tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Show Must Go On Ch. 03

The Show Must Go On Ch. 03


Please Note: This is part three and you probably need to read the first two parts for this to make any sense!


It was the morning after Kate had given their friend Tom the pleasure of seeing her in her see-through bikini. Of course it was an accident but it was an accident she was glad had happened. That brief few seconds as Tom stared at her pussy and tits stayed with her, especially the empowering few moments that followed when she had parted her legs to give him a better look.

But today she was disappointed. The weather had surprisingly turned colder and the forecast for the remainder of the cruise was not great. Would she be able to wear that bikini again, and even if she did, could she realistically pretend that she had "forgotten" it was see--through?

She had been having all sorts of ideas about how to accidentally expose herself but none of them seemed workable. She even wondered if she might wander the decks in a skirt with no underwear in the hope the wind might blow the skirt up and give passers by a brief flash, but she didn't think it was workable. The wind would have to blow quite strongly at just the right moment and she would have to be ready not to react

instinctively by holding her skirt down. And of course there would need to be people - men - in the right place to see things. No, it wouldn't work.

It was as Kate's sense of gloom deepened that events took a surprising turn. There was a knock at the cabin door. Ed opened the door and they were surprised to see Lara, the magician's sexy assistant from the show where Kate's adventures had begun. She was plainly but smartly dressed in a trouser suit although the white blouse underneath was tight and Kate could imagine men eyeing it as it stretched over her large breasts.

Kate remembered that she had been chosen by Lara during the show because they were similar in build, and wondered if she would ever have the courage to wear such a tight-fitting top to work when they got home from the cruise. Not that she had a job, right now. If she wore something like that to an interview...?

"May I come in a minute?" asked Lara.

"Of course." gestured Ed.

The cabin was small with no chairs, and Kate was sitting on the bed.

"Mind if I sit down?" asked Lara and popped herself next to Kate without waiting for an answer.

"So what brings you here?" asked Ed. "I thought you would be on another ship by now?"

"No - we transfer later in the week, when we dock."

"Do you do this all year round." enquired Ed.

"Nine months. Then we get a rest. But it's not a bad life. Pay is good although Nick gets more than me, of course."

"Nick?" puzzled Kate.

"My partner. Or boss depending how you look at it. The Great Nick Brown.. On the posters."

"Oh, I see. I don't think we ever realised his stage name." said Ed.

"Well he's the star and the one who does the magic so he gets more than I do of course. Anyway... that's why I'm here."

"I don't understand." said Ed.

"I'm here to make your wife an offer."

"Me? An offer?" Kate's hand moved to her mouth.

"Yes. We need another assistant. We want to develop the show."

Kate raised her eyebrows. "Me? You want me to become the other assistant?"

"Yes. You were great the other night. A natural. I was even a bit jealous. You went down really well - more than I have ever done. Mind you I've never gone naked before!"

Ed interrupted. "But we're going home in a few days. I have to get back to work."

Lara smiled and nodded. "It was a long shot anyway. But we wanted to make the offer in case it interested you. We need someone quickly and think you would be perfect, Kate."

Lara opened a small document wallet she was holding on her lap, and produced an official-looking piece of paper. "Look, here's a contract we had drawn up. I can leave it with you if you want to have a look. You'll see the offer is very generous."

Kate reached out but Ed had already taken the contract and was skim-reading it. "It is a very generous offer. More money than I can make. But I don't know..."

"You'll also see that either we or you can terminate the contract after two weeks. You could stay with us, Kate and have an extra two weeks holiday on luxury cruise ships for a little work - probably just four nights altogether, plus a couple of days preparation. You might really enjoy it."

"Well I will have to get back to work. " mused Ed. "But Kate isn't in work at the moment..."

"You'll see the contract includes a flight home as well. Please think about it, we are really keen on you joining us and even if you only do the two weeks it would give us time to find someone to replace you after that."

Kate looked at Ed and when he didn't react said: "I think I could consider it? What do you think?"

"Well it's up to you. I will have to go home but I suppose there's nothing that means you have to fly back when I do. I could manage at home for a week or two but after that..."

"It's okay I won't run away to the circus! I will just do two weeks." Kate was amazed to find herself feeling very positive about the idea. It felt like an exciting new adventure and somehow the idea of performing on that stage again also felt empowering...

"Tell you what..." offered Lara. "I will leave the contract with you. If you're interested come to the theatre this afternoon. We'll be rehearsing and you can chat with me and Nick about what it would involve. Please think about it. We'd love to have you join us."

She stood up and took the door handle. "See you later, I hope."

That afternoon, Ed fell asleep on their bed. They had talked over the proposal and Ed had agreed that they should explore it further, though he had some doubts. He seemed to think Kate wasn't up to it - that she would be too shy - but that secretly made her more keen to prove him wrong. Kate was restless but excited.

She decided that while he slept she would go alone and meet Nick and Lara. She didn't know if Ed had expected to come with her, but the offer was to her and she was big enough to decide for herself.

The theatre seemed dark and quiet and at first she wondered if they were around, but then she spotted Nick and Lara in semi-darkness at the back of the stage, talking animatedly about something.

"Hello?" she offered.

They waved her onto the stage and Nick shook her hand warmly and even gave her a gentle peck on the cheek.

"Hi!" he enthused. "Glad you came! We're really keen to have you help us out."

"Well I don't know yet...." whispered Kate suddenly feeling nervous now she was here.

"You will be great. I just needed more help with the show. Another glamourous assistant!"

Kate blushed. She was starting to doubt. It was nice to be called glamourous but she was feeling more self-conscious and less confident.

"I have a few ideas about what I want to do." explained Nick. "One idea is to plant one of you in the audience before the show and have you come out like the other night. With a different audience every time no-one would realise that you are part of the act - until you go on to help with the rest of the show."

"You mean do exactly what we did the other night?" asked Kate.

"Yeah! You were great!" smiled Nick

"But .... not coming out of the box naked...?" asked Kate.

"Now that was sensational! Not part of the plan but that was the best response we have ever had to our show."

Kate smiled, secretly delighted. But she noted that Nick didn't say whether the naked part was going to be part of the plan in future...

Nick continued with enthusiasm. "Now, I've always wanted to do the sawing a lady in half thing but you can't do that with only one assistant. You need another one to make that work. The two halves are actually two girls. We've got all the equipment - we just need the other lady!"

"Me?" asked Kate.

"Well yes. But you need to be flexible for that to work. I will show you later how we do it. But it depends on you - are you up for this?"

Lara spoke up. "Things have moved on from this morning, Kate. We have to get some contracts signed ourselves by 6pm this evening so we can continue on the cruises. But how that will work all hinges on you. I don't want to rush you but if you say 'no' then we will have to find someone else and we've hardly any time to do that. Is your husband happy for you to do this?"

"Well the decision is mine." declared Kate. "It's up to me and I am very interested."

"There is just one thing you should know..." said Lara.

Kate sensed there was some hitch coming and felt that she was about to be disappointed.

"We've had to add something to the contract that we gave you. It's changed." said Nick. "And it may put you off but we have to tell you about it. We're being up-front."

Kate felt her heart rate increase. She sensed she was about to hear something significant. She was right.

Lara explained:"After the show the other night when you got naked, we were asked to go and see the ship's management. We thought we were going to get into trouble for the nudity but it was just the opposite."

"They loved it." interjected Nick. "They asked if we could have that in the show every time."

"They said they'd had lots of positive feedback from the punters." added Lara. "It seems that when people are away from home they are keen to experience something more exotic.. And erotic. It's like these holidays for young people in Europe where there's lots of booze and sex. Older people do cruises but they are just as keen on a bit of sexual adventure - but as spectators rather than joining in some orgy."

"So the management of the cruise fleet have asked us to spice up the show. They're all for the nudity and a bit of eroticism."

Kate's heart was racing faster. "So what's in the contract?"

"Well it says part of the show may involve you being nude." admitted Lara. Although we could arrange it so I'm the one who comes out of the box naked if you prefer. You's certainly have to wear the little bikini and we had wondered about both of us doing some of the other parts of the show topless."

Kate sat down on a nearby chair and took a deep breath. She ran her tongue around her dry lips thoughtfully. She really wanted to do this, but didn't know if she should, and certainly didn't want to appear keen. The nudity excited her. Her pussy felt wet even now at the prospect. She hoped Nick or Lara would say something that would help her clinch the decision.

"We understand that this might not be what you want to do." said Nick."We understand if you want to turn us down. But we need to know right now. Oh.. And because of this extra requirement we've added another five per cent to your fee."

That helped. Kate took another deep breath and stood up. "I'll do it. When do I start?"

Nick and Lara both hugged her simultaneously. She felt scared but special. "Where do I sign?"

Lara brought her the new contract and Kate signed it.

"Listen,,,, I ... please don't tell my husband about the new requirement."

Nick winked at her. "I understand. We won't say a word. Will you be able to leave him at the end of this week when we transfer?"

"Sure. He will be okay.."

"See you here tomorrow at 2pm for the first rehearsal."

Kate smiled, feeling liberated and in control of her future. "I'll be here."

The following afternoon Kate arrived, a minute or two early. Nick and Lara were already there, moving various props around the stage.

"Hi Kate." greeted Lara. "Glad you're on board with us. How did Ed take it?"

"He's surprisingly keen - and just disappointed that he can't see the shows we're going to do. And that's without knowing just what we're going to do."

"You don't know what we're going to do yet." said Lara. "Please don't change your mind because you signed a contract and we need you."

The slight fear of the unknown set off some butterflies in Kate's stomach but she hid her discomfort. "So where do we start?"

"Well you may as well get into your costume." said Lara. " Here, put this on."

Lara handed Kate the tiny gold bikini she had been supposed to wear on the night of the show earlier in the week.

"Gosh it is small isn't it?" said Kate. "Where do I change?"

"Just here. It's okay, there's no-one about."

Kate glanced at Nick, who seemed to be staring expectantly at her. Obviously "no-one" didn't include him.

Somewhat awkwardly, Kate backed away into a less well-lit part of the stage, using the excuse of needing a chair to sit and unfasten her shoes. She slipped out of her t-shirt and skirt and paused to see if Nick was still looking. He wasn't.

Quickly, she stepped out of her panties and unhooked her bra. Nick glanced towards her and smiled as she uncovered her breasts. She was determined not to put an arm across her chest and turned boldly towards him as she put the bikini top on. She had shaved her pubic area and a cold draft caressed her labia as she lifted a leg to put on the bikini bottom. Someone had opened a door backstage.

A man came into view from the door. "Alright, Nick? Got everything you need?"

"Yes thanks."

The man eyed Kate in her tiny bikini with obvious lust. She put her hand on her hips and stared him in the eyes as if daring him to come closer. "Shame I can't stay and watch you guys." he complained.

"No, we need privacy so the magician's secrets are not revealed." commented Nick. "See you later."

The man left and Kate walked a little anxiously back to join Nick and Lara near the front of the stage.

"Right, Kate. Let's get started. You'll recognise the magic cabinet from the other night. You already know how it works. It's deeper than people think and there are two sections so you and Lara can swap places. On the first night she will be in the audience. You come on in the bikini and go and pick her out as if you've never

met. I make a fuss of her and get her into the front of the box while you slip round the back in the dark at the back of the stage and get in the rear of the box. Then you swap places. Then when you get back in you swap costumes and she comes out again but in the bikini."

Kate nodded. "Just like the other night, then."

"Sort of.." nodded Nick." ... but we had the cabinet modified. Let me show you."

Nick showed Kate how the cabinet now had some chains inside where hands and feet could be fastened when she got inside. "There's something about being chained up that makes it a bit more erotic." he explained. "And it also makes the trick seem more amazing."

"You will have a key to the locks when you get in the back." said Lara. "You unfasten me so we can swap places."

"But the other night we didn't have enough time to swap clothes, never mind undo locks." queried Kate.

"We thought of that." said Nick. "More chains. Once you are both in the cabinet I will wrap a big chain around the cabinet and lock it. It will give me an excuse the slowly spin it around so it makes the trick more amazing because they won't be able to see the door at the back. But you will have already got inside by then."

Kate was excited to be involved in this. "Let's try it then."

Lara went and sat in the audience and then Kate, feeling a bit weird, went and chose her from the imaginary crowd in the empty auditorium. She brought her on stage and handed her over to Nick, before disappearing backstage. She crept to behind the cabinet and climbed in.

She felt the cabinet move as Lara entered from the front and then a tiny judder as Nick closed the door. It was completely dark and Kate remembered that slight feeling of claustrophobia the first time she had been in here.

"Alright." she heard Nick shout. "I'm now chaining you in there. Swap clothes!"

In the dark, without much thought, Kate hurriedly removed the bikini. Then she heard Lara "Hey, you're supposed to be unfastening me!"

Kate laughed. "Sorry!" she slid open the secret adjoining door and felt around for Lara's wrists. It wasn't easy to get the key into the locks and it seemed to take forever.

"How's it going?" shouted Nick. "You can't take too long with this!"

"Sorry!" Shouted Kate. I got undressed first instead of undoing her."

In the tight space it was proving even more difficult to undo the ankle cuffs. Kate found her face pressed against Lara's buttocks and was glad she was in a skirt.

Eventually the cuffs came undone and they swapped places. Kate gave the key to Lara.

"This is taking too long." shouted Nick again. "You'll have to be much quicker."

"Look, don't bother trying to put my clothes on." whispered Lara as they groped around looking for each other's outfits. "I'll just cuff you up and we can work out how to speed things up once Nick gets the door open."

"Ok." breathed Kate, although as Lara fastened the cuffs, she realised that this meant when Nick opened the door she would be standing there, chained and naked. But the idea excited her.

Lara slid the middle door shut and called out; "Finished! Sorry it took so long!"

There was a short silence as the girls waited for Nick to make the next move but then they heard him say something unintelligible.

"What?" shouted Lara.

"I said, shit!" shouted Nick. "I can't find the keys to this chain. I can't think what I did with them."

"Oh, great!" said Lara. "Well find them, you idiot. We're stuck until you get them."

"It's the first time I've used this chain and lock." came back Nick. "I must have left the keys in the cabin.

"Bloody idiot. It's bloody hot in here. Go and get them!"

"Be right back."

They heard footsteps walk away and then silence. Lara slid the adjoining door open. "What an idiot. What a fool!"

"How far's the cabin?"asked Kate.

"Other end of the bloody ship."

"Do you... think you could unchain me here? My arms are getting tired already."

"Of course."

Kate felt Lara's hands touch her arms, feeling for the cuffs. She also felt Lara's nipples lightly touching her bare back and felt a strange erotic shiver. She had never had a lesbian thought in her life that she could remember but there was something oddly sensual about her situation. She realised Lara was still naked too

and here they were, two totally naked woman confined into this tiny dark space, one of them chained up.

"God, this is difficult." said Lara. "It's so hard to find the keyhole in the dark."

"I know." breathed Kate.

There was a sudden "clink" below and Lara whispered "shit" in a rather similar way to Nick's earlier expletive.

"You dropped the key." said Kate.

"I dropped the key. Hold on."

Kate felt Lara wriggle downwards and then felt flesh pressed against her buttock. Lara mumbled something, which suggested the flesh was part of Lara's face. Kate could feel Lara's hands groping at the bottom of her legs.

"It's no good! I can't quite reach the floor."

"Leave it then." said Kate. "Nick will be back soon, probably. Just so long as there's still some blood in my fingers by then." she joked.

"He'll be a while. Are your arms okay?"

Kate felt Lara wriggle upright again. Then she felt Lara's hands gently rubbing her arms and shoulders.

"Keep the blood circulating." Lara offered.

"Oh, that feels good." moaned Kate. "I bet my hands would be blue if we could see anything in this damn box."

Lara continued to massage Kate's arms and shoulders. It felt good. It felt surprisingly sensuous.

"Is this helping?" asked Lara.

"It's great. I always wanted a massage, but I never thought it would be by a naked woman in complete darkness.. You're very good."

"You have a nice body." affirmed Lara, concentrating on the back of Kate's neck for a moment.

"How's your back?"

"A bit stiff."

Lara's skilled hands worked downward and stress seemed to ebb out of Kate. She was disconcerted at how good this felt. Both of them were sweaty but the perspiration seemed to make Lara's hands glide not stick.

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