The Shower


Fiona felt Evan's penis rub against the lips of her vagina. He pulled back on her hips until her arms were stretched as far as they could. Then he slowly entered her. She tried to push back and take more of him in, but she could not move back any further. He was taunting her with his slow pace; it felt like forever before he filled her completely. She pulled herself back against Frank.

"He is inside me," she whispered in Frank's ear. "His cock feels so good. He's fucking me slowly, and I love it. He's got his hands on my tits and his entire dick in my pussy. Oh, yes, yes yes. He's going faster now. Fast and hard."

Fiona pulled herself forward, and started kissing Frank on the neck. He moaned when he felt her lips on his skin. She slid her hands along the straps on his chest. Her fingers ran through his chest hair and she squeezed his nipples between her fingertips. The tip of Frank's cock was just out of her reach.

Frank strained against the silk straps on his wrist. Hearing Fiona having sex with Evan was driving him crazy with lust. Her fingers were so close to the tip of his penis, but because of the way they were tied up, he could not get any closer to her.

She gripped Frank's shoulders for support as Evan thrust into her over and over. Evan pulled her back, away from Frank. He put his hands on her tits, squeezing them has he pressed his cock deep inside her. Each time Evan slid his dick into her, she pushed toward Frank forward a little. Evan pressed his hips firmly against her ass. He tugged on her nipples at the same time.

"I'm going to make him come Frank," she whispered," He's going to come inside me." Evan had started thrusting back and forth again; he still had her nipples between his fingers. He was starting to go faster now. He was deep inside her, and each time he pressed forward she felt him against her clit. Fiona slid her hands across Frank's chest, pinching his nipples, just like Evan was doing to her. She started to talk dirty to Frank again, but all that came out of her mouth was a moan. She tried to tell Frank how Evan was fucking her harder and faster, but the words just were not there. Frank had to know, the way she was shaking him back and forth and Evan's hips slammed into her over an over. Fiona looked over Frank's shoulder, his penis was fully erect. She did not know how much this turned him on, but it certainly did not turn him off. She pushed back against Evan, and squeezed his cock. She wanted him to finish, she wanted to ride Frank's cock while she was still wet from Evan fucking her. She heard Evan cry out, and he slowed down and finally stopped.

"Untie me", she commanded. Evan wasted no time in releasing her. As soon as she was untied she spun around the chair and climbed into Frank's lap. He was on the edge of the chair, and she was facing him. Fiona took Frank's cock in her hand and guided into her pussy.

"Is this what you have been thinking about," she asked Frank as she took him in.

"More than you can possibly imagine," he replied.

Evan was behind her again, and once again she felt his hands on her tits. As Evan pressed his hands against her breasts, Frank leaned forward and ran his tongue over her nipple. Fiona let out gasp of pleasure. Evan started to kiss Fiona on the neck, still caressing her breasts. His chest pressed against her back, driving her tits into Franks face. And Frank seemed to enjoy it. He continued to lick and suck on her as she moved up and down on him. She closed her eyes, focusing on the feeling of being between two naked men, feeling them; their hands and mouths all over her, and Frank's penis deep inside her. All three of them were soaked with sweat from the encounter. She felt Frank's orgasm when he was all the way inside her. He continued to take her breasts in his mouth, swirling his tongue around her nipples. Fiona put one of her hands between her legs and began to play with herself, trying for one more orgasm. She could feel Frank's erection starting to fade, but kept squeezing him inside her. She ran her fingers over her clit. As soon as Frank realized what she was doing he doubled his efforts. Evan must have sensed something too, because his kissing became more urgent, more frantic. All the sensations combined to give Fiona her last orgasm of the night. She thought she must be setting some kind of personal record and the feeling of euphoria swirled in her head. When it had passed she slumped forward on Frank, resting her head on his shoulder.

Evan released Frank from the chair, and the all stumbled back to the bedroom, collapsing together on the bed.

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