tagGroup SexThe Shower

The Shower


Six days now, and it felt like there was never going to be any relief from the deadly heat that lay over the land like an oppressive, heavy hand.

Brian walked to the kitchen in his jockey shorts not quite awake yet, he dreaded the day ahead but had no idea how to change the mess that was his life.

It wasn't bad enough that the heat was omnipresent, but his wife of seven years was omnipresent too. Linda was a disapproving, unhappy presence in his life. She felt as stifling as the heat to Brian. Always there, never smiling she felt like a heavy weight hanging on his heart.

Brian had been thinking back, trying to find the point where he and Linda had lost each other, a useless exercise, he had no clue what had gone wrong. He loved her as much as when they had married, but she was acting as if she was very unhappy, and as much as he hated to think about it he knew he would have to talk to Linda soon. He could not live like this any longer.

Brian made coffee and speculated how much his life could change in a single day.

He waited for the coffee to finish dripping, poured himself a cup and turned to come face to face with Linda. He was so surprised to see her there he almost dropped his coffee. She never got out of bed early with him this could not be a good thing for him. He recovered his grasp on the coffee cup and wondered what new abuse she would heap on him now. He stood quietly waiting for her to speak. When she did speak it shocked him into speechlessness, he wondered if he had heard her right.

"Brian, what would you say if I told you I am lesbian?"

Brian had first met Linda in high school; they had met each other again at an Alumni function three years after graduating from the same high school. They seemed to have the same interests and enjoyed each other's company and they started dating. On their third date, they had mind-blowing sex in his shower and never looked back.

Now here they were seven years later standing in the kitchen of a house they had bought together. Brian looking dumbfounded, Linda looking scared.

His heart beat so loudly in his ears he was sure she could hear it, he staggered backwards and leaned hard against the counter. "Please, Brian, please say something to me." There was no question she was not serious. Looking at her Brian wondered what he should say to her. This did explain many things that had been happening in their marriage but how could he answer her without hurting her or himself?

He set his coffee cup on the counter and still not speaking he opened his arms to his wife, and she fell sobbing into them. He stroked her hair and held her his heart still beating wildly Brian's view of reality was very shaky at that moment. Linda's sobbing became calmer, and she sagged against his body hiding her face against his chest.

"Oh, Linda" Brian was unsure if he could speak but he knew he had to there was nothing left to do but talk. He saw divorce and heartache ahead for both of them. That was the last thing Brian wanted but he could not see any other options right now.

Finally, Linda stopped crying and Brian thought to himself; ask her, not really wanting to know "How long have you known, Linda?"

Still not looking at Brian, Linda spoke into his chest; Brian took her face in his hand and tilted it up so she had to look at him, "Tell me again, Linda, I couldn't hear you".

"Two years." she said.

"Two years." Brian's voice was quiet, thoughtful, "What did you think I was going to do if you told me?"

Linda stepped back from Brian looked at him and said, "I thought you would be angry, or hate me. I could not bear it if you hated me, but the way we are living is making you miserable and I feel you are starting to dislike me. I had to tell you"

"I don't hate you, Linda, I love you, and I've always loved you, even when we were kids in high school."

Linda was looking slightly less scared now, her face relaxed a little, but she was still looking like she could run away any minute.

Brian said, "Let me get a shower and then we'll talk about this, okay?"

Linda nodded her head and even managed a small smile, the first Brian had seen on her face in months. She stepped back and Brian picked up his coffee and walked out of the kitchen heading to his bathroom.

Oh, my god Brian thought to himself, now what do I do? How do I deal with this? He felt numb, his stomach churned and he wondered how people recover from something as strange as this. Moreover, he wondered if they ever recover. On autopilot, Brian set his coffee on the bathroom counter and stripped off his jockey shorts. He stood naked in front of the mirror not really seeing his reflection, lost in thought.

Brian's reflection showed a tall medium build man, despite the beer he loved to drink he had a flat belly, he was a handsome man in a rugged way. His cock lay flaccid and small against his body the head of his cock was large and smooth, it nestled in his pubic hair, his ball sac hung heavily between his slightly spread legs.

Brian sighed turned from the mirror and entered the large walk-in shower. He turned on the water jets on both sides of the shower then he turned to face one of the walls put both hands on it and leaned there letting the water hit him hard. He felt much older than he should, his body felt heavy, his mind had temporarily quit thinking; a mass of conflicting emotions swirled inside him. He leaned his forehead on the wall grateful it was Saturday so he did not have to face anybody at work today.

How long he stood like that, he had no idea, when he became aware of a presence in the shower with him. His forehead still on the wall, he turned his head, streams of water running down his face, to see Linda standing naked in the shower. Startled at seeing her there he wondered what kind of game she was playing, when he saw another woman enter the shower.

The strange redheaded woman was tall, very curvy with full breasts and hips, a flat belly and long shapely legs. He looked at her face and saw she had the most brilliant green eyes he had ever seen. He felt his cock move slightly, aware that she was arousing him; he stood up and said "Linda?"

Linda looked at him and said "Brian, I know you're in shock, but I think I have an answer to our dilemma, so we don't have to tear our lives apart." She reached over, turned the water pressure down on the shower jets, and turned on the ceiling rain shower.

Brian was curious now. Linda had always been sexually adventurous, always ready to try new toys and positions, she always had been exciting to him. He looked at her body, wondering if she were mistaken about her sexuality. Linda was a beautiful woman, small with perfect features; she had long beautiful chestnut colored hair.

Her breasts were full, and round sitting high with light colored aureoles', her waist tapered nicely and her hips flared slightly to a beautiful roundness. God, how he loved fucking her. He felt his cock stretching, getting longer and fuller.

Brian could barely speak, he was aware he was getting hard and did not care. The green-eyed woman was watching his cock a slight smile on her face.

"Brian, this is my friend Annie, she's not lesbian, she's bi sexual. She also needs a place to live, but we can talk about that later."

Linda turned to Annie and said "Well. What do you think?"

Annie looked at Linda and said, "Not much of a talker is he?" Then turning to Brian she said, "But you do look yummy, hi Brian, I'm Annie."

By now, Brian felt like a roast in a meat market but he did not care he had not had sex with anything but his hand in months. He was hoping the two naked women in his shower meant his dry spell was over.

The women moved towards him, at the far end of the shower was a tiled bench and Annie gently pushed him back to the bench so that he had to sit. She was on her knees in front of him looked up at him, the water streaming off her face and body she asked Brian "Are you okay with this?"

Brian could only nod his head his cock was now fully erect, thick and long, he ached with the need to have sex. He knew he would have to think about all this later but for now, he would roll with it.

Annie wrapped one of her hands as far around his cock as she could and lowered her head to his cock. She opened her mouth and slipped her lips around the head of his cock, she put the tip of her tongue in the slit in the tip of his cock, tasting his precum, flicking her tongue in the slit, and licked the round full head of his thick, hard cock. Brian laid back closed his eyes and moaned quietly.

Then Brian remembered Linda and opened his eyes. She was lying on the shower floor face up. Annie had lowered her pussy to Linda's face. She moved her pussy on Linda's mouth, while Linda held the globes of Annie's ass in her hands. Brian could not believe he could get any harder but he did. He involuntarily groaned louder.

Annie sucked on Brian's cock, she would pull her mouth almost off his cock swirling her tongue on the head of his cock. Then she would slide her mouth back down his cock, sucking him, tasting him, she could smell his musk even through the water. Brian felt the head of his cock hit the back of her mouth. Annie's beautiful green eyes stayed on his face watching him. Brian's belly contracted, his balls pulled up tight against his body, oh God her mouth was driving him mad.

The shower water poured down on the three of them like a gentle rain.

Brian looked down at his wife lying on her back under Annie, he could see her hair wet and dark on the floor and her belly and legs stretched out on the floor, he saw Linda's hands spanking Annie's ass. Annie squirmed at the spanking and sat harder on Linda's mouth, then Linda slid a finger in Annie's ass, and Brian felt Annie gasp and open her mouth. He pushed his cock farther into her mouth, her throat opened to take him deeper in her mouth and he started pumping his cock in her mouth, fucking her face, she spread his legs farther apart and put her hands to his balls.

Annie pulled Brian's balls gently, stroking his inner thighs as she sucked hard on his cock she took his cock completely into her throat. Brian gasped and bucked at her face, holding her face in his hands, he moaned Annie's green eyes watching him. He fucked her face, his cock deep in her throat.


Annie's heavy breasts swayed as she pumped her mouth on Brian's' cock, then she pulled her face off his cock suddenly.

"Nooooooooooo." Brian moaned. Annie put a finger to his lips, whispering "Ahhhhhhhh, patience" the water streaming down her beautiful face.

She sat back on Linda's face and Brian could see his wife's tongue and lips greedily sucking on Annie's clit, Linda's finger now sliding in and out of Annie's pussy.

"You like to watch, Brian?" Annie asked provocatively a slight smile at the corners of her mouth

Brian was stroking his cock in one hand, "Yes, yes I do like to watch." He was shaking with desire.

Annie stood up leaned over put one hand on each side of Brian on the tiled seat and put her mouth on his. She opened her lips and slid her tongue in Brian's mouth, he met her tongue with his, and she sucked on his tongue deeply, just as she had sucked on his cock. Annie bit his lip, pulled it with her teeth, and stood up again. She smiled at Brian who was still stroking his cock, "I like to watch too, Brian."

Linda lay quietly on the shower floor the water streaming off her body, her face was flushed her eyes were closed and her breathing was ragged. Annie moved to Linda's feet, knelt down and spread Linda's legs open, Linda's clit was hard and full, very pink, Annie licked her lips, "Yummy" she said and bent over and put her mouth on Linda's clit. Linda cried out her face so beautiful in her passion. Annie opened Linda's pussy lips and slid a finger inside her, Annie sat up and put the finger in her mouth, watching Brian who was watching the women and pumping his cock with his hand. Annie bent back over Linda's pussy, she kneeled down and took Linda's clit into her mouth. Linda arched her back put her hands in Annie's' wet hair and moaned.

Brian couldn't sit watching any longer he stood up, his large rigid cock throbbing he moved behind Annie. Her ass tilted up to him; her pussy slick even in the water, her pussy lips spread open inviting him to fuck her. Brian knelt behind her and moved close to her, he pulled her ass slightly to him, and started to slide his cock in her wet ready pussy, when he stopped, leaned over and put his tongue on the tiny mouth of Annie's ass. She shook and shivered; he licked her small tight asshole, kissed it, slid his tongue in a little ways and felt her wiggle under him, pushing her ass back to him. He stroked her small mouth with his finger, his spit making his finger slick and he slid his finger in her tight small hole still licking, kissing her. Brian's finger slid in and out of her tight asshole and Annie quivered at his touch.

Brian sat up spit in his hand rubbed it on his cock and kept his hand on his cock to keep the water from washing the slick spit off his cock. He moved his cock to Annie's ass; he slid the head of his cock in her ass. Godddddddd she was so tight! He felt Annie relax her sphincter, and heard her moan into Linda's pussy. He pushed his cock hard into Annie's ass; Brian watched his cock disappearing into that small beautiful hole, his hands held the cheeks of her ass tightly. Brian groaned, "Oh, Godddddddd!" and he slid his cock deeper in her ass. Annie tilted her ass up higher to Brian silently begging him to fuck her sweet ass harder. Brian began pumping his cock in and out of her pink, small ass hole watching as his cock slid between her ass cheeks. Annie's ass was so tight on his cock he thought he was going to cum sooner than he wanted to, but he held back.

Annie was sucking Linda's pussy, moving her fingers fast in Linda's pussy. Linda moaned loudly and she cried out, "Ohhhhh, godddddddd, yesssssss!" Annie bit Linda's clit and Linda bucked screaming with pleasure.

Brian pumped his cock faster into Annie's tight, hard ass. His balls had drawn up tight against his body, his cock so hard he knew he was going to cum soon. Annie was bucking her ass on Brian's cock, fucking him hard and fast, she was moaning into Linda's pussy... suddenly Linda screamed "Aggghhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssss!" Linda's body stiffened and she shook and quivered as her orgasm rippled through her, shock after shock raced thru her until she thought she thought would pass out.

Brian couldn't wait to cum any longer. He heard Annie crying out, her head thrown back her cries so raw she sounded animalistic. Brian held Annie's ass tightly. He threw his own head back, his guttural cries loud over the sound of the streaming water. Brian felt his sperm shoot out of his cock. His orgasm so intense so exquisite he lost all sense of place and time. He shuddered and pushed his cock hard into Annie's ass. "Oh Goddddddddddddd, yessssssssssssssssssss!" he shot jet after jet of hot, thick sperm into her sweet tight ass.

Annie shook under Brian's body he felt her body stiffen heard her scream "Yesssssssssssssss!"

Weak and shaking he almost fell on Annie; Brian quickly rolled off her onto his side and collapsed under the streaming water.

Linda and Annie lay breathing hard side by side on the shower floor, he heard Linda's slight silvery laugh and suddenly his life did not look so bleak. Brian had the feeling this could work. Remarkably, in a strange way Brian's life had just improved greatly

-The End- (or is it?)

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