tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sleep Over Ch. 03

The Sleep Over Ch. 03


I don't know if you remember where we were in this tale of my sexual odyssey, but if you don't – then go back and look at chapter two of 'The Sleep-Over.'

I'm positive that the scene that lay before Nicole's mother represented to her something from the deepest bowels of hell; something that might have crossed her mind in the middle of the night, when she couldn't fall asleep as one of the worst things that could ever happen to her daughter – to be corrupted by some twisted lesbo fornicators! Hehe! In fact, since Nicole was obviously passed out and a stark naked Betty was standing over her holding Nicole's clothing, I'm positive her mother thought her daughter was being raped by some demented gay demon from hell.

Now when the woman in question screamed, it had a tendency to help everyone present to concentrate on the immediate task at hand – i.e. getting out of that room as quickly as possible! I had no idea what happened to anybody else at that time, I only found out later. All I knew then was Krista had the presence of mind to grab her clothing and me by the hand and we fled past Nicole's mother, who was involved in one of those hands up to her face, head thrown back, full bore horror movie screams. I'm surprised the cops weren't there by then just by that scream alone.

Since I had stripped off so long before anybody else had even arrived, there wasn't a chance in hell that I would be able to locate my clothing under everything that had been thrown on it since then. Krista had some money and wanted to call a taxi for us to travel to her house, because her family had left to go out of town for the weekend on Friday morning, but I suggested we just get out of there as quickly as possible and call from somewhere else.

Accepting my advice, Krista rapidly donned her outfit and gave me her bra and panties to wear. I must admit I looked as cute as a button in her scanty undies, although it looked strange to me, because I never usually wear any underwear. Well, we finally got down to a little shopping center and located a payphone and called a Yellow Cab. Have you ever heard this one? A drunk staggers up to a hotel clerk and demands, "Call me a cab!" And the hotel clerk replies, "Okay, you're a cab." Haha!

Now you may ask how did I feel about running around on late Friday afternoon in public wearing only Krista's bra and panties – you know me, what do you think? Haha. Well, you're wrong, I was embarrassed. Thank God, with it being late November it was already dark, plus it was the day after Thanksgiving, so most people had the day off their jobs. Despite all this, there was still quite of lot of people at the shopping center. There always is, it's like the number one pastime in the state of Florida – shopping, because there's so many old people and that's all they can do anymore is spend money.

So there was quite a number of people at this shopping center, but do you remember my rule? I just stared right at them, until they looked away. The old farts probably just figured it was some kind of new fashion, but, of course, we had these teenage guys come over to rap. They were just a bunch of clowns and I handled them quickly. I told them we'd go out with them sometime, if one of them would lend me his clothes. They couldn't get away quick enough after that.

Finally, like after a half an hour the taxi arrives. We climb into the backseat and Krista gives the driver the address. Of course, you can see this guy looking at me in the rear view mirror during the entire trip, but he plays it cool and never says a word. We finally arrive at Krista's house and she pays him and gives him a good tip for not giving us a hard time or anything, plus I'm pretty sure she bought his compliance with it, if anybody ever asked him about picking us up. Okay, I was being paranoid, but you didn't see how crazy Nicole's mother looked. I wouldn't have put anything past her at that point, but it turned out that she didn't do much. After all, she did finally discover that Nicole and Kristine had been passed out from drinking and, of course, she never believed their explanation that they didn't know anything about it.

Gawd! We finally got into Krista's house; she had to go find the house key they leave stashed outside for her and I don't mind telling you it wasn't a moment too soon. I was freezing! It was damn cold out; at least, for Florida it was. It had already gone down in the forties and when you're used to the temperature being ninety degrees – that's cold. I'll tell you, my nipples were standing straight out from it. Now that's cold! No wonder that taxi driver had kept staring at me.

My sexy girlfriend rushed into the house and called out 'first dibs' on the shower. She stripped off immediately leaving her clothes just laying on the living room floor and ran off into the bathroom. I stood there thinking, 'Alright for you. We'll just see about this.' I planned on going in there after her, but first I went to make a quick telephone call. I stripped off her underwear and left it in her bedroom.

When I attempted to enter the bathroom, I discovered it was locked. I took that as personal affront and I went down downstairs and rummaged around in her family's toolbox, until I found what I was looking. I brought the tiny screwdriver back up to the bathroom and started working on the lock. Trust me on this, don't ever lock yourself in a bathroom to escape a murderer or something like that. There isn't a bathroom lock that's worth a shit, unless you put a deadbolt on it. Haha!

It only took me a few short minutes to pop it open and I crept into the bathroom very quietly. I wanted to surprise her completely and I surely did when I stepped into the shower behind her. I put one hand on her breast and the other down across her pussy. You should have her scream! Scared the living shit out of her, I did. Teach her to lock me out!

The first thing I noticed was, despite the hot shower dripping off her beautiful tight little body, there seemed to be some other liquid substance present. "Oh, I get it," I spoke aloud. Krista giggled.

I took her by the shoulders and turned her 'til she was facing me. I knelt down on one knee and I began to lap her clit as hard as I could. My sexy girlfriend began to squirm in my grasp. She was still clutching the soap in her hand and she began to lather me everywhere she could reach with that bar of ivory. Oh God, that felt so good, that big brick of hardness rubbing me all over and yet leaving that soft soapy trail behind it. And it was ninety-nine and ninety-nine one hundredths percent pure – certainly unlike me.

"Oh, shit!" Krista cried out, when her cum came flowing out. I took it and wiped it all over us. I mean, we were in a shower, it would just wash off immediately. I reached up with my hands and held her by her narrow waist until she was finished climaxing, so she wouldn't slip in the tub and hurt herself badly.

Later I stood up and held her in an embrace under that hot water. It was heavenly and felt great. It had been a hella day, alright. This is probably a good place to recount what happened after we fled from Nicole's' house. Now this is only what I was told, obviously I wasn't there. I guess everyone except for Betty didn't have any problems grabbing their clothes and running out of there. Betty just had to make a run for it, stark naked or not and she managed to get away. I guess some crazy things happened to her on her way home totally nude, but that's her story. Maybe I can get her to tell it sometime.

Nicole's mother, of course, called 911 and was recounting her complaint to the cops, who were quite skeptical due to the absence of anyone else being there, when suddenly one of the 911 personnel informed them, "Hey, these girls are drunk." I guess that calmed Nicole's mom down quite a bit, since the cops then started threatening to arrest Kristine and Nicole for underage drinking. The legal drinking age in Florida has remained the advanced of twenty-one, unfairly in my opinion. In the long run, the cops just decided to shine it on and I'm glad about that. I wouldn't have wanted them to get into trouble for something that was my fault.

Of course, we were all banned from ever seeing Kristine and Nicole again, which was a stone drag. I mean, we talked at first a lot at college and everything, but you know – when you can't do something socially with your friends, the friendship just naturally begins to fall apart. And this one did too. It was too bad, because we had a lotta fun together, but I guess it was time for all of us to move on.

Both of them practically got married on the same day. It was one day after graduating from the University and they both wore white, just like they had been good little girls; but I guess that scarlet letter bullshit is all of the past anyway, thank God.

After our initial sex play, I just had started to soap up Krista's sexy body, when suddenly the shower curtain was pulled open and Eric stepped in! I squealed, "Eric! What a surprise!"

He glanced at me rather strangely, as I had just called him on the telephone, but I didn't want him to give it away that I had told him to come over. I had explained it to him over the phone in great detail, but you know guys – duh!

So being over a foot shorter than him, I was able to offer him a sharp elbow in the you know where to snap him back to reality. "Ooh!" he complained. "Oh, yeah, I went over to Nicole's," he explained, finally remembering what we had talked about, "and you weren't there, so I came here."

"What was happening at Nicole's?" Krista naturally wanted to know.

"Oh, who cares?" I interrupted. "Eric's here now, that's all that counts, isn't it?"

I didn't want Krista to know I had called Eric, because I wanted it to appear that he came over spontaneously and then decided to call a friend of his, who I wanted her to meet. I turned around in the shower, so I was facing my handsome boyfriend. Man, he was built so fine and looked so good standing there in the shower with his big prick already straightening out it front of him. I got tingly just from looking at him. I know Krista had turned around too and was getting off on him too, as I heard a little gasp escape her lips.

I knelt down and began to suckle on his beautiful dick taking as much as I could into my mouth. I heard Eric's sharp intake of air when my lips put pressure on his cock and I swirled my tongue around it as deep as I could. I was getting pretty hot myself going down on his pretty prick, so I reached down with my left hand and began moving and manipulating my clit as fast as I could. Eric was already moving his hips thrusting into my mouth with all of his prick and, with each time, I took a little more of it into my mouth. Suddenly I heard some moaning coming from Krista and I turned my head slightly and saw she had three of her fingers jammed up her cunt and was going to town, let me tell you. Her head was thrown back and I really don't know if she knew where she was right then. Eric began to spurt his cum into my mouth and I kept working my mouth on him, until he had squirted it all into me.

When he was finished, I realized my girlfriend was still masturbating, so I just turned around on my knees and began to lap her cunt, while pushing on her love button with my fingers. Krista appeared weak in her knees and I became frightened she would fall in the slippery bathtub, but Eric reached over me and held her up, until she regained her balance. She was thrusting her hips at me now vigorously and cried out, "God, Sara, stop! I can't stand anymore!" Of course I kept going and, just when she was climaxing and rubbing and pulling at the hair on my head, Eric brought me to my feet by placing his strong hands on my hips and he carefully inserted his totally rejuvenated seven inch penis straight up my butt. Oh sweet Jesus, it was so unexpected; it hurt, but felt great at the same time, but that's probably a good simile for my whole life.

Once Krista was finished with her orgasm, she dropped to her knees and returned the favor. Soon I was getting two timed, but with a big difference from the old definition of it. Eric was thrusting into my behind as hard as he could, thwacking into me over and over, while my girlfriend pulled and prodded my clitoris with her hardened tongue. Good grief! I didn't know if I was cumming or going.

Suddenly I was doing both, as I began to climax with the cum cascading from me, while Eric shot his second load of semen into me in ten minutes. When we had finally finished orgasming, we all fell slumped together in a big group hug under that warm water beating down on us until it became cooler. Then we moved after that, by golly – when that cold water started beating down on us. Haha! Talk about rude.

I was still totally drained and satisfied when we all sort of crawled over each other and out of the tub. Then we proceeded to towel each other off lovingly with these huge bath towels, drying and rubbing everywhere on each others naked bodies, every crack and crevice, it was total heaven as far as I was concerned.

Once we were completely dry, we threw open the bathroom and stepped out nude into the upstairs hallway, because the bathroom was completely steamy from the hot shower beating down for so long. After all we were all alone in the house or so I thought. Eric had left his clothes strewn all over the hallway and since Krista's outfit was still down in the living room, I volunteered to go get it for her, being the kind hearted soul that I am.

I wasn't there. Krista explained this to me later. As soon as I had left to go down downstairs, Eric turned to her with a large smile on his good looking face. Krista naturally inquired, "So what's so funny, Eric?"

My number one love replied, "Sara wanted me to have a guy I know come over and visit later because she wanted you to meet him, but I brought him with me. He's downstairs waiting for us right now."

"And you think that's funny? Allowing Sara to go down there naked when she doesn't know this guy is there?" Krista was thoroughly pissed.

"Aw Sara won't mind. You know her. She does it all the time," Eric retorted.

"There's a big difference between Sara knowing the people she's with and deciding when she wants to walk around nude or just stumbling into some place stark naked, where she doesn't expect anybody else to be."

"Oh, you worry too much," Eric laughed.

Well, being a young woman Krista had a great deal more insight into me than Eric did and she was exactly right. I went romping down the stairs completely unknowing that there was this hunk of a hottie guy waiting to greet me in the living room.

First let me tell you about Shawn. Shawn was like Eric's best friend outside of the usual brainless jocks he hung around with. I'm not implying that all jocks are brainless, but all of the jocks that Eric hung with were, except for Shawn. Shawn was a wrestler and therefore had a great fucking build it turned out, but that was later. I bounded into the living room to gather up Krista's outfit I thought and there I was greeted with the shocking sight of Shawn standing up like a perfect gentleman to greet this totally nude girl, who had just entered the room unexpectedly. Like I've already mentioned, he was very handsome and he had dark hair and dark eyes and was about six feet, two inches tall.

Of course the minute he lay his eyes on my lushly naked body, they lit up like Christmas tree lights and his smile suddenly resembled the Cheshire cat's. I could see his prick lengthening beneath his nice slacks, but that hardly was a compliment. I mean I'm standing there with my labia still all distended from the sexual play I was just involved in. My hair is slicked back still wet, but my totally nude body shone from the shower and toweling I just had experienced and I probably resembled a completely mad Jane from a crazed Tarzan film.

'Oh man, I am gonna kill Eric!' I thought. Well, there wasn't nothing to do at that point, but bite the bullet and stick my hand out and introduce myself. Even though I felt very embarrassed and I'm positive I was flushed in certain usually unseen areas in polite company, I wasn't going to act as if I were some kind of shy virgin and fall into a September Morn crouch. That would have just been too fucking silly.

"Hi, I'm Sara," I introduced myself sticking out my right hand to him. He introduced himself as Shawn. Thank God at that point, Krista and Eric, both completely dressed came down the stairs and into the living room. Krista immediately came to my side and told me to go ahead and put on her outfit, which I gratefully did over in the corner of the living room as Eric introduced her to Shawn. I could tell by the way her eyes widened at the sight of him that she dug him right off, which was cool. That's why I had Eric to bring him over in the first place. I thought Krista would dig him and I wanted her to have a boyfriend. Every girl in college needs a boyfriend unless they're just out and out gay which is fine, but even then if they want to go to certain school activities it would behoove them to have developed some kind of relationship with a guy.

I saw Eric cutting small glances at me while I was dressing in the corner to see if I was mad at him. To tell you the truth, I wasn't mad at him. I was fucking furious and I figured to make him pay over the next couple of days. Oh yeah, I know you're thinking I wouldn't be able to because I'm too horny, but you see I have my methods. I would strip off in front of him, but not allow him to touch me. Then I would masturbate in front of him and make him watch every second, but if he attempted to touch himself – I'd knock the shit out of him and I would too!

I finally pulled on Krista's outfit and rejoined them on the other side of the living room. Krista looked real hot. She had these little short shorts on and a halter top. She looked great and Shawn was drooling at her, so to speak. While he and my hot girlfriend stood chatting, Eric went to make some drinks. I guess the fool (I don't really think he's a fool) went and brought some vodka and orange juice. I'm thinking to myself, 'Great just what I need.' But luckily it turned out where I didn't have to drink much, but Shawn and Krista appeared to have enjoyed the vodka a little too much, if you catch my drift.

After we sat around talking and having a few drinks, (they did, I was still nursing my first one) Eric suggested playing some cards.

"What kind of cards?" Krista inquired.

"Hey, about some bridge?" I replied, playing the fool just to spite Eric, because I suddenly saw what he had in mind with this whole deal; bringing the vodka and orange juice and getting everyone half smashed and then suggesting a card game. Yeah, he was real subtle – like a sledge hammer.

Either Shawn or Krista saw it coming and they didn't care or else they were blindsided by it completely, but they didn't make a word of complaint when my boyfriend went on to suggest playing strip poker. More than likely Shawn did see it coming, but being a guy he was all for it and Krista was getting so loopy from the vodka already, she didn't really have a clue what was happening.

We all sat on the floor to play strip poker. Of course, I didn't last too very long, on the other hand I wasn't wearing much either. Two straight losing hands and I was mother naked again. Shawn sat across from me and his eyes were as big as saucers as he stared at me. It didn't seem to matter that he had just seen me a few minutes ago in the same condition. With guys, it's like – out of sight, out of mind. As soon as you cover it back up, it's like a brand new trip for them to see you uncovered again. Sheesh! Go figure.

I'm staring daggers at Eric I'm so pissed off at him. I didn't have him bring Shawn over so he could dig me. I had him bring him over to dig Krista, who by the way was pretty smashed by this time. I saw her break up a pair of kings in her hand and throw one away, keeping the other one and a deuce and a trey; and we had no wild cards! She began to reclaim some of Shawn's attention away from me when she was sitting there in her tiny bra and panties after losing a couple of hands. Then she lost the next hand and I guess she was so out of it that instead of taking her bra off, she shimmied down her panties and sat there naked from the waist down with her legs crossed Native American (not Indian, you dopes) style displaying all of her shaved pussy. But later when I thought about it, I realized I was mistaken and my beautiful girlfriend had ran a giant con on everybody, because right after she did that she turned her head and winked at me. Well, with her shaved cunt hanging out she had all of Shawn's attention then. He wasn't doing much better at that point himself and was sitting only in his slacks.

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