tagAnalThe Silver Seas Ch. 02

The Silver Seas Ch. 02


After spending an entire day sailing on the open sea, we were all tired, sudoric, and euphoric. George (my owner / father) and Jessica (My sister /lover) and Doug, George's friend had been nude since the night before, though that involved lots and lots of rubbing sunscreen onto each other, and lots of deviations from original tasks as a result. We had no tasty sun-block, so some activities were more fun than others.

At about an hour before sundown, we anchored and dropped the ladder over the side. George promised there were no sharks, so we dove in. The ocean in the Gulf is so warm! We don't have any coral reefs off Alabama, just dark water that gets colder and darker as you dive down. I can hold my breath long enough to swim way down where it's too cold to stay, but I can prove I went there because my nipples record the temperature.

We all goofed around, bobbing in the gentle swell. Doug came up behind me and ducked me, but I turned and grabbed his dick, so he let go -- but I didn't. I can hold my breath a long time. Even with my mouth open, or filled with an object. Not THAT long, though. Eventually, he caught me at the ladder, which is the only place I could hold on. And good that I could, because he drove his erection into me so deeply I would have drowned. I almost did anyway.

We lay out on the deck, watching the setting sun, cooling in the breeze. The big tough men had bottles of Dos Equis beer; we weren't allowed to drink alcohol. As we lay and talked, the world was a peaceful place. I had my head on Jess's butt, but she was a poor pillow, she wouldn't hold still. And remember, she's vegan.

Eventually I began to kiss her pussy. George started kissing mine, and Jess, I think, got her mouth on Doug's cock. George is not bi, so the circle wasn't completed then. When we changed around to a double 69, or a 007 or whatever in Hell you call it when the guys each fuck a girl and lick the other one then we had a complete circle.

After a time of excitement, and a time of recovery all around, George told me to get out the lube. I couldn't object, I really couldn't. I like anal when I'm relaxed, and after fucking in the foc's'l, frigging in the rigging, screwing in the stern (but not anal) blowing in the bilge, cock sucking in the cockpit, masturbating on the grating, and coming on the coaming, I was relaxed. Since I had tasted Jess on Doug the first time I took him in my mouth, I knew where he had been. I remember at least him and me, George and me, and Jess and me as duos; the ejaculations and orgasms due to fingers and tongues I cannot now recount. I was fully relaxed.

Jessica and I expertly greased each other's asses, a move we knew from long practice. I was surprised, however, when George lay out on the bunk and pulled her over him. She settled down onto his mast and when she was fully shipped she canted forward and began to kiss him. She reached back and eased her cheeks apart, and Doug stepped into the breach.

I was dumbfounded! We never had two penises to play with before. Jess apparently planned to take them both at once, a feat I stared at bug-eyed (which is what I would be if I tried that move).

Not wanting to be left out, I offered my unnecessary assistance, and guided Doug's firm cock to her waiting rosebud. He had a kinda conical glans, which was valuable in such circumstances. So I helped him slowly ease into her backside. Amazingly, she kept dilating and stretching; I felt so full with either of them in either orifice I can't imagine both! Finally Doug sheeted home and began to slide in and out. Jess was whimpering, but I was pretty sure it was in ecstasy, as neither George nor I would ever let her be hurt.

After a few minutes, the trio had established a steady tempo, with Doug leading and Jess matching their demands. Their rate increased, and the slapping of scrotums and labia was as loud as cannon in the small space below deck. I leaned over and began to suck Jessie's available right nipple that has the silver ring, as she loves it, and so do I.

My beloved sister is apostolic in orgasm, while I cum in a more secular manner. I am not agnostic, just different. That night she reached satori in her ecumenical journeys, as her blasphemies covered the Earth in their origins, and she was both elevated and enlightened. George gritted his teeth and closed his eyes in the old familiar way, and then Doug started a series of short thrusts while he made grunting noises.

"A good time was had by all," I think they say; except for yours truly, squatting there with an ass-load of jelly and no cum.

"George," I asked, "why is my ass lubed?"

"Because we're not thru yet," he smiled.

"I can't take both dicks at the same time! I don't have a big old loose butt hole."

Jess hit me on the arm.

"Ow, that hurt."

"My rectum is not loose; I just don't have midget parts."

"What --ever. I can't do both guys. It scares me to try."

"We're going to work that out, Silky; I promise, you can take both of us."

I felt panicked. George was saying they were going to hold me down and shove both of those big cocks in me, and I'm only 95 pounds. (OK, OK, 98). They would hurt me!

"Please don't make me do that! Please!"

"Silky, have I ever hurt you?"

"Yeah, with that damned paddle! And the whip. And even the time you butt fucked me with WD40 as lube. And like when you made me let Jess whip me when I lost at poker, and..."

"Silky, have I ever made you do something you didn't want to do?"

"Duh, zucchini!"


"No, sir. You have never MADE me do anything; but sometimes you can be bossy."

"Do you want to waste the opportunity to have Doug sodomize you?"

"Well, when you put it like that..."

So that's why I was hanging from the rigging as Doug pumped his amaranthine bulb into my diminutive asshole. Not as tiny as it was before he pushed into me, but certainly annealed around his thrusting steel. I was swinging freely, upside down in a latticework of ropes hung from the boom. I'm not sure whose idea this was, but the nitid orb of the night spread below me from my perspective.

Doug aroused me and built up my needs, then mitigated my ache with a very nice job of anal fucking, and I had a peachy ride. He finally struck all the right places, and I cried out my jubilation and lost the Moon, the Earth, and the Sea.

As he wilted away, dripping his streams along my crack, I expected immediate freedom; but no, George stepped up to the plate, and slid his erection into my perforated spaces. Whereas Doug was bituminous, George was anthracite. I swung like a horse's testicles, jiggling back and forth as he speared me. This time I felt him spurt within my hidden spaces, so meretricious in his movements and so organic in his emotions that I once again entered the 'O' zone, and all my words were rigmarole. But true to his word, I had been shared by both guys, just not simultaneously.

When I came to I lay on the deck, held close by all my lovers. As Shakespeare said "This is the monstrosity in love, lady, that the will is infinite and the execution confined; that the desire is boundless, and the act a slave to limit."

We had reached our limits, and all we could do now was sleep, babes in the rocking cradle that was our world. The lullabies of the slapping lines and the wind curling around the mast kept us safe in the arms of Morpheus, and our lovemaking became gossamer dreams. For then, at least.

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