The Slave Boy 02


"No!" I whimpered frantically. "Not... Not without..."

He growled and bit the back of my neck gently. "Don't worry." He panted. His fingers teased my hole, slick with oil from the little leather flask. He was able to shove two fingers in right away, with only a little pain. I had loosened up for him in the last two days.

"So ready." Haagan snarled. "I'm going to fuck you good and hard Aro."

I moaned and thrust my hips back, wanting to be penetrated deeply by his thick hot fingers. I wanted him inside me. The three fingers stretching me wasn't enough. It needed to be him. I was sore as hell, but I wanted him, I NEEDED him inside me.

He grasped my hips hard and suddenly his fat slick cock was splitting me in two. I muffled my shocked scream of pain by biting down hard on the sheets. I let out a loud "MMHMMHHM" into the bedding and tears streamed down my cheeks, but at the same time the intense pain created the most intense kind of pleasure, it felt like fire was going through me, licking my insides and creating burning coals around my cock and asshole.

He grabbed my shoulders and swore and fucked me in long slow strokes, withdrawing so that the tip of his cock rested on the spasming ring of my anus, and then plunging in slowly while I let out an agonized whine of pleasure, my eyes rolling back into my head from the ecstasy and pain.

The best thing? It didn't stop.

As we went on, I didn't get numb, the pain never outweighed the pleasure. He flipped me over onto my back at one point and then I yelped in pleasure as his cock ground against my sweet spot in a new and pleasurable way. It was amazing to feel his rough hot chest against mine, and to feel his rough mouth on my mouth, and to have his hand flogging my throbbing member.

Then he moved me on my side and lifted up one of my legs over his elbow and fucked me from the side, slathering a quick palmful of oil on his cock. The lubricant was well-appreciated, and I found myself whimpering with need whenever he drew his cock out of me to plunge it back in all of the way.

"Squeal for me Kitten." He gasped, moving his hips in several quick deep strokes that made me writhe with pleasure. "Let me know how you feel!"

His body was slick with sweat, and so was mine. We were soaking the sheets, moving together in a slippery way. His body was so hot, so rough.

For the final round, he got up and I moved back on my hands and knees, panting and whimpering. He was moving slower, his cock jutting out in front of him like the prow of a ship. He moved behind me, stroking my sides and back with his hot calloused hands. He rubbed his oily cock up and down my crack, tormenting me. I tried to move my hips back when the tip of his member brushed my hole, but his cock just slipped away.

"Do you want this?" Haagan whispered, slapping the tip against my buttock. "Do you want this inside of you Aro?" His breathing was ragged, his voice slurred with need.

"Please! I begged. "Please, fuck me Haagan! Please! I need it! Please fuck me with your big cock!" I didn't care how I sounded, I was delirious with need.

And he gave me what I wanted. I screamed into the bedding as he thrust in all the way to the root. He crushed me down to the bed, roughly biting my shoulder and pounding his hips into me. My cock ground against the bedding and I wailed with pleasure. I was on the edge, the razors edge of absolute pleasure and pain.

Then he grabbed my shoulders and sunk three deep hard strokes into my ass, gasping and growling under his breath. I could feel his hot creamy release coating the inside of my ass, soothing the pain and making his entry slicker and smoother. His cock was still hard, and he kept fucking my ass, but more gently, grinding against my sweet spot.

I was moaning feebly with need, trying to grind my hips against the bedding. Come was leaking out of my asshole each time he plunged inside. He twirled me around without ever removing his hard slick cock.

He kissed me hard and stroked my cock with his free hand, making me moan and squirm with need. He withdrew slowly, rubbing me deftly, squeezing my red throbbing member that I was whimpering and writhing with the effort of not screaming with pleasure.

Then, he moved his hand in a quick twisting motion up and down my slick cock at the same time as plunging his thick cock deep into my ass with a loud grunt.

My back arched into a perfect semicircle, my arms looped around the back of his neck. I screamed shockingly loud as my entire body convulsed with the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced. I could feel hot droplets of come landing on my stomach, and chest. My eyes were shut tight, and for a sheer moment, the world went out of focus, I nearly passed out with the strength of it. It went beyond pleasure, beyond experience.

When I opened my eyes, Haagan was resting against me, on top of me. His body was heavy, ropy, lean, slick with sweat and come. He was so warm, heat radiated from his slick hairy chest to me. I could see jewels of sweat glittering in his shaven scalp, between short bristly strands of dark reddish hair. My cheek was against his hair, I could feel the rough and the damp of it. His breath was hot and heavy in my ear. His cock was softening in my ass.

My legs had relaxed, but I moved them again, clenched them in a knot around his thighs, holding his hips closer to me, deeper inside me. I closed my eyes, feeling his heavy strong body resting on top of me. I felt strangely peaceful, and possessive. The possessive feeling was new. I had always been sharply aware of my status. I belonged to other people, they didn't belong to me. But now I felt as if he were mine. I cradled him to me, and he was mine. The only thing that was truly mine.

Then the door opened, the innkeeper poking his round face inside. "Heard some screaming, is anything--Ah..."

I was too tired to yelp with surprise or try to hide. I just turned my face away, feeling like the heat from my cheeks would set fire to the bedsheets.

Haagan lifted his upper body, and I shivered as a draft cooled my wet smooth chest. He grinned at the innkeeper. "No problem here... sorry if we disturbed anyone."

The innkeeper bobbed his head, his eyebrows so high that they nearly disappeared into his receding hairline. He left and shut the door.

Haagan got up and I let out a little mew of loss when his cock slid out of my ass. I could feel come and oil leaking from me onto the sheets. He grabbed a cloth and wiped his sweaty body down in the middle of the room, swabbing his groin for semen and oil.

Then it was my turn. His hands were brisk and thorough down my body. I didn't know what to say, so I just let him rub me down like an exhausted horse. I groaned when he pulled me up. I swayed slightly, weakened by our rough sex. He chuckled, and then bathed me with water from the basin, gently scrubbing my chest and back and buttocks and legs. After wetting all of my skin, he paid careful attention to my groin and crack. He wiped the areas clean with warm water and soap.

He cleaned himself in a similar way, and then we got on the bed, pulling the cover over the both of us. His hands were gentle, and he chuckled softly when I leaned into his arm.

I just didn't know my place. I felt very vulnerable. Was I his lover? His slave? Was I allowed to gesture how I felt? To make a move? To say how I felt?

"Maste--I mean, Haagan?"

He rubbed my sweaty hair roughly, making my hair an unruly nest. "What is it Kitten?"

I flushed and looked down. I couldn't look him in the eye. It was too alien. "I... I... Thank you Haagan, that felt very... I loved it."

Suddenly I was scooped into his arms. My face against his chest, inhaling the thick masculine scent of him, the clean sweat of hard work and sex, mixed with soap. I went limp, loving it, loving him.

"It just gets better and better Aro... Doesn't it? When you shot off between us, that was one of the sexiest things I've ever seen, and that yelp! They could probably hear it in Whitthorne..."

His jovial tone faded, and he embraced me tighter to him. "Thank you Aro. You are a beautiful sexy boy..., and I wouldn't give you up for anything."

That last thing brought sudden surprised tears to my eyes. I buried my face in his chest, hoping he wouldn't feel or see them.

"Alright Aro, lets get to sleep, we have another hard day of riding tomorrow."

I groaned theatrically, my heart still swollen and throbbing with hopeful love. I fell asleep spooned in his warm arms.


I woke up alone in bed. Haagan was fully dressed, and gently shaking my shoulder.

I stirred and started to push back the covers, but he rested his hand on my chest. "Nah... you can rest for a while... There are some things I need to go and get rid of. Before I came to Strong-Hammer's keep I was out on a raid. I need to see if any of the shopkeepers or richer folk want some of my treasure. While I'm out, I might get you something.

He was smiling. His pale eyes were still like ice, but softened, loving. "Just woke you up to say that I'll be gone for an hour or two. When I get back, we'll be on our way."

He kissed me on the forehead and left the room. I was so sleepy still. I rolled into the spot on the bed that was still warm from his body. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

This was so strange. Years of huddling in piles of old rotten straw, under lice-ridden blankets, and now I was resting on a heightened bed-frame on sheepskin and fresh hay. I had a pillow stuffed with feathers under my cheek. I was covered with heavy wool blankets. I felt like I was resting on a cloud.

However, it was impossible to sleep. He was gone. I felt so directionless, so lost without him. I was so uneasy. I tossed and turned on the luxurious bed, before finally deciding to get dressed after all. I didn't want to leave the room, but I was too antsy to sleep.

I had just gotten my loincloth on when the door creaked open. I turned around hopefully, surprised that he was back already, but it was the innkeeper in the door. I felt my cheeks turn a flaming red and I snatched at one of the wool covers, holding it around my body. He had seen me underneath Haagan, heard me screaming with pleasure.

"Um... I'm s-sorry, Haagan j-just left, I think he's at the m-market..."

I was looking down at my feet, so when he lunged forward and backhanded me roughly across the face I wasn't expecting it. I landed on the floor with a painful thud, a confused bawl of pain and surprise hiccuping from my bleeding lips. I looked up at him, startled and confused and sick to my stomach.

He had a bored hungry expression on his face. "You are a lazy insolent little bastard aren't you? You are to refer to your Owner as 'Sir' or 'Master' at all times, as well as any of your betters. Get up here."

He bent down and dragged me up by my upper arm. I could see the door, the key was in the keyhole, he had locked it from the inside. I was just so dazed from the rough blow that I didn't struggle at all.

"If you bite me, I'll whip your scrawny back till I see bone."

He yanked down his pants and his thick cock was in my face, rubbing against my cheek. I whimpered and tried to pull away, but he tangled his hand in my hair and yanked me back. I yelped piteously, and tried to push him away with my hands. I never would have fought before Haagan, but I didn't want to do it. I didn't want to submit to him, not when Haagan was my Master.

He stopped trying to shove his cock in my mouth. He knelt and yanked my hair so I was crying out with pain, cowering on my side on the floor. He twisted me around and he started hitting me with short precise blows. He targeted my kidneys, and then my stomach, and then he hit me twice in the crotch with his hard powerful fist.

When he yanked me back up onto my knees I was a limp rag. Tears streamed from my eyes and my mouth was open in a silent sob of agony. My body was ringing with sudden and horrendous pain. My stomach felt like liquid lead, and my balls felt swollen and bruised and white-hot with pain. The pain sunk tentacles into my thighs and belly. My scalp was on fire, he was still holding me up by my hair.

His cock was in my face, short and thick and red. He shoved it in my open mouth. I did my best not to scrape him with my teeth. His cock was hot and dirty, the head was crusted with sour dirty come. I gagged from how disgusting his cock was, and then I gagged as he lunged, trying to bury his cock in my throat.

I cried brokenly as he shoved his cock in and out of my mouth. I was betraying Haagan. I felt so filthy. I tried to turn away.

"St-Stop!" I moaned. Feebly turning my head away from him, struggling weakly. He bent down again, and I shrank away, sobbing with fear and pain. His fist crashed into my vulnerable stomach so hard that stars danced in front of my eyes. I vomited on the floor. I had never been beaten like this. Punished, whipped, carelessly kicked aside, but never this vicious kind of assault.

He dragged me up by my hair and jammed his cock back into my mouth, grunting low in his throat as he impaled my mouth on his member. Spit and bile dribbled down my chin. Tears and snot ran down my face. I couldn't breathe, my nose was clogged from crying and his cock never gave me a break.

My vision was going wobbly by the time he finally shot his seed.

"Fuck." He sighed, dropping me to the floor, where I curled up, naked but for my loincloth. I retched, and vomited bile. The smell made me feel even sicker, and I tried to crawl away from the small pool of it.

The innkeeper stood over me. "Idiot." He growled. "This is our little secret, whoreson. You can tell your master, but he wont believe you. No one will believe you."

He left and closed the door behind him.

I moaned weakly in the back of my throat. I curled up tight, cradling my throbbing groin in my hands and sobbing. I felt so violated, so hurt.

Haagan... Haagan would be back soon. Raw panic pushed aside the feelings of fear and pain and bewilderment. He couldn't know... If he knew... I cringed and moaned deep in my throat.

I ran to the basin and cleaned up my face and cleaned the vomit from the floor, scooping it into the basin and scrubbing the floor. I sobbed while I cleaned, unable to stop the weak crying.

I dumped the bucket of dirty water into the gutter outside the shuttered window. The frosty air stung my chest and face. I put down the basin, and the door opened behind me.

I jumped with a little shriek, and I turned around. Haagan was in the doorway, beaming. I felt something inside me break, and I ran into his arms, clinging to him as tight as I could.

I could feel his body change, become tense with worry and anger. "Aro... Kitten, what happened to you..."

He was touching my back, touching the swollen bruised patches where the innkeeper had brutally beaten me. I sobbed into his chest, into the softness of his red and black cloak. I managed to choke out three words.

"The... I-Innkeeper...h-h-he..." His arms tightened on me, to the point of pain, but I relished the pain. Punishment for not fighting harder.

"I'm sorry!" I whimpered. "I d-d-didn't want to, I s-swear!" I choked on my words and clung to him, shivering and crying. His arms loosened from the painful grip on my back. I slid to my knees, clinging to him still, pressing my cheek into his cloak.

"Let go of me and put your clothes on."

I flinched away from him, tears dripping down my cheeks, stinging my cut lip. I didn't dare look at his face.

"Yes Haa-- Yes Master." I whispered.

I stared at his boots, the worn creased cowhide crusted with snow, the top lined with sheepskin. He dropped a heavy leather bag and a bundle of cloth. He left the inn room in a swirl of cloth and a dusting of snow. I flinched as the door slammed shut.

I wobbled to my feet. My mouth tasted sour and dry and rough, but I didn't have any water. I packed our few belongings into the leather bag and pulled on my clothes as fast as I could, longing to cover up my shameful violated skin.

I sat in the chair, the bag on my lap, looking down at my callused hands and trying not to cry. He had been mine. I had held Haagan, and he had belonged to me, but now everything was wrong. I was so dirty.

I started to feel numb. It was as if over the last two days, Haagan had woken me from a stupor, made me feel alive, but now I was numb.

I flinched when the door opened. I stood with the heavy leather bag hugged to my chest and tears in my eyes.

"We have to leave now." Haagan choked. He sounded so angry. I flinched and looked up, and I was so shocked that the bag fell from my benumbed hands.

He was out of breath, leaning on the edge of the door. His hands were streaked with blood. He had a streak of it on his forehead where he had scrubbed the sweat from his forehead. His eyes were like disks of raw ice, but his fury abated when he saw me.

"Aro, Kitten... We have to leave now. Come with me, I'll carry that."

He snatched the leather bag from the floor and hooked his blood-smeared hand around the crook of my elbow. I felt so numb, but my insides had melted the moment he called me 'Kitten' again. I followed him as fast as I could, even though my legs felt like jelly.

I nearly fell down the stairs. When we got to the main room I could see the serving girls crowded in the corner around the innkeeper, fussing over him. His face was patched and swollen and blood was sheeting down his face from a split in one eyebrow. My stomach felt wobbly and twisted up. I looked away, flushed and confused as Haagan led me through the tavern. Savage pleasure at his pain mixed uncomfortably with the terror that we were in trouble. Haagan certainly wasn't taking his time getting out of here.

Which was why I was struck dumb with fear when Haagan halted, and walked right up to the innkeeper, dragging me with him.

"M-Master!" I whimpered, trying to drag my heels. The serving girls sprang away from their master, their faces twisted with the familiar expression of fear that I knew so well. The fear that your master would take out his personal pain on his slaves.

Haagan stood over the innkeeper. I could see his swollen welted face, he had lost a tooth and blood was leaking from his mouth. The innkeeper tensed in his chair, his hand dropping to his belt, his eyes shifting like a cornered animal.

"You're lucky I didn't kill you, you fat bastard. Here's the room fare." He spat at the innkeeper's face, and Haagan had this grim expression of satisfaction when the innkeeper flinched away.

Haagan was furious. He was acting cool and collected, but I could feel his muscles tense and tremble, I could see the murderous fury behind his cool eyes. He turned on his heel, and I yelped as I nearly fell on my face, dragged behind him.

I jogged to keep up with his angry lope. My body ached with every step. My bruised well-fucked ass was jolted with every step, and my new bruises stung freshly. Tears swam in my eyes by the time we got to the stable where Haagan's ponies were boarded.

The horses were skittish around Haagan, he was still so angry. He was unstable. He had finally let go of me, and I was hugging the supplies to my chest, shrinking into a corner while tried to saddle the fidgety roan, swearing under his breath. I didn't dare cry. I didn't want to push him over the edge. I knew what he was capable of.

I flinched and let out a frightened bleat as he snarled something under his breath and started punching one of the thick wooden support posts. He was wearing his padded armored gloves. The ones with metal plates over the padded knuckles. I watched in stupid petrified awe as he whaled on the post, the wood splintering and cracking under his blows.

The horses seemed just as awed by the display, and they quieted, stock-still with their ears flat against their shaggy heads.

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