The Small Package


They got to the station and started down the steps. "Hold my hand?" she asked, and he gladly did, fantasying that she was his girlfriend. Everyone they passed looked at her, at her amazing red hair and turquoise eyes. Older people in particular beamed when they saw her and smiled at him as well. She seemed pretty much unaware and looked around the station suspiciously.

"You're really freaked out!" He laughed.

"I don't see any gangstas yet?" The train came and they jumped on. "This is really cool, Zach!" She had unfortunately let go his hand and looked around. "How long does it take to get downtown?"

"No time. Like ten or fifteen minutes."

"No shit!"

"I shit you not." They got off at Dundas Station and she looked around in wonder, clutching his hand again. "Eaton Center is right upstairs," he told her. "Wow," she replied. They went upstairs and her eyes flew around. Soon Zach was carrying her jacket and following her as she went from store to store. He wasn't complaining. At almost every store she would try something on and pose for him for his opinion. His cock was cramped and tangled up in his jeans, but he couldn't think of a better way to spend the day--well, maybe fucking her all afternoon would be better.

"How are these?" She rotated prettily as she displayed the latest pair of skin tight jeans.

"Let me see your ass again?"

"Zach! Be serious!"

"I am serious, Liz! They're tight jeans, it's all about the ass, isn't it?" She exhaled audibly and turned around. "Oh, wow. Yeah, I like them. Bend over a bit?"

"Stop it!" She smirked over her shoulder.

"For me? Come on, Liz," he grinned back, "I'm taking you around, being your pack animal ..." She looked around a bit then bent over a bin and wiggled her small round backside at him. "Holy fuck," he gasped. "Look, marry me, Liz. Fuck it, we can move to South America. Raise a family of red-haired rain forest children". She giggled, "Maybe after graduation."

He had a brief reprieve when she went into the drug store and told him to wait on a bench outside with her bags. She returned and quickly shoved a bag into the bottom of one her other bags. "Let's get something to eat! I'm famished!" They went to the food court and she looked around with suspicion. "It's big."

"Yeah. Anything you want is here though." Turns out he was wrong as she turned her nose up at everything. "What's wrong?" he asked in amusement.

"It's all weird. Don't they have a McDonald's? Every mall has a McDonalds."

"McDonald's isn't Scottish food you know!" he said in mocked exasperation. "Come on." He led her there and they ordered. "All the good food around and you go junior McChicken and fries." He grinned. She stuck out her pink tongue at him before licking up a bit of McChicken sauce off the corner of her mouth. That just made him hornier and he tried to concentrate on his Big Mac.

"I gotta get some gifts for dad from mom and for mom from dad," she announced as she daintily ate her last few fries.

"How about for me!"

"Oh, I got an extra special surprise planned for you!" She winked at him. "Oh my God! You're actually blushing!" She squealed in delight causing several people to look at them.

"I hope it's what I think it is," he whispered.

"What do you think it is?" Her eyes sparked.

"Socks. I really need fucking socks!"

She laughed warmly and reached over to put her hand on his, "You're funny guy, Zach!" He got lost awhile in her eyes, the freckles dotting her milky face, and her shapely red lips. "Snap outa it fella!" She laughed and let go his hand. "You falling in love with me or what?"

"Maybe a little," he said honestly.

"Well, don't be at it! We're family, and I'm like two thousand miles away."

"I can if I want." He grinned. "It'll suck when you go back to shitty Nova Scotia but there are monasteries around here."

"You know, I can picture you with one of those haircuts." She made a circle around her head.

"Wacking off every night to a tear stained old pair of boxer shorts."

She howled with laughter, as people looked over and tears ran down her cheeks. He grinned back. "You're so bad! Come on now. Grab those bags, Sherpa Boy, and follow."

"God you're lucky you're hot!"

"You're hot and it don't seem to be working for you," She grinned over her shoulder as she walked away working her little ass. He followed with his eyes fixated.

They went to a few more stores until he was almost swaying with the weight. The Christmas music was starting to piss him off and the crowds were ever increasing. "Look, Liz, we gotta go. I can barely handle this load and it'll be dark soon. We can come back tomorrow."

"Sure, baby. Whatever you say."

They arrived back in the dark, with Zach huffing and blowing with arms that felt like they were twelve feet. "Oh my God, Lizzie!" her mother said with wide eyes.

"It just looks like a lot, and there were some REALLY good deals!"

"Water," gasped Zach.

"What did you get?"

"Hands off! Dad wanted me to pick up something for you. He picked it out online himself though." She lied.

"Really?" Her mother examined the bags more carefully.

"... water ...."

"Stop it, Mother! Hmmmm, how will I get this downstairs." She looked at Zach. "I seem to have worn out this one! DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Yes, honey!" Mr. MacTavish came bolting up over the stairs.

"Can you take all this to my room please?"

"That would be the room formerly known as Zachary Taylor's room," Zach wheezed.

That evening he was down in the rec room when Liz came out of his room wearing black yoga pants and a baggy sweater. "Are they all gone upstairs?"

"Yeah." It was almost midnight.

"I just wanted to come out here, for just a few minutes, to thank you for being so sweet today."

"It's ok, Liz." He grinned at her. "It was fun."

She pulled off her sweater and tossed it aside. She was wearing a snug white tank top. He drank in the sight of her from her coppery hair, to her small perky tits, the ivory toned white skin of her belly, and the shapely legs encased in black spandex. His mouth dropped open. "I know you like me, Zach. Just-- ahhhh--lie back?"

"Ahhhh, ok?" He lay back on the couch.

"Just for a few minutes, Zach," she whispered and she got on top of him.

"Oh God!" he muttered as his arms went around her slender waist. Her hair fell over his face and then he lifted a hand to feel it. "Oh ...." He was stopped as she found his lips with hers. She kissed him tenderly first before her tongue found his open mouth and their kissing got deeper and passionate.

"Feel my bum," she whispered. "I know you like it, and I wore these yoga pants just for you."

"Oh God, Liz!" he groaned, as she found his lips again and his hand found her little backside.

"Hmmmmm." She put her face into his neck and he felt her soft full lovely hair as he caressed, squeezed and rubbed her amazing ass. If there's a heaven this is it, he thought. "Ok?" she said after some time. "I don't want it to get too intense."

"You've failed miserably."

"I know." She pulled her thick hair over one shoulder to look down at him. Her crotch pushed into his as she had spread eagled him. "Don't! God not there!" She reached back to pull his questing fingers from between her legs.

"I'm adopted!" He tried desperately. She laughed as she looked down at him. "No seriously! I am!"

"You're funny! But I have to get back and lock my door now." She kissed him tenderly one more time., "See you tomorrow. We going out again?"

"Whatever you want, Miss MacTavish."

"Night!" She gave him a final peck, got off him and disappeared.

"Holy fuck," he muttered as he sat up. He quickly went to the bathroom and will a few pulls soaked a handful of tissue, the memory of the soft spongy feel he encountered between her legs fresh in his mind.

Their parents were occupying the kitchen with Zach when Liz made her appearance the next morning. They all bid her a good morning, and she ignored them all as she went to the fridge for orange juice and yogurt.

"She needs coffee." Zach grinned. "Strong coffee." She looked at him with daggers. "Think I'll take my shower now." He grinned and headed to the shower. After showering, he settled to wait.

She only took about two hours to get ready, but in fairness, her hair probably took a lot of time to wash and dry. She wore the same kind of outfit as the previous day with dark blue tight jeans instead of black and a different long sleeve shirt but the same burgundy jacket and boots. They went on the subway again but got off at the University of Toronto where he showed her a bit of the campus.

As they went through a hallway a slender blonde approached them. "Oh! Ahhh, hi," Zach greeted her.

"Hi." The young lady looked at Liz suspiciously.

"Ahhh, what did you think of that math exam?" Zach asked.

"It was ok. You?"

"Hope I did ok. It was tough."

"Calculus one?" Liz asked.

"Yeah." The blonde looked at her.

"I did it this last semester at Acadia."

"Acadia? I was thinking of going there."

"See?" Liz looked over at Zach., "He thinks only hillbillies go there. It's a great school through, but I'm a bit biased cause I'm from Nova Scotia."

"Oh. Here for the holidays?"

"He's my cousin."

The young woman brightened up immediately. "Hope to see you around next semester!" She told Zach before moving on.

"She likes you," Liz told Zach as they went on.


"Sure. You like her?"

"Ahhh, well, ahhhh, you know .... She's ok I guess."

"You should call her."

"Well, I don't have her number."

"Jesus, Zach. You're a dummy. HEY!"

"What are you doing!" He hissed.

"Wait here." She ran over to where the blonde girl had stopped and spoke to her for a bit. Zach watched as she keyed something into her phone. The blonde waved at him as she continued on and Liz came back. "Got her number for you."


"You better call her, too. Don't fuck up your social life over me. "

"I can still be in love with you though, right? " He grinned.

"Always. Her body is a lot like mine. You can pretend you're with me when all the lights are out. Her name is Julie by the way."

"I knew that."

They spent the day going to some different spots around the downtown and getting strangers to take pictures of them on their cell phones. It was dark when they got back. Liz made Zach text Julie and say that he would text her again in a few days when the holidays had died down. She texted back saying she would look forward to it, and that she had to go up north to spend the holidays with her grandparents anyway. The next day was December 24.

Liz was festively dressed with a colourful Christmas sweater and black leggings. Zach got an erection every time she was around and had to go to the bathroom midday to get relief. He managed to get a hold of her downstairs one time as well, next to the Christmas tree when their parents were upstairs. He told her it was close enough to mistletoe and pulled her close, kissing her deeply as his hand followed the back of her leg up to the swell of her cute backside. He brushed aside the red curls and she tilted her head to one side, exposing her milky white neck to him. He kissed it and nibbled on her ear. "Ok! Ok!" She grinned gently pushing him away. "You'll get yourself worked up too much."

They had a big meal of prime rib roast and the table almost buckled with side dishes. Carols played in the background and they all ate, drank, and laughed.

"So the plan is," Zach's mother told them, "that at eleven the presents go under the tree and we all go to bed! Lights out! A good night's sleep and we'll try for nine tomorrow morning!" They all agreed it was a good plan and they cleared the table and played cards afterwards. Eleven came and they all hugged and went to their beds.

The first thing Zach had to do as he lay on the couch was to masturbate. Liz had looked so good, and her scent was on him all evening after making out with her by the tree. He tucked the ball of tissue holding the results into the bottom of his kit bag and then lay there looking up at the ceiling. The long case clock in the corner ticked away the minutes.

"Zach?" He suddenly heard Liz whisper. She had been very quiet coming up from downstairs.

"Liz?" he replied softly.

"Shhhhh!" She padded over. He could see in the dim light that she wore a loose night shirt, and his cock immediately responded. "I have a gift for you," she whispered, "a personal private gift. Can you come downstairs?"

"Sure!" His heart leap. Could it be? He thought with his heart now pounding. They crept downstairs like church mice and down the hall to his, now her, room. She shut the door and he noticed right away that she locked it as well. She had his small desk lamp on but had a pink tee shirt over it to dull the light.

"I wanted to give this to you before, but I wanted to wait until this night as well," she whispered and took a tiny gift wrapped package and held it out, "Merry Christmas, Zach." With trembling fingers he opened it.

"Oh my God, Liz," he said and he took out the condom. "Are you sure?"

"Oh yes!" She pulled off her night shirt to stand in front of him naked. Her snow white flesh looked pink in the light. She reached out for his hand. He took hers and she backed up to the bed. She had the sheets pulled back and a towel laid down that she got on. He got on her, holding his weight off her by leaning on his forearms, and started kissing her. He found her neck again then, and started to kiss down. He wanted to go slow, to worship her and her body. She grabbed his shirt and pulled it off as he descended to her breasts. He put the condom next to her so he could explore with his hands as well as his mouth. She gave a soft low moan of pleasure as his mouth took in a hard little nipple and he thought his heart would explode. He moved from one breast to the other, not knowing how long he spent kissing and sucking them, but leaving them blushed and glistening when he started to kiss down to her tummy. "Zach!" She breathed. "Oh God!" His hands explored her hips and pelvis as he kissed her belly. She giggled a bit as he tongued her navel but grew quiet again as he kissed down to her soft red mound. It was trimmed neatly and he inhaled deeply before kissing her soft inner thigh and descending down a shapely leg. She giggled again as he kissed her toes.


"Mmmmhmmm." She admitted.

"God, you got legs!" He kissed up the other one and then knelt between them. He took her by the knees and gently pulled them apart.

"Zach?" His hands went between her legs then, and he gently opened her up with careful fingers as his face moved in. "Oh God Zach!" Her hips bucked off the bed as he licked the length of her ginger pussy. She grabbed his head with both hands as he licked her and she tensed when he found her clit. He heard her muffled gasps and knew she must be biting something. He slowly and gently pushed a finger part way into her opening and wiggled it. Then he pulled it out again and started sucking on her small clit. She climaxed, her small body stiffening, her hands holding his face against her, and the most delicious little gasps and moans being emanated. When she relaxed and lay there panting he knelt up.

"Oh my God, what did I do to deserve this?" he asked as he pulled off his sleep pants. His cock was full and ready.

"Be gentle, Zach." She managed in a whisper. "I'm a virgin."

"Oh God, Liz!" He got the condom and ripped it open.

"Bet you didn't think you were going to get a virgin on Christmas Eve?"

"You are, too, Liz," he whispered as he rolled on the condom.

A magnificent grin spread across her pretty face. "I hoped you were, but I wasn't sure! Oh God, I so wanted to be your first!" He got on her and she wrapped her arms around him. He was so hard he started pushing and probing. The lubricated tip slipped against her somewhat and he pushed harder but still trying to be gentle. She gasped as suddenly his cock started to penetrate her. She locked her arms around him and squeezed him hard.

He was sure it was hurting her. He didn't want to do that for anything, but he knew she wanted this and probably expected it. He felt the resistance, like she was blocked. He pushed a bit harder and suddenly the resistance gave way, and he penetrated deep inside her. She gasped and her fingers dug into his back.

"Are you ok, Liz!" He felt bad about hurting her, but the feeling of being inside her was almost overcoming him with pleasure as her little pussy squeezed his aching cock like a vice.

"Make love to me!" she gasped.

"I do love you, Liz. You know that!" He grunted as he started to work his cock.

"I do." She sniffed in a broken voice and his heart melted. "That-that's why you're getting laid Christmas Eve, dummy."

He laughed and rose up to kiss her face and lips. "Love you! Love you! Love you!" he whispered as he pushed in and withdrew slowly. He grunted as he fucked her slowly and what he hoped was tenderly. The feeling was just too intense and incredible, and he knew he was just seconds away. "And I'll always love you, Liz!" He grunted while fucking her faster as she clutched onto him. "Every last minute for the rest of my life!" His cock buzzed in orgasmic pleasure then and he shoved his face into the tangle of her curly hair as the most incredible feelings of his young life washed over him. "Oh God!" He gasped when he was spent and his body stopped although his mind wanted him to continue. He felt her fingers run through his hair. "You ok?" He panted as he leaned up.

"Yeah ... it was a bit uncomfortable at first but just knowing you were inside me was so special."

"God thank you!" He kissed her. "That was the most incredible Christmas gift I'll ever get!" He moved again and his cock came out of her.

"Take that off and wrap it up, Zach. There's a box of tissue there." He did, quickly tossing it in the waste basket. She had pulled the towel out from under her and tossed it aside as they snuggled under the sheets and kissed tenderly. "You should get back now," she said regrettably after some time.

"Yeah. God, I'd like to spend the whole night here with you."

"I know." They got out of bed and got dressed. "Merry Christmas!" she proclaimed as she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him again.

"Merry Christmas, Elizabeth Mary MacTavish! My best Christmas present ever!"

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Very Merry!

The added Sweetness is a bonus!!

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by AverageBear12/25/17

Sweet and sensible

I really enjoyed this sweet story of love blossoming between previously antagonistic cousins. And unlike an earlier commenter, I thought the condom was a crucial plot point. It was a declaration of intentmore...

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by thedayafter12/10/17

This was a really lovely story, for me, spoilt by the failure of the cousins to be together on a permanent basis. They are obviously in love with each other.

Hopefully if a follow up appears they willmore...

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Please continue this story. Surely Liz is viting through New Years day?

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Beautiful story of love

All cousins should experience such uninhibited love.

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