tagBDSMThe Smell of Sex Ch. 20

The Smell of Sex Ch. 20


Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.


After Laura had seduced the two Lambda girl's and single handedly turned the sorority into a laughingstock, she had expected gratitude and appreciation from the former victimized honor students when they left and went, not to Dr. Adams house, but some sort of office building. Once there, they fitted Laura with a very strange garment. It looked very much like a leather pair of panties, but Laura immediately knew something was wrong the minute she heard the click of a lock. Then, she felt a slight vibration against her very frustrated sex. She tried to press the tiny vibrator against her clit, but found nothing but a stiff metal plate. Growing increasingly worried, she tried to sneak her fingers underneath the strange undergarments, but found she was unable to do this either.

"Mummy, what have you done to me?" Laura accused.

Dr. Adams cupped the crotch of the panties possessively. "You gave this to me . . . remember?"

Laura nodded her head. Unfortunately, Laura did remember. However, when she made that promise, she wasn't as horny as she was now though.

"Those training panties will remind you who that pussy belongs to. Don't worry, it won't be for long baby. You just be a good girl for a little while longer, okay?"

Laura nodded her head. After all, what choice did she have?

Laura was then dressed in a tight miniskirt and blouse. Her make-up and hair were re-done. In just a few minutes, Laura went from looking like a teen slut, to what would best be called a rather loose office girl. Dr. Adams took Laura by the hand and led her into a very opulent office. Once there, she moved behind Laura and roamed her hands possessively over the petite girl's body.

"There is only one last piece of business to take care of sweetie. You see, when the Lambda girl's tried to humiliate me, they got me pregnant."

"Oh no, sweetie! I would never do that to you!" Dr. Adams explained hurriedly to Laura, when she felt the girl tremble in fear. "It is horrible isn't it? And that is exactly what they did to me. So, when I was your age, I had to drop out of school and had to give my little baby up for adoption. I vowed that I would get the sorority and in particular the woman who did that to me back. I changed my name, moved away and plotted my revenge. Tonight, I plan to have it."

The older woman's hands expertly teased Laura's nipple, while the tiny vibrator kept her on edge. "Will you help me one last time?" Dr. Adams asked.

"Yes," Laura gasped. At this point, she would have agreed to anything, but she had feelings for Dr. Adams and she honestly wanted to help the woman.

"Good, and I promise I will take care of you no matter what happens. I lost my first baby when I put it up for adoption. Last year, my second baby was still-born. You, my dear Laura - I'm never going to let you go."

Dr. Adams hugged Laura tightly and the young girl returned her embrace. Laura found herself grinding her pelvis against the older woman. She tried to stop her body, but discovered she couldn't. Dr. Adams was forced to pry herself away from the desperate girl.

"Okay, under the desk with you, my little office girl," Dr. Adams commanded, as she helped Laura back under the desk. The older woman sat down in the leather executive chair and scooted forward. Laura noticed the woman wasn't wearing panties and she could smell the sweet odor of her arousal. She kissed her way up the inside of Dr. Adams fleshy thigh, before finding her way to the object of her desire - the very aroused nether lips of her teacher's sex.

"No! Don't look up. Look at my cunt. That is the only thing you need to worry about, my little pussy girl."

Laura quickly returned her mouth to Patricia's pussy. Her tongue danced at the opening of her cunt, lapping up her nectar.

"Louder! Louder you queer slut! I want to hear the sexy noises of your mouth fucking my cunt!"

What little pride Laura had left, was quickly forgotten. She loudly worked her mouth on the sex, knowing that if anyone in the room heard her, they would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was a manner-less slut under the table, she was eating her Mistress's pussy, and she loved every minute of it.

"Oh, God! That's it my little pussy licker," Dr. Adams said as she slid closer to the edge of the chair. "Ugh, you're gonna make momma cum; you know that?"

Laura continued servicing the older woman, taking pleasure in the fact that she was turning her on. She concentrated on the large nubbin with increasing vigor, swirling her tongue around it, before sucking on it and battering it back and forth. Patricia ran her fingers through Laura's newly darkened curly locks. She could feel Laura coaxing an orgasm from her. "Suck it, suck it, you little dyke," the older woman ordered, as she pulled Laura's face tightly to her crotch. Her hips bucked seven times to each contraction of her pussy, before her muscles relaxed and her legs opened, freeing Laura's head. Laura continued to lightly run her tongue over the very enlarged and juicy sex of her Mistress, as the older woman came down from her climax.

"Clean me up now," Dr. Adams ordered, looking down into the desperate eyes of her new office girl.

Laura licked and sucked the nectar that had collected on the older woman's sex, thighs, and bottom. Dr. Adams stood up, and pointed to the puddle she had left in the leather chair. "Now, finish cleaning up your mess."

There was nothing that humiliated Laura as much as cleaning up afterward. However, she knew she must obey in order to be allowed an orgasm. Obediently, she leaned forward and lapped up the by-product of her oral ministrations. Laura's lifted her hand up, to wipe the fluids that had collected on her nose, but Patricia stopped her.

"No, leave it. I like your face wet like that."

The young girl was finally beginning to understand what being a sub was all about. Every time her pussy clenched within the vibrating chastity belt, she was reminded of her new status. It was her duty to please and it was her Mistress's duty to determine when Laura would be allowed pleasure.

Laura's leg started to shake in response to the constant teasing of her cunt. "Please?" she whispered, looking up hopefully. She grew scared as she saw the older woman's eyes flash in anger. A hand reached forward, grabbed Laura's ear and twisted.

"You are a pussy girl now and pussy girls don't talk. They don't look up either. Pussy-girl stays under the desk with her head down, waiting for someone to sit in the chair. It's Pussy-girl's job to pleasure whoever sits in this chair - no exceptions. Pussy-girl will clean up any messes she makes and I want to hear lots of noises from Pussy- girl's mouth, but none from her throat. Understand?"

"Under no circumstances is Pussy-girl to speak or let anyone see her face." Dr. Adams leaned down until her face was inches from Laura's. "If Pussy-girl fucks up just one time - then Pussy-girl's little training panties will stay on forever! Do I make myself clear?"

Laura nodded her head, afraid to even speak.

"Good, and are you going to a good little Pussy-girl?"

Laura nodded her head again.

"Now, back under the desk with you and hold your head down. That's a good Pussy-girl. Just keep doing what you do so well, and I'll be very proud of you." Dr. Adams petted the former snob's head before walking out of the room.

Laura didn't have long to wait before another woman took her place. This girl kept her legs pressed tightly together, as Laura began to kiss her way up the woman's thigh.

"I'm not - I mean, I've never-" stuttered the woman. However, Laura was not deterred. The words Dr. Adams said rang in her ears. ". . . *every* woman who sits in this seat gets an orgasm. . ." Laura clutched the woman's thighs and pressed her mouth tightly to her panty covered crotch. The woman struggled briefly, but soon leaned back to enjoy, as Laura's tongue drove away her doubts. Soon, the woman's panties were around her ankle and her skirt was bunched around her waist. Her hand tweaked her nipples, and her meek demeanor forgotten.

"Lick my pussy! Lick it! Oh God, you sound so nasty when you do that," she said, responding to Laura's loud licks and smacks. "Louder! Oh fuck, you are driving me crazy! Oh God, here it comes! Suck it! Suck my pussy! Oh-oh-oh! Ahhh . . . "

The woman thanked Laura and very nicely tried to get up before Laura could finish her job. Laura fingers dug into her thighs, pushing the woman back down as she proceeded to clean the mess from her sex.

"No, not there . . ." the woman said when she felt Laura's tongue sneak to her other hole. Laura expected to have to struggle to finish her job, yet surprisingly the woman rolled her hips so Laura could have better access. Laura couldn't help herself and pressed her tongue past the tight grommet of the woman's anus.

"Don't baby. Please stop. It's dirty - dirty - dirty . . . " the woman whined, yet her hand was a blur on her tiny nubbin. She came again with Laura's tongue exploring her ass.

After she left other women came in and sat down in the chair. Laura pleasured them all. She repeated the Pussy- girl rules in her head so that she would be sure to obey them. "Don't talk . . .orgasm . . . head down . . . loud sounds." It was working pretty well too . . . that is, until Cindy came in.

Cindy partially undressed and except for her heels, stood naked from the waist down, in front of the desk. Laura remembered Dr. Adams words, but Cindy wasn't sitting in the chair. She thought it best to go ahead and please her though, so she began to kiss her way up her thighs. When Laura reached the woman's fragrant pussy, Cindy pulled back, but held Laura's head against the top of the desk by her hair.

"I thought you were supposed to keep your head down. You better get used to those training panties slut, cause it looks like they will be staying on for awhile," Cindy said contemptuously, before turning to walk away.

Tears began to well in Laura's eyes. "Please. Please don't tell," she begged.

"And she talks too. How very interesting." Cindy smiled and walked back to the defeated girl. "Start licking my shoes you stupid dyke."

Laura was thankful that at least she may have a chance to win Cindy over, but things weren't off to a good start. She bent down and took a tentative lick of the woman's Birkenstocks. "You don't act like you like it very much," Cindy said as she walked away to the full length office window.

Laura watched her plump ass retreat. 'She's got a pretty body,' Laura thought. "Too bad she has to be such a bitch."

Cindy opened the blinds, then walked to the door and flashed the lights five times. She took the chair in from in front of the desk and sat down in it, just out of sight from the window. She placed her feet in front of her and smiled evilly at Laura. "Crawl over here and do it again. This time with feeling."

Laura couldn't believe how cruel Cindy was. The woman blinked the lights to attract attention to the room and now she was going to force Laura to humiliate herself in front of who knows how many people.

Blushing furiously and with tears in her eyes, Laura crawled over and began to lick at Cindy's sandals. This time she steeled herself and pretended she was enjoying it.

"The bottoms too, little dyke."

Laura couldn't believe how far she had sunk. She had been reduced to licking the gritty soles of shoes. Worse, her pussy was burning with pleasure. She could feel the wetness soaking through the leather and moving down her legs.

"Masturbate," Cindy ordered. She looked down at Laura's questioning gaze. "Oh, I know you can't feel it, but they don't," she said, gesturing out the open window.

Laura's hand moved up her dress and she began to slide it up and down where her cunt would be. She tried to pretend she didn't have the chastity belt on at all and began to hump against her hand.

Cindy kicked off her sandals. "Now suck my toes. Oh, yeah, that's right -- suck them like a little cock. Now, turn you head and look out the window. No, open your eyes and take a long look."

Laura did, quickly scanning the building. Thankfully, it appeared that everyone was going about their business. However, to her dismay, she looked and saw what appeared to be a whole office of people staring at her with rapt attention. On another office she saw a man masturbating while looking at her.

"Yes, you're giving them quite a show tonight my little queer fuck toy." Cindy pulled her toe out of Laura's mouth with a plop. "Why don't we really show them what kind of slut you are?" With that Cindy stood up and bent down at the waist and supported her upper body with the chair. "I want you to lick my ass."

Laura began to ease up Cindy's powerful thighs.

"No! I want you to get up and go at it from the top, facing the window. I don't want anyone to have a doubt about what you are doing or what you are."

Laura couldn't believe how evil this woman was, but she was so desperate to cum and she had done so much already, she couldn't let this woman stand in her way.

'Why am I doing this and why am I so hot?' Laura thought. She was now standing up and leaning toward Cindy's stuck out ass. She snuck a peek at the building across from hers and noticed there were more people watching in fascination. Laura, spread the cheeks of Cindy's ass and danced her tongue around the tiny puckered ring. Laura found this much more demeaning and humiliating than what she did earlier with the shy girl, but she also found it much more arousing.

'What is wrong with me?' Laura thought, as she gave the little brownie one final kiss before plunging her tongue inside.

"Lick my ass Samantha! Lick it in front of all those people you little dyke bitch! You're nothing! You're useless!" Cindy demanded, as she stripped off the rest of her clothes.

'Who's Samantha?' wondered Laura. 'It must have been the girl who humiliated her.' Laura's hand found Cindy dripping sex and began to explore her.

"Ahh, you're nothing but a whore. My ass whore. Who's sorry now bitch? Oh God! Who's the humiliated one? Who's everyone staring at? Who's sorry now -oh - fuck - whose ass whore? Oh Please. I need-"

Letting go of the chair, Cindy turned to face the window. Standing spread eagle with her breasts mashed flat against the cold glass, she looked out at the leering people in the neighboring building. As their stares bored through her, she thought back to that fateful day in college when she was ran naked through the campus with everyone pointing and staring at her. The worst part of it all was that it had turned her on. She had felt guilty about it then and guilty whenever she fantasized about it, but strangely, even with her breasts mashed up against the glass window, she didn't feel guilty now.

"Fuck - c - c-cumming - ugh - ah - ahhhhhh!" Cindy moaned, before sticking out her tongue and licking the window and then falling down. To Laura's surprise Cindy started sobbing and crying.

Laura didn't know what else to do to comfort the poor woman. "I'm sorry Cindy. Please Cindy, - I'm sorry." Laura soothed.

Cindy sniffed a few times and dried her tears. Standing up on shaky legs, she closed the blinds to the room and pulled Laura to her feet. "No, Laura, I'm sorry. I-I shouldn't h-have-" her eyes began to tear again and her lip quivered. "I shouldn't have done that to you. P-Please don't hate me," she said, clutching Laura tightly to her chest.

"It's okay. It-I really didn't mind," Laura said. The truth was it turned Laura on, but she didn't like the part where she felt that Cindy hated her. Laura didn't like to be hated.

Cindy kissed Laura on her sticky mouth. "I didn't mean any of that stuff I said to you. You-you're not nothing. You are the kindest and most beautiful girl I've ever met." Cindy broke down sobbing again and Laura wished she could do something more to comfort the poor woman.

"Laura, I can't - there is - there is something I need to tell you. You see - I didn't know you at first. Oh God, Please promise you won't hate me Laura."

"I promise Cindy."

"Laura the next woman that is coming here-" Cindy warned, but was interrupted.

Just then the door opened and Dr. Adams walked in. "Laura, did you forget the rules?" she asked.

"I-I-I'm sorry," Laura said, backing up to the desk.

"Pats," Cindy said, coming between the two women. "It's my fault. I made her come out. I-I" Cindy struggled to find the courage to face Dr. Adams. "I can't go through with this any more. It isn't right. Not to Laura."

"I know Cindy. I wish I could go back in time and stop all this. But, you know as well as I, it is too late for that now. Besides, she's already on her way up and you know what will happen if we don't see this all the way through to the end. So, unless you have another idea of a way out of this, you are going to have to leave - *right now*!"

Cindy looked toward Laura with a look of sympathy in her eyes. She mouthed a soundless "I'm sorry," picked up her clothes and left out the side door.

Dr. Adams hurriedly sat down in the seat and spread her legs widely in front of Laura. "Get to work sweetie and remember the rules," the older woman cautioned. "Head down, lots of noise, and no talking." She opened the desk drawer and slipped a pair of headphones on Laura's head and turned the music up.

Laura's mouth descended down to Dr. Adams sex and proceeded to do her duty. Just then, there was a soft knock on the door.

"Come in. Come in," Dr. Adams said, as the door opened and a very professional looking woman came in. "Please have a seat Vivian. I can call you Vivian can't I?"

"Sure." Vivian shook Patricia's hand and then sat down in the chair. "Now, what was this about a merger?"

"Mmmm. Well, Vivian, as you know. Your company has been licensing our software for some time now."

Vivian listened to the other executive go on about her company, but soon her concentration shifted to the woman's obvious sexual arousal. As if that weren't enough, it sounded as if someone was performing oral sex on the woman - very loud oral sex to be precise. "I-It seems I have come at a bad time. Ah, why don't we reschedule," Vivian said, but stayed rooted in her chair watching the spectacle in front of her.

Dr. Adams had originally planned to fake an orgasm, but the very fact that the daughter of her hated rival was licking her pussy, while the mother sat in fascination, was too much. She felt the rolling thunder of pleasure begin deep in her cunt and then spread out to every fiber of her being. "Ugh - ugh - w-wait-just-one-m-minute-oh-god-oh- god!" The older woman's toes curled and her thighs spread wide; her pelvis jerked uncontrollably as she filled Laura's mouth with her cum.

"Mmmm . . . this is what I think I like best about being an executive. When you get to this position, there is always someone willing to assume *the* position," Dr. Adams said, while Laura did her best to clean up the very wet mess between her thighs. "You look a little flushed Vivian, are you all right?" Dr. Adams smoothed her skirt down and walked over to the other woman. "Why don't you come sit in my chair, while I go over the details of the merger. It is much more comfortable, I promise."

Dr. Adams led the slightly reluctant woman to the executive chair. As Vivian sat down, she felt hands move up her skirt to slip her panties down. "Is-Is she clean?" she asked.

"Of course, she's an intern from the university. I gave her the opportunity to work her way up the corporate ladder from the bottom up." Dr. Adams watched as the other woman's brow knitted in pleasure. "As you can see, she was very eager to learn the ropes, so to speak."

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