tagLesbian SexThe Smell of Sex Ch. 03

The Smell of Sex Ch. 03


Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c)2001 by Couture


There was an explosion of limbs and papers. Laura was in such a hurry to leave the General Classroom building unseen that she collided with someone in the hall. She looked down at the middle aged lady on the floor, lying face down in a pile of scattered papers.

Laura sat there staring up the woman's dress at her stocking and panties.

'Oh no! It's Dr. Adams,' Laura thought, as she recognized the sharp features of the woman as she turned around. It was bad enough that Laura had crashed into one of the strictest teachers on campus, but to make matters even worse, Laura had skipped Dr. Adams class while she was in the bathroom with 'Black Boots'.

"My papers! Laura, don't just stand there gawking girl, pick them up!" Dr. Adams demanded, as she started to stand up, gesturing at the papers that were scattered about on the floor.

Quickly, Laura turned, bent down and began picking up the pile of papers. As she did, she gave Dr. Adams a wonderful view of her wet gaping sex. Every time Laura bent over to pick up another paper, her tiny breasts would jiggle delightfully beneath her stretchy shirt.

An astounded Dr. Adams looked on with amazement. Here was Laura, the most professional student in all her classes, with no underwear on, freely exposing her apparently recently used sex to all the world.

Seeing this Doctor Adams ordered, "Laura! We need to talk. Please step into my office. Right now! And please have a seat."

Dr. Adams held the door open for the reluctant, bedraggled girl.

Laura knew this wasn't going to end well, but she had no choice; she followed the directions and sat demurely waiting for a stern lecture from her professor.

"Laura, you've always been a good student of mine. Frankly, however, as a teacher and a feminist, I am a very disturbed about several things I'm noticing about you today. If I had caught any of my other students in a similar situation, I would have them expelled immediately. But because of your previous accomplishments, I'm going to let you attempt to give me a reasonable explanation of this behavior."

"Now, why are you not wearing underwear? And are you the condition of your recent sexual daliances? And why did you choose to miss my class for these deviant activities?"

'This is worse than I thought,' Laura thought, panicking. 'She has spotted everything. I can't tell her about what happened in the bathroom or I will be expelled. So I better try to make up a good lie.'

"Well ah... Dr. Adams, uh... I've been having some feminine problems see. Um... so my doctor has ordered me not wear any underwear for the next couple of weeks. Er, she said my, ah, mucous membranes were inflamed and producing... extra s-s-secretions." Laura stammered.

"So my vagina needs to, um, ah, air out, to relieve my, er, condition. I tried to wear p-p-panties to your class anyway, but I had such irritations, that I had to spend an extra long time in the bathroom. I was in such distress that I just *had* to take them off and go back to the dorm. That's why I was in such a hurry when I bumped into you in the hall. See..."

Laura opened her bag to show Dr. Adams Monique's panties that she had worn and removed, as if this proved her story.

However, Dr. Adams keen, bespectacled eyes saw not one, but two pairs of panties.

Dr Adams thought to herself, 'I thought I was going to have to get her expelled for letting one of our male students convince her into forgoing her education and setting back the women's movement. But this! This is a very interesting situation.' Dr Adams pondered over her student, and wondered how far she could take advantage of this situation.

"Laura, get over here and sit down on my desk. I'm not sure I believe you," Dr. Adams said, as she patted a clear spot at the front of her glass-topped wooden desk.

'Oh, no! What is this old bitch up to?' wondered Laura as she placed both her hands on the desk and proceeded to lift herself up to sit on top as ordered.

In the meantime, the older woman grabbed the hem of the young girl's pink miniskirt and pulled it up to her waist as soon as the little beauty lifted her feet off the ground.

A shocked Laura struggled to pull her skirt back down, but her ass clung to the slick surface of the glass making the task impossible without standing back up. Then her professor proceeded to raise Laura's tight shirt over her small breasts.

"Wait. Stop! What are you doing?" Laura cried, as she struggled with Dr. Adam's strong hands.

"Get those hands down girl! There's no need to be afraid. "I'm a woman too, and I've seen what you have hundreds of times. As a matter of fact, I've seen much bigger and more developed ones than you have anyway. Why, you are positively tiny!"

"Humph. You sit here telling me some concoction of yours about not wearing panties because your vagina is wet. Ha! I may be getting old, but I didn't just fall off the turnip wagon, you know!"

"You must realize that I can't very well believe every story that I'm told without seeing some sort of evidence. So unless you happen to have a doctor's note with you, I'm afraid I must see this condition of yours for myself."

Laura knew she didn't have a doctor's note, nor could she get one. So she was going to have to tolerate this older woman's manipulations, at least for now.

Then Dr Adams rounded her desk, walked to the door of the office and locked it. As she did Laura could see the outline of Dr Adams's french- cut panties through her skirt. This sight and her imagination of this dominant older woman, clad in only garters and panties, caused Laura's sex to begin to drip once again.

She could only sit there and wait patiently with her legs crossed astightly together as she could keep them, while her hands cupped her small breasts.

'Oh no! Not again,' Laura thought. She was horrified that she could feel her wetness flowing onto the glass surface of the desktop below her, as she once again felt her lust for panties.

Dr. Adams struggled to keep her expression neutral as she turned around to regard the beautiful, half-naked, blushing blonde perched obediently on her desk.

"Young lady, now I'm going to have to look at you to be sure you are telling me the truth. So follow my instructions to the letter, okay?"

"Yes Ma'am." replied Laura.

"Very well then. Now I want you to lean back and grab the other edge of the desk with both of your hands."

Laura let go of her breasts and leaned backwards grabbing the desk as instructed. She looked down at the effect this was having on her exposed breasts.

It caused her orbs to get pulled back and lifted up, making her appear as flat chested as an elementary schoolgirl. After seeing her like this, she knew Dr. Adams would never see her as a grown woman again. She'd always just be a little flat-chested girl from now on.

"Good girl. Now don't blush so. Sure your chest is not as well developed as the other girls, but your small breasts are still attractive ... to some... in a way. Ha, ha! I hear some people are attracted to mosquito bites!"

Laura wanted to crawl under a rock. She had always been ashamed of her cup size, but was able to hide it with push-up bras and a little padding. Yet, today, her tiny girl-sized orbs had been exposed to criticism of not one, but two separate women. Her blush reddened deeper and moved down to her bare breasts as a throb of pleasure stabbed through her sex.

'Why does it turn me on so, to have this old woman making fun of me?' Laura wondered.

"Now, I want you to keep your feet together, and then bring your legs up and rest your heels on the front edge of the desk."

An amused Dr. Adams watched Laura struggle to assume the required position. All the while the older woman felt her own sex grow hotter with perverse desire.

As Laura leaned back on her arms, struggling to keep her knees together and pointing straight up, Dr. Adams moved closer.

"That's a good girl. Now spread your knees," the older woman now ordered, placing her cold palms on both of Laura's knees.

Keeping her eyes tightly shut as tears threatened to fall, Laura slowly spread her legs slightly open.

"Tsk, tsk. Here let me help," Dr. Adams said, as she grabbed the wavering knees tightly and proceeded to force them down to each side of the desk, displaying every crevice of Laura's very aroused privates to the gaze of her lecherous teacher. The young girl's delicious pussy was framed above her cute pink pumps.

"Now if you don't keep your legs where they are, I will become very cross with you, young lady. Nod if you understand me, Laura."

Laura nodded her head, trying to keep her legs split wide in this excruciatingly uncomfortable position. She was very supple, but the tendons between her legs bulged out as they were stretched tautly to the max.

"Now let me see if you were telling the truth," Dr. Adams observed, as first she gently rubbed Laura's flattened breasts and then Laura's dripping sex.

After feeling her copious discharge, Laura knew the old bag must think she was some sort of slut.

"Oh dear me. Wet as an ocean. Maybe you were telling the truth. You must feel terrible," Dr. Adams said, as she wiped the secretions from her hands on Laura's small breasts. "But I'm afraid your doctor was wrong. Going all bare down here is not going to be enough dear. You are positively dripping wet!"

"I tell you what, you will come to my office, every day after class, until we get this cleared up. Don't worry, we will find some way to dry you before this becomes a chronic condition."

'Damn, I'm going to have to subject myself to this old bitch for at least a week. Why have I suddenly lost control over myself and my life,' wondered a dejected Laura. She was barely relieved the professor had believed her, but she wished she could have come up with a better lie.

"Don't you worry little girl, Dr. Adams is going to make you feel all better." The older woman, walked around Laura, drinking in the young girl's intoxicating beauty.

Poor Laura wanted to crawl in a hole and die, she was displaying herself to her professor's intimate gaze. She tried to turn her head to the left and look away, but there was a picture of Gloria Steinem looking down at her. It was inscribed, To Patricia Adams, Be Proud - Gloria.

'Be Proud...easy for you to say. You're not the one spread apart, aroused and dripping wet on your professor's desk.' Laura thought looking away from the picture to Dr. Adams, who was busy setting a fan on the desk.

Dr. Adam's turned the fan on and aimed it at Laura's dripping sex. "Here we go Laura, this should evaporate those nasty fluids."

Laura was relieved to feel the cool breeze of the fan drying the moisture that running down her legs. Her nipples had hardened to painful tiny points, due to the chill in the room. Her respite was brief, as she noticed that the sensation of the fans oscillations had brought the pleasure in her pussy up to a low boil. 'Please don't let her notice,' Laura thought as she felt her chest begin to flush. However, Dr. Adams did notice. She was peering through the glasses at the end of her nose, down into Laura's wet folds as juices began leaking out in greater quantity. She walked around the desk until she came to Laura's head, then she told her humiliated student. "Laura, I'm afraid your lips are keeping the fan from drying you. I don't relish the thought of touching you down there, but I'm afraid it is necessary. I want you to hold your knees up like so." Dr. Adams had Laura bring her knees up and hug them tightly to her chest, pink pumps pointing up into the air.

Dr. Adams spun Laura around so that she was positioned diagonally on the desk with the fan now blowing directly into her cunt. "Very good Laura, now, I'm going to reach over you so don't hit me with your shoes." The older woman leaned over Laura's splayed legs observing her handiwork. Laura's pussy was spread out and up, her puffy labia vibrating in the fan's breeze, her little rosebud clenching as the fan's oscillation aimed its breeze at her crotch.

"Ok Laura, I don't feel comfortable touching you down there, since whatever you have might be catching, so I'm going to grasp you by the short-hairs so to speak." Dr. Adams leaned forward grasped the cunt hairs on either side of Laura's sex, then pulled outward, spreading her pussy wide.

"Ouch!" Laura cried as she felt her pubic hair being cruelly pulled. "Ugh...Oh" she groaned as the fans breeze blew directly into her cunt. 'Goddamn that feels good! Oh please don't go, please don't go.' she thought as the fans oscillation sent its pleasurable breeze elsewhere.

"Oh the sacrifices I make for my students." Dr. Adams caught herself as she almost laughed at her student. "Is this hurting you Laura?" she asked the groaning girl tugging the hair and lips first one way and then the other.

"It feels OH!!!" she gasped as the breeze blew into her open pussy again. "...kay"

"This is hurting my back Laura," Dr. Adams brought her knee up and placed it by Laura's head. "There, that's much better," she sighed.

Much to Laura's dismay, her teacher's actions had now trapped the blonde's head under her flesh colored satin lace panties. Laura could smell the musky smell of her professor's arousal. 'Oh God, she is wet!' she thought as she noticed the tell-tell traces of darkness on her panties.

Dr. Adams was in heaven. She had her best student underneath her pussy, while she enjoyed the wet smacking sounds the girls pussy made as she opened and closed it repeatedly by her short hairs, watching as the pink pumps danced in the air. The poor girl moaned underneath her, while she pushed her nose up through her panties and into her sex.

Laura was brought to edge of orgasm several times. She had forgotten whose pussy it was her nose was buried in, only that it smelled *so good*.

However, nothing last forever and when Laura looked up, she noticed that her professor was no longer on top of her, but merely looking down at her with disdain.

'Please oh please let me cum!' thought Laura as she rolled over onto her side, still hugging her knees tightly. The brought her face to face with the Steinem picture. Be Proud. 'How can I be proud when I can still smell my teacher's arousal and all I can think about is cumming?' she thought as tears threatened to fall.

The professor walked around the curled up student, until she came to the foot of the desk. She observed Laura's leaking sex and dipped her finger onto the glass-topped desk and winced as she picked up a finger full of Laura's secretions.

"Oh my! This won't do! Won't do at all. We are going to have to come up with some way to dry these juices spilling out of your vagina young lady before the contents of my desk is ruined by your discharge."

"Come on girl! Get yourself together. Get down off my desk, you've made a mess of it, leaving tracks like a snail."

Laura got down from the desk, blushing as she looked at the streaks she had left, while trying to stand on shaky legs.

"Good girl. Now take off your skirt and shirt, and then sit down over there, in that wooden chair." Dr Adams pointed to the small wooden chair in front of her desk.

Laura turned her back to the teacher and coyly stripped off her clothes and placed them on top of the desk. Then with her right arm over her breasts and her left hand cupping her sex, she sat down in the chair.

"That's a dear, now place each of your knees behind the arms of the chair."

Laura tried to think of some way to follow her teacher's instructions without displaying herself, but she was clueless. She blushed thinking how she would look to her teacher. 'Too late now anyway, she's seen everything I have to offer. Be proud...' she thought. 'Ha!'

"I'm sorry, dearie, I know this is terribly embarrassing for you, but I'm a woman too. And after all, it is for your own good," Dr. Adams soothed the tense girl.

Laura choked on her tears as she placed each of her legs over the arms of the chair. 'What a slut I must look like,' the poor blonde thought as she attempted to cover her gaping wet cunt.

"Come, come. Now Laura, don't be silly; lower your hands and grab the back chair legs so we can do something about your condition."

Laura was about to die of embarrassment, but she complied with the Professor's orders. There was no way to hide anything from this stern woman anyway.

Dr. Adams once again directed the fan's breeze toward Laura's spread-open, dripping sex.

"Well, at least this will keep you from ruining my desk," Dr. Adams said, as she squinched her face in disgust as she glanced at the clear fluid left by Laura's sex on the glass table. The older woman wiped it up with her hand and smeared it on Laura's tiny orbs. Then she sat down on the front of the desk, directly in front of Laura's spread legs.

All the while she watched the teasing effects the fan's breeze was having on her breathless student. Dr. Adam's own skirt had pulled up' as she sat down, giving Laura tantalizing glimpses of her teacher's stockings and lacy panties.

Dr. Adams thought,'Soon, very soon, I will have the spoiled brat right where I want her, but I will have to go slowly and not scare the little rabbit away. Can't have her blabbing her mouth about all this and lose my job,'

The cold breeze was keeping Laura in a state of constant excitement. Oh, how she longed to touch, or have someone touch her clit. From her pained position, she looked up and could see under her professor's dress and between her slightly spread legs; she could see the older woman's panties and stockings. 'PANTIES ... mmmmmm...PLEASE ... please just another sniff,' she thought.

"Well, now it's time to try to get at that moisture hiding down deep inside.. Be a dear and reach down there and spread your labia for me. I have an idea little girl."

Laura couldn't believe she was doing this, but she pinched her nether-lips between her fingers and spread them apart, displaying herself like a common whore.

Then Dr. Adams brought her right foot up and placed it on the left side of Laura's pubes. Keeping her foot there, she brought up her left foot and placed it on the other side. Then she pushed in and together causing moisture from her pretty peach to gush forth from the spread-open depths of the young girl's gaping tender pussy.

Laura gasped and dug her fingers tightly into her labia to keep from masturbating herself openly in front of the stern gaze of her professor.

To make matters worse Dr. Adam's caught her, while she was staring at her teacher's panties, through her slightly spread thighs..

Dr. Adams looked at her as if she was some sort of pervert, then repeated the procedure several more times until Laura willingly pushed her sex forward to meet the soles of the older woman's shoes. Dr. Adams even went so far as to miss and 'accidentally' stick the tip of her shoe past the sparse blonde hairs and into the young girl's aroused cunt.

"Ahhhh..." Laura moaned loudly, thrusting her hips up to meet the invading shoe, as she felt her body hanging on the edge of another climax.

Dr. Adams gleefully watched the blonde wiggle around on the tip of her shoe, until the poor girl was tossing her head from side to side. But then, just before the young coed reached orgasm, Dr. Adams removed feet from tormented girl's pussy and said, "Well, I think That's about as dry as we can get you today honey. Get your clothes back on now dear, and be sure to come by tomorrow, young lady."

"Come on girl ... you can let go of your pussy now." Dr Adams said looking down with displeasure.

Laura was extremely embarrassed. There is no good way to go from holding open your labia and moaning like a slut as your teacher forces secretions from your sex with her shoes, back to being a professional student. 'I've used up what little *pride* I had with Dr. Adams, just let me go back to my dorm, where they don't think I'm a slut!' She thought as she slipped on her skirt and shirt.

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