tagBDSMThe Smell of Sex Ch. 13

The Smell of Sex Ch. 13


Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.


The large bronze ass totally enveloping her face, cut off Laura's vision. She moved her head back and out from between the two cheeks and glanced to the right, where she saw a full length mirror.

'God! I look like such a slut!' she thought, as saw that she was wearing her maid's bonnet and apron once again. Her arms and legs were securely cuffed and chained.

Suddenly, she felt something trying to penetrate her little brownie again.

"No, not there . . . it's still sore," she begged, arching her back so that her sex was exposed. "Please put it in my pussy instead."

Her head craned back as she struggled against the cuffs that held her arms and legs spread wide, trying to see just who was trying to fuck her in the ass. "...Oh God NO!" she cried in dismay.

The woman behind her, dressed in a skintight black latex outfit, wielding a strap on dildo was none other than-

...her *mother*.

"No Mommy, please don't!" Laura cried, renewing her struggles against her bonds.

She tried to move her ass out of the way, because the monstrous dildo projecting from her mother's crotch was even larger than 'Big Black'!

Laura felt the painful sting of a crop against her back. "You will address me as Mistress from now on slut!"

"Owww...Yes Mistress! I'm sorry Mistress!" Laura cried, wincing in pain as a welt formed on her back.

"Mrs. Leigh, your little girlie slut is doing a piss poor job rimming my asshole, to think you wasted all that money on sending this useless slut to college. Why, she didn't even learn to tongue an asshole properly."

"You useless bitch! You flunked your damn classes, because you were too busy eating pussy, remember? Don't tell me you didn't even learn to do that properly?" her mother demanded.

"I'm sorry Mo ... I mean Mistress. See..." Laura said, as she started kissing the dark hairy cunt of her former housekeeper. "I did learn to be a good gir . . ."


"You're not a girl anymore, just a slut."

Laura bent her face down to taste the juices leaking from her former maid's sex.

"Stick that pink tongue of yours inside her asshole, her pussy is much too nice for a slut like you!"

"But, Mo- Mistress, she's just a housekeeper... Please don't make me do that!" Laura cried, her tears dropping in between Rosa's flabby bronze ass cheeks.

Whish--SPLAT! Whish - SPLAT - Whish SPAT! The blows fell in rapid succession.

"Don't you ever tell me NO again bitch!"

"Look at what you are wearing slut, you were made to be a domestic's slave!" her mother ordered.

Tears streamed down Laura's face, as she remembered her maid's uniform. She struggled uselessly at her bonds.

"Please Mistress, please stop. I'll do it! I'll do it."

"Now! Beg bitch ... Beg to worship Mistress Rosa's asshole and beg Mistress Mommy to take, what little ass cherry you have left!"

"Please Mistress Rosa...please let me worship your beautiful ass!"

"Oww...please Mo-Mistress Mommy, take my ass cherry!"

Rosa laughed at the begging girl. "I don't believe you, puta! Gustame culo, puta?" Rosa asked, further taunting her by wiggling her ass in front of Laura's face. "chupame culero?"

Behind her Laura felt her mother begin to force the huge head of the big black dildo in her dainty little brownie.

"Arggghhh Christ...." Laura moaned as her tender grommet was stretched around her mother's dildo. She looked down between the valley of dark flesh, at the tiny curly hairs surrounding the crinkled ass bud of Mistress Rosa's ass.

Then a funny thing happened.

The nasty hole, before her very eyes, suddenly became the sexiest thing Laura had ever seen.

She ached to please her new mistress with her tongue in that forbidden hole.

Laura circled the dark woman's rosette with her pink tongue, while she felt her own ass, invaded by her mother's huge missile.

She felt a stirring in her loins! An orgasm started building deep inside her. She began to hump back against her mom's dildo, until finally she felt their thighs meet. Soon they were slapping together with every long stroke. Laura felt a sense of pride that she had accepted the monstrous phallus. It was all the way in her and she loved the way it felt. So full, so taken; she was a true slut now.

"Take it! Take it! Pervie!" her mother cried. The older woman was really slamming her cock into Laura on every stroke now. This couldn't be confused with making love, this was one woman taking ownership of another. Every stroke pushed Laura's face further into Rosa's ass so the petite blonde could reach in deeper with her tongue.

Takie! Takie! Pervie!"

Laura could feel her orgasm begin to blossom, taking her to the edge of hysteria.

'You own me Mommy. Please fuck my ass . . ." the delirious girl cried out.

Laura glanced into the mirror and looked at the slut she had become. Not only was the girl in the mirror performing unspeakable acts, she was enjoying it.

" . . . wakie wakie Pervie . . ." Laura heard and the mirror broke, scattering her image into millions of little blonde Lauras obediently trying to please her mother and her house keeper. Then the glass faded to nothingness and she was left with nothing but blackness Her ass no longer felt sated but empty.

"Wait! Wait! I'm almost there -- oh fuck, please let your slut cum!" Laura groaned as everything began to fade away into the depths of her groggy mind.

However, she was left with nothing but an empty feeling in her belly, and the old throbbing hollow feeling inside her tender asshole.

Her pussy was flowing and hot, but oh so empty.

Against her will, reality pulled on her consciousness, until she awoke and wiped away the images of her dream.

Images of girls, fists, dildos, and asses flashed through her mind. Laura wondered which images had been real and which had been fantasy.

From her memories she was left with a burning question, 'Did I really lick Monique asshole?' Laura pulled the panties off of her head and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She looked up and saw Monique staring at her from her bed across the familiar dorm room.

"Wakie wakie Pervie, it sounded like you was having a little *too* much fun while you slept." Monique observed. "Havin' the fun is my job, you gave yourself to me last night Pervie, remember, and I intends to collect."


Laura cringed inside. She really had licked her roommate's ass and asked to be her bitch.

"So from now on, when I wake up, it's gonna be to the soft soothing strokes of your sweet little tongue in my ass. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing I want you to do, is to lick my ass or if I feel like rewarding you, my pussy. You understand ME? What do you say we start with that sweet little tongue, right now?"

Smiling at her dormie, Monique threw off her covers, rolled over on her stomach, and spread her ass cheeks wide in anticipation.

"Well Pervie! Stop staring at it, and get to work, if you want to be allowed to cum today!"

Laura didn't really want to lick her roommate's ass, especially not this early in the morning, but she desperately needed to cum. Her poor pussy was dripping from the erotic dream she had, but some of the gratitude and desire that she felt last night after being saved by Monique had since faded, leaving her confused as to what her true feelings were.

The one thing Laura was sure of was that if she licked Monique's ass now, this black girl would forever control her, maybe for the rest of her days. She might still be able to get out of being Monique's sub, if she just said she wasn't thinking straight last night after what happened with Latanya. 'Yes, that's what I'll say. I'm sorry Monique, but I wasn't thinking properly last night. While I do appreciate everything you have done for me, I can't become your submissive slave,' Laura thought. However, instead of speaking, she just stared dumbly at her roommate.

"Come on baby girl, come on over here, and at least take a look at it. Get a little sniff of what you'll be missing."

'I can't do it. I'm not a submissive, I'm an independent college girl,' Laura repeated to herself. However, the swell of Monique's beautiful black bottom captivated Laura's attention. 'Why does she have to be so beautiful and so confident?' Laura thought jealously, as she watched her roommate's hand slide along her hip, then down along the curve of her ass. 'Maybe Monique is right, what harm could it be to get a better look.' Laura couldn't see any harm in that. It she wasn't as if she actually *had* to lick it.

'I'll just take a look! Maybe have just one little smell of her sex. That couldn't hurt anything.' Laura thought, as she got out of her own bed and knelt at the foot of her roommate's.

Laura looked on enviously, as Monique flexed her muscular ass, making her glutes ripple and her little rosette clench.

'I wish my ass was as pretty as . . . mmmmm, I think I can smell her arousal,' she thought, leaning down to inspect her roommate's ebony ass.

Monique could feel Laura's hot breath tickle the tiny fuzz along her ass cheeks, sending chills up her spine, as the blonde inhaled her musty fragrance.

"Come on Laura! Give it a little kiss. You know you want too! Do it like ya did last night!"

Laura closed her eyes, leaned closer and lightly kissed the dark girl's ass cheek.

The aroma was stronger here and drew her further. 'I'm not a sub. I'm not a sub!' Laura repeated endlessly, but it was useless and she couldn't resist. She slowly slid her face between the cheeks of the toned bubble- shaped butt seeking the black girl's wonderful brownie and surrendered to it.

Like in her dream, it was the sexiest thing in the world to her now! She kissed the puckered bud as if it were a long lost lover.

"Ohhhh that's feels nice Laura, you Pervie slut, but that silken tongue of yours would make me feel so much better if it were inside. Come on, you know you wanna."

'What could it hurt?' Laura wondered. 'Anything that makes her feel so good and gets my pussy so wet. Can't be bad...can it?'

The blonde's tongue escaped from her parted lips and began fluttering over the dark girl's asshole.

"Oh baby, you are so good at that. Goddamn I love your tongue! Why I may just decide to share you with my !" Monique cried as she felt Laura's tongue penetrate her tight grommet.

Laura couldn't stop herself. She was mad from lust, and the delicious feeling coming from her aching cunt. 'Share me! Oh God, with whom and why does it turn me on to be used like this?'

She drove her face as far as she could into her roommate's ass, going so far as lifting the black girl's hips off the bed with both her hands to get at her tasty target better.

She had to get relief! Her right hand shot down to her own crotch to stroke herself!

Monique looked back over her ass, and spied Laura feverishly masturbating her own flowing sex with her right hand.

"You get that hand off your nasty pussy right now, you ungrateful bitch! That's my pussy now! Not yours. You don't touch it. Ever! Unless, I tell ya to. You understand? You better get used to it!" Monique ordered, twisting Laura's ear with her left hand until the white girl gave a muffled scream into her ass.


Laura reluctantly removed her hand from her own throbbing sex to hold her roomie's ebony orbs.

"Ohhhh yeah! I like that Pervie. Yeah! Make some noise when you have that lapper in me from now on. Hum something or I'll get them cries out of you the hard way."

Laura moaned into Monique's ass, to escape further punishment. Soon however, the black girl viciously twisted her right nipple demanding, "Say I love Miss Monique's ass! While you lickie-lickie."

"Miiiee---mumph---mmmaaammmphh--uuuss..." Laura repeated only to have her nip twisted again, only harder this time.

"Louder you slut! With feelin'!"

"Miiieee-mummphhh-mammafffsss-usss!!!" Laura yelled, as best she could, with her tongue still inside her roommate's ass.

Monique was pleased with Laura's oral ministrations and the vibrations the blonde's mouth made. The dark girl began rubbing her hand possessively on the blonde girl's sweating naked back as a sign of her ownership.

Laura's cunt gaped open, aching for stimulation. Ever since the skinny girl had removed her fist from inside Laura's pussy last night, it felt empty and desired only to be filled.

Poor Laura could feel Monique's hands gently caress her back which pleased her, but she longed to feel her roommate touching her aching sex. In her desire, she unconsciously began to roll her hips back and up as she had been taught last night in the bathroom.

'Please see how much I need it! Please have mercy on me...' she thought and then yelled into Monique's ass once again. "Miiieee-mummphhh-mammafffsss-usss!!!"

"Play with my pussy bitch. Make me cum, spoil me, my little ass licker!" Monique demanded. The black girl didn't consider herself a lesbian, but the power she felt from subjugating her rich prissy roommate had her practically cumming already. She purred like a cat and languidly spread her legs, so that Laura's baby-soft fingers could stroke her clit. 'The stuck up slut's fingers don't even have calluses. She's probably never had to work a day in her life and now she's on her knees with her tongue up my ass.'

"Oh fuck! Fuck!" Monique moaned. She tried to hold back on the impending orgasm and enjoy the feeling of power she felt, but Laura's skilled tongue and fingers were relentless. Monique bit down on her pillow as her climax overtook her. "Huh-huh-huh-huhhhh!" she cried through her clenched teeth, while Laura dutifully probed her ass with her tongue.

After she came down from her sexually induced high, Monique pushed Laura's face away from her ass.

" . . . uv Miss Monique's ass!" the blonde finished her mantra, not aware that she was no longer licking her roommate.

"I know you do honey . . . I know you do." Monique smiled as she stroked Laura's blonde hair. "But you are going to have to do a better job with your mouth in order to *really* please me."

Laura's face fell, as she watched her roommate's smile change to a disapproving frown. She had tried her hardest to please her roommate, but apparently she had left the girl unsatisfied. 'Maybe she will give me another chance,' Laura thought hopefully, trying to kiss Monique's thighs.

"Too late now slut, we have places to go and people to see, but maybe later I'll give you another chance to do a better job, if you are really good. Okay sweetie?"

The black girl stood up, her proud naked body glistening with sweat, as she walked over to her chest. She opened a drawer and proceeded to get dressed in shorts and a sports bra. Then, she walked back over to her bed and inspected her naked slave crouching there with a critical eye. Laura just knelt on the floor waiting and praying for a chance to relieve her sexual ache.

"Ya know girl. You are out of shape, so, you're gonna jog with me today. Maybe I'll put some meat on that skinny white ass of yours. You'd like that wouldn't you baby girl?"

Laura nodded her head, blushing. She looked up and down Monique's muscular black body, and realized how underdeveloped her own body was, in more ways than one.

"Stand up baby girl. Stand your ass up in position, so I can see what I have to work with." Monique ordered the blushing girl.

Laura stood up, keeping her head lowered as her roommate looked all over her body critically. Self- consciously, Laura's hands naturally sought to cover her sex and smallish breasts.

Monique slapped Laura's face, startling the scared white girl out of her daze.

"I've shown you how to stand before, and I expect you to follow my directions bitch! Spread those legs and get them paws out of the way." Monique watched with delight, as her humiliated roommate spread her legs wide and let her arms slide down hesitantly to her sides. "Yeah, that's my girl," she cooed, watching as Laura blushed and stared down at the floor.

Monique spanked Laura's ass. "Get them hands up, clasped behind your head, so as I can inspect my *property!" Monique ordered.

'Oh God, she remembers!' Laura was horrified, yet her cunt betrayed her by throbbing with pleasure.

'She remembered what I said last night when I licked her ass,' Laura thought, assuming the required position.

Monique walked around the embarrassed blonde, further degrading her by groping and pinching the blonde's frail naked body at her leisure.

First, her ass cheeks were spanked. "Too skinny."

Then, she pinched a tiny roll of fat on Laura's stomach, "Too flabby."

Pinched her triceps painfully, "Too wimpy."

Pulled her nipples painfully away from her body until Laura gasped, "No help for these lil' skeeter bites!"

Then Monique bent down and easily pushed three fingers from her left hand up her roommate's denuded cunt, "Now this is pretty, but you nasty bitch, you went and got it all stretched out last night. What the hell did you do?"

"I-I-I-" Laura stuttered.

"Shut up! You can tell it all on your video tonight, Pervie," Monique said, as she walked over and opened Latanya's goodie bag.

"We gots' things to do right now, though, but be rest assured I'll have ya tight as a virgin again. Soon, even if I gots' to sew it up."

'Oh God, she wouldn't,' thought the horrified blonde. She shivered with dread, as she watched her roommate pull out what appeared to be two large textured metal balls attached to a string.

"See these here Laura? I figure that the reason you've let yourself get so out of shape is 'cause you are just a lazy little slut. You've got no discipline and I won't have that, baby girl."

Laura looked on apprehensively. "I've just been too bus-" she explained. "Don't you dare interrupt me," Monique glared at the trembling naked blonde. "As I was saying . . . the only thing that seems to get any physical activity out of your sorry ass is your nasty smelly cunt and that's gotten too much of a workout!"

Then the black girl opened her desk drawer, and took out a battery. She attached it to one of the balls by a short wire.

Monique knelt at the feet of her spread open blonde roomie who was nervously shifted her body from side to side.

"Hold still slut!" she admonished, as she proceeded to stick both of the balls up inside Laura's gaping cunt.

The sensation of the balls passing into her sex felt delightful! Laura's cunt clenched down on the cold balls as they entered her sex. It was full again! Then both the cold balls warmed up and found a nest, deep inside clenching wet cunt. Finally, it was full again.

Then Monique secured the electrode and battery to Laura's crotch with a strip of first-aid tape to her inner labia.

"So I figure, why fight it. Today, pervie girl's going to exercise her body for me and tighten her cunt at the same time; all while her nasty pussy is getting a nice massage from the inside."

"Here you go Laura, put these on while I put it in real simple terms for you," Monique said, as she tossed some clothes on the floor.

"You see Pervie, while you jog those nice balls are gonna be a bouncing around inside your stretched-out cunt. I'm sure it'll feel *real good* to a slut like you. But you're going to have to keep your nasty hole clenched real tight, otherwise if they slip out...you gonna be in for one shocking experience," she laughed, as she patted the battery.

Laura flinched from the sensation. "Ohhh!" the blonde gasped with delight as the balls shifted inside of her. Then she picked up the clothes and began putting them on. She was very relieved to see that she bra and panties to wear, after two days without underwear. Laura put both of them on and although they were tight, they were tolerable.

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