The Slave Girl


"Does that feel good? It looks like it hurts."

I kissed her neck. "It feels incredible. If you do it again I may lose control. I am trying to show you how good it can feel."

Her face was flushed, and her lips were slightly parted and gasping. She didn't speak, but she took my hand, and pushed it further up her silky thigh. She whimpered with need and surprise at her own boldness.

I cupped my hand around her naked pussy. It was soft and hot and satiny smooth, Aziza at the bathhouse had doused her crotch and legs and buttocks and underarms with a thin acidic liquid brewed from wood-ash. It had removed every unsightly hair. I could feel the moist slit, and I carefully nudged one finger between the dry outer lips and onto the moist pulsing of the little bud that was the center of all female pleasure.

She let out a sharp needful little cry as I touched that hot little bud and began to rub it in slow teasing circular motions. She held perfectly still except for her trembling and the slight squeezing motions of her thighs as I caressed her clit. I moved up my other hand and couldn't help letting out an eager groan as I cupped her young firm tit in my hand.

"Let me take this thing off of you." I whispered hoarsely. I slid my hands across the smoothness of her hips under the shift. She whimpered, but didn't stop me. I slid my hands up the smooth feminine shape of her body, a shape like an hourglass, feeling her shift crumple in my hands. I peeled the thin garment off of her, and she lifted her arms to allow me to take it off completely. I threw it to the floor, and waited for one long, tormenting moment before reaching down to touch her smooth naked body.

My right hand tangled in her thick jasmine scented hair, and I buried my face in it to inhale that sweet smell. My other hand caressed her light sculpted throat. My cock was touching her bare ass, and I could feel how warm and firm it was, could feel her trembling with excitement and fear. I put my lips against the side of her neck and moistened the skin with my tongue. She tasted sweet and young. She moaned softly when I traced patterns on her sweet skin with my tongue, and slowly moved my hips to drive my hard cock against her firm skin.

She was relaxing, I could feel her. She turned her head to the side, and in the dimmest light of the moon coming through the curtain, I could see the curve of her eyelashes against the larger curve of her cheekbone. I could see the faint gleam of her curious and lustful eye. I moved up and pressed my lips firmly on hers, and she kissed back. We pressed our mouths into each other, moaning with lust and growing need. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and she cried out a little, before sucking sweetly at it, and touching it with her own tongue, sweet from the mint we had both chewed.

I moved my hands down her body as we kissed. Her tits were the perfect size, my hand covered them, but they were so full that when I pressed them together they made a deep valley. Her nipples were hard little beads against my palm, hot as stones in the sun. When I squeezed them between my thumbs and forefingers, she let out a sharp little squeal of pleasure and squeezed her thighs together, making me groan harshly at the pressure it put on my drooling cock.

Our breaths mingled, her breath was high and fast, mine was low and frantic. I lowered my head and kissed her perfect jaw, nipping and nibbling to hear her cries.

I kept one hand on her perfect breasts, squeezing and fondling, while my other hand slid down her heaving stomach to the slight rise of her naked pussy. The outer lips were no longer as dry. Her juices had oozed out until the entire slit was moist and pulsing. I rubbed my hand in the slickness of those juices and brought it to my mouth. Sweet and tart, like pomegranates. Two of my fingers were wet, and I had only licked one. I brought the other finger to her mouth, and I moaned with pleasure when she sucked it into her hot mouth without any prompting.

"That is what you taste like Niobe." I whispered into her delicate shell of an ear. "That is how wet you are with me touching you. I want to make you even more eager, until you cry out with joy when my cock is inside of you."

She whimpered softly and squeezed her legs together, and I groaned. She was doing it on purpose, she was trying to make me feel good, though this was the only way she knew how. She was such a sweet lustful girl. She was driving me insane.

I pinched her hard nipples and lowered my other hand down to her pussy again. I spread the outer lips with my fingers and stroked the slick valley with two fingers, feeling how the juices pooled inside. I touched a moist hot slit and ran my fingers in little circles around it, collecting the hot lubricant her body made for me.

She turned her head and I could see all of the lust and fear in her bright blue eye. "Please Master Ashram! Please be gentle!" She was trembling, and so afraid, but so eager as well.

I took my forefinger and pushed it slowly into her vagina. Her cunt was so hot and wet and tight around it, squeezing one finger. I had never been with a woman so tight that one finger could be a squeeze. I groaned harshly into her ear and nibbled her earlobe.

"So tight Niobe... So tight!"

I curled that finger slightly, brushing the tender spot that made women cry out. She squealed slightly and thrust her hips forward, impaling herself on my finger down to the third knuckle, swallowing up my finger to the hand.

I lifted myself up, and moved her so she was flat on her back. I was over her, and my cock was resting on her flat stomach. She looked up at me with bright lustful eyes and down at my cock with fear.

"It wont fit Master Ashram!" She whimpered. I fondled her firm tits and rock-hard nipples and she cried out, her lips full and moist.

"Not yet, my Niobe, not yet."

I lowered myself, feeling my cock brush against her soft pussy, and then down to her legs. I kissed and licked her body, feeling her tremble responsively beneath me. She panted and gasped the whole time, and gave little shrieks when I pinched her sensitive little nipples between my teeth.

When I was trailing kisses down the firm flatness of her belly, she started whimpering my name, low and soft. Her fingers tangled in my hair, cradling my skull in her hands. I looked up into her flushed face as I dipped my tongue into the sweet black cup of her navel. She gave a low desperate cry. My cock was dribbling on her creamy legs as I lowered my head to her purity.

A taste, a tart taste like pomegranates. The muffled sound of her cries. The sight of her flushed slick flesh dancing inches before my eyes. The thick sweet smell of jasmine and her special woman-scent. The feel of her tight little cunt closing on my tongue. Those are things I will always remember about our first night together.

I drank her sweetness like wine, and got drunk off of it. I used my tongue and fingers to stretch her, to ease open that painfully tight opening. I fondled the silky sticky little bud that made her climax once in my mouth, in a shocking cry of lust. She thrust her hips into my willing mouth, crying out as more slippery juices flowed and her pleasure climaxed.

She was still trembling with lust and need, and this time, when I mounted her, she did not beg for me to stop, she begged for me to go on. She begged for more.

I nudged aside the outer lips of her pussy with my fingers, and with a low groan of pleasure, slowly nudged my thick tapered head into that slit that was still so tight. I positioned myself and dribbled saliva on my fingers, to wet the shaft of my cock. I did not want to hurt my precious little virgin, any more then I had to.

She put her hands on my shoulders. Her hair was spread in a golden fan on the silk-covered pillow. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes gleamed with need. I rested my hands on her hips and with a low groan I sank into her.

She cried out fiercely, and I felt her maidenhead break, and the warm brief gush of blood after it did. I lay down on top of her, my cock buried in her hot pulsing cunt. She clung to me, crying out my name. I grasped her hips and she wrapped her legs around my lower back, pulling me in tighter. I thrust faster and faster, moving her back and forth on the bed as she cried out and clung to my shoulders tight enough to scratch me.

I moved in and out, growling in ecstasy. She was hot and she was tight and my cock was stretching her to the limit of pleasure and pain. She was sobbing and thrusting her hips, impaling herself on my shaft.

I turned over and suddenly she was on top of me, looking down at me with startled hurting and lustful eyes.

"Put your hands behind your head Niobe, and kneel on my cock. Move up and down, fuck yourself on me."

My voice was harsh, and she looked shocked by my language, but she put her hands behind her head, making her breasts look fine and high and ripe in the dim light, showcasing them perfectly for my eyes and hands. I reached up and fondled them as she went up and down, gasping with pleasure.

I put one hand on her clit, and I felt it throbbing under my fingertips as she bounced and shrieked on top of me. I rubbed it hard as she moved and I put my other hand on her sleek thigh to help her push down. She screamed and moaned as we writhed together like animals in heat.

Then she came for the second time. I could feel the walls of her cunt contract and bind tight to me. She let out a high whimpering moan. I swore and pulled out of her just as my cock spasmed and sent ropes of white splattering on her taut stomach and thighs.

For a moment she knelt, gasping weakly over me. I could see the muscles of her silky inner thighs trembling, see the way her pussy was wet and trembling with a small tinge of her virginal blood.

Then she collapsed forward on me. I could feel her breath on my chest, the soft press of her breasts against my ribs. Her hair covered my chest in a light silky gold. I put my arms around her slender back, and cradled her head in my hand.

"Niobe... That was beautiful. Was it good for you as well?"

She nodded against my chest, and then she was asleep, exhausted by climaxing twice. I felt the good tiredness of sex filling my body, but I stayed awake. We shifted sleepily until I was behind her again, and her body was fitted into my body's shape. I cradled the warmth of her breast as she slept.

She was a good little slave girl, there was no doubt about that.

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