Brother.”

Majeed strode forward happily. He clasped the man in a broad hug and said, “Mohammed,” before leading him into the tent.

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