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The Show


It was a hot and sticky Northern Virginia night in July. My Wife Lynn and I were at the Ozzfest music festival. The music was loud and jammin'. There were a lot of women with their tits hanging out and plenty of alcohol and smoke to insure that this would be an evening to remember. Lynn is just an absolute knock out. The kind of woman that every red-blooded American boy dreams of. Lynn is about 5'8," has long strong tan legs, beautiful tits and a pussy that could rip your dick off. Believe me, this girl is gifted in every way and she knows how to use those gifts.

It was about dusk when Lynn and I decided to go for another beer. This was our ninth trip to the beer line so we also had to use the restrooms. Lynn was wearing a small black mini-skirt that showed off her muscular legs a see-through black lace top, and a pair of stiletto heels that made her long lean legs look like they would never end. Before she went into the ladies room I told her that she was to remove all of her undergarments before she came out. She looked at me and asked me what I had in mind. I said, "You'll see."

Her response was, "Even my bra?" I said, "Yes, especially your bra!" When she came out of the bathroom she was a little self-conscious. She's very adventurous but you could tell that having her tits completely visible through that shear lace top made her nervous. We made our way back to our seats and I'll tell you, you could have tripped over all of the tongues that were lying on the ground. She must have been responsible for a thousand hard-ons that night. Little did I know that what I had planned for her and what really happened were two very different things?

When we got back to our seats. The show was still rockin'. Marilyn Manson was just wrapping up his show and Lynn was drawing as much attention as the band. That's O.K. with me because I know she's beautiful. During the last two songs things started to heat up between her and me. I was standing behind her with my arms around her waist. I was slowly kissing and licking her pulsing neck as I slowly reached down and put my hand up her short skirt. I wasn't really surprised to find her pussy dripping. Probably from all of the attention both male and female she had been drawing. I gently penetrated her warm wet pussy with first one finger and then two.

I could feel her body tremble as I slowly stroked her insides. My other hand was busy rubbing her now rock hard nipples through her shirt. I could feel my cock growing harder and harder by the minute. It was straining at the seams of my jeans to free itself and enter that dripping snatch. I reached up and pulled her top down to fully expose her firm full breasts. She didn't put up a fight because she was in some sort of sexual trance. I don't know if it was the alcohol, the music or just the excitement of putting on a live sex show or a combination of all of those factors but she was on a whole other plane of existence.

Marilyn Manson's show was ending and I had to piss again and even more importantly, my beer was empty, so I asked her if she wanted to go for another beer. She briefly snapped out of her trance, long enough to say that she was fine and to hurry back because she wanted me inside of her while people watched. I told her that as soon as the lights went down, that's exactly what I had in mind. I told her not to cover her tits and to keep her excitement level up, for her and also for the entertainment of others by fingering herself until I got back.

When I left her she had about three fingers knuckle deep and she seemed to fall right back into her trance. I ran down to the bathroom and there was a line about a mile long. Then there was a line at the beer stand. I got my beers and high tailed it back to my seats. Black Sabbath was into their second song. And by now it was late into the evening, about 10:00. So it was very dark in the stands except for some dim overhead lights. When I got in view of my seat, I noticed that Lynn was not alone. There was a man standing behind her just as I had been about a half hour before. He was about my general build but his hair was darker and much longer. He had his arms around her and he was standing very close. I made my way closer and I could see that this man that I had never seen before had himself buried deep inside my Wife's pussy. To my shock and disbelief, she was more than willing.

She was grinding her hips with every one of the stranger's thrusts. My first instinct was anger. I mean I saw red as I watched my love with another man inside her. But I felt a strange sensation in my groin. Excitement! My cock was growing with Excitement. Soon the anger gave way to this excitement because I had a good view of them fucking each other like wild beasts. While a crowd, some oblivious, some very much aware were all around them. I could see his meat sliding in and out of her. His hands were kneading her ample breasts.

From the dim lights above us, I could see his cock glistening with her excitement. She was so wet. Her body shook with orgasm after orgasm until finally He jammed himself deep inside her. I could see his face contort with pleasure as he had a violent orgasm of his own. Filling my sweetheart with his hot, sticky cum. They both shook together as she climaxed along with him. God was she hot. They just stood there motionless for about 5 minutes catching their breath before he finally pulled himself out of my woman. I could see their cum running down the inside of her beautiful, sweaty thigh. I almost felt lucky to have witnessed my hot bitch doing what she was built to do. Fuck.

It wasn't much longer after that when he slipped away and disappeared back into the crowd that I assume he came from. With his exit, I made my entrance. I got up behind her and put my arms around her to finished watching the show. I was sure that she thought that she had pulled a fast one on me. That made me a little angry, but I didn't let on. It was very strange to know that another mans cum was inside my wife's pussy and half down her leg. But oddly enough my erection never eased up. She must have felt it stabbing her in her back because she reached behind her and felt it.

That's when she said the most incredible thing. She said, "Don't you ever get enough? God, you were incredible." That's when it dawned on me that she thought that it was me giving her those orgasms. That the cum in her tight snatch belonged to me and not that longhaired stranger in the audience. I just told her that I could never have enough of her sweet pussy and that I wanted her as soon as we got back to the hotel. We fucked like dogs that night. To this day she thinks it was my cock inside her that sticky July night. After all, how does someone tell his wife that the hottest sex that we've ever had together was with another man?

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