tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Slave Girl Fantasy Ch. 01

The Slave Girl Fantasy Ch. 01


Chapter 1: The Auction

I think there are few women who have not fantasized at some point in their lives about being a slave girl. Personally, ever since I first studied the ancient world I have found the fantasy of being a slave very erotic. To me it incorporates my two main turn ons: being an exhibitionist & being submissive. As far as I'm concerned the thought of being paraded around nude & having big, muscular Gladiator type men doing as they please with me is, without doubt the sexist thing imaginable!

Therefore I have decided to write this story about my favourite ‘slave girl' fantasy. In it the heroine Taimie (pronounced ‘tame me') is degraded & humiliated when she is displayed naked & sold at auction to a hot, young, stud.

Taimie was led from her slave quarters to the great market place in a column of ripe, young slave girls. She like the others was escorted along by a golden chain around her slender neck which was then attached to both the girl in front and the one behind. Other than this leash the only item she wore was a pair of golden cuffs which held her hands securely behind her back. Thus every other inch of her taut, honey-skinned body was exposed for all to see and the numerous pedestrians she passed all seemed to be enjoying the view. The procession of attractive, nude girls' certainly fascinated a number of the largely male passers by. Some even took advantage of the scene by occasionally brushing past and copping a feel of the girls' supple, young flesh. Some of the slave girls tried to protest at this humiliation but not Taimie, she had been a slave ever since she could remember and she was used to this derogation. To her clothing was a luxury, one which she was rarely afforded. She had grown used to being displayed au natural in front of others. She had in fact come to enjoy her position as a mere object of voyeuristic amusement and sexual gratification.

After half an hour or so of being paraded through the streets, the column of slave girls was brought to a halt next to a white, marble wall in a shaded cloister. Here their ankles were chained to the ground and a whole team of make-up artists, hair stylists and oil boys set about tiding the girls for sale. Taimie had had her hair and make-up done earlier that morning; however she had yet to be lubed up. This did not go unnoticed by one of the oil boys who rapidly descended on the powerless Taimie. As he stood before her a wicked grin appeared on his chiselled figures and Taimie prepared to be fondled by the toned, muscular hunk. Looking her straight in the eye he liberally poured oil onto her pert breasts until it flowed in small rivers down her stomach and between her legs. Then with obvious pleasure he set about caressing it all over her, paying special attention to her firm, apple shaped orbs. The techniques he used, demonstrated his expertise and Taimie's nipples responded by hardening, inviting the hot, stud to tweak and tease them further. He willingly obliged and to Taimie's delight was soon joined by another loin cloth clad Adonis who's well lubricated hands eagerly participated in making her purr. His wandering fingers however sought out her more intimate places and Taimie let out a low moan in response to this intrusion.

Some of the other slave girls were enjoying the display with an amused curiosity however the slave to Taimie's right was not. She was watching Taimie being fingered and fondled with a look of total disgust. Why? Taimie was not sure and in all honesty she did not much care. By this point Taimie was squirming pathetically and despite her attempts to hide her arousal she clearly loved the studs attention. One of the oil boys had slipped around behind her was massaging her swollen peaks and rubbing his solid, abs, amongst other things, against her bare back. The other was still exploring her moistness, with his dextrous fingers, whilst also sandwiching the blushing Taimie. Regardless of her best efforts to contain herself, soon Taimie's sweet, nectar was trickling down her tender thighs and she was close to ejaculating. Unfortunately, when Taimie had all but forgotten herself to the sensations of pleasure, suddenly the two oil boys stopped and hurried to either end of the column. Taimie opened her eyes a little annoyed that the men had not finished what they had started but she swiftly realized why. Just then the auctioneer, who was also the head slave trader, came marching through the colonnade. She knew well that men such as him dislike their produce being tampered with. Not out of some form of respect for the dignity of the slave girls, but because their clients generally preferred to do so themselves.

As he quickly checked up on each slave down the column he stopped at Taimie and eyed her suspiciously. The fact that her cheeks were flush and her thighs were still quivering certainly did not go unnoticed by his shrewd eyes.

"It looks to me," he whispered, leaning closer to her, stroking the sides of her breasts, "like you enjoy all this attention. Which is good, as a slave as beautiful as you could make me very rich this morning. Do you understand me?"

Taimie was quite impressed by the slave master's compliment. In her experience slave dealers rarely spoke to their slaves and never in the first person, as a rule they treated them as mere commodities. So she smiled sweetly and nodded obediently in reply. Then much to Taimie's surprise he suddenly took her erect nipples in his hands and pinched them sharply. She squealed and struggled against her restraints but this only caused him to apply even more pressure.

"Now you will be a good girl on stage today won't you?" He asked casually.

"Yes master," Taimie managed meekly, nodding vigorously in the hope that he would release her sensitive peaks.

"And you will do exactly as you're told?"

"Yes," Taimie moaned out again.

"Yes what?" He said even more viciously.

"Yes master," Taimie begged, perspiration appearing on her brow, "yes master!"

"Good," he replied easing his grip. "Remember you are nothing more than an item to be brought and sold. And believe me I will enjoy selling you later."

He then simply sneered and walked off up a set of steps in the wall behind the line of slaves, which clearly led out onto the market place sales platform. As Taimie regained herself, she looked up to see that the girl next to her had a satisfied smile upon her cold face and Taimie wondered what her problem was. Was she just jealous? Or did she just have an issue with Taimie's willing submission? These thoughts was soon put to the back of her mind when about five minutes later the two oil boys unchained the feet of the girl at the front end of the column and led her up the steps. Taimie stood listening to the jeering of the crowd as the girl was obviously present on stage and prepared herself for her time of the auction platform. She knew how important it was that she presented herself well, as that in turn would hopefully earn her a place as a slave in a better household and would also hopefully limit the auctioneer's cruelty towards her.

One by one the girls in front of Taimie disappeared up the stairs until at last the two oil boys came back over to her. They smiled as they quickly released her ankles and led her to the bottom of the stairs. There they took advantage of one last chance to touch Taimie before leading her up and out into the warm, mid morning sun shine.

A large crowd of both men and women had gathered below the platform and suddenly all eyes were upon Taimie's naked body as she was presented to them. Taimie felt a pang of nervous excitement as the voyeuristic crowd studied her exposed form, whispering and giggling to one another over her degrading and helpless predicament.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" the auctioneer boomed as he took Taimie by the arm, "feast your eyes upon this young beauty!"

The crowd laughed as the auctioneer cupped Taimie's breasts, before running his fingers up roughly between her delicate peals. She yelped at his harsh touch against her most sensitive of places and her obvious discomfort amused the audience further.

"As moist as a spring morning!" He declared showing his soaked fingers to the crowd, before promptly licking them, "and as sweet as mountain dew!"

"Now with a body like this!" He grinned playing to his audience, turning Taimie around so the crowd could get a good look at her rear. "This slave is clearly built for pleasure!"

In order to demonstrate his point to the captivated crowd he pulled down callously on the chain around Taimie's neck forcing her to bend over and present a more explicit view of her private areas. Before Taimie had time to compose herself the auctioneer stood on the chain trapping her at a 90 degree angle.

"She is as ripe as a spring peach!" He continued parting her buttocks with his hands, "and as tight as a sailor's purse!"

The spectators roared with laughter as he release her pert buttocks and landed a sturdy slap upon them. Again Taimie let out a scream of surprise and pain and this enticed him to repeat her spanking to the delight of the jeering crowd. Once he had soundly reddened her cheeks he took his foot off her leash and spun the blushing Taimie around.

"Now for a dish as delicious as this," he continued, "I believe it fair to start the binding at 500 denarii, do I have 500?"

The bidding commenced immediately and Taimie's fate started to unfold. Unsurprisingly the majority of bids came from men who wished to sample Taimie's dew for themselves, and soon she was fetching well over a 1000 denarii. The lustful eyes of the audience betrayed what they desired her for. Whilst some slaves were bought as manual labourers, or guards, or cooks, Taimie knew full well that her duties would be some what more primal. She dared not even consider what perverse fantasies the bidders had in store for her. All she knew was that soon one lucky man or woman would be living out their shameless desires with her whether she liked it or not.

Slowly but surely the number of bidders fell away as the price exceeded their finances and soon Taimie could easily pick out the remaining few, one of which would end up as her new master. This group consisted of two women and three men all of whom were clearly very wealthy and to Taimie's delight all were exceptionally attractive. Despite her total lack of say in who would eventually own her, Taimie started to try and decided which of the remaining bidders she would most like to belong to. The women were definitely out for a start: mistresses were renowned for their cruelly to their female slaves. They generally liked to take out any jealously they had on these slaves and from the cold glint in one of the women's eyes she was sure that this would be the case. Taimie's suspicions were almost immediately confirmed when the women in the audience asked the auctioneer to show them how well disciplined Taimie was. Taimie was unsure what she meant, until the auctioneer revealed a large, marble object, shaped like a male, sex organ and held it in front of Taimie's face. She did not need any further instruction on what they desired her to do and she promptly rapped her lips around the object and started to simulate oral sex. This caused a lot of hoops and whistles from the crowd and the auctioneer played to this. He pulled on her neck chain forcing her to take it deeper into her throat, until she had most of the shaft in her mouth. Taimie was almost gagging when he eventually loosened the chain and allowed her to release it. However she continued to demonstrate her oral skills, licking and teasing the object, in order to show her male viewers that she would certainty be a worthwhile purchase. Her enthusiasm paid off and the bidding continued up over 2000 denarii, with one of the female bidders pulling out. She was swiftly followed by one of the men, who Taimie was not disappointed to see leave as he ranked as the least attractive of the group.

Now that the list of bidders had been whittled down to three the situation started to turn tense. The two remaining men were both total Adonis's with tight, toned muscle and chiselled good looks and the thought of being a slave to either of them made Taimie's heart skip a beat. The woman on the other hand although stunning, looked more interested in tormenting Taimie than bedding her and Taimie dreaded to think what she had in store for her.

There was no doubt about it; Taimie had to make sure that she was brought by one of the men and she tried to work her body as best as she could to entice them. She turned towards them as much as possible and thrust her assets forward, tossing her long silky hair. This had the desired effect and when the bidding hit a remarkable 3000 denarii the woman, pulled out, leaving the two hunks to fight it out amongst themselves. Taimie was so ecstatic by the turn of events that she forgot herself and flashed the women a smug grin. When she had realised what she had done Taimie was both relieved and surprised by the woman's response. Rather than draw attention to Taimie's insolence she instead smiled and flexed a slave whip in her hands. Although this confused Taimie the woman no longer seemed important, so she ignored her and let herself enjoy the thrill of being bid for by two hot guys.

One of men was blonde and the other had dark hair but both were hotter than Taimie had ever laid eyes on. Taimie's heart was pounding with excitement as the men both duelled over her, and her mind raced as she tried to decided which stud she would rather have throbbing inside her. Both were well over six foot, with broad shoulders and in the arms of either she would be completely powerless to resist their carnal desires. With either one of them her slender, nubile body would be tossed around like a feather in whirlwind, a fact that made Taimie wet with anticipation.

By the time the bidding reached an unprecedented 4000 denarii Taimie was becoming frustrated by her inability to touch herself and relieve her throbbing passion. Up and up went the figure and up and up went Taimie's fervour. As the bidding reached 5000 Taimie's supple flesh was dripping in perspiration and she was forced to pull her tanned thighs tight together to hide the glistening juices running down them. It was at this price that Taimie's new master was decided. The blonde had clearly reached his limit at 5000 denarii and now it was up to the brunette to decide whether Taimie was worth even more. By now the jeering of the crowd had stopped and their eyes had all moved onto the brown haired man, instead of the naked Taimie. Would he out do his opposition or would he concede? That was the question on everyone's mind and the nail biting tension of the moment threatened to tip the flush Taimie over the edge. The dark haired hunk seemed to think for a moment and his eyes did not stray from Taimie's quivering body. She smiled back at him, not caring what punishment this might cause her to suffer later. She was so turned on, that at that moment she would have happily endured any torment and begged for more. This did not go unnoticed by the stud and just as he raised his strong muscular arm to put forward a final bid of 5100 denarii, Taimie's whole body tensed and shuddered as she released a loud orgasmic moan. Fortunately for her at that very moment the auctioneer pulled her forward on her chain, making her orgasmic groan look like nothing more than a squeal of surprise. However, Taimie's legs could not take the excitement and they buckled under her causing her to fall to her knees, her sap flowing down her trembling thighs onto the wooden stage. The excitement of being auctioned, of being fought over by two gorgeous men and the fact that she was now the property of the most handsome man in the world, had all been too much. Although both men had been hot, the hotter of the two had won and Taimie was ready and willing to serve her new master. As the chain around her neck was tugged roughly and Taimie was removed from the stage, she knew well that her service of sexual servitude was about to begin for real and the saucy, young vixen could hardly wait.

To be continued…

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