tagBDSMThe Skiing Accident

The Skiing Accident


Edward (Eddie only to those who really wanted to annoy him) was frustrated. Frustrated that he couldn't move out of the hospital bed, frustrated that on a sunny day like this he was stuck inside with no hope of reprieve. But most of all he was being driven slowly mad by the itch on his ankle, unreachable under the cast. He thought of the run of bad luck that had ended with an itch about as far down a plaster cast as it was possible to be.

A skiing accident, that old chestnut. At least he'd had his first helicopter ride afterwards, even if it was only to the hospital. But to be stuck in a foreign country, no way of getting in touch with home, not that he had any family to get in touch with anyway. He'd managed to work out that the phone lines were out of action, but that was as far as his correspondence with the staff had gone. Not one of them spoke English, getting information about how long he'd be there for was practically impossible.

So he sat in bed, waiting for 5 o'clock to come around. Five was his favourite time of day. It was when the brown haired nurse visited. She was his favourite, the prettiest of them all by a long shot. Long hair cascading down her back. He was fairly certain if it had been a hospital at home, she'd have had to have it tied up or in a hairnet or some godawful hat but here she looked like a supermodel. Her face was so appealing, she was the only one that smiled at him, even though when she opened her mouth he never understood a word she was saying. She had a petite body, shapely hips, impressive chest and nicely curved bottom, something he never failed to sneak a peek at when she bent over the meds table.

Her skirt was knee length, her legs never hidden by tights. They were amazing legs, even for someone who was more interested in boobs like Edward, they were damn impressive.

Over the weeks he'd been there he'd almost begun to feel like he was falling in love with her. At times he'd woken up with a huge erection, wishing he could do something about it. But both his arms were out of action for the foreseeable future. Who'd have thought the worst thing about this amount of injury was the fact that he couldn't masturbate. He could feel his penis growing now, thinking about her body. He hoped it would go down again, it was aching more and more each time it happened, his body crying out for the chance to come, just once.

On the dot of five, she walked in. "Tanya" said her name badge. That was as much as he knew about her. But still, given the chance he'd probably have married her nonetheless. Hoping she wouldn't notice the large bulge in his pyjama trousers, he smiled at her. She smiled back, turning to fill up the vase of flowers on the windowsill.

Next she came over to plump up his pillows, reaching over him, her chest almost touching his face as it did every time. This wasn't helping his penis go back down, being almost close enough to kiss her breasts, bury his face in them. He could see down her top a little today, the first two buttons were undone. She didn't seem to be wearing a bra and he could see the delicious curve of her breasts pressed together as she stretched past him.

He could smell her perfume too, as always it intoxicated him. He wished he knew what it was called, he'd have a gallon bottle by his bedside, a permanent reminder of her.

She filled a plastic bowl with warm water. She placed it on the shelf at the bottom of the bed then fetched a bottle. He wished this didn't arouse him, she was only going to help him wee, but how could he not feel excited at her touch, this angel who would soon grip his penis with her perfect slender fingers.

Tanya gently tugged down the top of his pyjama trousers, slipping them under the base of his penis. She raised her eyebrows when she saw his erection. But there was nothing he could do about it. She looked at him blankly, shrugging.

"I can still go," he said, wondering if she understood anything he was saying. "Just ignore it, it's just been a long time since..."

She smiled and pointed at his penis. Edward nodded, gesturing with his eyebrows. Tanya reached out and took hold of his penis, bending it down slightly, pushing it into the end of the bottle. He sighed as he always did, wishing this part would never end. They both waited, until at last he was able to go, pissing into the bottle despite his rock hard erection. When he'd finished she slipped him back out and put the bottle on the table in the corner of the room.

Edward frowned, she'd left him exposed today. Normally she put his penis away first, then carried out the sponge bath after taking the bottle away, either to empty down the drains or to carry out all manner of pointless tests on his urine.

His cock stuck pointlessly out from his hips, daring but embarrassing him nonetheless. Tanya turned back, carrying the sponge and the bottle of lotion. She tugged his trousers down as far as she could and began sponging his legs, dampening him down, pointedly ignoring his penis. She soaped up his thighs, his hard abs, his chest muscles still noticeable despite the enforced bed rest.

Edward couldn't take this much longer. He knew she would walk away in a moment, dry him down and leave, nothing to do but count down until 5pm tomorrow. It was the point of no return, his mind was flooded with lust, his cock desperate for the chance to come, just once. As she leant over him to wipe down his stomach he pushed his hips up, ignoring the pain in his injured limbs. She noticed, pushing him back into position, shaking her head, trying to explain something. He presumed she meant 'keep still'. He moved his eyes to his penis and back to her face, then nodded his head again.

In her mind Tanya was trying to decide what to do. She had been ignoring his erection for as long as she could, but here he was pointing at it. What was he trying to say? Was he telling her to go away, that he was ashamed of it? She could leave, but she'd fancied this muscular foreign gentleman since he'd first appeared, nursing him day after day had only made her feelings stronger. And today, she'd deliberately not worn a bra or knickers, hoping for a chance to finally decide how he felt about her, show off her body to him. She'd seen him looking down her top, her nipples stiffening at the thought of his staring eyes. When she'd seen his erection in the flesh it had taken all of her self-discipline to not just sink her mouth over it and pull him into her throat immediately. She was desperate to taste him, to use him, to please him.

But that wasn't what nurses did. So she tried to remain professional, despite her very underhand technique for making him urinate, merely using it as an excuse to hold his cock, even if only for a moment. She stood up, letting her hand brush against the tip of his bulging member. He gasped and she realised that perhaps he didn't want her to leave. But could she risk it? She thought about just pulling her skirt up there and then, that gaping emptiness inside her being filled by his huge cock, sitting down on top of it, kissing him as deeply as she could, entwining their tongues, ripping her blouse open, buttons flying across the room, pushing her breasts into his mouth.

The thought was making her throb with excitement. As she began wiping him down with the cloth, helping the soap bubbles disappear, she found her hand moving closer and closer to the base of his shaft. She wrapped the flannel around his penis and slid it up and down him a single time. As she pulled down, she pulled back the skin, exposing his the head of his cock completely. She ran her wet fingers round the base of his head, cleaning and wiping, trying to ignore the twitches it was making. She couldn't stop staring at it though, and found herself cleaning for longer than perhaps she was supposed to.

She pictured herself walking into the room, stripping before him, watching his excitement mount despite his immobility. She thought of striding over wearing nothing but high heeled boots, clambering onto the bed and kissing him passionately. Next she would masturbate above his face, making him watch her fingers slide in and out of her pussy, drawing wetness from her. She'd lower herself to just above his face, low enough for him to smell her but just too far away to reach out and see just how she tasted. She'd turn round above him, bottom now by his eyes, cheeks spread, letting him see her tight pink anus, too far away to do anything but stare at. Then she'd draw his cock into her mouth, suck him deep into her, until the base of his penis rested on her lips. She'd suck, lick, bite, tease.

When he'd grow close to coming she'd stop. She'd turn again, this time lowering her hips down onto his cock, guiding him up inside her. She'd play with her breasts as she'd ride him up and down, all the time staring at him while he wished he could touch her. She'd tug her nipples, draw them up and into her mouth, suck them for him, all the time moving faster and faster. She'd slide a hand down to her clit, wanting to feel it between her fingers. She'd frantically rub it while feeling him inside her. She'd know when he was close, hear him moan, feel him try and move despite the pain. She'd ram her hips down onto him one last time, let her orgasm take control of her, let him feel her pussy contract round him, hold him, pull him in. That would send him over the edge and he'd scream out loud, spurts of hot cum shooting up her, she'd feel it inside her, filling her as his cock would spasm uncontrollably. It would be so perfect.

She was brought out of her daydream by a moan from her patient. She realised she was still holding his penis, gripping it tightly. Blinking she looked down to see his penis was beginning to twitch and convulse uncontrollably. Suddenly an arc of cum shot from it, flying through the air and landing obscenely on her face. He started apologising, face blushing bright red. Tanya ignored him, wiping her cheek, licking it from her lips secretly behind her hand so he couldn't see. She looked down, his cock was still spurting hot jets of cum up onto itself, before trickling down the shaft to his pelvis below. She took the clean water and began wiping the cum from him silently, moving her hand up and down, ostensibly to clean him but enjoying the gasps she drew from him. As she squeezed the head between her fingers a few final drops were wrung out. She wiped them away and pulled up his pyjama trousers.

Tanya left the room and Edward sighed. He found his eyes drawn back to the clock, trying to work out how many hours before she would return to continue to tend to him once more. Outside the window the sun began to slowly set.

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