tagNovels and NovellasThe Slut's Apprentice Ch. 17

The Slut's Apprentice Ch. 17


11th July

The slut with a finger in the dyke.

I shut the door and turned to the woman who looked uncomfortably like my mother. She just stared at me like a rabbit caught in a car's headlights. A rabbit that was also holding a very large gun, unconcerned by its lack of opposable thumbs. This was her first time and mine. I did not count the Russian slapper as proper same sex prostitution. We were obviously both feeling awkward and I had money to make.

Having sex with another woman does not make you a lesbian. I had been to bed with quite a few of my school friends, none of whom were remotely gay. I managed to remember how many orgasms I had experienced with them. I had licked one to climax. It had not been reciprocated. In fact, my huge number of lesbian orgasms had been at the hands, tongue and dildo of Alex or one of her mates. Oh, and my year ten German exchange student, Feddi who had been sexually insatiable and had given me a huge vocabulary of swear words. I had never had a normal relationship.

As usual, my internal monologue was of little problem-solving help. The woman was not here for love so I decided to show her the goods. I stripped, which even with my best efforts at burlesque took ten seconds, turned around, touched my toes, spread my legs and flashed her my vulva.

Looking at her upside down framed by my calves, she seemed to be showing a little interest and rather reluctantly removed her top and shorts but not her knickers. I straightened up and took control, not an easy thing to do with a German mother. I put both hands on her shoulders, turned her round and pushed her into the shower room. The shower room was large and long and ran behind both bedrooms. It had four shower heads. My experience of sex with Germans (Feddi and several of her mates) was that they like their sex hygienically clean but practically dirty.

I switched on two of the shower heads, put on a shower cap and handed another to Brigitte. I then set about my own ablutions with my back to the older woman. Each shower station had its own incredibly expensive shower gel which was kind to pussies and left them smelling sweet. There was also a good supply of very soft towels. I finished my shower and so did she. I wrapped her in a towel and led her back into the bedroom, rubbing myself vigorously as I went.

Intuition seemed to have made a rare appearance inside my brain so I made the most of it. I pulled back the crisp top sheet and let Brigitte slide in still wrapped in her towel which I took as I covered her over. Then I set the air conditioning to the correct temperature (one of the many things a slut has to learn), went around the other side of the bed and slipped in. Sex in the dark under the covers with another woman was going to be another first for both of us.

Still, I rose to the challenge and advanced slowly across the mattress. Brigitte was lying on her back and shivering slightly. I moved over her but supported by my elbows and knees did not make any physical contact. I had kept my hair tied up so it did not tickle her face. I found her mouth quite easily and planted a gentle kiss. I was and hopefully still am a good kisser, one of my few skills that did not make me a slut. My ability to suppress my gag reflex and hold my breath for at least a minute was also useful but decidedly slutty. Again, my intuition proved correct and my gentle oral encouragement seemed to draw Brigitte out of her shell. She spread her legs and pulled my body down onto hers and then set about exploring my back and bum.

I ran a hand slowly down her flank and on reaching her hip, down her outer thigh to her knee and back. I did this another couple of times and lifting my body again slightly, moved inwards with each stroke. Brigitte responded by moaning and spreading her legs a bit wider. I winced slightly as the woman dug her nails into my back. Then she grabbed my hand and pressed it to her pussy. Said pussy was extremely ready for attention. Which I duly gave, starting slowly, running a single finger up and down her slit, stopping just shy of her clitoris. This obviously had a positive effect as she broke the kiss, threw off the sheet, grabbed my head and pushed it forcefully down the bed towards her groin.

It was my more usual habit to descend a bit more slowly but who was I to complain and I dutifully attached my mouth to her twat, giving extra attention to her clit. Her humping of my face seemed to be affirmative so I slipped two long fingers into her vagina and set about fingering her. I jumped when Brigitte piped up.

"Yes, yes, you filthy English bitch. Fuck me harder."

Then she switched on the bedside light and began addressing her fortunately absent ex-husband.

"Look Hans. Look at that amazing arse. You never went down on me once, you bastard. And you were too tight to spend money on decent German whores. No, you preferred those trafficked Russian girls, didn't you? That's how you got syphilis. Don't worry little Viking, I got treated. God, you do that so well. Oh my God, I'm coming. Don't you dare stop until I tell you."

I doubt that she had ever squirted before and it was nice to have a salty thank you and I lapped it up like a good girl. Her orgasm certainly seemed prolonged and intense. My work done, I shuffled back up the bed and kissed her again. Brigitte managed a few seconds and then pushed me off and sat bolt upright.

"Get away from me, you awful child."

I had never seen post-coital guilt strike quite so quickly. I was mildly insulted but only mildly. I got up and opened the door to the shower but Brigitte dressed incredibly quickly, pulled out her purse and threw a load of notes at me.

"Whore," she shouted somewhat unnecessarily and stormed out of the bedroom. I proceeded to have a quite leisurely cold shower, dressed and took my tip to the bar. Maddie was impressed, handed me a bottle of beer and sent me out back for a break. Alex was there, smoking a joint which she shared with me. She was very relaxed which I commented upon.

"Hi, Cat. You seem to be performing well. The rest of us girls have taken a bit of Mandy. It makes the dykes seem quite sexy. Fancy some? No, I don't suppose you do. You and your scruples. I will break them eventually. I like a challenge."

Alex started giggling, took a final long pull on the joint and sashayed back to work.

I was a bit concerned. I had never had a dissatisfied client before but then again, men are so much easier to please. I hoped that a trend had not been set. I also want to come. I resisted the temptation of a sly wank and instead I finished my beer, took a deep breath and went back to work.

I like to think of myself as a hard worker as was drilled into me by Mum from an early age. It was well past midnight and the bar had filled up considerably and there was a lot of intimacy occurring between the customers as well of much touching up of the waitresses. One of my non-slut skills was spotting a thirsty punter.

I made my way to a booth at which a small queue had formed. I was reluctantly let to the front of the queue. The attention of the crowd was on two fit, crop haired bottle blondes in football shirts. They were clearly twins. They were sat on one side of the booth and four oldish women were crammed on the other side, staring at the blondes with unabashed worship and lust. A naked woman was lying on her back on the table and the blondes were autographing her big tits with marker pens. Probably indelible ink. The woman sat up and positively gushed before being replaced by another naked fan.

The footballers looked at me and smiled.

"Ah, service at last. You are a very beautiful slut indeed. Strip and get on the table. Doggy. You get off." this last command to the woman already occupying the table.

I did as instructed and clambered on to the table, slightly disconcerted by the number of women now staring at my arse and muffin. I advanced slowly in best lap dancer style until I was an inch from one of their faces. Two strong hands gripped my face. My mouth was already open for snogging and I was not disappointed and was quickly passed several times between sisters. I was not impressed, however by their appalling kissing technique which was even more thrusting than Alex. I was not troubled by their grabbing a nipple bar each and trying to pull my nipples off. Already feeling quite frustrated downstairs, I went from damp to wet.

I was ordered brusquely to turn round and present my business end. My labia were parted and all of my genital piercing pulled hard. I felt the unmistakeable hardness of a pierced tongue as it licked my slit and then a fat finger started fucking my arse.

Celebs or not, they got sixty seconds of molesting like everybody less. I lifted my bum so that they would have to stand to continue ling and looked back over my shoulder.

"Sorry, ladies but that is all the freebies you get. Now, can I get you drinks?"

Before they could object, I dismounted from the table and put my skirt and top back on.

The twins looked a bit annoyed and came out with a variation of the celeb's battle cry.

"Do you know who we are?"

I bit my tongue and merely shook my head.

An acolyte whispered in my ear.

"They are the Koch twins, you stupid cunt."

They were the stars of a top German women's team. I knew the name of the club but my interest in footballers extended only to their wealth and penchant for spending it on high class hookers like me. It looked like this pair were doing their bit for gender equality.

Just to confirm their identity, the sisters stood up, turned round and did a twirl. Each seemed to be wearing an abbreviated version of their team shirt with their name and number on it. Each shirt stopped at the top of incredibly toned, fake tanned and heavily tattooed buttocks. Below said buttocks were the tops of almost perfect footballer's legs. I tried not to drool. The sisters' sat down and gave me their most seductive looks.

"Four litres of proper German beer, wench."

Wench? I suppressed a giggle.

"But of course, mistress. Shall I bring all four together or two and two, so the beer stays cold?"

One of the Kochs spoke more than the other. Koch is not rude in German but I have an infantile sense of humour. I managed just to smile indulgently. The senior Koch indicted that I should look under the table. Between her muscular legs was a skinny girl who was clearly working hard for free. A brief explanation was supplied.

"We picked up these teenagers at the hotel. They have delightful young bodies and according to their mother they are virgins. And fans. Their mother practically threw them at us. They are giving pretty good head and we are both about to come. It is only fair that we buy them a drink."

"Indeed, mistress," I simpered. Who was I to judge anyway? Just as I turned to go, I was given another order.

"One more thing, girly. Bring us four of those payment tubes. We want to pay for each beer separately."

Carrying four litre steins of beer was no real challenge but I did wish briefly that I had the tits to pull off the bierfau bit. Still plenty of punters felt it appropriate to give my iron biceps a good old squeeze. I had to tuck the bill and the canisters into the waist band of my skirt and hold the lube between my teeth.

When I returned to the booth, the Koch sisters had sent their acolytes away and sat opposite them were too tiny, slightly oriental looking girls wearing miniscule bikinis. As I confessed before, I am a hopeless judge of other women's age and the girls were wearing a lot of slap. I decided that the less I knew, the better.

I was ordered to strip again and lie on the table on my back. I obeyed and was then ordered to do a crunch. I was not really surprised when one of the Kochs rubbed my tummy vigorously with some paper towels. The furrows of my six-pack were then decorated with four lines of cocaine; one for each woman/ girl in the booth. Clearly amused by their own ingenuity, the twins removed my belly bar and after more vigorous rubbing filled my navel with blow. I was emptied with four one hundred Euro notes; each of which went into a payment cylinder. I replaced my own belly bar.

The next bit was fairly predictable. I got dressed, climbed off the table and presented myself for payment, hands flat on the floor. The twins thought that inserting four tubes up my bum was going to tax me. I made a pretence of clenching my sphincter hard when the last one went in and let out a little squeal. I stood up slowly and shuffled from one foot to the other with a pained expression on my face. Who ever said that the Germans have no sense of humour? On the table was a stack of two Euro coins. I put a hand to my face in mock horror and slowly turned around and assumed the position again. A little crowd had gathered again and they counted as forty Euros was slotted into my vagina. There was no need for any lube.

I stood up slowly, to much applause and waddled theatrically to the bar counter, my little bells jingling. Of course, I spilled absolutely nothing. Maddie smiled at me as I disgorged my load. I was not however done with the Koch twins, one of whom was holding a menu and handing over a large wad of cash to Maddie.

I returned to the booth with a pink strap on in each hand. The twins sprang to their feet and practically dragged me towards the back of the room. Their two groupies were too stoned to even notice. As we walked, the twins held up the dildos like Olympic torches and practically everybody else in the room stood and started clapping. The crowd only parted slowly as women kissed the twins and urged them to render me incontinent. All the leering and rudery made me blush which just excited the crowd even more. Alex and Dani just winked at me, confident in my sexual prowess.

The Kochs were high and told me just how much coke turned them on. They agreed to a pre-coital shower but I had to do all the work, which was fine as it kept me busy. Each had a fantastic body, if you like your women butch and pumped. Back in the bedroom I got onto the bed and they threw themselves on top of me, assaulting my mouth with their rigid tongues before moving on to my tiny tits and finally my pussy. Ironically, I got the same sixty seconds that I had given earlier which was as well as I was close to coming and did not totally trust them. Next, they wanted oral attention to their own surgically enhanced tits. I added in finger fucking which went well.

I was quite unprofessionally turned on and would have like to have serviced them one at a time, nice and slowly but they seemed in an indecent hurry. I had experienced it before with men who had taken rather too much blow. The come down would not be pleasant. Not that I actually cared.

I had worked out who was whom by now. Else was the dominant twin with bigger tits and worse tattoos. She was also the worst kisser and the least patient. Pretty soon she had pushed me down to between her thighs. I was ordered to continue fingering Lili who had a gorgeous vagina and announced loudly that she was going to come. .

I was surprised that both women seemed to have done their own shaving and their bald twats were distinctly stubbly. Not that it bothered me at all as I suspected that they were in too much of a hurry for any tribbing. Each had a big steroid enlarged clitoris and big flaps. Despite the shower it was a bit fishier than I really liked but I had smelt worse. I was able to push Else's hood back, exposing the delicate flesh underneath. I licked and sucked gently because a lot of women find this painful. Not this one however, who demanded that I suck harder. I did not really need to know that they had also taken Viagra and Mandy but she told me anyway before coming loudly. Her clit did then become too sensitive and a short break was ordered.

I nipped out to bring them more beer, not bothering to dress. I brought a litre for each of them and a half for myself. They could certainly put it away and I hoped that if the drug cocktail proved to be fatal that they would croak somewhere else. Didn't footballers have to do drug tests? Again, none of my business.

The beer was drunk extremely quickly and then I had to ease the women into their harnesses. The house dildos were perfectly pleasant six inch, ribbed, fat, bendy dongs with big heads. In themselves they did not give a lot of feedback to the user but the harnesses were a little special and provided a lot of clitoral stimulation. I had a little fiddle and got the straps just right for maximum pleasure.

I had the familiar suspicion that they watched too much porn as I had to kneel and have my face fucked whilst making lots of gagging noises. Else also thought that I would enjoy some verbal abuse as well. I was surprisingly sensitive to being sworn at and I would only tolerate Alex doing that. Not that she did it much except when punishing me. Else decided to remind me what a whore I was by making me stand up and giving me a slap. She had clearly not read the warnings prominently displayed around the bar warning against any violence to the staff.

A well aimed kick to the groin is quite as effective when directed against a woman as it is against a man. Partly this is surprise. Few women would even consider such a move and even fewer realise how painful it is. I was a competent kick boxer and had been well schooled by Uncle Pete in the art of disabling awkward clients. I assisted Else's passage to the floor and grabbing her short hair, smacked her face a couple of times on the lino. Whilst she was strong, she was not a fighter and pretty soon was begging for mercy as I knelt in the centre of her back and began to dislocate her right shoulder. Lili stood paralysed and I could tell that she was not going to intervene.

I released Else's arm and after receiving assurance that she was going to behave, I helped her to her feet and kissed her far more tenderly than she deserved. I repeated this with Lili and got her to lie on the bed. I lowered my pelvis onto the synthetic cock and began to ride it. The trick was not to fuck like I would with a real penis. Men wanted you to slide your vagina up and down their shaft and I rather enjoyed doing that. With a strap on it was better to add in a lot of rocking so that the strap would work its magic on the wearer's clit.

I kissed Lili again and felt Else climb onto the bed. I broke the kiss and pushed my face into the mattress, still humping but tilting my pelvis slightly.

This made the inevitable anal penetration easier for all concerned. As my sphincter was stretched I started to come, shamefully admitting it and aware of how shallow it made me, loving being fucked by two beautiful if rather unpleasant women. The slut came out in me. One orgasm with these big bitches was not enough.

I was not a great fan of DP but it did hurt which was important. I looked back over my shoulder at Else.

"Now you can treat me rough. Fuck me harder. Pull my hair. You can slap my arse. Lili you need to try a bit harder, love."

The twins had become surprisingly obedient and fucked me very hard to two more orgasms. I gave in to my lust and abandoned any pretence of trying to pleasure my clients. I wanted them to fuck me until I was blue. They tried and each came twice as well until they just ran out of steam. I was mildly disappointed as I was not really done but then again, I did not have quite so many chemicals sloshing round my bloodstream.

Once de-penetrated, I removed the strap ons and dispensed some more of my rather considerate kisses. All three of us were incredibly sweaty and the twins felt quite a bit hotter than was healthy. The room had a wall phone and I made a quick call to Maddie and then hustled the twins into the shower. Whilst we had shared one head for our pre-coital ablutions, I put each of them under a separate jet. I started to soap them down and turned down the hot until they were under cold water only; Southern European cold water, not like my freezing London showers. Unsurprisingly the sisters had bladders that were fit to burst and needed no encouragement to piss in my face. I kept my mouth closed.

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