tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sleep Over Ch. 01

The Sleep Over Ch. 01


Before I knew it, we were looking at having a week off from classes over the Thanksgiving holiday. A few of us were sitting around at Nicole’s house one afternoon the week before Thanksgiving and discussing what we could do together during the week’s vacation.

“Let’s have some kind of party,” Kristine suggested.

“A Thanksgiving party? How would we ever do that?” Nicole asked.

“Yeah, that’s no good,” I agreed.

“Hey, how about some kind of giant sleep-over?” Krista inquired. When my lovely girlfriend observed the happy expressions on everyone’s face, she knew she had a hit on her hands.

“But where can we have it?” Kristine wanted to know. “We can’t have it at my house. There’s not enough room with all of my bothers and sisters.” That was much the same problem at my home.

Nicole suggested, “Why not have it here? We have plenty of room.” Man, that was an understatement. Nicole was an only child and she virtually lived in a mansion; at least a mansion compared to the rest of our homes. Her father was either an attorney or some sort of high class crook; oh, sorry – same thing.

So the deal was struck. The party would be held on the Friday following Thanksgiving, beginning about seven o’clock in the evening and going all night; well, it was a sleep-over. We were all free to invite whoever we wanted; the more the merrier, but we had to tell Nicole by Friday morning, so she could buy enough food and soft drinks, etc. The only rule was no males allowed.

I thought to myself, ‘Yeah, sure, uh huh. Mwahaha!’

Well, as far as what happened on Thanksgiving itself, I went with Eric to his house for dinner and then later Eric came with me to my house for dinner. At both homes, by the way, the turkey was stuffed with dressing and I was stuffed by Eric’s big fat prick. Mwahaha!

The next day I went over to Nicole’s house early in the afternoon to help her with various things in preparation of the party. If you’re a guy, you’re probably thinking what the heck kind of preparation do you have to make for a slumber party. Believe you me, there’s a lot to do, plus you have to decide what you’re gonna wear, Of course, in my case it’s what I’m not gonna wear. Mwahaha!

I hadn’t been at Nicole’s house long at all, when I decided I was already feeling hemmed in, so to speak, so I slid out of the purple short skirt and pretty tank top I had worn. When Nicole turned around and observed my total nakedness, she exclaimed, “Oh my God!”

“What?” I asked, completely perplexed.

“When my mother sees you, she’ll have a hissy fit.”

“Why? She’s seen all this before, hasn’t she?” I inquired.

“Well,” Nicole answered with doubt in her voice, “not on another woman probably, but maybe on herself. My mother’s a real prude, you know?”

“Well, I’ll unprude her,” I replied.

Nicole laughed. “Somehow I doubt it. I think you better stay out of the way, if she comes in for anything.”

“She won’t be coming in alot, will she?” I asked, literally holding my breath until I received an answer.

“No, I don’t think so,” Nicole affirmed. “I asked her not to.”

“Good,” I expressed, my breath coming out in a rush of relief. It would have ruined all of my carefully laid, and I do mean ‘laid,’ plans. Mwahaha!

Pretty soon some of Nicole’s closest friends began to trickle in early. Kristine arrived first. When she walked in and glimpsed me standing there stark naked, the beautiful young woman exclaimed, “Sara, how good to see you’re ready to have some fun in your party outfit!”

We all got a good a laugh out of that, let me tell you. Carrie was the next person to show up. I really haven’t told you about Carrie. She’s an old friend of Kristine and Nicole going way back to elementary school. She was about five feet, five inches, had fairly short but very curly red hair, a nice firm but rounded body, and really large breasts; all in all a really nice piece of work.

The next person who arrived was one of my ‘secret’ guests that no one except Nicole and me knew about. Do you remember the beautiful young woman, who tangled with me at my birthday party – Kitty? Well, in case you don’t, let me tell you – she was one hot looking little mama! Haha! She had long brunette hair, a simply gorgeous face with a little button nose, and a fabulous figure, which included large breasts and a narrow waist.

Kitty’s outfit included a long, stylish appearing, green dress, which hugged her body in all the right places, pearl earrings, and green high heels. She always was fashionable but, all in all, I found it to be a strange outfit for a slumber party. But who am I to judge? I wasn’t wearing anything to a slumber party. Mwahaha!

After the beautiful young woman was introduced by me to Kristine, Nicole, and Carrie, she turned to me and offered a lengthy embrace. Kitty and I had at first stayed in close contact with each other, in more ways than one, but eventually had drifted apart at the start of this academic year, when it turned out that we were going to attend different colleges together. When I returned her hug, I stepped up on my tiptoes and began to feverishly kiss her, while forcing my tongue into her mouth.

Kitty began to moan softly and, I could tell from her quick physical responses that, for some reason, she hadn’t been receiving any sweet loving recently. The stylish young woman stepped back slightly from me and, as she did, Kristine and Nicole very carefully inserted themselves in the middle and gently separated us.

“Hey!” I complained. “What the fuck?”

“Language!” Carrie warned me with a stern countenance. I shot her an angry glare, but I really wanted to shoot her an angry finger.

Nicole explained, “We can’t do that right now, because my mother could come into the room any time with new guests arriving or bringing refreshments. If we’re going to do that, it will need to be late tonight. If you can’t wait, I suppose you could use the upstairs bathroom, but try not to monopolize it for very long, please.”

I nodded my agreement at Nicole, when suddenly Carrie complained, “Good grief, Sara! This is a sleep over, not an orgy!” When everyone but Kitty and I laughed, I thought, ‘Laugh now, bitch! Because I’ll wipe that smugness off your face before we’re finished.’

After Nicole and Kristine had made the first large bowl of punch, something made out of several different juices and orange sherbet, I asked Kitty if she would elicit the three of them in some kind of conversation, while I spiked the punch. She did and I did. I added several huge quantities of vodka, mixed in with some more vodka and stirred oh so carefully. Oh yes, this new punch will verily knock some people on their ass! Mwahaha!

The next to arrive was Krista, my new love and girlfriend, who looked merely scrumptious. She was wearing the same outfit she wore on the day that Eric and I fucked her for the first time. By the way, I still loved Eric, you know. I just had a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Be glad I didn’t have any animal friends, haha. Well, come to think of it, there was one dog, who had a especially long cock, but that’s another story that will never be brought up.

After meeting all who she wasn’t already acquainted with, my wild sweet love came and stood in front of me; her face represented a mock study of someone very frustrated with me. Krista looked so God damned beautiful, I wanted to just tear off all her clothes and fuck her on the spot. My girlfriend stood with her hands resting on her hips and leaned forward slightly, while asking, “What do you have to say for yourself, Sara?”

“What do you mean?” I asked in a small voice, while attempting to cover my pussy and breasts with my hands. This was a game that Krista and I sometimes played, but the others knew nothing of it. They had ceased their own conversations and were straining to eavesdrop on ours.

“I mean why are you standing there stark naked, when I wasn’t even here!” my girlfriend accused in a considerable louder voice. “And keep those hands down,” the young beauty ordered, while pulling my hands away from my body.

“Now come here, bitch and lick my pussy,” Krista ordered. As soon as my girlfriend and I heard several sharp intakes of breaths coming from the other side of the room and someone saying, “Oh good God!” we couldn’t control ourselves any further and burst out laughing.

As the others realized that they had been taken in, they began to threaten us with all sorts of bodily harm, while Krista and I were practically rolling around the floor with laughter. That was when my friend Rebecca walked into the room. Naturally enough she demanded to know what was going on. As everybody shouted things out to her at the same time, I don’t think she ever really figured it out.

Rebecca looked as tasty as ever. In case you don’t remember, she was very, very pretty with light brunette hair streaked with blonde highlights, blue eyes, and fair skin. Rebecca was between five feet, three and five feet, four inches tall and appeared to have a figure beneath her clothing that promised earthly delights, if you know what I mean. My beautiful friend appeared to be getting with the program, as she was wearing a very revealing halter top and a blue mini-skirt so short her sheer panties were clearly visible beneath it. If only she hadn’t worn panties, then I would have known she was ready to graduate from the ‘Bubblegom school of exhibitionism.’ Mwahaha!

After being introduced around to those who didn’t know her, Rebecca came over to me and we stood and made small talk about what had occurred since last we talked. She pleased me by saying she loved my new angry looking red cunt hole look. I was still laughing, when Christa entered the bedroom.

Do you remember that Christa was five feet, three and a half inches tall, with shoulder-length brown hair with blonde highlights, bright blue eyes, a nice bust and long legs? After greeting everybody individually Christa and Krista came over and started talking with me and Rebecca. I think they mainly came over to make me write Christa and Krista over and over – haha! In fact they had this little gig they ran whenever someone would say one of their names. They both would say, “Do you mean her?” and point at each other. The last time they had done that to me I warned Krista that it might be time to just call her KinkyLilSquirt, whenever Christa was around also. I don’t know how she felt about that, because she had just looked at me and exclaimed, “Mwahaha!” I just don’t know where she is getting this stuff from.

As everyone began to grow more comfortable, they were eating the various kinds of food that had been set out and drinking vast quantities of my vodka spiked punch. A few of them were getting fairly sloshed and didn’t even realize it. Mwahaha! Fairly quickly Kristine and Nicole had to make up another large bowl of it. This time I also involved Krista in my project, as I was finally able to add vodka when no one was looking. I had snuck in about ten quarts of vodka into the sleepover, haha! Where did I get the money for ten quarts of vodka? Well, it wouldn’t be that college alumni were laying all kinds of illegal money on Eric – no, that wouldn’t be it. Mwahaha.

Right after that Eudora came in with Betty trailing right behind. They were an incongruous couple, let me tell you. They had just happened to meet at the front door. Do you remember who Betty is? She’s that extremely fine looking sales manager at that store in the mall. I had gone out with her several times since then. Betty had remained a extremely hot fuck, plus she dressed so fashionably and always brought me good looking outfits too! Mwahaha! In fact, she was carrying a new dress with her on a hanger.

After the two of them had been introduced around and each of them had been given some punch, Betty immediately gravitated to me still holding that dress on a hanger. I leaned forward and brushed my breasts against her currently covered substantial bosom, while kissing her on the cheek.

“Hello, love,” Betty greeted me. “What’s that?” she asked, while slightly poking my shaved genital area with her finger sending a little thrill through me. Man, I was so hot and ready to fuck with all these fine looking young women all around me.

I answered, “KinkyLilSquirt shaved me.” Krista cackled, “Mwahaha!”

Betty complimented, “It looks quite sexy, it makes me want to eat it all up.”

“Hey, save me a little,” Krista complained. Betty flashed her a quick smile to show my girlfriend all was cool. It was de fuckin’ bomb to have all these beautiful women fighting over me. ‘This is promising to be a hella night,’ I thought to myself.

“I brought this for you,” Betty declared, holding the dress up. Peering at the dress, I recognized there was very little to it. It was basically see-through as it was just a bare, and I mean bare, minimum of material being mostly open space. It was just up my alley – how to be dressed, but yet naked at the same time. Haha!

“It’s perfect!” I praised. “Thank you so much, hon,” I gushed and I offered Betty another kiss. I took the dress and hung it near the bedroom door. so I would remember to take it with me tomorrow following the sleep over.

As they drank more punch, some of my friends grew extremely warm. I noticed Nicole went over and put on the AC, which is unusual at Thanksgiving time, even for Florida. I bet I’d have some of them stripped down to bra and panties in no time, due to their being so heated, in more ways that one. I was making the rounds of the different conversations, while subtly running my hands over some of my friends, who I could tell were the most intoxicated. They were so intensely talking they didn’t really notice how much they were getting off on my touch.

When I reached the threesome of Krista, Betty, and Christa, I came up behind my lovely girlfriend and began kissing the back of her neck, while saying, “I love you so much, KinkyLilSquirt.” Krista giggled as much from my kisses tickling her as the use of her nickname. I unzipped her white top and then lifted it over her arms and off her body exposing her, extremely low cut, lacy bra, which exposed most of her fairly massive breasts. I then unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off her body leaving her dressed only in white frilly panties below the waist. Krista turned and we stood and just cuddled each other for a matter of minutes. It just felt so good to be holding her semi-naked body so close to my naked one, that I had adrenaline just racing through my body. I saw others cutting their eyes toward us, as they continued their conversations. I realized they knew I was capable of anything and were just a little apprehensive about what might be coming next. Mwahaha!

End of Part One of The Sleep Over

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